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  1. I want to build a salient arms g17, I know there are many companys that make these slides.. I'm going for the cheap ones like ace 1 arms, I have some experience with we glocks. my fear is compatibilty, im building this from scratch, 1. what slide (salient) should I get? 2. what lower reciever (not so hard to find) should I get?
  2. So I recently upgraded my WE G17 with a 150% angel custom recoil and hammer spring, had to sand out a bit of the blowback housing to get it to work, I sanded to much so im using thin foil above the blowback housing as shims, it works perfectly. Also, I high flow valved 2 of my mags, and just broke in two my outer barrel 1) Which Blowback housing will fit nicely on my WE G17? 2) Which COOL LOOKING (NOT EXPENSIVE) Outer barrel should I get? thats a 3d printed RIS mount for sale at https://www.shapeways.com/product/2TTADX2SH/airsoft-we-g-series-17-ris-mount?li=shop-inventory&optionId=57757515
  3. Good day everyone. I have a "Ekol ES 66" Co2 pistol for quite some time. I never had any problems with it but recently I've noticed that the CO2 cartridges are lasting shorter than usual. I couldn't notice anything unusual so I did nothing about it. Yesterday, after placing a new CO2 cartridge (haven't used it in few months) I've noticed some air leaking. I can hear it and when placing a finger over the 'holes' it feels that the air is going through. I'm not 100% convinced but I'm pretty sure the air is leaking through the 'metal holes' on the back of the magazine. Is there anyone who had (or have) a similar problem? Any solutions for this? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, inFidel
  4. No trades and prices are firm. Thank you. KWA MK1 1911: Inspected the pistol inside and out and no broken parts or pieces. The magazines have a little wear on them but function as they should. Price is $125 shipped with all 3 mags, $110 with 2 mags and $95 shipped with one magazine. Individual mags will be parted for $20 shipped a piece. Magazines are the 14rd ones not the 21rd ones.
  5. Introduction: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Capitalists, today I will be reviewing the WE tech Makarov PMm GBB pistol. The first Green Gas powered blowback Makarov in the whole history of airsoft (suck it, KWA!) Real steel History: The Makarov PM is a Russian designed handgun designed to replace the earlier TT33 handguns as well as the Nagant Revolvers used during WWII. It used a 9x18mm round and had an 8 round single stack magazine. The Makarov PM was initially introduced in the year 1949. Various copies have been made by other com-bloc countries such as China, Bulgaria and East Germany. The PMm variant has been introduced in 1991, which has a double stacked mag containing 12 rounds. More can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makarov_pistol In the box The box that the Makarov came in was pretty standard with a picture of the pistol and the text “马可洛夫” Which is a direct phonetic translation of “Makarov”. Inside the box, you will find a mock suppressor, Inner barrel extension and the Gun itself. No extra pellets. The gun is kept in an egg-carton type of material like how WE stores their Glocks. As far as my concerns go, it’s more eco-friendly than foam. Externals and Initial thoughts The finish on this gun seems to be fairly good with a (most likely) faux semi-glossy black machined finish on the slide, a matte black finish on the frame and slide release, and a matte brown colour on the hammer and safety (appears on actual Makarov PM, not the PMm). Nothing much to be said about the suppressor, which is a plain matte black finish on metal (presumably aluminium alloy since it’s so light). The Gun has a magazine release on the bottom of the gun which I like, since the mag doesn’t always have to drop out every time you holster your gun. The magazine itself also has a glossy exterior finish. I have also noted that the release valve is smaller than normal on this gun (most likely to accommodate the small size of the magazine.) Also, on this gun, the sights are nothing special just your standard everyday pistol sights. Something's telling me that the rear sight is a bit high, but that's also in real steel, so it's fine. Disassembly and Internals To disassemble this gun, what you’d have to do is to pull the trigger guard down, pull slide up and force forward without the loading nozzle getting caught in the barrel. Upon lifting the slide, I noticed the slide to be fairly light, giving me the feeling that the slide is made out of aluminium. Inside the slide, there is there is the blowback housing and loading nozzle. The loading nozzle seems to be made of plastic (also referred to as “polymer” by certain brands) whilst the blowback housing is seated right above the loading nozzle, out of sight. Hopup is adjusted by pushing a knob on the barrel left/right and the hopup bucking should be compatible with VSR type hopup bucking. I’m not sure about if the Chamber is compatible (most likely not). Around the barrel, there is a recoil spring which feels considerably harder to rack than all other GBB pistols I own (a WE Glock and KSC M93r) To reassemble, reverse the process of disassembly. And while we're at it, here's a picture of the pistol disassembled Shooting To fire, what one must do is to load up the magazine with 14 6mm bb pellets and load the magazine into the gun. Trigger pull is very long on double action, but comfortable in single action. The accuracy of this gun is pretty good for stock, being able to hit an aluminium can from 15 meters (I Will do a proper grouping test later). The recoil is also a bit very crisp and hard, making it a joy to shoot. It is also very gas efficient, being able to fire off around 50 shots per magazine, which is roughly 3 full mag refills and a few extra shots. I will try to upload a video soon. Upgrades, Modifications and Accessories At time of writing, there are no mods or upgrades directly for the WE Makarov, but I think that it will accept Bakail 654k grips and grips designed for the real double stack Makarov. Various holsters are also available, ranging from East German leather holsters, to the legendary EFA-2k. Overall Overall, I think that this pistol does its job of being a faithful replica of the Makarov PMm and since it’s the first Makarov styled GBB on the Market, I will also give it extra points for that too. Pros: +Good Kick +Good Gas Efficiency +Accurate +The Fist Makarov styled GBB +Has suppressor for power increase Cons -Power -Total Range (due to power) -Hard to holster with suppressor (so it's either low power, or no holster.)
  6. I'm looking for a realistic M1911 gbb pistol for filming purposes. I'd like at least the slide and hammer to be full steel (not aluminum or pot metal) for the realistic sounds as well. It would most likely have to be green gas (for the more realistic looking magazine), unless there is a CO2 pistol with a realistic mag. I have a budget of ~$100, but will go over if the product is worth it.
  7. Hello, I'm looking for a gbb airsoft pistol for filming purposes. Here is a list of things I would prefer on the gun: -CO2 powered -Full Metal (realistic look, weight, and sound) -Realistic looking magazine -$100.00 or under -Removable/Not Present orange tip (when not filming, the tip will be on) -Black and/or Silver (no wood, NO clear plastic) -Realistic blowback If you could find one with most or all of these preferences, that would be great. I may be willing to go over the $100.00 budget if the gun has everything else. Thanks, Grey
  8. Looking to buy a Co2 Blowback pistol. Must be working & full metal w/2-3 co2 cartridges is preferred. My budget is $40-$45. Message me directly with offers and please include pics and specs.
  9. Product in mind: http://www.evike.com/products/45329/ Hi, anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? WIth my new mag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W248PJPaUqA With old included mag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8cOO2L0lak I was shooting in a safe direction, no one could see me either. I made sure before I did the test. (Had to get a new mag because this one didnt feed at all) What I have tried: -New mag -lubed up some parts -I filled the mags properly
  10. Some people on here wanted to see more examples of my work, so I pulled out a cheap springer I had, disassembled it, and popped some paint on the slide and trigger guard area. The crappy quality of the gun in general really detracts from the quality of the paint job, but I guess it turned out decently. I did end up doing the paint quite strongly for the stripes, but this is only because it was a small area to paint on (the slide was about 6 inches long). Anyways, attached are pictures of when I put masking tape on it, and the final product. Leave your reactions and honest criticisms below. Thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hxva4f41n7q1ltx/Photo%20Feb%2011%2C%207%2050%2048%20PM.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8591lnv6t1cn7n/Photo%20Feb%2012%2C%207%2040%2018%20AM.jpg?dl=0 (tell me if the links aren't working, the pictures were too large to upload)
  11. As usual I'm unloading some of my hard to find parts in order to buy more toys. Also considering leaving the sport. Again!! Lol! All prices are firm and will include shipping and I am not interested in trades of anykind. If you wish to offer me a lower price shipping will not be included. That being said, I will consider "fair" offers for multiple items (multiple meaning more than 3). Low baller offers will be ignored. Sorry fellas, I am well aware that some of these prices might be a bit high for some. But you are more than welcome to start a search for them overseas and wait the 3 weeks to 2 months for them to arrive at your door. Or...you can buy them from me and have them within 7-days (CA to NY shipping time is about 7-days ON TO THE LISTING!!! Everything together including card with date and Username Classic Army LWRC PSD with 2 CA Hicaps. First Generation #000084!! I've owned 5 LWRC's from various generations and the first gens were the best formers. Fully functioning blowback, stock gearbox internals, stock motor, new APS Bolt Catch (much stronger) and APS Oversized Charging Handle. Gun chrono's at 360 fps. $250 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7291/16392423805_32c0462a07_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7403/16392424695_19b3ef3069_b.jpg Ace 1 Arms OSP BLK 8inch "Osprey" Power Up/Range Up Suppressor with interchangeable threading/piston kit so you can mount it right away. The interchangeable kit come with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW threading. Looks great on an AEG, but functions best with a GBBr or Pistol where you will see a 20-40fps increase. Search youtube for Ace1Arms OSP videos. This was never field! Just test fitted on the LWRC. $120 Shipped SOLD to Steeljaw36 https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8622/15769973244_3594a0df53_b.jpg Ace 1 Arms OSP FDE 7inch "Osprey" Power Up/Range Up Suppressor with interchangeable threading/piston kit so you can mount it right away. The interchangeable kit come with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW threading. Looks great on an AEG, but functions best with a GBBr or Pistol where you will see a 20-45fps increase. Search youtube for Ace1Arms OSP videos. This was never field! Just test fitted on the VFC M&P. $120 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7440/16206203979_df8c5b109c_b.jpg Stock Photo's with suppressors mounted. These are not mine, just illustrating the what the will look like mounted... VFC M&P VTAC Edition Pistol with Angry Gun Aluminum Threaded Outer Barrel and extra FDE mag. So 2 mags Like other VFC M&P's, this has the selectable "full-auto" function that is accessed by flipping a little switch located underneath the slide at the back. It also has the cool replica VTAC Trijicon sights. This pistol also fits perfectly in all M&P real steel holsters. I confirmed this by test fitting it on my G-Code. $200 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7323/15772403013_5e68edb9bd_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7445/15772403403_5b879e231d_b.jpg PTS AAC 51T Flash Hider "Counter Clockwise" $25 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7429/16206203989_8b0b7573d9_b.jpg Airsoft Extreme "High Torque" Motor $25 Shipped
  12. All items sold as-is. No return or refund. I will describe each item as best as possible. Please ask any question first before commit to buying. Paypal only. All prices include Paypal fee and shipping. All prices are firm. First to post payment gets it. No trades of any kind, at this time. I just want cash. Since this is my first post in the ASF Buy Sell forum, I don't have any feedbacks as a seller. But you can check my ebay feedbacks under 'mjasbong'. On to the sell....... I have some brand new Stark Arms / VFC G19 and G17 Gen 4 pistols, all with FULL TRADES. These are some of the best replicas I've seen, and hard to distinguish from the real deal. And I'm sure most of you have already seen or heard of these Stark Arms pistols. Warning: Lots of pics! Here are the items: [1] SOLD G17 Gen 4 (Immaculate). Inlcude G17 Gen 4 with metal slide and metal outer barrel, 1 x green gas mag, 1 x med backstrap, 1 x large backstrap, a mag follower that allows dry fire without having to hold down the slide release, and a manual/parts diagram. All will be inside it's orginal box. The G17 Gen 4 does not have full auto mode - semi auto only. [2] SOLD G17 Gen 4 w/Orange Tip. This is the exact same as item [1] but with the orange tip glued on to the front of the metal outer barrel. The orange tip can be easily removed (snap off). There is a chance some paint will rub off from the tip of the barrel by removing the orange tip. [3] SOLD G19 (Immaculate). The G19 comes with metal slide, metal outer barrel, a plastic outer barrel, a dry fire mag follower, and manual and a green gas mag. The G19 can do semi or full auto firing mode via a hidden selector or switch underneath the slide. [4] SOLD G19 (Imperfection). Same as item [3] but the metal outer barrel has some tiny paint rubbed off at the front tip. [5] SOLD KWA M1911 1911 MKIV in OD Green. It is used but in excellent working condition. Comes with 3 non-leaky magazines. It is missing the front sight but can easily replaced via KWA Proshop for a few bucks. Also has the following upgrade: Precision 6.01 Tightbore Barrel Metal Outer Barrel New KWA Hop Up Bucking
  13. Read these please: - Message me for best communication - If you cannot access the website, please contact me through email at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com - I accept payment with PayPal - I ship using USPS - I am shipping and selling to CONUS locations and buyers only - I will listen to trade offers too ~~ 1. WE Hi-capa 5.1 Expert This is a WE Hi-capa 5.1 Expert GBB pistol. It works fine, and it's only missing one screw on the right side of the grip. If you replace that screw, you'll reduce the chance of the beavertail popping out on you. The right-side safety lever is gone but does not affection function. I've cleaned up the gun and tightened up the screws as safely as I could. There is rust around the hammer spring assembly, but doesn't affect function. The included magazine works fine and does not leak. $55 shipped.
  14. Hello all, up for sale is a WE 5.1 Hi-capa CQB Master edition. This includes the gun, one WE 5.1 Hi-capa magazine, and the original instruction booklet. The gun is full metal and it's gas blowback (GBB). I never really used it so I'm selling it. This features rubberized grip with holographic CQB Master emblems, fiber optic type front sight, split slide, and extended slide catch. There are pretty much no scratches on the gun at all and the magazine works fine with no leaks. One side of the magazine baseplate plastic cover is cracked. Like on a lot of WE magazines, the follower spring doesn't always get the slide catch to go up when empty. This can be solved with a new follower spring or try another magazine. It does not affect firing BBs. $70 shipped to CONUS buyers/address only, payment with PayPal. Traded and no longer available.
  15. I have a KJW m9 full-metal pistol that currently uses Co2, but I wanted to switch to green gas magazines. Could I do this or would I have to buy a new gun?
  16. Looking for KWA USP compact magazines with no leaks.
  17. Hello all, Up for sale is my gently used KJW M1911 (GBB-609). Full metal replica of the Colt 1911 and based on the Tokyo Marui TM 1911 platform. This includes x2 KJW green gas magazines, optional follower tool, original papers, and original box. No green gas or BBs are included with this. The orange cap is not included but I'll put a little orange tape on the tip before sending it out. Everything works great and there's just some scratches on the tip of the outer barrel. One of the two magazine's feed lips is slightly damaged and could be repaired by an aftermarket replacement. $75 shipped! - Please send me a private message for most-organized response. If the forum is down, you can try to email me at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com. - Shipping & selling to CONUS only, no international buyers please. - Payment with PayPal Pictures: Verification image:
  18. Ok...where to start? First, I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. This is going to be a difficult build, as I have a very specific taste. I am looking to build an awesome Hi Capa GBB pistol. I have no set budget. However, I would prefer to spend less than $200 for the base gun. Preferably under $800 total. Ideally, I want it to have a green slide (not OD green, straight up green). I don't even know if it possible to get a green slide. I have been looking for days and haven't come across one. I am going to add a few pictures of designs and colors I love. I want the gun to end up looking like them in some way. Priorities: -Tokyo Marui brand -ACCURATE -Excellent range -Unique design Ok, again thank you. I need to know which base gun I should start with. I also need a recommendation on parts to add to it in order to make it accurate and effective at range. In a perfect world, if the purple gun in the picture I attached was green.....I would be one happy man. I am also interested in knowing how to go about painting a pistol. What if I got the stainless steel gun I attached and painted the slide? I need some help lol
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