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Found 7 results

  1. I have been REALLY looking into this and I can't seem to figure out where I can buy one, in airsoftGI's review video (March), they said it would release the next month... It's July now and the gun shows it is available for preorder: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Classic-Army-Xtreme-Nemesis-HEX-M4-Carbine-AEG-Airsoft-Gun-Black-30732/ I did find it on their website but can't figure out if I can buy it as a consumer: https://store.classicarmyusa.com/products/ca110-nemesis-series-he-10-aeg?variant=33804372867 Any info guys? Thanks!
  2. Alright, I've finally rationalized selling my Classic Army SA58 Carbine. They don't make these anymore. It was purchased in 2010. I bought the front RIS separately. I've done a few minor upgrades including replacing all wires with silicone racing wire, set up for Deans, and compression. It's hovering around 340 FPS with .2g bbs. It's be used and there is some cosmetic wear, but I've never abused it or dropped it. It's ready for a new home and/or Daytona project. Gun is licensed by DSArms so it has all trades. Everything is in working condition, select fire, mag release, charging handle, and bolt release. I am asking for $300 +$15 for shipping (anything more and I'll cover the difference) but I also would be happy to negotiate I ship everything UPS priority and insure it for the value. I'll ship OCONUS but you'll be all of the shipping. I am not interested in trades. If you're in VA/MD/DC, we can meet up. Cash is king, p2p. Things you will receive: 1x exotic CA SA58 Carbine with RIS 8x CA midcap mags, all work, used but not falling apart. I believe E1/lancer mags work with this 2x CA hi-caps, a 20 round and 30 round mag The respect and admiration of your peers for finding an exotic engram on this forum. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. PM me for more info, if you want more photos, or if you'd like to make an offer.
  3. Up for sale today is my pride and joy! My custom Noveske CQB M4 Built from a CA M15A4 A little history about this gun, it started out as a used Classic Army M15A4 that I bought from a friend and I decided to convert it into a CQB powerhouse. It soon became my baby and I spent a lot of time and money on it. It was worked on almost exclusively by a single tech at my local shop and he took very good care of it. I only fielded it once before I ended up moving for school (about 2 years ago) and it has sadly collecting dust at my parents house since. It has had a few thousand rounds through it and was pretty much fully upgraded except for a mosfet. I recently got the gun back from my parents house and took it to Airsoft Extreme here in San Diego just so they could open it up and make sure it is shooting correctly before I sell it, since it had been about 2 years since I had used the gun. They ended up completely rewiring it and I tested it out at the shop and it shot great. When I shot it at Airsoft Extreme it was getting consistent 370 FPS and the tech at told me it was getting 25+ RPS with 11.1v. Base: Classic Army M15A4 Internal Upgrades: -Madbull Black Python 6.03 Tightbore Barrel (Version 2, 247mm) ($30) -Madbull Ultimate Hopup ($40) -New Ball Bearing Bushings (not sure which brand) (~$15) -Echo 1 13.1 Super High Speed Gearset ($45) -Madbull X Factor Piston ($20) -Not sure about Piston Head, either stock Classic Army or something better but I just can’t remember -M110 Spring -Lonex Titan A1 Motor ($55) External Upgrades: -Madbull Noveske KX3 Flash Hider (non-adjustable version) ($35) -Madbull Noveske 8.5” Barrel ($55) -Madbull Noveske 7.25” Free Float Handguard ($75) -Madbull Noveske N4 Metal Body ($100) -Magpul PTS RVG (Vertical Foregrip) ($20) -Magpul MOE Grip ($20) -Unknown 6pt. Crane Stock (I remember paying atleast $50 bucks for it so its a good one) Extras that I am including with the gun are two MAG madcap magazines and original Classic Army Gearset and Piston Adding up just the upgrade parts alone they are valued at around $570 not to mention the price of the original gun. I am going to start off at $350 shipped OBO. I think that is a pretty fair price given that the gun is barely used and that many of the external parts seem to be discontinued now. Please feel free to ask me questions via PM’s! Also, please no trade offers.
  4. So I recently upgraded my Classic Army M15A4 spring to a SHS M130 and when I went to test it out, the gearbox would move a little and lock. The gears had already been upgraded, although I don't know what the ratio is (it was a while back and a Airsoft Atlanta fixed my gears after they had worn out), the stock motor is in (this one), and my battery is a Tenergy 9.6v 1600maH 10C. I figure that I either need to upgrade the battery or the motor, and would rather do which ever is cheaper. Does anyone know which I should upgrade? When I changed the spring everything came out and I had to re-shim the gears. I think I did it alright, but maybe doing it better would get it to work? It works with the stock spring shimmed the way it is now.
  5. As usual I'm unloading some of my hard to find parts in order to buy more toys. Also considering leaving the sport. Again!! Lol! All prices are firm and will include shipping and I am not interested in trades of anykind. If you wish to offer me a lower price shipping will not be included. That being said, I will consider "fair" offers for multiple items (multiple meaning more than 3). Low baller offers will be ignored. Sorry fellas, I am well aware that some of these prices might be a bit high for some. But you are more than welcome to start a search for them overseas and wait the 3 weeks to 2 months for them to arrive at your door. Or...you can buy them from me and have them within 7-days (CA to NY shipping time is about 7-days ON TO THE LISTING!!! Everything together including card with date and Username Classic Army LWRC PSD with 2 CA Hicaps. First Generation #000084!! I've owned 5 LWRC's from various generations and the first gens were the best formers. Fully functioning blowback, stock gearbox internals, stock motor, new APS Bolt Catch (much stronger) and APS Oversized Charging Handle. Gun chrono's at 360 fps. $250 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7291/16392423805_32c0462a07_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7403/16392424695_19b3ef3069_b.jpg Ace 1 Arms OSP BLK 8inch "Osprey" Power Up/Range Up Suppressor with interchangeable threading/piston kit so you can mount it right away. The interchangeable kit come with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW threading. Looks great on an AEG, but functions best with a GBBr or Pistol where you will see a 20-40fps increase. Search youtube for Ace1Arms OSP videos. This was never field! Just test fitted on the LWRC. $120 Shipped SOLD to Steeljaw36 https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8622/15769973244_3594a0df53_b.jpg Ace 1 Arms OSP FDE 7inch "Osprey" Power Up/Range Up Suppressor with interchangeable threading/piston kit so you can mount it right away. The interchangeable kit come with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW threading. Looks great on an AEG, but functions best with a GBBr or Pistol where you will see a 20-45fps increase. Search youtube for Ace1Arms OSP videos. This was never field! Just test fitted on the VFC M&P. $120 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7440/16206203979_df8c5b109c_b.jpg Stock Photo's with suppressors mounted. These are not mine, just illustrating the what the will look like mounted... VFC M&P VTAC Edition Pistol with Angry Gun Aluminum Threaded Outer Barrel and extra FDE mag. So 2 mags Like other VFC M&P's, this has the selectable "full-auto" function that is accessed by flipping a little switch located underneath the slide at the back. It also has the cool replica VTAC Trijicon sights. This pistol also fits perfectly in all M&P real steel holsters. I confirmed this by test fitting it on my G-Code. $200 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7323/15772403013_5e68edb9bd_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7445/15772403403_5b879e231d_b.jpg PTS AAC 51T Flash Hider "Counter Clockwise" $25 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7429/16206203989_8b0b7573d9_b.jpg Airsoft Extreme "High Torque" Motor $25 Shipped
  6. My kwa g36 had its gearbox break and ive been desperately trying to find a replacement for it. I know I can get it from kwa but for 90 bucks its too expensive for me. I wondering if anyone has had any luck either just fitting or modifying any other style gearbox for it or is the anywhere I can find a used gearbox shell for cheap. really anything will help at this point. thanks
  7. Like the title says, I am looking for a Classic Army G3 of some sort. Preferably I would like the SAR M41 Sportmatch that came with the retractable stock, but I am open to any of the CA G3/CA33 line as long as it isn't the short barrel version. I do not want any TM's unless all of the external bits have been replaced with CA or RS parts. I do not necessarily need a factory original model, just as long as its a CA and has the right furniture. Also, versions with trademarks are preferred although not required. Preferred: http://i1021.photobucket.com/albums/af336/Masada02/202555_1_zps6d72068c.jpg~original Also very good: http://i1021.photobucket.com/albums/af336/Masada02/aegcam41sg_zps9b4ebf52.jpg~original Also acceptable: http://i1021.photobucket.com/albums/af336/Masada02/ca010m1_zpsa0d743c7.jpg~original Or if someone has THIS gun, or something like this and wants to sell do not hesitate to contact me! http://www.airsoftbuilds.com/weapon.php?id=4 I know this ad is a long shot as there weren't very many of these made in the first place and most of them have since disappeared, but hopefully someone here has one they are willing to sell. I'd like to get something that still has externals in good shape, beat up guns are fine, but I really want something nice. Please PM me with any offers or leads. I know I have not been active on this forum before, although I am active on GasGuns.info under the same user name.
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