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  1. I have a JG MP5 RAS (Full Metal) that I paid $185 for, I'd like to do a trade for an assault rifle, preferably full metal, BUT I can settle for a Polymer. If interested, please message me or reply here with what you have for trade. Requirements: Must be in working condition. Must be of equal value or less. No lower than 370FPS. No broken parts. Must be located within USA. 1-2 extra mags if available, but not required. AEG or GBB If gun value is lower than mine, please include a battery pack & any accessories you wish to throw in. I am paying to ship to you, so you must pay to ship to me. Not Required: Optics Accessories Specs: Chrono at 370-380 on average Range is further than site claimed Full Metal construction 14mm CCW threading 200rd High Cap Mag What's missing? Fore Grip (Was crappy anyway) No battery or charger, both crapped out A couple things missing here and there, but nothing major. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me here or email me.
  2. Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a new AEG and I am very interested in the VFC Vr16 series of guns. I'm just wondering where people stand and there thoughts on VFC
  3. Hey dudes, This is my first post; really got interested in airsoft from a buddy of mine. As of now I am wondering what type of gun I should get, I want a high quality, full metal M4 or AK. Preferably in between 300 to 400 dollars. Thank you for your help! P.S. Any things that I should look for in a gun? (ie. brand, motor etc)
  4. Hey everyone, I have a maybe a bit dumb-ish question, but im a curious person and every bit of information helps! I spent the last 3 hours removing a orange tip so that I could install a tracer unit. I wanted to know WTF is threading. So here are my questions. Questions: WTF is threading? Does a 14mm Negative fit with a 14mm Positive? Or does it fit a 14mm Negative? If I have a 14mm Negative threaded barrel, does that mean that it can only use 14mm Negative or Positive?
  5. So I just got my second AEG, or first high end. Whenever I tip it from side to side (front & back) I hear a small metallic object. It sounds like its sliding on a very short rod. I took out the barrel and pulled back the bolt and I still hear it. This IS an Electric Blow Back so maybe this is supposed to happen. I cant shoot it till next week (when I get my battery). Should I send it back or is this fine?
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have a CM16 Raider-L AEG. It is a pretty common gun and I wanted to make it more unique. I recently found the Magpul MOE Handguard online at Evike and wanted to apply that on to my gun. My barrel is 14.5in long with a 6.5in RIS. I wanted to know if that would be possible. Thanks!
  7. I'm getting a complete Classic Army gearbox and lower receiver today from a friend. He's giving me the CA upper with it, but it has a crack. I can't find any CA uppers anywhere. Do you guys know what uppers would work with it? Thanks guys.
  8. Hello all, I know there's existing data on matching optimal inner barrel length to cylinder porting, but is there a known good range of inner barrel lengths in consideration of the G&G M4 AEGs with the pneumatic blowback feature? I ask since they have a setup which is not like your typical gearbox with a ported cylinder, but instead it looks like a full cylinder but there's a hole at the top which lets the air flow through the pneumatic system up top for moving the fake bolt piece. To the point, what would the longest inner barrel length be that I could use effectively in one of these G&G blowback M4 AEGs, before I reach diminishing returns? Thanks.
  9. hello, I am relativly new to airsoft and am seeking clairification and guidance for a few questions that I have. I have the G&G CM16 MOD 0 AEG rifle It is stock and the specs are: full metal type 2 gearbox, High torque long type motor. My current inner barrel is stock and measures 330mm long. I would like to get a tight bore inner barrel (6.03mm) that is 455mm long. I plan on getting a mock suppressor to attach to my gun to cover up the longer barrel. My questions are, firstly, Is this set up possible with the stock motor, gear box, etc.? If it would not work, what upgrade parts would be needed to make it work? How much longer should my suppressor be in relation to the inner barrel? Are there barrel spacers or stabilizers that would go around the inner barrel and fit snug inside the suppressor to help keep the longer barrel in place better, or is this not really an issue? Thank you for taking the time to read this and give feedback. All coments and recomendations are greatly apperciated.
  10. Hello, I'm new to the forum and just had a question about which AEG you guys think would be best right out of the box. I don't care what style the gun is, I'll buy whatever will give me the best performance for the dollar. My budget's around 250 and I have it narrowed down to these AEGS. ICS 220 8" Tubular M4 - http://www.evike.com/products/48447/ ICS G33 - http://www.evike.com/products/39987/ Lonex BO-Dynamics EBB M4 - http://www.evike.com/products/50715/ Lonex Full Metal M4A1 - http://www.evike.com/products/43270/ FMG4-A3 - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_784&products_id=12296 Elite Force IWI Tavor Tar 21 - http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_782&products_id=15177 Apex R5 M10 - http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/11487-apex-r5-m10-full-metal-m4-aeg-ambidextrous-airsoft-carbine-bronze.aspx Those are just the best I could find myself, but if you have anything you think might be better be sure to mention it in your post. I'm looking for specific AEG models, not just manufacturers, so if you post a suggestion please give me a model not just a manufacturer. Thank you :) Robert
  11. Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor Review Hello forum! Today I will be reviewing the Alien Airsoft High Speed Motor. In this review, we will go through the motor's packaging and performance out of the box (or bag, in this case). Performance will be focused on the trigger response and ROF. Packaging: Comes in a plastic bag. Done. Picture below. First impressions: First thing I noticed when taking this motor out of the box was that everything that contained iron sticks to it when it comes into contact, ranging from the gearbox motor cage to some screws. Just to show how strong the magnets are, here is a picture of a keychain being supported only by the motor's magnet inside of the gun's grip. Also, the motor had a red dot on the post of the motor spring that is closest to the positive plug. It is industry standard, but still a nice feature . And, just for reference, here is the motor inside the motor cage. Note that it has a red endbell with a silver can, leading to some people to suspect it is a rebrand of King Arms or ZCI. I have yet to testify. Performance: With the motor installed, I quickly rushed to test it out and the first thing I noticed when trying it out with a 9.6 volt battery was that the trigger response was instantaneous, along with the ROF which went up to 20 RPS which is around 66% more RPS than stock. Testing with a 8.4v battery gave less significant results,with 15 RPS compared to stock 11 RPS (around 36% increase) with a okay trigger response. Tests: Stock Motor, Partial Charge: Upgraded motor, Partial Charge: Upgraded motor, full charge: All tests preformed with: 8.4v battery and 9.6v battery (battery swap also in video) M100 spring (stock) 18:0 gears (stock again) As you could see here, the motor gave a crisp trigger response and ROF. Conclusion: I would recommend this motor as it is avalible from UN company for just $19 USD right now (http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=35064) and even at non-discounted price ($33 USD), it preforms well against it's competition (eg. The GP2000 speed motor) at a similar price.
  12. Hey everybody. I Just ordered my new CYMA cm048m AEG airsoft gun and I have a few questions. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1272-465-fps-v3-cyma-metal-wood-rs-akm-airsoft-aeg-cyma-cm048m.aspx First, I have heard very good things about LiPo batteries and how much better they work in an AEG. What are the differences between a LiPo and the stock 8.4v Mini type battery? I have read that a LiPo will not increase FPS, but am I correct in saying that it will increase the rate of fire? Is it worth getting one? Will it damage the gear box? If so does anybody have any recommendations as to which one? I know it has to be a mini type battery so I am not sure what dimensions to look for. This is actually my second AEG. I wasted 40 bucks on an M4 that is practically junk , so I had my doubts ordering this new AEG. I have read up on AEG maintenance and discovered how important it is to keep your barrel and gears clean. They say to use 100% silicone spray so as not to ruin the hop up. What are your favorite brands? Can I use the same silicone spray on lubricating my gear box? Sorry for all the questions at once, but I want to treat my new gun as best I can Thanks for your help in advance!! Christopher
  13. Hello, All! First off, thank you for taking the time to view this thread, and even more so if you decide to respond with any sort of advice. Now, I have fallen out of airsoft this year, due to getting engaged and trying to get set up for college and what not. BUT I'M MAKING A COME BACK! (; I have sold or given away %99 of my gear so I'm having to start from scratch. (which I'm actually okay with!) I have this oppurtunity to start a completely custom build based around a G&G Combat Machine Mod1. I am going with the blk/dust version. The reason why I have chosen this gun, is that I have owned a CM before and for being mainly polymer, they are surprisingly durable. And, all of the internals are going to end up being replaced anyways, so the stock parts are not important to me. At this point, you may be asking yourself, "Why doesn't he just buy a gun that is suiting aesthetically and already comes with decent internals?". This is a very good question, and I am glad that I decided to make you ask :D. Mainly, I want to have a %100 custom gun, completely put together by me. I feel that buying a gun right out, you don't get the emotional connection with your gun so you are more prone to get a year down the road and just sell it or trade it for something that you're going to end up doing the exact same thing with later down the road. Secondly, I have done a lot of research before making this decision, and finding a gun that I seem to come up with (IE the VFC Mod1, that only shoots like 320+/-, even though it is a $430 gun.) Yes, I do realize that fps isn't the biggest thing to look for in a gun, but I don't want to watch a person run away from my bb's before they even reach them. I also want to be able to both A. work well in cqb situations and B. also not compromise being able to reach out and tag someone from 200 ft. And finally, into the main point of this thread. Below, I am going to list all of the internal parts, along with a few external parts that I am planning on purchasing to make this gun worthy of my time. Please, feel free to put forth any opinions of advice (also offer a logical explanation of why you believe there should be a change) and I would love to go back and forth with some of you guys (and girls) on potential upgrades and such. So here goes: Internals: HOP UP UNIT: PROWIN M4 CNC HOPUP CHAMBER BUCKING: SYSTEMA HOPUP BUCKING MOTOR: GUARDER INFINITE TORQUE UP MOTOR (LONG) INNER BARREL: MADBULL BLACK PYTHON 6.03 TBB SPRING: JBU STEEL M120 HEAT TREATED SPRING GUIDE: SHS SUPER SHOOTER V3 PISTON: SHS SUPER SHOOTER 15 TOOTH PISTON HEAD: LONEX ALUMINUM VENTILATED NOZZLE: SHS AIR SEAL NOZZLE M4 ALUMINUM GEARS: SHS 32:1 SUPER SHOOTER ULTRA HIGH TORQUE Externals: STOCK: MAGPUL PTS CTR SIGHT: EOTECH REPLICA GRIP: MAGPUL PTS MOE FOREGRIP: MAGPUL AFG SILENCER: ALIEN AIRSOFT KAC QD SUPPRESSOR MAGPUL B.A.D. LEVER (FOR AESTHETIC PURPOSES ONLY) PEQ15 REPLICA
  14. that's all I want. An M240. Just give me yours. I prefer f2f for trades, But I will ship. That being said, you ship first unless your feedback is ridiculously better (my good feedback is located on airsoft society). I MUST know anything and everything that is wrong with it (if it isn't pristine). I have to trade the following: -we scar-l: Aim sports ACOG style sight, bipod, 300mm angel custom tbb, reaps bucking, foregrip, aluminum nozzle, 6 mags, full set of extra internals. It is black. $850 new. works flawlessly. -G&G GR15: Integrally suppressed as of now, new matrix 3000 high speed motor, infinity high speed gearset, flip up sight set, foregrip, battery, midcaps and hicaps. only issue is the upper cracked and a small piece fell out, as well as the charging handle. $450ish new. No performance issues, solely cosmetic. -Classic Army Sportsline MOE M4 in tan. Unsure what is wrong, but if I figure it out, it's trade value goes up. new was $250. again, don't know what is going on. ONLY IF I HAVE TO, these are on the block: -Astro a50 wireless headset with full tx unit and micro. 350ish new -Logitech g700s mouse. Light use, amazing to use. 100ish new -Fender Squier Jazz bass. Not much to say, tons of fun, comes with amp. Pick and choose what you please from the above, but only to a limit. I don't want to get screwed over in a deal. PM me or post here. Best ways to reach me are these. PLEASE GIVE ME MY DREAM GUN. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Pics will come up soon.
  15. Hi guys, with my order of the G&G Combat Machine Raider CQB, I wanted to order a few cheap upgrades. I need a great Bucking and Nub that I can put in and expect improvements. I talked with ASGI Tech support and they recommended me the http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=745_31_170&products_id=3051. Doing my research and reading the reviews, I heard that this bucking can ruin the piston and destroy the gun internally. It is also said that BB's drop or fly straight up while using this bucking. My friend recommended me a Maple Leaf 75 Degree bucking but there is no nubs in stock. Can someone shine some light on what I can do. Tightbore might be an option but I wanna know the best I can get for my money, thanks! Sale ends in a few hours so quick responses would be awesome!
  16. hey guys, I looked in my gun closet and I saw I had some stuff lying around I no longer need so I'd like to sell them so I can have help pay for Airborne's work he will be doing to my m15. >Don't lowball me. > All sales are final. > Shipping is free. > I print actual UPS labels with tracking #'s. First item is a Classic Army Version 6 full metal gearbox from a Classic Army P90. This gearbox has BARELY been used. I've never tinkered or tried to upgrade it. Price$30, however I'm flexible. Next Item, G&G clone hopup unit and inner barrel from a TSD UMP.45, this unit is EXTREMELY accurate no b/s. Price $25 So there it is, please buy these items.
  17. Message me for best communication If this website is down or can't be reached, email me at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com I accept PayPal for payment and ship using USPS CONUS buyers & CONUS shipping only -------- Madbull/Daniel Defense AR Rail 9.0 RIS + Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor + outer barrel lot SOLD , you get everything. No gun included, that picture at the bottom was just for demonstration. More pictures of wear or damages here: http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/albertbro/library/Airsoft/Items%20for%20Sale/Parts%20and%20Accessories/DDris2 This is a lot of Madbull Daniel Defense RIS including an outer barrel and Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor. In the bottom one, it's missing the rear mounting thing, but you can use the tan-colored one from the top set. This one has a had a little bit of top rail shaved off in the back when it was in the way of my M4's body. The left side rail has a velcro piece on it for pressure switches. There are cosmetic scratches but otherwise everything is fine. In the top, the tan Gemtech mock silencer is stuck really tight on the included 10.5" outer barrel. I could not find a way to unscrew it without damaging the parts more; they are heavily scratched, please see the rest of the pictures for details on the scratches. So, it's a complete front assembly until you find a way to separate them. But, with the way that DD freefloat rail system attaches, you can still install this on your AEG completely. Here is a sample of what it looks like installed: $65 shipped, you get everything. No gun included, that picture at the bottom was just for demonstration.
  18. H&K 416 Limited Edition and ASG CZ Scoprion EVO 3 now in stock at Airsoft Station. Get yours today! ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 SMG H&K Limited Edition 416 AEG We also have a special sneak preview of the KWA KZ 61 Skorpion GBB coming soon from KWA. Check it out on our youtube channel.
  19. Hey Airsofters!! I have wanted a Bizon for a LONG time. And it seems like lately a FLOOD of bizon smgs have entered the market. They all look the same and not very much info on them. The 3 I can think of is one by LCT, Echo1 and Silverback. As I understand it, the Silverback looks the best but has some flaws (bad selector switch, bad stock and small magazine space), The LCT is very upgradable and the Echo1 is a plastic monstrosity, but thats all I have found :D. So can anyone tell me which I should look into and why? Trust me, if KWA or Tokyo Marui made one I would buy it in a heartbeat. Im looking for realiability, longevity and performance. And also I really want it to be metal! THANK YOU!!
  20. Thought I'd share a rare find of mine with this forum! Stock opening It's a 1999 Marushin Uzi AEG. It has a full metal stamped receiver. I was lucky enough to find it in near perfect condition. ROF is very high even with an 8.4. Magazine is proprietary, sadly. It will not fit with any other UZI magazine. There is more information in my arnies thread: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/213612-marushin-aep-uzi/&do=findComment&comment=2693883 :) Cheers
  21. Paypal only or cash in person No trades looking for cash Everything sold as is to the best of my ability. KWA KM4 RIS Included: - Everything seen in the picture above - 4 m4 mags - Tan AFG - Suppressor $250 OBO Motorola HT1000 Never used in a skirmish. Programmed to work through channel 9 (sub channel 0) Not sure how long the battery lasts. $35 Thanks for looking!!
  22. Hello everyyone, First I just wanted to say I'm new here so hey guys!! Also, I have been wanting to get a new motor for my G&G GC16 Raider-L, because it is very slow. I also have a walmart M4 gun I bought a long time ago and just for fun I put in my 9.6v battery into it and the motor is surprisingly faster than my new gun! I was wondering if it was safe to put a walmart motor into a intermediate-end AEG?? Thanks guys, Marshal
  23. Hi, first of all, new here and to the sport in a serious fashion. Had a couple of small skirmishes back in junior high and really enjoyed it, so now I'm in with a group of people who do this on a regular basis and I'd like to have some proper equipment finally but as this is my first real expense in this area I don't want to break the bank, I want to ease into these higher priced guns. Now down to specs, in order of importance. Needs to be M4 mag compatible, with perhaps one exception I can think of. Solid factory internals but upgrade friendly so I can keep future costs down, so pretty much TM spec. although exceptions might possibly be made. Stock around 350 fps, I want something CQB legal but that is going to somewhat capable on the field until I can get dedicated primaries. (quick change spring would also be acceptable since it would allow me to make the necessary field changes for both arenas) Needs to have picatinny rail for mounting optics would like to have RIS for foregrip, M203, MBUS style sights and such, but is not a necessity. External build quality and upgradeability is much more important that external material. I'm careful with my current LPEG equipment so I'm sure some sturdy ABS would be fine, but I'd prefer Nylon Fiber Polymer, henceforth NFP for ease of reference, or metal externals. Battery space is a concern, I wouldn't mind running a fixed stock at all, but if I could find a decent adjustable I'd prefer that. (something similarly styled to a magpul UBR minus the price tag) I tend to like M4's and Bullpup arrangements so any of those are acceptable Non-blow back is prefered, I don't want to have to deal with a BB mechanism or it wearing down other parts needlessly. Now those are my requests for recommendations, now for the hard part. Seeing as I'm looking at upgrading the gun going into the future, likely to the point that I legitimately replace nearly every aspect of the thing to fit my play style as a grow and adapt, and seeing that it's my first serious gun... My budget I'm willing to spend $200-ish. perhaps another $50 IF it's just something I absolutely NEED once I look at it. But I would prefer to spend less in case I've over-anticipated my seriousness about the sport. and I don't mind getting a cheaper gun with a crap motor or hop up bucking if it has a good gearbox as those are cheap and easy to upgrade. So far I've seriously considered, again in order of seriousness: http://www.evike.com/products/45417/ http://www.evike.com/products/38178/ http://www.evike.com/products/39919/ http://www.evike.com/products/37757/ http://www.evike.com/products/41551/ http://www.evike.com/products/47647/ These are only what I've considered but it tends to be what I like. I'm aware each have their quirks, Like KWA's proprietary hop chamber and the motors on the Combat Machine series tend to be crap. The P90 ISN'T M4 mag compatible which is a huge issue, but there are exceptions and one of our other guys already has a P90 he runs and I love it so exception made. The Tavor is hard to find parts for from what I hear, and the UAR V.1 had a couple of glaring problems with mag compatibility and feeding issues, which they claimed to have fixed with the V.2 but it's APS so who knows. So as much as I like the bullpups I'm leaning towards the M4 platforms at the moment, mainly the CM18 and the CQR. My team runs midcaps almost exclusively, mostly MAG brand, so compatibility is a concern. If anyone has an opinion on the rifles listed or an acceptable alternate please feel free to let me know. I'm looking for something versatile, that I can be patient and somewhat precise with or provide some limited light fire support in a pinch with, and again, needs to be CQB capable with some field applications, so around 350 fps or easy swap spring.
  24. What is up guys. I am working with a member of my airsoft team on a school project and I need your help. There will be a link provided with a quick survey about an idea we have. Can you help us out and submit a completed survey. https://docs.google.com/a/atemshigh.com/forms/d/17Bg2txGZaUAcYdmD9N90ZD7FUNjjMVsD4Ji16Z7EGDI/edit
  25. Looking for Midcap and Hicap Sig 552 Magazines compatible with ICS version 3 Swiss Arms 552 Commando AEG. Used items are alright as long as you can prove they can feed and hold tension.
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