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Found 2 results

  1. KWA Kriss Vector Infinity Build - infinite firepower for your GBB Vector for whom you can't find good mags anymore! This works for all KWA GBB mags btw. Supplies needed: -CQB Russian HPA adapter valve for KWA fill valves -Any Electric autowinding box mag (I used A&K M249 mag) -CA Glue and Zip Kicker (optional) -JB weld epoxy (the tubes, and faster cure time is better) can be found at walmart -Ideally 1*7.5*1000mm steel extension spring (I've only found .5*8*1000 and that worked for me https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32812313986.html?spm=a2g0n.search-cache.0.0.70bc08b9FMNRwW#autostay) You might want to double check the minimum diameter of the bottom of your mag's bb reservoir using a micrometer/calipers because all mags are different. Also spend time trying to find a spring with a thicker wire diameter than the 0.5mm that I used, because it's pretty slinky. It's tough tho. If you do, *please* link me it. 1. Install the HPA Valve and take out the spring and guide assembly out of your mag. 2. Insert the extension spring into the bottom of your mag until it stops. Make sure you take out the reservoir parts before permanently fixing this spring in. 3. Use CA glue+zip kicker, or JB weld along the contact line of the bb reservoir and spring to affix it into the reservoir 4. Take a >1in piece of rigid tube that's wide enough to slide over the spring. I find larger plastic pen barrels work, but you can use anything you want. Slide it up the spring up to the bottom of the mag, and apply generous amounts of JB weld to the magbase-tube connection. 5. Optional, but use some kind of flexible rubber tube to slide halfway over the tube you just glued to provide some play in case the bottom of the mag is pushed against something. You don't want your spring to get bent out of shape. I used the rubber grip off the pen I used for the previous section. Tape of any kind should be okay. 5. Take an electric box mag and JB weld the feed spring on it in a similar fashion. You may need to remove the release lever on the mag's feed lip that keeps BBs in, or remove the feed lip totally. On my A&K M249 mag, upon removing the mag's top part that clips into the gun, there was already a metal spring with a widened portion that I could stick my spring into and glue it. 6. Splice and solder adequately long (3 or wires onto the pressure switch for your mag, or if the mag doesn't have that, disassemble it and splice/solder the switch wire onto the segment of positive wire coming after the switch and battery. 7. Tape the switch onto your gun wherever you like. 8. Use 3+ ft of 3/4 in or wider plastic wire conduit (flex tubing) to wrap around your hpa/bb/switch lines. It's the stuff you see wrapped around the wires in your car's engine bay, you can get it at NAPA auto parts and sometimes Lowes or Home Depot. You can also use other stuff like mesh tubing as long as it protects your lines from snagging. And BLAMO, now you have INFINITE firepower from your Vector without paying $100s for new mags!
  2. Back when I was young things were a little less complicated. If you wanted to listen to your favorite song, you simply turned on the radio and waited for the D.J. to play it. If you were out with your friends at the movies and were going to be a little late, you walked to the closest pay-phone and paid a quarter to call home to let your parents know. And if you were feeling a little bored on the weekend, all you had to do was grab your B.B. gun and a few buddies and head into the woods. I remember the first time I saw my first Airsoft gun. A couple of local kids were out in the parking lot of the apartment complex next door having a good old time playing an old favorite, "Cops and Robbers." I don't think they still called it that, but the concept was the same. I remember thinking to myself, .."Man, one of those guys are gonna really get pi**ed when someone actually hits them with one of those B.B.'s!" It was one thing playing that game back in the day when your most powerful gun only put out 350fps, but I could tell just by looking at them that what these boys had in their hands were no Daisy's. Curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see what kind of guns these kids were playing with. There was no confusing them with paintball guns, and I knew they weren't real, but the last "modern" B.B. gun I had seen was surely too powerful to be playing around with so casually. I could tell you from experience that even from an old Daisy, B.B.'s hurt! But these guys were laughing and having a great time. When I first approached them I could tell that they thought I was going to yell at them for playing with real guns or something, but I soon convinced them that all was good and that I just wanted to see what they were playing with. The first one handed to me was a plastic spring fired single shot M4 probably made by Cyma. The next two were a couple of clear 9mm look alikes. They explained to me that they were Airsoft guns and that they fired these plastic little pellets that didn't really hurt at all if you got hit by one. .."Cool!" I said as I thought to myself. .."I don't care if I'm not a kid anymore. I've got to get myself one of those!" Needless to say, I've had a few of these neat little toys over the years since then. But pretty much gave it up when a few friends of mine were out playing ourselves and the cops showed up. That is until I discovered the little beauty I have now. It's one of those KWC 100th anniversary Colt 1911A1's. Now don't get me wrong, I finally do understand all the fun one can have shooting plastic B.B.'s, but for some reason the same thing kept nagging at me. .."How come they don't shoot metal B.B.'s out of these things?" "I mean it's not like the CO2 guns aren't powerful enough." Looking around I soon found out they do. ....Sort of. I soon that Airsoft guns shoot a plastic B.B. that is advertised as being 6mm. After a bit of searching on eBay, I also learned that they do sell these in metal. BUT they don't work! They're too big. And nowhere could I find anything about this. Everyone involved with Airsoft is more than happy with their plastic ammo. So happy in fact that they even discuss the merits of B.B. weight, smoothness of the rounds, and what ammo cycles better than others. This was amazing to me. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why someone hadn't figured out how to put a hard metal B.B. into one of these new powerful guns and really got down to business. I finally resigned myself to believing that most Airsoft users are kids who didn't really think like that, and the older ones who did probably ran into the same problem I had and just left it at that. Well I ain't one of those kids. After a bit of detective work, (and a shop with a micrometer in it) I soon discovered that Airsoft pellets don't really measure 6mm's. They're actually about 5.8 mm's to 5.9mm. It didn't take me long to figure out where to get something that just might work. Bicycle bearings! If I remembered correctly, they made bicycle bearings in that size. Sure enough! They did! So I bought some. How did they shoot? Well, with a good CO2 they shoot just fine. They cycle through my gun with no problem and deliver a heavy THWACK! If anyone here wants to discuss shooting metal B.B.'s through their Airsoft guns, I welcome your replies. Personally, I think it's the s**t!
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