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  1. As title says, I am new to this airsoft thing and I'm on that stage where between each game played with rented gear, I spend an incredible amount of time browsing airsoft online stores while cursing being poor. Well, apart from salivate in front of my screen, I have done my homework and checked forums and youtube reviews, but I have tried to absorb so much information in a short period of time that I have more doubts now than one week ago. So here I am. I love all AK types so I don't discard anything, but I feel more comfortable with the short versions like 74U or 47 Spetsnaz. I also like both looks, the classic USSR/guerrilla wood+steel and the modern one with all that tactical stuff. My estimated budget for the AEG is between 130€/145$ and 230€/260$, but if it really is a long-term improvement I could save money and go up to 330€/370$. I give priority to external components instead of internal ones to have a solid base to upgrade on the future if I want to (as a newbie I would have a bad K/D ratio even with the best gun anyways, so let's prioritize don't break my first one too soon). At first sight there was a clear option for me and many other beginners who love AK's: CYMA. But the more I read about their AEG's, the more doubts I have due to the the "poor steel" and "calamine exteriors" critics. On my local airsoft groups everybody said me that the best option is save money and go for an E&L. So that's all? There isn't a third option about this matter? I know that there isn't any magic solution that will end with me having the best AK when my budget is on the mid (or even mid-low) range, but the price on the same replicas (CYMA CM.045A and E&L A104 for example) have differences over 100€ when both are described as "full metal" AEG's with steel and wood. And on the long AK versions the differences are even higher, so I have to ask... is this +100€ investment really worth in terms of hardness and external components? Also, I have read good things about some re-brands of the 1st E&L generation (ForceCore and Meister) that seems to fulfill what I am looking for. They are out of stock on every store I checked, so I guess it was just a temporary thing for sell all that remaining replicas while they went full involved into manufacture the 2nd generation. So no magic alternative for us anymore. Is there any other option that I don't know? What are your opinions about all that CYMA/E&L thing?
  2. Hello, As a new person to this forum and to airsofting in general, I have a question: I recently got myself a CYMA CM022 AK-47 model from Evike. I took it out of the package, inserted the battery, went out, and tested it. Once I wound the mag up, my AK fired a few shots full auto, but to my horror, stopped feeding. Should I: a. Attempt to fix, with your suggestions b. Attempt to claim warranty c. Buy another mag Please help, and sincerely, MrAlohaTiger
  3. Well, here I am again. A broken gun in one hand, and a shaking fist for the other. I won an ak in a contest not too long ago. I have no clue what brand it is; which may be part of my problem. I have a retro arms gearbox (bought mainly for the quick change function) and an Echo 1 red torque motor. No matter what I do, the motor pinion is pressing down hard onto the bevel gear. I have tried every combination of shims and lack thereof all to result in a horrific grinding noise. There is no play between the two gears either. I'm at a complete loss. I have tried a new motor cage, new and stock motor, 3 different pinions, and 2 gearsets. What am I missing? -Brad
  4. So basically there is an event coming up in my area called Dystopian State, and I am attending. It's a post apocalyptic milsim event roughly based on the fallout games. I am currently creating my loadout and have chosen a CYMA Kalashnikov licensed AK-47, along with my costume. I am creating a Fallout NCR Ranger costume to wear to this event cause I thought it would be fun and fits well. My one main problem is where I'm going to store my 5 mid cap magazines for the AK, as there is a chest piece on the front, I can't put them there, so I'm trying to figure out where they can go. I will have a dump pouch on my lower back, but I can't think of where the mags could fit. Picture of costume inspiration: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/9/9f/NCR_Ranger_Veteran_cosplay.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110901020347
  5. Price $40 ( NEG) The Universal Mag Pouch is designed to be the one pouch you need for most of your magazine carrying needs. The pouch will still hold 3 of your favorite style of 30 round 5.56 magazines, like PMAGs or HK mags, but it has been designed to also hold two 7.62, two AK magazines and many other combinations. Features include an adjustable hook and loop secured top flap, modular webbing on each side and a bungee cinch system to keep mags from rattling. Constructed from 1000 Denier Cordura nylon with a double ply lining for extra durability. Attaches to any MOLLE/PALS style webbing with two long MALICE Clips® Measures: 5-8.5" adjustable height x 2.5" wide x 3" deep BUY NOW
  6. I am thinking of creating a fallout-based ak47 with a shovel stock and I have a full stock ak with the battery within the stock. Since the battery couldn't fit in the shovel stock, is there any way I could change it so that it fits under the cover? I don't mind getting a new stick-type battery, but I don't think I would want to get a new receiver since the shovel stock needs a full stock receiver.
  7. Hello guys this is my gameplay from Serbia!!Awesome guys there!!! That was the first time I played with an AK!
  8. just want a decent primary looking for different stuff doesn't even have to be a gun can be gear anything airsoft really just tell me what you ha e and hopefully we can work something out:)
  9. I've been trying to get the gear box out of a jg ak74u (1011 model) but a small pin on the screw that holds the selector switch has me stalled, has anyone encountered this before? And if so, what do I do to remove it?
  10. With the season for outdoor airsoft coming to a close in my area, I'm looking for a gun for CQB use since nothing in my current arsenal is within acceptable FPS limits for the indoor field I plan on playing at. Having thought about it for a bit, I'm looking at either a Tokyo Marui AKS-47 or Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1. I've read good things about both guns, and having tried out my brother's G3 SG/1, I have not been disappointed. Nevertheless, I'd like to get some fresh perspectives on the matter. Being that I'm going for a TM, budget is no object for me.
  11. OK, I've seen a thread about this problem already, but I decided that due to the nature of the problem that it was worth doing another thread. Now, onto the meat of this thread: Recently, I've been having trouble getting my G&P M16A1 and CYMA AIMS (CM.050) to feed. Both of them will fire correctly for a few shots and then nothing. When I fired the guns upside down, they feed properly, however. For the M16, I'm using G&P 360-round hi-caps, and for the AIMS, Matrix 600-round hi-caps. I don't want to say that the mags are the problem, but on the other hand, the M16 fired correctly with the stock mid-cap mag. Any thoughts on the matter?
  12. hey guys so I got a bit of a problem. my ak has almost perfect shimming with sound from the bevel and pinion from the gearbox. the bevel and pinion are meshing perfectly. but the problem is the bevel gear is rubbing on the bottom of the gb. it has about 1.5mm of play. should I add about another .1mm of shims on the bottom? because I'm trying to get the least amount of noise out of my gb. the reason I heard this sound is going from an 11.1v to 7.4v. I mean I'm going to use 9.6v nimh most of the time and I don't want the noise I'm hearing right now.
  13. Hi guys, Have an AK here, with an issue that I'd like some advice on. People may have come across this before. The issue is, on fully auto, the AK misses multiple shots, as well as firing multiple BBs on some shots, or basically rolling BBs out of the barrel. I stripped the gun down and (as I had no clue on the brand) discovered it has (99.9% sure) a CYMA V2 gearbox in. I disassembled this, as there may just be an obvious issue. I have tried a different mag, from a friend, which works perfectly in his AK. This was my first port of call. I then disassembled the gearbox and checked as mentioned. Nothing obvious, so I then extended the sector gear delay, with an extra peg, in case the air nozzle wasn't holding back for long enough. This hasn't fixed the issue at all. I manufactured the peg myself so haven't wasted money so far, and rather than waste money, I'd much rather ask someone who's experienced in AEG repair. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
  14. As the title states, I'm looking to buy a full steel Dboys Ak. Preferably the Ak74u. But I am open to other models. My budget is between $0-$130. I'm in need of mainly the externals, So broken internals are okay. Cheers-Clayton
  15. I was thinking of buying the asg u-18000 28tpa motor for better trigger response, a slower rof (not really but if I have to deal with it, I will. lol) running stock gears. was wondering, what do you guys think of it? do you think it's better to buy this one or the U-30000 by asg? I'm also going to be running a GATE NANOHARD AB MOSFET due to overspin I'm getting with 11.1v and 9.6v. more powerful spring is out of the question as I am already getting 410 fps with settled m110 spring. as is short stroking. not paying anyone to do it for me, as I do not have money for it. don't have a dremel so don't be like "why not do it yourself??" need answers by next week if possible
  16. hey so my gun is having feeding issues again. EVEN WITH A SECTOR CHIP. at first it fed fine with the sector chip. now it's not. 11.1v doesn't work. 9.6 and below does. tappet plate is stock. tried putting another stock tappet plate in there. same thing. any ideas? should I get a new tappet that's reinforced? I was looking at shs EDIT: I'm also having overspin even with a new steel COL. only on 11.1. should I get a stronger spring for this?
  17. hey guys so im really really desperate right now. my midcap mags I bought about 8 months ago by matrix/cyma have stopped feeding. they just stopped feeding after I installed a cyma metal hopup chamber. but the thing is, that the bbs get stuck right before the feeding hole in the mag. so idk if it's the mag or the hopup. I'm just stuck guys. ive already blown about $250 on this build and I'm tired of spending money. I already owe my parents $200. now when I install the front assembly, the motor gets hot on an 11.1 to the point where I can feel it through the grip. it feeds fine with a high cap. I know I'm bunching up words right now but like I said, I'm desperate. I'm tired of taking this gun apart. it's making me stressed out. I was thinking if it was the mags and hopup, I could buy some nice midcaps and an element plastic hopup chamber as I heard the plastic hopups feed better and have better airseal EDIT: okay so I tried another two midcaps I had lying around and they both fed pretty well. I bought them about 4 or 5 months ago. the only issue was again, with both they stopped pushing bb's in the middle of the mag for some reason. :/
  18. I will soon be getting an AK105 manufactured by CYMA off of evike.com. I would like to quiet the gun and increase the rate of fire to around 20-25 rps. I also have an M4 which I would like to do this to in the future. This is most likely very simple to many veterans of airsoft, but this is the first time I am upgrading the internals of guns so I need a little guiding hand. The guns have an fps of around 360-380 which I would like to keep and my budget for this is going to be around 80 to 100 dollars. Thanks to all, SD
  19. Hey guys so I was looking around for a new motor for my g36 as the old one (4 years old about) just died on me as I put my build together :( after weeks of waiting :/ but anyways. I looked on airsoft atlanta for a good motor and came across a motor from the oem of shs. it's called rocket high torque motor. I was wondering if these are nice motors? for $30 by shs, it seems like a steal
  20. hey guys so I just build a very nice gb with some spare and new parts. I put everything together with a nano ssr mosfet, dual signal setup with included wires, with 16 awg wire. new trigger contacts shs piston, pistonhead that came with it, double O-ring cylinder head, double O-ring air nozzle, stock cyma cylinder, maple leaf 75 degree bucking, madbull 6.03 407mm tightbore, ics gears, shimmed perfect except for bevel gear which is tight on pinion gear, perfect compression and aoe. sounds great (except for b-p shimming as I stated before). oh and the motor is a cyma high torque modified. I see sparks directly under the plastic bell. is this normal????? I modified the motor as in the male connector broke off so I had to use another bell off of another CYMA motor. could this have caused the sparks?? or do I need a new motor???
  21. hey guys so I just build a very nice gb with some spare and new parts. I put everything together with a nano ssr mosfet, dual signal setup with included wires, with 16 awg wire. new trigger contacts shs piston, pistonhead that came with it, double O-ring cylinder head, double O-ring air nozzle, stock cyma cylinder, maple leaf 75 degree bucking, madbull 6.03 407mm tightbore, ics gears, shimmed perfect except for bevel gear which is tight on pinion gear, perfect compression and aoe. sounds great (except for b-p shimming as I stated before). oh and the motor is a cyma high torque modified. I see sparks directly under the plastic bell. is this normal????? I modified the motor as in the male connector broke off so I had to use another bell off of another CYMA motor. could this have caused the sparks?? or do I need a new motor???
  22. hey guys I have a Vz58 by ARES for sale. I'm selling it for $175 atm. may consider trades. I just really need the money right now. never been fired besides tesing twice. feeds perfectly. no mag wobble, best response ive seen in a while. great ROF. about 18-22 on 9.6v. http://s1318.photobucket.com/user/Beny_Toncz/media/IMG_1158_zpsjsfclewd.jpg.html
  23. ​Have you ever had the problem of a g36 gearbox breaking down, or you wanted to purchase a v3 gearbox shell to put into a g36? Well this guide will teach you how to do exactly that. WARNING: THIS GUIDE IS FOR INTERMEDIATE AND ABOVE TECHS. ​ ​What you will need: G36 safety latch cover , g36 trigger assembly or SPEED trigger assembly , g36 tappet plate, g36 selector plate. g36 wiring harness. (I haven't seen yet a g36 with a wire set up like an ak), a g36 motor cage and a short type motor the wire holder (optional) . ​g36 air nozzle (optionaly you can use the specific g36 cylinder head along with this for maximum performance) The selector switch assembly and the selector latch from a g36. ​First step. Get your g36 gearbox that broke down. Then get your v3 gearbox of your choosing. (this is for most but not all g36's as in a kwa may not work due to some proprietary parts (they have jg parts on evike so it's all good.)) ​Second, unscrew the safety latch cover from the g36 gb. put it on the v3 as shown in the first photo. there may be compatibility issues due to the corner being too tall for the v3 gearbox. ive fixed that by adding a longer screw in the middle.. I will be dremelling it down later Step 3: add the selector plate as shown in photo 3 above. I recommend taking off the COL (cut off lever) beforehand to make it much easier. Step 4: take your gearset. shim it (of course). Step 5: wire the gun to the wiring harness so that there is no confusion in the future. Step 6: Put gun together. There you have it. something I and many other v3 gb techs have been wondering for years how to do until I made a breakthrough today.
  24. Thanks for looking, let the AKstravaganza begin!!! WTS NO TRADES PAYPAL or CASH Shipped from 90004 *FPS are rounded to the nearest multiple of 5* JG AK-74 RIS - $150 shipped LIKE NEW! 385 FPS, Shoots great, Steel receiver, No mag. Javelin AK-47U EBB - $140 shipped LIKE NEW! 350 FPS, Built in MOSFET unit, Shoots good but could use a better bucking, Real wood furniture, Weathered metal body, Stock wont stay extended due to broken locking latch, No mag. Echo1 RedStar OMG (RPK) - $180 shipped Practically new! 395 FPS, Shoots great, Wobbly stock due to a cracked hinge (can be JB welded), Drum mag and bakelite mag included DBOYS RK-06 (latest version) - $115 shipped LIKE NEW! Steel receiver, Real wood furniture, 375 FPS, Shoots great, No mag. DBOYS RK-10 (latest version) - $105 shipped LIKE NEW! Steel receiver, Real wood furniture, 375 FPS, Shoots great, No sight post/flash hider, No mag. DBOYS RK-02 (SLR-105) - $75 shipped Good condition. 390 FPS, Has feed issue otherwise gearbox cycles great, Stock will not stay folded due to broken latch, New tappet plate installed. 2 mags included. King Arms Galil SAR - $75 shipped Works good! 260 FPS, Shoots ok, Feed issues, Hop up needs work, Loose gas tube, Mag included UTG Warhawk (SLR-105) - $50 shipped Works good! 330 FPS, Shoots good, Mag included
  25. Hey guys, So my friend has a G&G RK103 (A AK47 basically) with a Pneumatic BlowBack system. I did research and found this video. https://youtu.be/yyeGfob0ZUI thats how it looks and works. I think it would work but I wouldn't want him spending 300 and getting excited only to find out it won't.
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