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  1. I have an Elite force m4 cqc that I have swapped the gearbox for an ares and now it shoots around 400 I plan on putting a high torque motor in it too. I also am thinking about an angel custom tight bore barrel but I don't know what would be the right length because I want to take the ugly factory mock suppressor and put on a angel custom hex mock suppressor that is 160 mm long. I am trying to figure out what the right inner barrel length would be to match the mock suppressor. can anybody help?
  2. OK, first of all, I know the Mini Uzi CO2 SMG is technically made by KWC, but mine was sold under the Umarex/Elite Force brand, hence the thread title. Anyways, last Sunday, when I played airsoft, I used my Uzi to lay down some covering fire during one match, but then I encountered a problem: when I let off the trigger, the gun ran away on me - in layman's terms, it kept firing. I tried test firing it when I got home, only for the gun to have an accidental discharge when I cocked it after loading a fresh mag in. Now, there are a couple of other problems: 1. With no mag in the gun, I can't :censored2: it and dry fire it. 2. I can't put the safety on unless it's cocked and ready to fire. I wonder, have I not been cleaning this gun right or what?
  3. Hi guys! I'm a beginner at GBBs and I'm wondering which one I should get. I've gotten it down to these two guns. The KJW has a much higher mag capacity and seems a little bit higher quaity, but the elite force has a threaded barrel and is more reliable with co2 because the kjw is both co2 and green gas and is probably less reliable with co2.Please tell me wih one you prefer. Thanks! http://www.evike.com/products/40446/ http://www.evike.com/products/61159/
  4. One of my friends has a Umarex/VFC M27, and he's really happy with the gun, but he feels it's a bit on the heavy side and is looking for a good alternative. Price is no object for him, but he's looking for something with a firepower rating of less than 350 FPS for indoor fields.
  5. I just got a new Elite Force 1911 A1 and I've been having some troubles. It has been working perfectly until this afternoon. I took it apart (I've done it before) and didn't even touch anything and now the slide won't go back all the way. It has nothing to do with the recoil spring, but it seems that something (possibly the nozzle or something) has blocked the slide from going back all the way. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hello! I am in the process of upgrading my Elite Force/Umarex Tavor-21 Elite. Overall, I love the rifle. I like the feel, the weight, and how reliable it is. I am posting because I have some questions regarding upgrading and the gears that I can't find answers for. When I first disassembled my gearbox, all of the gears looks like the teeth had been scrapped and shaved. They worked fine, but they definitely saw some wear after only two games. I thought re-shimming would do the trick, so I began to shim, and it helped a lot with the sound! I recently ordered some other upgrade parts to help with the air compression in the cylinder, as the stock part was an all-in-one cylinder+cylinder head, a terrible air nozzle without a o-ring, and a piston that whiffed through through the cylinder without any resistance. I cracked it open again after fielding it for the 3rd time, and the gears still seemed to take some wear and tear. (I'm currently running an M120 irregular spring, different from the M110 regular) I want to make sure my Tavor handles 450-500 fps, as I'm building my own field with a collection of friends, and (we like the battle scars) we prefer to play at higher fps's. My question is, what type of high-torque gears that are regular spurs and not helical, would you recommend? I'm looking into the High Torque/High Speed Lonex short-type motor, but all the gears I'm looking for that have 4-star+ ratings are helical, and I don't want to go cheap on the gears. I'm not interested in the HElical gears, as that means I've have to get a new piston and spend more time shimming, and I've already shimmed the stock gears to the best of my ability. I just installed some new parts, and would hate to have to order different parts just to fit new gears. Below are the upgrades I've already made. Note: These parts have totally satisfied me, and have improved the air compression and accuracy of my rifle. I'm running a 7.4 lipo, but the ROF is WAY down, and when checking the parts after test firing, the wires were considerably warm. Angel Custom "Aegis" High Performance Polycarbonate AEG Piston with Steel Teeth (Model: AC-PT-AEG02) Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hopup Bucking Spacer for Airsoft AEGs (Model: BU-Baton-R) Lonex 6.03mm Steel Tight Bore Precision Barrel for AEG (Length: 509mm) (Model: BRL-LX-GB-03-10) Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle For M4 M16 PKM Airsoft AEG Series (Model: Noz-Alum-M4) AIM / Guarder Polycarbonate Ventilation Piston Head For Airsoft AEG Guns (Model: PH-GE-04-03) ASG Lonex AEG Gearbox CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head - Ver. 2 (M4 / M16 / SCAR / MP5) (Model: CH-ASG-16603) Angel Custom CNC Advanced Stainless Ribbed Airsoft AEG Cylinder - Full Length (Model: AC-CYD-R05) The other thing is, with the new Air Nozzle, it's got a REALLY tight fit, even with a bit of lubricant. So much that I'm worried it's going to put added stress on the tappet plate/gears. Is this common? I'm positive I have the right size and style, but it appears that the O-ring on the inside of the air nozzle is the culprit of the friction. Can anyone give me advice or point me in the right direction? I've tried searching this forum and others, but I can't find the proper answers I'm looking for. Thank you for viewing, and I'd really appreciate a comment, even if it's a 'Hey jerk, you should have checked here: <link>". I'm looking to make my rifle perfect, so any help is wonderful. Thanks, - Jake "Napoliane"
  7. Hi, I bought an aftermarket rail to put onto my Elite Force 4crs, but I can't seem to remove the stock rail. I took off the flash hider and gas block, and unscrewed the two grub screws on the bottom of the rail, but it just won't come off. Does anyone know how to remove it? -- Just to add on, my outer barrel is lose on the gun aswell so I need to take the rail off to tighten that along with installing the new rail.
  8. New product now available - Elite Force 1911 Tac - 2015 Limited Edition Co2 Pistol Each comes with a custom carry case and unique serial number. Great for players and collectors alike. Only 1,000 units produced worldwide 370 FPS with 0.20g BBs Powerful blowback For more info visit: http://www.airsoftstation.com/elite-force-1911-tac-blowback-co2-airsoft-pistol-2015-limited-edition/
  9. Hello! I own a generation 3 Elite Force 4CRS. I have had the gun for about 4 months, and it preforms very well. I have upgraded the hopup bucking to a maple leaf 75 degree bucking, and it shoots like a dream. Recently though, the gun has been functioning oddly. The gun still shoots fine, but the gear box is now very loud and does not sound very good at all. It is not the motor height, I have it adjusted correctly. Anyone know if this is something to be concerned about or if the gun is fine?
  10. I bought the EF 1911 Tac around a year ago. The gun works great, but I soon realized the rail on the front was too fat to fit standard quick release attachments. The only way something would go on if I unscrewed the side of the light so it will be able to fit around the fat rail. I've searched for this around the internet. I've found 1 person on another forum who had the same problem but never got back to me. Anyone else with this problem?
  11. So I just got my second AEG, or first high end. Whenever I tip it from side to side (front & back) I hear a small metallic object. It sounds like its sliding on a very short rod. I took out the barrel and pulled back the bolt and I still hear it. This IS an Electric Blow Back so maybe this is supposed to happen. I cant shoot it till next week (when I get my battery). Should I send it back or is this fine?
  12. Title says it all. No trades please. Prices are firm unless stated otherwise. Prices include shipping. Elite Force K-PDW: $200 shipped firm Comes as depicted in images with vfc peq box, metal flash hider, 8" barrel, operators manual new in package, etc. Wired to deans, stock otherwise. No issues, all parts still present and everything from the bolt catch, ambidextrous features and such function as they should. FPS: Unknown, I'd say mid 300's with .2g RPS: With 11.1 20C lipo 20+ rps. Externally it is in good condition just the usual external wear. M900 Taclight: $55 OBO Fresh batteries. Nice and bright I just have no need for it. Comes as shown, the light, batteries included. Uses 3x CR123's. G&G Body: $15 Needs a few items obviously. Outer barrel is broken off. Outer barrel: $10 14.5 inch negative threads standard M4A1 barrel. 9.6v 1600mah battery & smart charger: SOLD $20 shipped for both. Charger in like new condition. Battery holds charge and is in great condition.
  13. I am going to purchase the Umarex IWI Tavor TAR-21 (Elite Series) and am planning to change a bit externally. The Elite Series version has a 20 in outer barrel that sticks out quite a bit, but allows for a 508 mm inner barrel. I want to keep that inner barrel, but use a shorter outer barrel with a barrel extension. The simple solution would be a 16 in barrel, which would end just outside of the receiver, paired with a short barrel extension (4 or 5 inches). However, looking at the AEG, I have noticed a large opening in the receiver where the outer barrel exits. Can anyone with access to a Umarex (or Elite Force or S&T) Tavor tell me how wide (horizontal diameter--it is an ellipse where the horizontal distance will be the smallest and most limiting) and deep the opening is? I am considering getting a shorter outer barrel (approx. 14 in) and a longer barrel extension (approx. 7 in), such that the barrel extension is recessed in the opening and has the appearance of being an integrally suppressed rifle. Thank you! Edit: Does the Tavor take special outer barrels? A reply from an airsoft shop said that there is no way for me to use any barrel but the two from the different versions of the Tavor.
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