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Found 46 results

  1. I'm looking for a DMR Build under 400$ or The best DMR I can buy under 400$ So far I've been looking at these two https://www.evike.com/products/20730/ https://www.evike.com/products/63627/ts/20730/
  2. Hello to everyone, im new on this forum, I would like to make a DMR sniper out of lct g 3,can you help me with parts suggestions and other things because this will be my first rifle upgraded by myself, I am not sure which parts are okay/durable on stock rifle and which ones are must have to replace do get a decent/durable DMR, thanks to all good people in advance😁
  3. Greetings dear airsoft community, I am new to this forum, so very quick introductions, I am 25 and just starting airsoft. As condensed as possible: My interest is not oriented around making a realistic gun. It is to optimize ones mechanics and take advantage of it's design. I know of the existence of the holy grail guide, and a lot of the info there is taken into consideration. We all know the advantages of bullpups. The Styre A1 has approximately 510mm inner barrel which to my knowledge is awesomely long. The AU3G / AUG A3 is made of very good plastic. The AU4G has a full metal RIS. The UAR is also under consideration. What I want to build is a DMR which; - is pinpoint precise up to a minimum of 100 meters. - shoots at a consistent FPS (+-3). - shoots at as high FPS as mechanically possible. - is electric (which is to say not GBB or HP). I seek any and all advise. May I consider a 190 spring with great internals ? Different bullpup manufacturers have different inner barrel lengths for the same model which is puzzling. I have other questions too, but let's get a discussion flowing first :) Thank you for your time.
  4. Hi, What's the best DMR or Sniper can I get with 8000 PHP (159 USD) or somewhere near this price? I know prices are different between USA and the Philippines, but can you give me your opinion based on your country's pricing? Thanks.
  5. I'm looking to start a dmr build. Any ideas of a great barrel/hopup setup? All comments are appreciated.
  6. Hey guys trying to sell my ICS M4, will trade for a Magpul PTS Masada, asking $450 obo. eBay Item ID: 292098131013 Full metal body, I used an old ICS CAR-97 as the base gun and purchased an additional metal upper for the DMR kit. It has been upgraded as listed below. As with all ICS M4s it has a split gearbox design for easy repair work and upgrades. Not gonna lie... be warned; The buffer tube is not attached with a standard screw and plate set because there isn't room for one but it doesn’t wobble or come off during play. The angle custom stock is a tight fit preventing wobble but can be difficult to move. The wiring set was designed to be used with a mosfet system so there is no built in fuse. The magpul handguard was custom fit so keep the barrel nut tightened. ~$700 build: $300 base gun, $200 CQB upper, ~$200 in upgrades What's included: ICS M4 CQB Alternate DMR Upper Extra ICS M4 upper gearbox Tenergy smart charger Tenergy 1600mah 9.6v NiMh battery 2x Tan Magpul PTS hi-cap P-Mags, 2x metal hi-cap mags Features ~200' accurate range (depending on weight and quality of bbs) Properly Shimmed ICS Turbo 3000 Motor - $30 Stock ICS gears Angel Custom Stock - $35 Deans Connector - $5 Magpul Handguard - $30 Mock Suppressor - $25 Angel Custom Stock - $35 DMR Kit perfect air seal in the cylinder, Guarder Stainless Steel Ver.2 Cylinder Head - $25 Prometheus 469mm Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed by Umbrella Armory - $105 Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle - $10 Matrix Ver II CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide - $12 Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder - $16 Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking (Soft) - $15 M110 Spring - $10 Guarder Reinforced High Speed Ball Bearing Aluminum Piston Head - $16 (not installed) Secondary upper gearbox Solid cylinder (for 400-500mm inner barrels) stock internals M120 spring CQB Kit Ported cylinder, (for short 200-300mm barrels) ported POM piston sorbo pad M110 spring If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!
  7. So I recently got a TR4 MOD0 Second hand and being new to airsoft I don't know much about the internals of the guns them selves just that I want the FPS to shoot higher and I want better hop up to make a DMR My field allows 450FPS For DMR's what kind of upgrades should I do to make it a DMR and what will it cost me? Modify low resistance wiring - SHS high torque motor - Mad bull full metal teeth piston - Lonex enhanced helical ultra-torque gearset - 8mm stainless steel bushings - Modify enhanced cylinder head - Modify anti reversal latch - Modify air seal nozzle - Modify metal spring guide - Modify S140 spring - Dytac 6.01 509mm tight bore barrel - CYMA SNS skull suppressor 195mm Those are the current internals Thanks, PhOenix
  8. Hi Everyone I am searching for as many information, ideas , tips as possible for my upcoming project. I have an A&K SR-25 and I am waiting for the release of the Wolverine Reaper coming around april. at the moment I am choosing between * Prometheus R-hop barrel 509MM / MODIFY Precision Inner barrel. * Mad bull Red bucking ( any other ideas?) * SR-25 Nozzle * Hop-Up unit??? This is where my question comes. anyone has expierence with different hop-ups for the sr-25? do hop-ups like Prowin etc fit in the SR-25? Other then this I am still looking / reading around. So if any of you guys have some ideas or tips I would love to hear it Update: Read that the Lonex hop-up does the job well for the SR-25. any expierence with this?
  9. Hello guys! Thats another scopecam video.. check it out and leave your comment...
  10. DYTAC MK5 SMR 14.5" Black Jack M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black APEX R5 Battlemod 14 Airsoft AEG Rifle Gen. 2 - Black ARES Amoeba CG 13.5" M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG - Black Spartan 9" SRX 306 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black G&G CM16 R8-L Airsoft AEG Rifle Combo Package w/ Scope - Black (Package: Gun Only) G&G Combat Machine CM16 SRXL Airsoft M4 AEG Rifle with Keymod Rail - 12"Im not very keen on who makes the best guns but I was just wondering if anyone could give suggestions on wich of these to buy. I plan on turning it into a dmr. also if anyone has other suggestions ill gladly hear them.
  11. Hi ASF. I am building a DMR project and I noticed a weird thing. My shots are just flying in a strange way. I had Flat hopped my gun and the bbs starting to have a strange grouping on almost 20 meters. The Vertical grouping is fine, but the bbs would curve to the left for 5 shots. then It starts to curve left. after some 20 shots it starts to resume to a consistent grouping. I didn't change the Hopup Unit nor mod it cuz The CA Metal Rotary hopup of mine has been built so well (Which is a rare case In Hong Kong LOL) that there is little to no gap between the arm and the unit, and the arm isn't going anywhere. the FPS change is so small that the chrono didn't record the change half the time. Can you guys help?
  12. jkostelni

    .30g Tracer BBS

    I'm about to buy a tracer unit for my A&k SR25k that I have been shooting .30g BBs out of but I haven't been able to find any good tracers for that weight. Does anybody have any recommendations? Tracer Unit: http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/...tIAAOSwv-NWZjSJac
  13. I'm about to buy a tracer unit for my A&k SR25k that I have been shooting .30g BBs out of but I haven't been able to find any good tracers for that weight. Does anybody have any recommendations? Tracer Unit: http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Airsoft-Streak-hopup-tracer-unit-kit-/182200041477?hash=item2a6bf80005:g:ktIAAOSwv-NWZjSJ
  14. Hi, just joined this forum. Looking to hopefully learn a few things. I made an initial investment in a cheap M4 AEG, had a bit of fun with it but after some cheap plastic parts breaking off, I decided on making a more significant purchase. I found a VFC SCAR H SSR on sales for under $300. Now, it is not the idea platform for close quarters. I am hoping to make some mods to turn it into a DMR that can reach out and touch opponents at 200 feet. Right now I am researching DMR upgrade parts and putting together a list. Won't bore you with those details and will look for an appropriate thread. Also, trying to find a reputable Airsmith. Found a nearby store but got two conflicting responses. Once said sure they would work on upgrading my VFC, the other said no we don't sell that gun. Been trying to get them on the phone. Seems like more of a pain than I expect. Think I might try finding my own Airsmith. Do not know if there are any on the forum. Guess I will look at see. Lux
  15. VFC mk17 help. So I was wondering if its possible to just easily swap out vfc's gearbox with g&p one or any better gearbox. If this is not possible I guess I will consider the more complicated path and take apart vfc's gearbox and replace its bad parts with good ones. So if I have to upgrade the internal parts which ones should I replace. by the way I wanted to turn this mk17 into a dmr so I need the parts that need to be replaced so they can handle fps around 400-440. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  16. I'm looking for a scope for my DMR build, preferably a 1-4x, but I'm not sure what the best value is.
  17. Hi everyone I'm a new airsofter here and I've done some researching over about 1 1/2 year time span. I recently got to go out to D14 (I live in Texas) and thoroughly enjoyed it (I kinda knew I would I come from a military background) and now I'm looking into finally being able to acquire gear. At first I was going to get a bolt-action sniper due to preferring that role and the low maintenance it would require. After talking with some friends who've played more than I have I decided against it. I then stumbled upon the Designated Marksman role and instantly fell in love with it, due to being able to have that extra range and accuracy to reach out and touch someone while still being able to stay with a squad or fire team to take objectives. One of the things I need help with I what primary to get. I was looking into M14s (specifically this M14 [ http://www.evike.com/products/66573/ ] as they are classic bases for DMRs (and I noticed lots of M4 variants and was thinking it'd be nice to stand out), but I've been hearing lots of good things about the DPMS Panther Arms PAR25. I'm not opposed to any style or model but would like to keep the base gun under $200 (or close to). P.S. I also need some help with my the rest of my gear as well if anyone could be of assistance!
  18. Hi, I'm kinda new to Airsoft, I've only played Paintball. I own a Spyder MRX and as sidearm a KJW M9 (sounds crazy right? Having as sidearm an airsoft gun while playing paintball) But returning to the topic, I'm here because I'm choosing between a KJW M700 (Gas) and G&G M14 (AEG) I know that both replicas are different (bolt, and semi- full auto) but I will explain that later. I want to start as Sniper-DMR role. In my city, there's just one place to play airsoft, that place have four different fields, Woods, Urban, and two desert-themed. The woods field Is like 220ft long & 50-60ft wide, The urban field is like 180-220ft long and 60-160ft wide. The rest of the fields are pretty small. Note: this measurements aren't precise. Normally I'm shooting the other team members at 80-90 ft Max 150 ft Here is why I'm deciding between the KJW M700 and the G&G M14: I first ordered the kjw m700, but because I live in Mexico I needed to import it with the help of an importer. One day, I received the message that the rifle just arrived, I was so excited, but then the importer told me that he just noticed that he ordered the wrong rifle (G&G M14) and he just re-ordered the correct rifle (that was on feb 17) recently I sent a message to him asking for the KJW, and he told me that it hasn't arrived yet, and because of that, he offered me the G&G M14 (NEW) for the amount I paid for the KJW M700 (that's a good offer because the G&G is actually $80 more) There are few things you need to know: -I'm not planning to HPA the KJW, it's just way too expensive (plus importer fee) -For the KJW I only could buy a tightbore, a new striker spring, apple airsoft CO2 Mag and the essentials (Bipod, scope) -For the G&G I only could buy a m120 spring and the essentials (bipod mount, bipod, scope mount, scope) -I want my rifle to be able to shoot with precision with the upgrades I can afford and to be the best for the kind of fields in my city. -sometimes the fields are empty, so I would like that that rifle can take shots from the pyramid (red circle) to the other team zone in the woods (blue circle) see image It's probably that I'm moving to buffalo, tx in July-August. (Just for one or two years) There I will have the possibility of getting more upgrades, but I will focus more on getting a M200 (6mm pro shop) I will leave a photo of the fields. And the links to the replicas. -KJW http://www.evike.com/products/25036/ -G&G http://www.evike.com/products/28216/ Thanks
  19. Hey. I'm just building some custom guns for anyone who's interested. Link the the google form, additional information there. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtt8prfAY-CMS1yJbDhM5Gv6tVR-ob4aejWxDnkvC4rGXc6w/viewform
  20. After reading some of the stories written on the forum, I decided to have a go I know I am bad at writing but just bear with me. Also, give me some feedback so I can decide on whenever to upload the next chapter Prologue 17/8/20xx 1300 Operation Barbarossa “I function as a rifleman in normal operations. But when the need arises, whenever there is a threat my team cannot kill, An HVT that will possibly ruin the entire OP, or even just besieged, I will always be there to provide consistent and pinpoint accuracy and range. I am a Rifleman. I am a Designated Marksman”-Justin, the real one who wrote this story and who the main character was modeled after Justin loads four mid caps magazines. ”I wouldn’t need more than that” he thought,”If I need more than that, Either I am in deep sh*t, or I am not worthy of my role”. He shoved the three mid caps in his JPC kangaroo pouch and have his last mid-cap loaded in his trusty Classic Army KM10 DMR build. He walked to the tuning range, set up the target, and did some testing just to make sure the settings are alright. the shots seemed to be under hopped. He pulled the charging handle which has its spring removed for easy Hopup adjustments and started adjusting the Hopup. when he is done, he pushed the charging handle forward, bringing the dust cover over the hop up dial to protect it from accidental bumps. He looked down to his watch. “15 Minutes till the start of game.”he murmured, “gotta get the team briefing goin’”. he grabbed his gun, slung it on his back, then walked back to the prep area. “Task Force 0!” Justin called, “hustle!” As he called, four more people joined him. Penuel, the guy whose half a head taller than him with his Amoeba 007 asked “Whats the objective?” “Everything but mercy, I guess” the Explosive expert of their team, Ming said. “whoa calm down son,” the breacher, Matthew with his G3 SAS rumbled, “this is not a TDM game” Justin sighed, and said, “Unfortunately, it is a PC*.” Yuri the LMG gunner protested “PCs again!” “Ok guys, calm down.” Justin exclaimed, “Our objective is to flank the Opfor, take down the enemies at the white house and wait for 103 squads. Further instructions will be given then. Ming, get the smokes and concussions. I want three of them each. Matthew, get the shield. we will be breaching in the white house. Yuri, bring another drum, and a mid cap. Intel said that they have HMGs# set on top of the white house. Penuel, bring more mags with you. we will need those.” “Hoorah!” they roared, and went to get what Justin ordered them to. Yuri picked up his RPK DSG build, slung it on his back, and loaded the other drum and a mid cap, while Ming loaded the concussions with 12grams CO2 cartridge. *PC: Acronym of Point capture, a gamemode where teams capture all points (building, flagpole, ect) to win # HMG: Acronym of Heavy machine gun, in which cas was classified as guns thatt are capable of carrying more than 3500 bbs, achieving 35+RPS and are mounted on a tripod/veichle.
  21. Selling a G&G f2000 I got in a trade a while ago, and as I have gotten into CQB no longer want it. Features: Tan model Scoped version DMR-length tbb Machined aluminum rail Pardon the Image link, but here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOqHrCnqzKpHJyxHJ4el7mvPOiAbOilV1EIJ86wFfjHu1pel8zSOVyIBSIkGYc_nQ?key=UE05S3ZadHpJbHpjM1RwRDd5TTJWcHgzZnVHekJn
  22. First off it's a pleasure to be here in this outstanding community! So this will my first major build. Any tips or do and donts are very much welcomed. Evike ID's 51267 Infinity Core Hydra 7" Mock suppressor 44769 Angel Custom Ultimate Upgrade High Performance AEG cylinder set 29962 Prometheus Reinforced Double Torque aeg gear set 63125 Krytac trident spr-wolf grey 61986 Angel Custom 590mm 6.01 tightbore with rhop installed 39849 Matrix spring guide 41035 Matrix silica aeg hopup bucking 37037 G&P M180S Satan High Performance aeg motor 33191 Modify quantum piston with titanium coated metal teeth 30636 Guarder m150 Thanks for looking everyone!! =)
  23. Im looking for a good sight at a reasonable price. Something around $100 would be around my max. thanks for the help
  24. Hey all, I have a custom KWA M4 DMR to trade for a HPA or AEG M4, SR25, SCAR H, or other Polarstar/AEG gun. This is the pinnacle of my collection. BASE GUN: - KWA KM4-A1 (Old Version, Still has 2GX Gearbox) $325 UPGRADES: - Madbull M130 spring - $13.50 - Tru-Sight airsoft "Tru-Hop" (It's a long, concave flat hop) $15 - Madbull Steel Bull 509 mm inner barrel $45 - Full Type 0 Cylinder $15 - Shimmed to perfection - Valken 11.1 1200 maH Lipo (fits in buffer tube) $25 Externals:: - G&P TMR Rail system 12.5 inches- $84 - Krytac Battery Stock- $45 - 3x K120 Mid Caps (tan) $33 - 1x K120 Mid Cap (Black) $11 - Magpul PTS 20 Round Style Midcap (Tan, 70 rounds) $32.95 - Madbull GemTech Barrel Extension (Suppressor)- $60 - Lancer Tactical 3-9x40 Scope- $30 - $734.45 Trade Value Extras If Needed for Trade to be Accepted: - KAC Modular Style Rail System - Magpul Tan AFG - Madbul M203 Grenade Launcher with Shell A few Notes: - Works best with .32 and above, will overhop anything below a .3 with 0 hop - Tuned to hop .3 with 0 hop adjustment; .33 with minimal hop - Can hop practically any BB weight - Shoots around 410-414 fps with a .25 Offer Up, Worst I can do is say No! *Pictures available upon request
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