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  1. My Sale Rules: 1). Paypal Only (No Checks or Cash). 2). All sales are final. Items are described as best to my knowledge and once they're packaged up and shipped I am no longer reliable for sold item/s. 3). All my prices are OBO so offer up but please refrain from lowballs. 4). If you have any questions on anything for sale you can always pm me and I will be more then happy to answer all your questions. Always interested in trades but mainly looking for a PDW! Now onto the sale... Hello ASF, Got another gun up for sale today, it is an upgraded ICS SIG 552 Commando! Had this gun for sometime now and has been very well taken care of. Had some weird hop-up issues on it that I put it away for almost a year and after finally fixing her up, I'm ready to let her go. Gun Specifications; Externals: ICS Sig Quad Rail, ICS Sig Tactical Grip, ICS Top Rail, Steel Flash Hider. Externally there is no damage. There is a small amount of wear externally but nothing extremely noticeable. Stock was splitting at the seams but JB wield fixed that. Internals: Stock internals minus recently replaced wiring, piston, and piston head w/ ball bearings. Motor is a Systema A-Z Motor. Gun is deans wired. Performance: FPS - 400 - 410 w/ .2 gram bb's. Best performed w/ .25 bbs. Package Includes: 6 Magazines (4 ICS Midcaps, 1 ICS High-Cap, & 1 Marui Modified Mag.), Top Rail, Cheek Riser, R.I.S., ICS Tactical Pistol Grip, & ICS Sig Metal Flash Hider. Price: $250 Shipped. Thank you for reading my post. PM me with any questions, I can get better pics and more info if you need. Chris
  2. I am selling my kwa SR-10 own the gun only 1 month. never used on field. just like new. for sale: KWA SR -10 x1 KWA-120 mags x7 7,4V lipo x2 Tenergy lipo/liFe charger x1 Free red dot sight x1 I have 2 red dot sights so let me know which one you want. I tried to post pictures but I couldn't. so let me know if you need the pictures for the gun and extras. thank you
  3. Looking to buy a FAL RIS, similar to the JG FAL RIS. Extra mags and battery would be a plus. Also looking for: NPAS for WA GBBR. m1911 or glock 22 pistol. must have picatinny rail Will update later. Let me know what you have.
  4. $150 obo http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/King-Arms-Ultra-Grade-SVD-AEG-w-Accessories-/121754340248? I haven't used it in about 3 months, don't plan on getting back into airsoft soon.
  5. I am selling a refurbished G&G M14 Vet with a custom dessert tan paint job. I purchased it last July almost exactly one year ago as a fix it project. I didn't finish it until early December because I was focusing on other projects. I had to replace the majority of the gearbox internals and do some work all around to get everything to work together. When I did get around to finishing it I was quite impressed and regretted waiting so long to get it back up and running. It performs well and weighs very little for its size. The paint is scratched and worn in places, it has that "50 mission" look but I will put a fresh coat of paint on if you would like it to look newer. 360 fps w/0.20g bbs 250-300ft range depending on bb weight Wired to large tam but comes with an adapter to small tam Asking $250 shipped If you have questions please ask!
  6. Up for sale today is my pride and joy! My custom Noveske CQB M4 Built from a CA M15A4 A little history about this gun, it started out as a used Classic Army M15A4 that I bought from a friend and I decided to convert it into a CQB powerhouse. It soon became my baby and I spent a lot of time and money on it. It was worked on almost exclusively by a single tech at my local shop and he took very good care of it. I only fielded it once before I ended up moving for school (about 2 years ago) and it has sadly collecting dust at my parents house since. It has had a few thousand rounds through it and was pretty much fully upgraded except for a mosfet. I recently got the gun back from my parents house and took it to Airsoft Extreme here in San Diego just so they could open it up and make sure it is shooting correctly before I sell it, since it had been about 2 years since I had used the gun. They ended up completely rewiring it and I tested it out at the shop and it shot great. When I shot it at Airsoft Extreme it was getting consistent 370 FPS and the tech at told me it was getting 25+ RPS with 11.1v. Base: Classic Army M15A4 Internal Upgrades: -Madbull Black Python 6.03 Tightbore Barrel (Version 2, 247mm) ($30) -Madbull Ultimate Hopup ($40) -New Ball Bearing Bushings (not sure which brand) (~$15) -Echo 1 13.1 Super High Speed Gearset ($45) -Madbull X Factor Piston ($20) -Not sure about Piston Head, either stock Classic Army or something better but I just can’t remember -M110 Spring -Lonex Titan A1 Motor ($55) External Upgrades: -Madbull Noveske KX3 Flash Hider (non-adjustable version) ($35) -Madbull Noveske 8.5” Barrel ($55) -Madbull Noveske 7.25” Free Float Handguard ($75) -Madbull Noveske N4 Metal Body ($100) -Magpul PTS RVG (Vertical Foregrip) ($20) -Magpul MOE Grip ($20) -Unknown 6pt. Crane Stock (I remember paying atleast $50 bucks for it so its a good one) Extras that I am including with the gun are two MAG madcap magazines and original Classic Army Gearset and Piston Adding up just the upgrade parts alone they are valued at around $570 not to mention the price of the original gun. I am going to start off at $350 shipped OBO. I think that is a pretty fair price given that the gun is barely used and that many of the external parts seem to be discontinued now. Please feel free to ask me questions via PM’s! Also, please no trade offers.
  7. Hey guys, was just shimming my KA VSS Vintorez, and it shot perfectly well for 5 test fires on a 9.6v nimh and then for the 6th shot nothing happened. The 9.6v was super hot so I let that cool down and then tried my 7.4v lipo and pulled the trigger 3 times with no responses and then the tamiya connectors started smoking and then melted off each other. Anyone know what just happened and if there is a way to fix this? The gun did not come with a fuse and the only thing I changed in it were mods to fix the feeding issues and a Tokyo Marui EG1000 motor. Much appreciated.
  8. Hey Guys, I need a little bit of help choosing my second AEG. My first was a CYMA AK-74U. Recently gave it away to a friend for cheap and wanted to buy a new AEG. I play at West Coast Adventure Park (CQB & Field), Ukau's Field (Field), and Gamepod (CQB). I do a lot of rushing and holding down the middle of the field so I'm thinking a AEG made of Polymer or Plastic and CQB length barrel (or carbine for M4's). I would like something reliable and gets the job done with a 9.6. I would like anything but an MP5 (too many mags needed). Some guns I'm looking at are: G&G CM18 mod 1 G&G CM16 Raider Custom AirsoftMegastore Golden Eagle Gun (Screenshot) Your Help is Appreciated, -Kool Aid Edit: Considering some others such as CYMA CM045 (I had the CM035 and loved it with a 9.6) JG R36 HMC (heard the original r36 was legend for its price)
  9. Will ship at buyers expense (flat rate of $10) Hey there everyone! I have a Tokyo Marui SIg 552 for sale. This is the real deal, with trademark all over the gun. It is 100% stock, and ready to be upgraded. It will come with two 8.4v batteries, a total of 4 (four) midcap magazines, and one vertical grip. The 4x ACOG will be an extra $40. I'm asking for a measly $120 Please let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Hi, so I'm looking for an M4 that will work well out of box. I need something that can work around mid range for outdoor use. I prefer full metal and electric. I also would need an RIS system. If possible I would need one that works well with low or mid cap mags. I was curious if any specific guns fit this description or what brand to start with. Anything is helpful!
  11. Rules & Stuff Paypal only, ships from CT, NO TRADES, I cant hold items for more than 3 hours without a deposit, If you have a brand new account you will need some form of account validation such as an eBay account with feedback or reddit account with an account more than a few days old. PM me with any questions. First up is the ICS SIG 551. It includes 3 mags, a 1600 mAh Intellect battery (covered in duct tape though). It is upgraded with a Prometheus 6.03 barrel, Prometheus purple bucking, M110 spring, SHS piston head, SHS cylinder head with sorbo pad, shimmed, and wired to deans. Asking $225 shipped CYMA CM.041k MP5. It includes 3 Hi-Cap mags and one mid cap as well as one 1600 mAh Matrix battery (wired to deans) Asking $100 shipped Random gear. Chest protector, $30 shipped Mesh face mask, $8 Shipped Goggles, $15 Shipped Gloves $10 Shipped. Neoprene face mask, $7 Shipped 3 point sling, $10 shipped 0.25 bbs, unknown brand (bottle), $7 shipped 0.23g bbs, unknown brand (bag), $9 shipped
  12. Hi there I'm new to air soft and I'd love to get an AEG under $150. (trying to keep in mind that I'll probably need to buy a full facemask plus mags so my real budget is $200). Anyways I'd like a non-cqb and have the choice for automatic and semi-auto firing. I'd also need a (mostly) metal weapon due to the fact I will most likely be jumping from cover to cover with it. I don't have a preference for the type, but I definitely do NOT want an AK. I'd go for something more tactical like an M4 maybe but yeah. Thanks!
  13. I bought a king arms svd, and it worked great, but I purchased a tight bore barrel, installed it, used gun oil and everything, but now my gun only shoots a little ways before dropping extremely low. I have a war in 3 hours and need it fixed fast. ANY HELP IS AMAZING
  14. I was thinking of upgrading my AEG to an 11.1V LiPo, but I don't know how to hook it up. The battery is this: https://www.airrattle.com/11-1v-1000Mah-20C-Lithium-Polymer-Stick-Battery-p/tenergy-31598.htm and I have no experience with LiPo batteries. What all do I need for this and how do I go about hooking it up? The gun is a King Arms AEG SVD.
  15. Hello all, I am looking to sell off M4 things as I pursue AK things and Russian themed gear. Send me a PM for best organized response, selling and shipping to USA only. I accept PayPal for payment. Thanks for looking! Rails: Madbull Troy TRX BattleRail 9" - $75 shipped, used Madbull Troy TRX BattleRail 9" - $75 shipped, used Madbull Noveske quadrail RIS 7" - $65 shipped, like new VFC URX quadrail RIS 7" - $55 shipped, used Avengers URX Keymod rail 10" - $55 shipped, like new Sights: ICS flip-up polymer sights (black), like Magpul MBUS - $20 shipped, new Aimpoint T-1 style red & green dot optic, with riser - $50 shipped, like new Aimpoint T-1 style red & green dot optic, regular height - $45 shipped, like new Other: PEQ-15 battery box black - $18 shipped, new PEQ-15 battery box tan - $15 shipped, used Mags: metal VN style hi-cap mag - $12 shipped, used Echo 1 FAT hi-cap mag - $23 shipped, used King Arms PMAG hi-cap tan - $20 shipped, like new ARES Amoeba series polymer hi-cap mag with rubber handle (x2) - $22 shipped, lightly used Magpul PTS EMAG mid-cap (x3) & Beta Project Green Label EMAG mid-cap (x1) - $45 shipped, lightly used
  16. Up for sale is a used G&G Fighting Cat M4 AEG. Internally it has been upgraded with high speed gear set and high speed motor, and the spring was changed to an M90. Shoots about 300 FPS with 0.20g BBs. Its rail system will accept your accessories and it lines up with the upper receiver rail. Includes an Intellect 9.6v NiMH nunchuck battery, one G&P polymer hi-cap magazine, and a random stubby vertical foregrip. Pneumatic blowback model, nothing broken, no missing pieces as far as I can see. SOLD ~~ Things to know: - Send me a PM for best organized response - If website is down or otherwise unreachable, you can email me at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com. - Payment with PayPal - Shipping & sale to CONUS buyers/locations only Thanks for looking!
  17. Hello, so I have a dboys AKS74u and it works fine externally, but one minor issue with it is that after one year of use, the wires in the gun start heating up like crazy with a 9.6v battery (eg. the included one)... My only upgrade is an Alien Airsoft 16tpa motor. Also, the insulating material on the motor connectors is torn, so the metal is showing... Is there any other possible problems?
  18. Hello all! - Send me a PM for best organized response. If you have issues with the website you can email me at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com. - I accept payment with PayPal. - I ship only to CONUS addresses and buyers. - I can listen to trade offers. ~~ G&G Fighting Cat M4 AEG Been used a good amount but still working fine. Haven't had time to open it but previous owner tells me there is G&P M120 high speed motor, 13:1 gear set, and maybe an SHS full metal rack piston. Shoots very fast on full-auto, standard on semi-auto. I cannot guarantee what internals, I do not want to open this at this time. I can upload you a shooting video if you want to at least see it functioning. Has some M90 spring in it and the front assembly is made by G&P so it has 14mm positive threads under the mock suppressor. Shoots about 280 FPS with 0.20g BBs currently. This is the pneumatic-blowback model. This will include a G&P ball hi-cap magazine, Intellect 9.6v NiMH nunchuck battery, and scrappy vertical foregrip. The crane stock was given a paintjob and the little triangle piece inside is missing. $110 shipped in CONUS
  19. If your not in the mood for reading, you can just scroll down to the questions. Hey everyone, I have a G&G CM16 Raider-L and a Custom AEG that I made using a Avengers m4 base. Yesterday, I made myself a indoor range to see if my gun was working because my midcaps were not feeding. I fired from about 50ft then to 100ft. When firing both my guns, I noticed that my BBs were going to the left from where I aimed. I aimed at a IPSC target and fired at the dead center of the body. Each round goes slightly off to the left of where I aimed. I'm not a big hop-up user so that maybe could be the problem. I'm not too knowledgable about the hop-up system so if this problem is due possibly to the hop-up, could you tell me suggestions on what to do? Questions: Why are my BBs going to the left when I'm indoors with no wind? (I'm left-handed BTW). (Feeling extra knowledgable?) Optional: Why are my Elite Force Midcaps not feeding into any of my AEGs? Thanks Everyone!
  20. just want a decent primary looking for different stuff doesn't even have to be a gun can be gear anything airsoft really just tell me what you ha e and hopefully we can work something out:)
  21. Hello all, up for sale is my like-new VFC Hk416c AEG. I got it brand new a few weeks ago and I just used it for about 5 short rounds of CQB. After trying it out, it's not my perfect match so I would like to put the money toward something else. Internally it is stock except for an SHS M90 spring. The original spring will be included on the side. Right now it is shooting about 280-290 FPS with 0.25g BBs (about 310 FPS with 0.20g BBs). The spring that assists the bolt catch is gone but the bolt catch still works and engages fully. The connector has been changed to a Deans plug. This includes the original box, paperwork, plastic bags, Hk416 hi-cap, and PEQ-15 battery box which I never even used (I used my own separate one). I tried removing the orange paint from the flash hider, it's still there. The glue has been removed so you can put on your own choice of accessories on the barrel. SOLD - shipped! I would be willing to hear trade offers too. - Payment with PayPal - Shipping to CONUS buyers & locations only!
  22. Hey guys, I have a g&p m4 with ascu mosfet. I put a 363mm 6.01 angel custom sus304 barrel in it. I also recently put a pro win in hop-up unit in. My friend gave it to me with no nub. so I put a standard stock nub in. My Question: Every time I increase the hop-up, it drops my fps dramatically and the bb isnt even flying the way I want it. So it has to be something with the nub or bucking, right? So what is the ideal bucking and nub combination for a prowin? Thanks guys
  23. Hello everyone, Nowadays, everyone talks about how the G&G flashhiders are almost impossible to remove. Today, I was thinking about it, how about you just remove the outer barrel assembly and change it? Amirite?
  24. Hello everyone, I run a BurstWizard3 in my AEG. Last night, I was looking at the manual when I found out there is a feature called Pre-Cocking. I was wondering what that is and if it can increase my ROF or just increases trigger-response. Thanks!
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