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  1. So, I have this G&G SRXL fully stock, and somehow not working fully. I have a 9.6v 1600mah NiMh battery to power the G&G ETU and MOSFET package, (which was replaced after one burned out) and a Matrix 3000 motor- only real modification. The gun worked perfectly out of the box, but I wanted to shim and make it silenced. So, I epoxied the bushings in with JB weld and perfectly shimmed the gears- they spin perfectly free without the spring, tappet, and piston and such in. The motor spins them perfectly free and almost perfectly silent. Now, however, when I have the firing set up in (spring piston and such) with the gearbox fully assembled, perfect motor height, and shim job. The gun only cycles half way and stops. The motor tries to turn the gears but fails and makes an audible "tick" as I pull the trigger trying to push the stuck gears. Although I can manually spin the gears with a flat head and fully cycle the gun. I have been told its not the battery and the motor is definitely powerful enough to spin the gear set, whats wrong?
  2. I was wondering which rifle and which pistol I should buy. The cost of the gun is not a consideration. Here are the criteria: FPS Accuracy (for snipers), ROF for automatics, and weight for pistols Upgradability Durability Capacity Looks RIS rails Comfort Weight Tactical Usefulness
  3. I want to purchase my first airsoft gun, and would like to pay no more than $100 for the gun, battery, and charger. So far I have found this AK-74u http://www.evike.com/products/45979/ if you have any suggestions, please post them BTW I also found this AK-74u that looks very similar to the other one. Does anyone know what the differences are? http://www.evike.com/products/42049/
  4. I have a krytac spr mk 2 and I wanna put in a m120 or m125 spring. What is needed to make sure the gun wont break itself after the upgrade ? the bushings are metal atleast they look like it. So maybe a high torque motor and gears too ? idk it would be my first attempt at upgrading.
  5. DYTAC MK5 SMR 14.5" Black Jack M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black APEX R5 Battlemod 14 Airsoft AEG Rifle Gen. 2 - Black ARES Amoeba CG 13.5" M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG - Black Spartan 9" SRX 306 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black G&G CM16 R8-L Airsoft AEG Rifle Combo Package w/ Scope - Black (Package: Gun Only) G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRXL Airsoft M4 AEG Rifle with Keymod Rail - 12"Im not very keen on who makes the best guns but I was just wondering if anyone could give suggestions on wich of these to buy. I plan on turning it into a dmr. also if anyone has other suggestions ill gladly hear them.
  6. VFC Elite Force M4 4CRS Gen3 http://www.evike.com/products/57786/ VFC VR16 Saber Gen2 http://www.evike.com/products/50044/ VFC Avalon Calibur CQC http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_VFC_VFC_Avalon_Calibur_CQC_DX_Black.htm I'm having a hard time nailing this down. When it comes to performance I love how the 4CRS (high rof and reliability), however for the other 2 guns (especially the Calibur) I have not seen many reviews. Aesthetically the Calibur looks by far the best IMO. The performance of the gun will trump the looks. However if if the performance difference is slight, ill take the loss for the Calibur. Ultimately I'm look for the gun that is the top tier of these 3. basically I'm looking for the G&G Top Tech of the 3, not the G&G CM. Thoughts?
  7. I was wondering how to attach a scope to my F4-D. The trouble is, the top tactical rail is taken by the cartridge/fake scope. Look for it at amazon for pics.
  8. I was wondering what upgrades, both internal and external, I could get for my AEG? Look at it on Amazon for more info.
  9. I've just bought my first airsoft gun and it is an AK-47 AEG, and I have two questions about it. 1. How long do I charge the battery for? I have an 8.4v stick battery (Ni-MH 2/3AP 1150mAh). 2. Is it normal for exactly 4 BBs to fall out every single time I take out the magazine? Thank
  10. Selling thses things, we-tech g36 ras aeg bought from Taiwan of $240 and vfc mp7 mag bought from evike of $55. Become busy and have less time to play so if u like these I will sell at $185 for G36 with battery case and extra mag, $45 for mp7 mag totaly new, and all include shipping. If u but them both, the price is 220 includ shipping. Contact me here or my phone: 8138040762 thank you!
  11. just want a decent primary looking for different stuff doesn't even have to be a gun can be gear anything airsoft really just tell me what you ha e and hopefully we can work something out:)
  12. My friend wants to purchases a m4 at first I recommended Krytac since I own one but he didn't like the key-mod rails. So I recommended him g&p ive heard they make good internals and he likes their m4s looks. So im basically asking anyone who has owned a g&p brand gun, if its a solid gun externally and internally.
  13. Hey guys. I hope some of you can help me out with this. I had my first airsoft game yesterday and afterwards, I decided that it was something I want to get into further. What better time to get started than at Christmas, right? So, I have been looking through AEGs and vests etc. Since about two weeks ago, watching YouTube videos and going on various articles to help me come to a descision, but to no avail. I have decided that I want a black/black multicam build, that I want an M4 platform and a WE G18c (the only thing I am certain on regarding weapons tbh). The trouble is, I'm having a hard time finding anything that could get me started well for a relatively low price in the U.K. I would be really grateful for anyone's input. Thanks everyone.
  14. Hey guys. I hope some of you can help me out with this. I had my first airsoft game yesterday and afterwards, I decided that it was something I want to get into further. What better time to get started than at Christmas, right? So, I have been looking through AEGs and vests etc. Since about two weeks ago, watching YouTube videos and going on various articles to help me come to a descision, but to no avail. I have decided that I want a black/black multicam build, that I want an M4 platform and a WE G18c (the only thing I am certain on regarding weapons tbh). The trouble is, I'm having a hard time finding anything that could get me started well for a relatively low price in the U.K. I would be really grateful for anyone's input. Thanks everyone.
  15. Hi, so I have 4 working aegs that I was messing around with, and recently I bought a couple new 11.1v 30c lipos to make my guns preform a bit better. I actually don't know what I did to these guns, but one of them was a raptor-katana with a silver cylinder. When I was using this gun I plugged in the lipo (this gun has no fuse) and when I started to go full auto I heard a weird sound and immediately opened up my gun to find my piston has been completely shredded. How did this happen? Then I had a small echo 1 m4 that was pretty cheap I believe, and when I was shooting it with the same lipo (this time I had a wizard king mosfet connected) it made a weird beeping noise and then my trigger became sticky and it wont shoot what does this mean? Finally, I have a gun that I built customly myself, and it has a 30A fuse and I was using a wizard king mosfet again, but the gun just straight up stopped shooting no response at all from the gun. The fuse didn't blow because I tried the gun without it and it was fine. How can I fix this? Also my other gun has a problem with the cords that connect the battery to the gearbox. What does it mean when a motor gets hot?
  16. hi, I recently built a airsoft gun that has a 12:1 gear ratio, a lonex a-2 high torque motor and a upgraded gearbox. My gun requires A LOT of power. For example, the gearbox will not cycle unless I have a 11.1v lipo or greater hooked up. Recently my fuse blew out (going too hard on full auto) I had a 15A fuse and now I need to buy a new one. Since my gun has so much current running through it do you think I should buy a big fuse such as a 35A or 30A? Thanks, Chris
  17. ASG LMT MRP M4 (G&P) http://www.evike.com/products/35172/ VFC Elite Force M4 4CRS Gen3 http://www.evike.com/products/57786/ ICS Proline CXP-APE CQC http://www.evike.com/products/53930/ Krytac Trident MK2 CRB http://www.evike.com/products/63621/ Ive got 4 guns here narrowed down to each represent 1 brand I'm interested in: G&P, VFC, ICS, Krytac. I'm really looking for the gun that best represent the high tier AEGs. Externals, internals, performance, longevity. My initial thoughts are the LMT MRP and 4CRS perform great (I like the higher rof). ICS is unique and I like it but I'm cautious of the blowback, a friends has an ICS with some issues, and is it considered a top tier gun?. Krytac seems to be a solid choice but I don't know that it performs as will as the first 2. Oh, and the VFC option might change based on the info receive on a forum I posted earlier: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/303916-which-gun-battle-of-the-vfcs/ Any thoughts would be great! For whatever reason I lean toward the VFC guns, but I'm open for opinions on all 4 of the above brands.
  18. Hey guys, I recently caught the airsoft bug.. again. I've been always interested in airsoft since its humble beginnings in my area. I am happy to report that all my paintball fields in my area now have airsoft days! Boy has airsoft come along way in the past decade. I am very interested in customization, realism, so all metal, authentic looking, reliability, sounds good, shoots far and accurate, recoil or some kind of blowblack. My gun of choice would be a M4. Tactical and customizable as possible. Some suggestion I have found from other posts: KWA RM4A1 Electric Recoil Gun $375.00 CAD I love this guns feature set: having the lock bolt function when you run out of BB's is so appealing to me because it adds so much realism. Also to be able to select 30 BB's or 60 BB shots per mag makes me happy too and the icing on the cake is you can use regular mags as well. A very hard contender imo, anyone have any experience or second hand opinions of this gun? BOLT M4 Bolt Recoil Shock System $549.00 CAD No bolt-lock functionality but apparently has satisfying 'recoil' G&P M4 GP-FRS001 Free Float Recoil System Gun $337.20 CAD Tokyo Marui M4 SOPMOD $729.00 CAD Tokyo Marui TM-M4A1-SOCOM Recoil Shock $729.00 CAD Like the KWA ERG M4 these guns also has the lock-bolt function and a selectable 30 rounds or 82. But holy crap these guns sound great in full auto! GBLS DAS M4A1 $1000+ CAD Shell Eject and feature a bolt lock functionality. TOP M4A1 EBBR $750+ CAD Shell Eject and feature a bolt lock functionality. The BO-Dynamics/Lonex BAW-R $360-450 CAD Kicks a lot like a GBBR but it does not feature a bolt lock/release. Lonex Recoil M4 Lancer Tactical MMC $296.95 CAD Lancer Tactical MMC is just a rebrand of the BO-Dynamics/Lonex BAW-R. Looks like it has comparable recoil to a gbbr, more than a STOCK Tippman M4 from what users and youtubers have said. http://www.torontoairsoft.com/Lancer-Tactical-MULTI-MISSION-CARBINE-COLOR-TAN-BLACK-145-INCH-BARREL_p_4571.html G&D DTW M4 PTW clone. Bolt vs KWA vs Lonex vs Tokyo Marui Recoil Systems That is all I could find for now, if anyone has any other suggestions I am all ears. I should be only spending $350 but if I have to spend $450-$500 I will, I might look for one used. Please I would love to hear opinions on these rifles. Thanks guys!
  19. VFC mk17 help. So I was wondering if its possible to just easily swap out vfc's gearbox with g&p one or any better gearbox. If this is not possible I guess I will consider the more complicated path and take apart vfc's gearbox and replace its bad parts with good ones. So if I have to upgrade the internal parts which ones should I replace. by the way I wanted to turn this mk17 into a dmr so I need the parts that need to be replaced so they can handle fps around 400-440. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. I am fairly new to airsoft, and am purchasing my first primary weapon. I have a budget of 50-60 dollars. I plan to be doing a mix of backyard airsoft with the occasional cqb battle. I want to know whether I should purchase this sniper : https://www.amazon.com/GameFace-GF529-Sniper-Carbine-Airsoft/dp/B00IVKAY84/ref=sr_1_1?s=sports-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1477948069&sr=1-1&keywords=gameface+gf529+sniper+carbine+airsoft+r ifle this AEG : http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/15280-cyma-airsoft-ma1-aeg-plastic-gearbox-polymer-body-adjustable-stock.aspx or this shotgun : http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/12678-cyma-long-barreled-tri-burst-pump-action-spring-shotgun-cm350l.aspx
  21. Before reading this, know that I am just purchasing this gun for backyard airsoft and do not plan to use it in arenas. I also do not care about the longevity. I want it to last 1-2 years. So I've been looking for relatively cheap airsoft guns and came across this http://www.airsplat.com/cybergun-licensed-fn-herstal-p90-electric-airsoft-rifle.html It's a $50 P90 that looks pretty nice I'm almost certain there's something bad about this gun that a noob like me cannot determine Any ideas?
  22. Hi guys I need a little help here. So when I pull my trigger it feels like its not pushing the tigger trolly forward at all. So the only pressure I can feel is that of the triggers spring. Its a really light trigger pull. When I take the gearbox apart and put it back together and pull the trigger I can feel it pulling the trolly but it doesn't cycle all the way and after the first pull of the trigger it sticks again. Did my trigger break and its not long enough? Thanks
  23. Hey! I just bought a G&G cm16 predator with mosfet. I was using it for a while and then it sounded like it got stuck in the gearbox. Clicking sounds were being emitted from my gearbox as I pull the trigger. Later on, my gun just stopped working entirely. I brought my gun to my local shop and concluded that my 25 amp blade type fuse was blown. I go to a auto store and get new fuses. When I come home, I put another 25 amp fuse into my gun. I plug in my 11.1 lipo and boom, the fuse was blown immediately. I don't know what's going on. Today I went back to the store and of course, they had to be closed because of an event. I am afraid to do anything else to my gun without screwing up completely until I get answers. Should I try higher fuse ampage? Is there something wrong with my wiring? Gearbox, motor? I have no clue. And my gun has been broken for about a month now.
  24. This gun was used acouple of times. Im 2nd owner. The motor grip isnt aligned anymore and cannot figure out the problem. Not Decided on the price yet. Comes with 2 High caps and 1 Mid cap. Trades are open to just about anything preferably anything just don't lowball me. Update OCT 20 2016: after looking over gun Ive noticed, the dust cover needs to be replaced, that small metal piece(idk what it is) is bent, the pistol grip comes out too also as shown in pic. and The receiver's will not connect.
  25. Hi, I'm kinda new to Airsoft, I've only played Paintball. I own a Spyder MRX and as sidearm a KJW M9 (sounds crazy right? Having as sidearm an airsoft gun while playing paintball) But returning to the topic, I'm here because I'm choosing between a KJW M700 (Gas) and G&G M14 (AEG) I know that both replicas are different (bolt, and semi- full auto) but I will explain that later. I want to start as Sniper-DMR role. In my city, there's just one place to play airsoft, that place have four different fields, Woods, Urban, and two desert-themed. The woods field Is like 220ft long & 50-60ft wide, The urban field is like 180-220ft long and 60-160ft wide. The rest of the fields are pretty small. Note: this measurements aren't precise. Normally I'm shooting the other team members at 80-90 ft Max 150 ft Here is why I'm deciding between the KJW M700 and the G&G M14: I first ordered the kjw m700, but because I live in Mexico I needed to import it with the help of an importer. One day, I received the message that the rifle just arrived, I was so excited, but then the importer told me that he just noticed that he ordered the wrong rifle (G&G M14) and he just re-ordered the correct rifle (that was on feb 17) recently I sent a message to him asking for the KJW, and he told me that it hasn't arrived yet, and because of that, he offered me the G&G M14 (NEW) for the amount I paid for the KJW M700 (that's a good offer because the G&G is actually $80 more) There are few things you need to know: -I'm not planning to HPA the KJW, it's just way too expensive (plus importer fee) -For the KJW I only could buy a tightbore, a new striker spring, apple airsoft CO2 Mag and the essentials (Bipod, scope) -For the G&G I only could buy a m120 spring and the essentials (bipod mount, bipod, scope mount, scope) -I want my rifle to be able to shoot with precision with the upgrades I can afford and to be the best for the kind of fields in my city. -sometimes the fields are empty, so I would like that that rifle can take shots from the pyramid (red circle) to the other team zone in the woods (blue circle) see image It's probably that I'm moving to buffalo, tx in July-August. (Just for one or two years) There I will have the possibility of getting more upgrades, but I will focus more on getting a M200 (6mm pro shop) I will leave a photo of the fields. And the links to the replicas. -KJW http://www.evike.com/products/25036/ -G&G http://www.evike.com/products/28216/ Thanks
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