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  1. Hello, I have a 1911 spring powered pistol (was given to me) and I am a newer airsoft owner, is there a way to check if there is any BB in the barrel or do you have to shoot it to tell? Because I would rather not have to point it to the ground and shoot to make sure there are no BBs in it if I forget to empty the chamber last time I went shooting.
  2. My local field has closed down, making my only option CQB fields. This is my prized possession but there's not much use I can get from it anymore, so I've decided to sell it. I've had it for less than two months. SVD Includes (with retail price) CYMA SVD w/ wood ($200) Prometheus 6.03 Barrel w/ Rhop ($80) Prometheus Purple bucking ($15) Prometheus Flathop nub ($20) Matrix PSO-1 4x24 Scope ($125) Wolverine Hydra ($300) Real Sword Hydra Nozzle ($65) Real Sword SVD Gearbox shell ($90) 4x Cyma Midcaps ($50) Valken 48/300 Tank ($50) Amped regulator ($85) Retail: 1075 Asking 700 OBO. Negotiations welcome -------------------------------------------------- 1911: Includes two factory new magazines. Everything else is stock Asking: 90 shipped OBO. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/O0rtT
  3. Hi guys! I'm a beginner at GBBs and I'm wondering which one I should get. I've gotten it down to these two guns. The KJW has a much higher mag capacity and seems a little bit higher quaity, but the elite force has a threaded barrel and is more reliable with co2 because the kjw is both co2 and green gas and is probably less reliable with co2.Please tell me wih one you prefer. Thanks! http://www.evike.com/products/40446/ http://www.evike.com/products/61159/
  4. I just got a new Elite Force 1911 A1 and I've been having some troubles. It has been working perfectly until this afternoon. I took it apart (I've done it before) and didn't even touch anything and now the slide won't go back all the way. It has nothing to do with the recoil spring, but it seems that something (possibly the nozzle or something) has blocked the slide from going back all the way. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a reliable pistol to use as a sidearm. My total budget right now is about $115. I'm looking into Glocks and normal 1911s, not the flashy TM competition style guns. Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. I am sorry that, it is not suppose to do retail here. just got plenty of OTG holster and mag pouch. want to clean things up some surplus. grab one if you like We have 1911, Glock 17, SIG226 etc http://bit.ly/2g3cTH8
  7. **Disclaimer** Some of these guns and items DO NOT work. I will make sure to mention which ones don't work. If you see a question mark or if I state otherwise, I probably don't know if it's broken or not. Looking to sell all of my weapons and gear from when I used to collect and play. I want to keep this a local sale so within NorCal. Most of this stuff haven't seen more than a full game and have been used mostly for shooting around the backyard at pieces of wood. I will not split up the package and the price is final. Like I mentioned above, some items are broken but are easily fixable/salvageable. I will try to go into detail for each item but quite honestly, it's been awhile and I've forgotten some things. I'll be happy to take pictures of individual items so please ask. Systema PTW M4-A1 with 1 Mag Tokyo Marui M4-A1 Tokyo Marui MP5 upgraded to 370-400 FPS with 5 Mags and Mag Clamp G&P M16A3 w/ Prometheus Inner Barrel upgraded to 400 fps (BROKEN and missing a few pieces on body) Tokyo Marui M1911 with 1 Mag Western Arms Kimber Warrior 1911 with 1 Mag Tokyo Marui M9 Beretta (BROKEN) with 1 Mag M4A1 Magazines x14 (TM, CA, ?) and Mag Clamp Rail Laser 2 Systema PTW batteries 3 Ni-MH batteries (Not sure what size so ask for clarification if interested) Phantom OD Ciras with all pouches and Backpack (No water pouch but has water tube) USMC Woodland MARPAT (Used) Blackhawk Tactical Vest Pistol Holster Bag of 0.25 BBs x2 (Not New) Bag of 0.23 BBs x1 (Not New) Bag of 0.20 BBs x1 (Not New) Short gun bag x1 Long gun bag x1 Duffle Bag x1 Hoping to part with everything for $600 ASAP. I accept PayPal, check, cash, venmo. DM me if you're serious about this offer. I'll be happy to take more pictures once conversations start flowing. Then we can coordinate and set up a meet. Located in South Bay Area, CA. http://imgur.com/a/VBJ4N
  8. Hello. My name is Sturm. I think I've been a member for some time, but due to difficulties logging on, this is my first post. Anyway, I own an Inokatsu 100th Anniversary M1911A1 pistol. I really do like it, contrary to what many people say about it. However, it does have one or two problems which, although in my case are not 'critical,' can be quite annoying nevertheless. One of these is regarding the pistol's slide stop. The slide stop always pushes itself out a bit when the gun is fired, even if fired whilst empty. It does not push itself out that much, and after going out a little bit, it will not go out any further with subsequent shots. However, I know this issue is related to the slide stop. I tested a Nova slide stop, and it has no such behaviour when installed on the pistol. The problem with the latter is that the finish on it is a medium grey (Despite being labelled as 'Steel Black') and does not fit very well with the rest of the gun (Which is Parkerised on the slide and frame, and blued on all of the small parts). So basically, I would either need to buy another slide stop that matches the blued finish of the Inokatsu piece, and also make sure it does not push out as the Inokatsu tends to do, or I could somehow fix the Inokatsu slide stop - which I do not know how to do. If anyone can give me suggestions on how I could get the default slide stop to quit loosening up and pushing out erratically, I would be very happy. The Inokatsu slide stop is a good fit - mostly. I have noticed that the move-out behaviour is not present when the slide stop is placed in the empty frame of the pistol, but with the slide and barrel and hop up and all of that stuff assembled, it starts right back up again. There is one video on YouTube that describes and demonstrates this exact problem (Although I am not sure if I'm allowed to post links). If someone could link or point out an alternative slide stop that is obviously steel, checkered, and has a dark-blued finish, that would be a good course of action as well.
  9. I bought the EF 1911 Tac around a year ago. The gun works great, but I soon realized the rail on the front was too fat to fit standard quick release attachments. The only way something would go on if I unscrewed the side of the light so it will be able to fit around the fat rail. I've searched for this around the internet. I've found 1 person on another forum who had the same problem but never got back to me. Anyone else with this problem?
  10. Hello up for sale is a lot of random airsoft related items (mostly pertaining to the 1911 platform) All prices are shipped and priced to sell within the United States, pictures are at the bottom. -WE 1911 NG3 ver. in mint condition -$85 shipped Comes with: --1 Silver MEU magazine --Extra metal threading adapter, so two in total, one installed, the other in a bag (14mm) --Extra Flat metal base plate for magazine --Herret's real steel custom wooden grips (installed) --OEM WE MEU rubberized grips --Original packaging and manual __________________________________________________________________________ -2 WE 1911 MEU black magazines, new without tags -$17 shipped each -Madbull XG02 Propane adapter, mint condition- $17 shipped -Madbull 6.03 235mm Extended Inner and Outer Barrel for WE or Marui 1911, great condition - $34 shipped -King Arms A.A.C. Mock Aluminum Suppressor with .45 marking, small blemish on top, has both neg and positive 14mm adapters - $22 shipped -Bobster Eyewear Night Hawk OTG goggles. These fit over your glasses if you have them, brand new - $22 Shipped For additional pictures or information, feel free to ask, thanks for looking!
  11. Hello guys, getting out of the sport once again, so here's the loot for sale. All of these guns are in excellent/new condition unless otherwise noted. The only time they were fired was to test them. They were more of collectors pieces to me than field guns. Rules: Prices include shipping within the United States mainland, however I am willing to meet up local to South Florida for a cheaper price. I am NOT looking for trades, NOT willing to hold, NOT willing to part out any of the packages. Paypal only. -Tokyo Marui AA-12, Semi/Full-Auto AEG tri-barrel (Asking $530 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --4 magazines --Speedloader --Bottle of 5000 0.25 weight BB's --G&P 1600 mAh battery with charger --All original packaging and documentation -WE 1911 MEU NG3 Custom, Semi-Auto GBB (Asking $200 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --WE's NG3 upgrade system which includes a slew of upgraded internal parts for reliability, power, accuracy and longevity. --Madbull Outer and inner barrel extension kit (Inner barrel runs through suppressor) --King Arms A.A.C. Suppressor (includes CW and CCW threading adapters for it) --Original WE barrel and inner barrel with threading adapter included --3 magazines (Extra baseplate included) --Herret's Custom real steel grips (Installed) --Original WE MEU grips --All original packaging and documentation -Tokyo Marui Glock 18C with real trades Semi/Full Autio GBB (Asking $220 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for test --2 magazines, normal and one long --Bottle of 2700 0.25 weight BB's --All original packaging and documentation -KWA Mac11 M11A1 NS2 Semi/Full Auto GBB (Asking $ 180 shipped) Used but in excellent condition -2 magazines -Uninstalled G&P steel kit (includes a steel upper receiver, steel stock with Cobray trademark, receiver pin, rubber grip and threaded steel flash hider) -Also including yet another G&P rubber grip and steel flash hider. -KSC Front strap -Marushin 8mm BB's 0.34 weight, 1000 BB's total (Asking $13 shipped) Never opened Thanks for looking, feel free to ask for more information or additional pictures. If you require more feedback from elsewhere or any other verification, don't hesitate to ask! -E
  12. -Rules -Everything is sold as is. Once it leaves my hands I am not responsible! -Everything is used unless noted. -I try to give 100% accurate descriptions(very detailed) -I take Paypal only. -I ship CONUS vis UPS (Large Items or USPS (Small Items). -Insurance is extra (added if requested) -Any questions please ask! -First come first serve, Sorry, I don't hold anything. -Trades: Not interested. 1. Umarex G36CV Body $55.00 Shipped 2. WE 1911 Upper/lower frame, outer barrel, and 2 grips. $25.00 Shipped 3. Tan Magpul PTS RVG $20.00 Shipped 4. Tapco RVG $20.00 Shipped SOCOM Gear Desert Warrior 1911 (has wear on paint/scratchs etc.) Comes with one non-leaky magazine $70.00 Shipped Internal Parts Lot $25.00 Shipped
  13. I have only ever seen people ask how to increase the velocity of their GBBs and am surprised to find no info on a mod to do the opposite. So here's the problem: my WE Hi-capa is on its way and I want to ensure I will be able to use it the way I need to. I usually use harder shooting rifles so the MED is quite large. I need a sidearm that will let me engage very close without a problem. I don't want people to walk away with BBs lodged in skin accidentally(it doesn't take much at close range). And all local fields restrict side arms/pistols to be under 340 fps(with .20g) to engage within 20 feet of target. I plan on using propane so the velocity shouldn't be too hot, but in the case that I want to take it down to sub 300fps are there any viable options? I thought about shortening the hammer spring a little to weaken the gas output, but this would likely cause cycling/blowback issues. I cant find any aftermarket barrels wider than 6.02, so that's a dead end too, unless I find the right arrow shaft to make a wider barrel.
  14. No trades and prices are firm. Thank you. KWA MK1 1911: Inspected the pistol inside and out and no broken parts or pieces. The magazines have a little wear on them but function as they should. Price is $125 shipped with all 3 mags, $110 with 2 mags and $95 shipped with one magazine. Individual mags will be parted for $20 shipped a piece. Magazines are the 14rd ones not the 21rd ones.
  15. I'm looking for a realistic M1911 gbb pistol for filming purposes. I'd like at least the slide and hammer to be full steel (not aluminum or pot metal) for the realistic sounds as well. It would most likely have to be green gas (for the more realistic looking magazine), unless there is a CO2 pistol with a realistic mag. I have a budget of ~$100, but will go over if the product is worth it.
  16. Hello, everyone I got my first GBB handgun. Being a huge fan of the 1911 design I picked on of them. The one that seemed the best was a WE model. I had CO2 before I got the gun but it turns out that the standard magazine won't accept CO2. I was wondering if anyone know a good solid company that made an aftermarket CO2 mag that works with WE brand 1911's. I can post a picture of the gun if that helps. I apologize if this is the wrong if this is the wrong category to post in.
  17. I recently got a WA 1911 from a friend. I believe it has a PGC Kimber metal slide/frame kit. I cant seem to find any aftermarket outer barrels for it. I really want a threaded barrel and to put a silencer, and maybe a longer inner barrel, but I have no idea what is compatible with it. Also, does anyone know what the purpose of this little grey cam is in the picture here? It's on the opposite side of the slide lock. It has a ton of play in it to where it naturally leans to one side, and it causes the slide to jam unless I push it to the side. I can't seem to find any real function for it, and am tempted to just file it down. My other option is to somehow fit a very thin shim down to the side of it to prevent it from moving. More pictures cause everyone likes pictures
  18. NEW ARRIVALS: KWA Full Metal U.S. Army M1911A1 Gas Blowback GBB Airsoft Pistol Don't forget to shop for NEW ARRIVALS at Airsoft Megastore for the latest airsoft guns and gear. KWA Full Metal G.I. WWII M1911A1 Gas Blowback GBB Airsoft Pistol [ADD TO YOUR ARSENAL] You Might Also Like WE Tech Full Metal M4 CQB RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle KWA KZ61 Skorpion GBB Gas Blowback Airsoft Machine Pistol Beta Project Magpul PTS G.I. MOE M4 Mid-Length AEG Rifle WELL Full-Auto MAC-11 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun Connect With Us Wed love for you to subscribe to our channel and, more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook. Let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV. Wed love to hear them! Just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page. [MORE NEW ARRIVALS] Join Us: YouTube: Airsoft Megastore YouTube Channel Blog: Bring Airsoft To The Masses » Airsoft Megastore TV Facebook: Airsoft Megastore | Facebook Twitter: Airsoft Megastore (airsoftms) on Twitter
  19. Hey everyone, I recently bought a Elite force CO2 1911 and for a while now it has been working fine. But recently after firing it the gun stopped shooting. Only when I point the gun upwards I would start firing but not when I point it straight or downwards. I'm not sure whether it is a mag issue or the gun itself. I only have one mag and I have tried putting in new CO2 cartage's to see if it would change but I get the same results. Please help.
  20. Hello, I know nothing about airsoft so I need the advice of you experts. I need to buy a full size 1911 airsoft. The following are my 'needs': 1) Low profile sights 2) Commander hammer 3) Extended beaver-tail 4) Extended Safety 5) Grip saftey 6) Flat backstrap 7) No rail 8) Slide needs to move when fired. 9) All metal - if possible - Also, if one model has readily available replacement parts that would be a plus.
  21. Hello all, Up for sale is my gently used KJW M1911 (GBB-609). Full metal replica of the Colt 1911 and based on the Tokyo Marui TM 1911 platform. This includes x2 KJW green gas magazines, optional follower tool, original papers, and original box. No green gas or BBs are included with this. The orange cap is not included but I'll put a little orange tape on the tip before sending it out. Everything works great and there's just some scratches on the tip of the outer barrel. One of the two magazine's feed lips is slightly damaged and could be repaired by an aftermarket replacement. $75 shipped! - Please send me a private message for most-organized response. If the forum is down, you can try to email me at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com. - Shipping & selling to CONUS only, no international buyers please. - Payment with PayPal Pictures: Verification image:
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