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  1. I am trying to decide between: The 416 CQB: http://www.evike.com/products/33414/ The M27: http://www.evike.com/products/48445/ I play both CQB and Field (my CQB field has an FPS limit of 400) and I want to use the same gun at both. I know the CQB looks like the better choice, but I really do like the M27's looks, and I like longish guns. However, would I be able to use the M27 effectively in a cqb environment?
  2. Hey guys! I'm looking for a 416 upper receiver for a 14" barrel build, if you guys have one, offer up! Looking for 50$ Shipped OBO.
  3. Looking for either. PM me if you got the goods
  4. Thanks for looking! WTS NO TRADES Cash or PayPal G&G GR16 - $120 shipped / $100 ftf Full metal, shoots great, 375 fps, no flashider, semi only (needs new selector switch, back plate stripped), otherwise functions perfectly. King Arms Bushmaster DMR with licenced trades - $150 shipped / $130 ftf Full metal, shoots great, 340 fps, functions perfectly JG 416 - 100$ shipped / $80 ftf Polymer body, shoots great, 400 fps, functions perfectly ICS M203 - $60 shipped / $50 ftf RIS mounted, functions perfectly, super accurate with nerf footballs out to about 90 yards with 40mm PB shells A lot of 6 Motorola CP100 VHF radios - 75$ shipped / 60$ ftf All work. Perfect for a team. 1 rechargeable battery included. Headsets not included Stocks and buffer tubes - 10$ each shipped Stock & tube combo - 15$ shipped AK47 steel body with real wood stock - $30 shipped TM compatible LR300 body kit with extra upper receiver - $50 shipped / 40$ ftf 10" URX Rail - $25 shipped / 20$ ftf The barrel ring is stuck inside the rail. It is still mountable and I'm sure some heat will get it loose. 7" Knights Armament Rail with TRADES - $30 shipped / 25$ ftf 12" AIM Free Float Rail - $30 shipped / 25$ ftf 7" Metal Rail no delta ring - $15 shipped CA metal body with Armalite TRADES - $40 shipped / 35$ ftf G&G M4 metal body - $30 shipped / 25$ ftf G&G ploy body - $20 shipped / 15$ ftf
  5. Clearing out some great weapons that I never get to use.. May consider trades but prefer cash. Trades that would catch my attention would be an hpa tapped and extremely upgraded sniper rifle, beta project ak, or vfc pdw but offer away. More pics on request. VFC 416 P* Gen 2 V2 Fusion Engine Prommy NEO chamber Firefly Bucking Vanaras 6.03 tbb PTS CTR Stock Magpul RVG Fake, non functioning PEQ Comes with original vfc gearbox of unknown status of functionality Does not come with spectredr, a tank, line or regulator, battery, inforce wml, rail covers, or any magazines unless you want to pay extra. FCU Screen is cracked and only displays the last 2 digits, not a big deal if you know the sequence of settings which I would be happy to provide if necessary. I ran it on stock settings and was more than happy with the performance. $750+shipping KWA Kriss Vector Stock internals Comes with thread adapter, G&P/Matrix m3 flashlight, eotech replica, magpul rvg, and 1 non leaky mag. Does not come with sound amplifier in picture Shoots great with zero issues $300+shipping KWA M9 Professional Training Pistol with one non leaky mag, works great with zero issues. $85+shipping 2 Timed Tornado grenades in great working condition, pins included even though they arent pictured. $100 shipped for both
  6. hey there, I have 60 ish usd to buy one for a new build throw me an offer in the comments as I need one asap.
  7. hey there, I have 60 ish usd to buy one for a new build throw me an offer in the comments as I need one asap.
  8. Testing the waters. 1. Strictly for SALE not for trade. 2. Price is OBO, lowballers will be ignored. 3. Local pick up is available in Southern California. 4. Shipping not included. 5. PAYPAL ONLY unless picking up in person ​The rifle was custom painted by artist Randy Jacob with my units call sign. It's the only rifle he's custom painted as a favor to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZ_TTITJaQQ I've use the rifle twice in my off time. I'm an active duty Marine Corps infantryman. Obviously it's well taken care of. Buying a real SCAR17 and those cost a lot of money. -Wired to the front to a PEQ15 style box. -Deans connectors -KAC new type "Silencer" that is removable. -Stock internals, I have no need to upgrade it. -8 Magazines (1 original HK and 1 painted) -1 Extra SOPMOD style stock (buffer incompatible you will need an HK type buffer to use it, painted) -Original flash hider -1 Lipo battery -Aimpoint Micro T1 type sight $650 OBO PM offers
  9. scroll to bottom please! FIRST RIFLE TO SELL GETS A FREE AIMPOINT! Classic Army LWRC (limited edition EBBR) (discontinued) Madbull DD, Magpul miad grip, G&P M140 Motor, Madbull tbb, acm modstock wired to back with Deans connector $300 shipped O.B.O VFC 416 (old version) (discontinued) with CHEETAH PROGRAMABLE MOSFET, Magpul miad grip, g&p M140 motor, SCAR (discontinued) suppressor wired to rear with Deans connector $400 shipped O.B.O Thanks for looking! -mac Take an additional $20 off marked prices today through next Sunday!!!
  10. Hello everyone, a while back, I bought several hop-up buckings for my AEG to see if they really made a difference. I fell in love with the Promethius Soft type bucking and was wondering if I could use it on my We-Tech 416 AKA: M4-SOL considering the fact that GBBR's have different mags and they feed differently. So here are my questions: What upgrades can be done on GBBRs? Thanks!
  11. Hello all, up for sale is my like-new VFC Hk416c AEG. I got it brand new a few weeks ago and I just used it for about 5 short rounds of CQB. After trying it out, it's not my perfect match so I would like to put the money toward something else. Internally it is stock except for an SHS M90 spring. The original spring will be included on the side. Right now it is shooting about 280-290 FPS with 0.25g BBs (about 310 FPS with 0.20g BBs). The spring that assists the bolt catch is gone but the bolt catch still works and engages fully. The connector has been changed to a Deans plug. This includes the original box, paperwork, plastic bags, Hk416 hi-cap, and PEQ-15 battery box which I never even used (I used my own separate one). I tried removing the orange paint from the flash hider, it's still there. The glue has been removed so you can put on your own choice of accessories on the barrel. SOLD - shipped! I would be willing to hear trade offers too. - Payment with PayPal - Shipping to CONUS buyers & locations only!
  12. H&K 416 Limited Edition and ASG CZ Scoprion EVO 3 now in stock at Airsoft Station. Get yours today! ASG CZ Scorpion EVO3 A1 SMG H&K Limited Edition 416 AEG We also have a special sneak preview of the KWA KZ 61 Skorpion GBB coming soon from KWA. Check it out on our youtube channel.
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