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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking for 400$ for the gun (comes with the case and everything else) or best offer. Paypal only . Contact me for pictures, also I pay for the shipping. Get the ultimate sniper experience with the ASG Ashbury ASW338LM Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. Designed from original 3D drawings provided by Ashbury International Group Inc, this fully licensed high-end airsoft rifle looks and handles just like the real thing. This precision airsoft gun features a monolithic full length top rail for scopes as well as a carbon-fiber look heat shroud with bottom rail and side rails for mounting bi-pods and other tactical equipment. The ergonomic folding push-button adjustable shoulder stock is custom fitted with adjustments for length of stock, cheek-piece height, and vertical recoil pad placement. It comes with a versatile adjustable field Mono-pod, and a mounted muzzle brake with a large 28mm external thread for quick mounting of a designated silencer (not included). The rifle has a unique loading system which allows correct placement of the magazine for added realism. You'll receive your ASW338LM in a hard-shell transport case with cut-out foam with additional room for bi-pod and silencer (not included). An M90 spring is included in the case, if the rifle needs to be down-graded to comply with range rules. All in all the most advanced sniper rifle available on the Airsoft market today. Features: - Designed from Original Ashbury 3D Drawings - Monolithic Full Length Top Rail for Scopes - Bottom Rail and Side Rails for Mounting Bi-pods and Other Tactical Accessories - Carbon-Fiber Look Heat Shroud - Ergonomic Folding Push-Button Adjustable Shoulder Stock Custom Fitted with Adjustments for Length of Stock, Cheek-Piece Height, and Vertical Recoil Pad Placement - Versatile Adjustable Field Mono-Pod - Mounted Muzzle Brake with a Large 28mm External Thread for Quick Mounting of a Designated Silencer (not included) - Authentic Markings - VSR 10 Compatible Inner Structure and Barrel - Diecast Aluminum Receiver - CNC Machined Upper Rail and Components - Adjustable Hop-up - 1.4 Joule (M120) Version out of the box - Additional M90 Spring Included, should the rifle need to be downgraded - Adjustable Grip-to-Trigger Distance - 14mm Counter Clockwise Thread for Attachment of any Matching Flash-Suppressor or Silencer Specifications: Length: 810mm-1060mm Adjustable Weight: 5000g Magazine Capacity: 40rds Muzzle Velocity: 460~470 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BBs) Fire Modes: Safety / Single Shot Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Adjustable Stock, Manual Hopup: Yes, Adjustable Manufacturer: ASG OEM:VFC
  2. I am trying to find a Mock Silencer or a Tracer for my http://www.evike.com/products/36782 OR Matrix SVD II Dragunov Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle. I know the barrel 590mm, but no site I have searched at has any silencors or tracers at this measurement. The main thing I'm looking for is an FPS-Upper by Angel Custom, but they still don't have anything with 590mm barrel measurement. I don't really need any advice, but I need you find a desent Mock Silencer or a Tracer or a Product alike. Links to websites would be helpful at most. Advice isn't needed, but thanked. P.S. I have changed the spring style with an Angel Conversion kit, which makes the gun run on Co2 Gas. If that changes anything.
  3. I own the sniper rifle stated above. The site I ordered it from no longer carries the gun and no other website seems to carry it either. I've been looking for upgrades for this gun but I cant even find videos on the gun model. I've also seen that the WellFire MB4407B Tactical Tri-Rail Metal Bolt Action looks almost exactly the same as mine. I was wondering if they were the same gun and if so could I use kits for the MB4407B on my SD94. Any help would be appreciated. My gun: CPO TSD Tactical SD94 Metal Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Folding Stock Gun that resembles mine: WellFire MB4407B Tactical Tri-Rail Metal Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/ Folding Stock
  4. WILL SHIP AT A FLAT RATE OF $10 SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey there everyone. For sale is a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec. Totally stock. The gun will come with a sling, one magazine, the Tokyo Marui foam filled silencer THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, and a TASCO 3-9x SCOPE. Asking $100 These are getting harder to find in stock condition. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  5. Hello, So, I'm getting in the G&G Kar98 (GS980) soon, and plan on using it for a WWII game in upstate New York a few weeks from now. The temp is going to be 20-30 degrees. Its Co2 powered. Will it work? I've read some places that it will work, and others say that it won't.
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