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  1. Rules -Shipping costs are included with prices. -All items are sold in "As Is Condition" -All items are as described when shipped. Whatever happens between my house and yours is between you and USPS or UPS/Fed Ex. -All sales are final. Ask your questions now or forever hold your peace.-I only ship CONUS. No HI, AK, or outside the US. -I ship by either USPS, UPS, or FedEx; depending on item. -Accepted Payment Options: I accept Paypal, USPS money orders, and cash. -I will consider trades (see list at end of post). However, you ship first. ----------------------- 1.) Custom built CQB M4 - $210 shipped. This AEG was custom built for me by RedSix Airsoft here in GA. Has a high rate of fire, and will empty a 100rd MAG midcap in a couple seconds (I never measured the actual ROF). Has a Classic Army body, wired to the back with a KWA Crane stock, replica Magpul RFG, and a single point sling plate mounted to the rear of the reciever. FPS: Chrono'd in the 350-370 range, iirc. Condition: Used, but good. Some cosmetic wear but nothing that affects performance. 2.) replica Daniel Defense Omega 7.0 rail - $70 shipped. Condition: New, some storage dust. 3.) Marui M733 front barrel assembly - $55 shipped. Entire front barrel assembly (minus flash hider) from an old Marui M733. This belonged to a guy who used to work for Airsoft Atlanta 5 or so years ago, who installed the large handguards to allow for more room for batteries. Condition: Used, but good. 4.) SKD P.I.G. 2 liter hydration bladder pouch - $55 shipped. Color: Coyote brown Condition: New, some storage dust. 5.) Tactical Tailor 3 liter hydration bladder pouch - $35 Color: Coyote brown Condition: New, some storage dust. Trades I will consider: E&L AKs Russian Smersh (AK) rig MAG AK midcaps replica Zenitco parts
  2. Clearing out more stuff that I do not use. Want to sell all of it, will only consider trades if they are highly in my favor. PM me for quickest response as I hardly check my threads except to bump. If you feel a price is unfair, send me an offer in a PM and we can talk. Otherwise I feel like these are fair prices. Items will be shipped via USPS in rather a medium or large flat rate box so shipping will not be expensive. Insurance is not included unless the buyer wants to pay extra. ICS g33 Stock, wired to deans, gun is in excellent condition. comes as pictured I.e. no mag or battery $150+shipping ICS CXP Parts list provided by previous owner. SHS 13:1 gears, SHS full rack piston, MOSFET, SHS high speed motor, aluminum piston head, madbull tbb, lonex cylinder, tapped ball bearing spring guide, m120 spring, aoe and shimmed, wired to deans. Comes with magwell grip, eotech replica, suppressor, and flashlight with pressure switch. Does not come with a mag or battery. $300+shipping KWA atp Comes with 5 magazines, parts lower and upper with a bag of misc. springs. Not sure if the bag of springs if all that is necessary to make the parts lower complete but it is close. I haven't had enough time to look and it and build it. But essentially you are getting two complete atps, one just needs the lower assembled. Will come with a serpa holster if I receive it by the time of sale. $125+shipping Thunder b package, comes with 3 complete cores and spare parts. I received everything in a deal, have only tested one of the cores. Visual inspection of the other cores tells me they will work just fine. Comes with 2 pins, 6 shells, and all the other stuff thunder b related in pic. $35+shipping for everything thunder b related in pic. Daniel Defense 9.0 lite rails Great condition, very little scratches. All mounting hardware and screws included even though they are not pictured. $70+shipping Daniel Defense mk18 rails Great condition, very little scratches. All mounting hardware and screws included even though they are not pictured. $80+shipping Noveske 14.5inch outer barrel in great condition, very little scratches. $35+shipping Colt traded metal body with externals. Comes with everything pictured except the gearbox. 2 foam filled suppressors, cbs stock, pts handguard, g&p hop up with stock barrel, body pins. Does not come with a buffer tube, motor grip, or gearbox. Received this in a trade so I cannot confirm the brand but research tells me it is a vfc or g&p body as well as other peoples opinions with their experiences with these particular bodies. The receiver is in very good condition. Perfect for a p* drop in. $150+shipping. Would actually prefer to trade these externals for a really nice complete dmr upper, or anything else really.
  3. Hello, fellow forum members and friends, thank you for supporting me. I thought I get back into the airsoft business a bit longer. I would like to bring these exclusive parts to anyone who is interested. Limited quantities available, I will upload it to the airsoft forums so the forum members can get the first pick. After a few days I will upload them online for everyone to grab. All prices are shipped. If you have any questions please PM me. If you are looking to trade please PM me. Not interested in springer, gears, and most AEGs. Do not flame this thread, if there is a problem please PM me. Daniel Defense Lite Rail 7 Inch - $70 Daniel Defense Lite Rail 9 Inch - $83 Daniel Defense MK18 Rail 7 Inch - $77 Daniel Defense Omega Rail 7 Inch - $70 Daniel Defense Omega Rail 12 Inch - $98 HK416 SMR Rail 10.5 Inch - $90 Knight Armament URX CQB Rail 9 Inch - $50 Knight Armament URX 3 Rail 8 Inch - $81 Knight Armament URX 4 Rail 8.5 Inch - $70 Knight Armament URX 4 Rail 14.5 Inch - $94 Midwest Industries Tactical Rail 12.5 Inch - $98
  4. Hey, so I recently mounted a Daniel Defense 9" rail on my M4 and I cant fit any accessories on it. I tried my Colt vertical grip and that didn't fit. G&P Ladder rail covers those didn't fit. It doesn't bother me too much but I'd like to add a flash light with a pressure switch grip. heres the rail http://www.evike.com/products/32656/
  5. Message me for best communication If this website is down or can't be reached, email me at albertysales [at] gmail [dot] com I accept PayPal for payment and ship using USPS CONUS buyers & CONUS shipping only -------- Madbull/Daniel Defense AR Rail 9.0 RIS + Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor + outer barrel lot SOLD , you get everything. No gun included, that picture at the bottom was just for demonstration. More pictures of wear or damages here: http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/albertbro/library/Airsoft/Items%20for%20Sale/Parts%20and%20Accessories/DDris2 This is a lot of Madbull Daniel Defense RIS including an outer barrel and Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor. In the bottom one, it's missing the rear mounting thing, but you can use the tan-colored one from the top set. This one has a had a little bit of top rail shaved off in the back when it was in the way of my M4's body. The left side rail has a velcro piece on it for pressure switches. There are cosmetic scratches but otherwise everything is fine. In the top, the tan Gemtech mock silencer is stuck really tight on the included 10.5" outer barrel. I could not find a way to unscrew it without damaging the parts more; they are heavily scratched, please see the rest of the pictures for details on the scratches. So, it's a complete front assembly until you find a way to separate them. But, with the way that DD freefloat rail system attaches, you can still install this on your AEG completely. Here is a sample of what it looks like installed: $65 shipped, you get everything. No gun included, that picture at the bottom was just for demonstration.
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