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  1. http://imgur.com/WNCk5wh WTT G&P DBAL-A^3. Used by previous owner but not myself. Minor wear but fully functioning. Looking to trade for a coyote or multicam rig or a helmet setup. Will throw in money as well depending on what you are offering!
  2. I'm looking for a G&P Skull Frog receiver (GP707B style) for an AEG that is new or very good condition with little to no scratches. I am willing to pay max $45 for the lower receiver, and $60 max for a full receiver (I really only care for the lower receiver, and price does not include shipping). It must have the full engravings as shown in the images. It must be by G&P. 1) I will pay for shipping. 2) I would prefer new. 3) After confirming I can buy it, I would prefer it listed on eBay. 3) It must have full engravings, unlike the Evike G&P limited edition version. 4) it must be an AEG body, not a G&P WOC body. 5) It must be by G&P, not King Arms (or Red Fire). The King Arms/Red Fire version has the select fire wording molded into the receiver itself, not engraved. If it is laser engraved with white print, it is most likely G&P. 6) It does not have to come with all the other parts as shown in image 1, just the receiver itself. 7) I am really only interested in the lower receiver, but if you are to sell me the upper as well, it must have the NSWC and Skull frog engraving, otherwise I will not accept buying an upper. In fact, I would really only like to buy the lower. 7) If you are interested, PM me. Even if you don't have the exact specifications, I'll still be willing to maybe consider the option, but the receiver I ask for specifically takes top priority. It still has to be for an AEG though, that doesn't change.
  3. My friend wants to purchases a m4 at first I recommended Krytac since I own one but he didn't like the key-mod rails. So I recommended him g&p ive heard they make good internals and he likes their m4s looks. So im basically asking anyone who has owned a g&p brand gun, if its a solid gun externally and internally.
  4. Coming out of my airsoft collector's chest is a rare G&P Magpul Limited Edition lower receiver mated with G&P VLTOR MUR-1 upper receiver, all full metal (aluminum). The G&P lower has the Magpul logo paint filled. The body/receiver is in excellent condition - no marks, scars or scratches. The buffer tube end was sanded down to fit most AEG buffer tube, and the barrel thread was re-threaded to accept all standard AEG barrel nut. This was used in my previous Polarstar set up and works perfectly with any other HPA engine, or your typical AEG gear box. Price is firm at $175 shipped.
  5. OK, I've seen a thread about this problem already, but I decided that due to the nature of the problem that it was worth doing another thread. Now, onto the meat of this thread: Recently, I've been having trouble getting my G&P M16A1 and CYMA AIMS (CM.050) to feed. Both of them will fire correctly for a few shots and then nothing. When I fired the guns upside down, they feed properly, however. For the M16, I'm using G&P 360-round hi-caps, and for the AIMS, Matrix 600-round hi-caps. I don't want to say that the mags are the problem, but on the other hand, the M16 fired correctly with the stock mid-cap mag. Any thoughts on the matter?
  6. Hello guys, getting out of the sport once again, so here's the loot for sale. All of these guns are in excellent/new condition unless otherwise noted. The only time they were fired was to test them. They were more of collectors pieces to me than field guns. Rules: Prices include shipping within the United States mainland, however I am willing to meet up local to South Florida for a cheaper price. I am NOT looking for trades, NOT willing to hold, NOT willing to part out any of the packages. Paypal only. -Tokyo Marui AA-12, Semi/Full-Auto AEG tri-barrel (Asking $530 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --4 magazines --Speedloader --Bottle of 5000 0.25 weight BB's --G&P 1600 mAh battery with charger --All original packaging and documentation -WE 1911 MEU NG3 Custom, Semi-Auto GBB (Asking $200 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --WE's NG3 upgrade system which includes a slew of upgraded internal parts for reliability, power, accuracy and longevity. --Madbull Outer and inner barrel extension kit (Inner barrel runs through suppressor) --King Arms A.A.C. Suppressor (includes CW and CCW threading adapters for it) --Original WE barrel and inner barrel with threading adapter included --3 magazines (Extra baseplate included) --Herret's Custom real steel grips (Installed) --Original WE MEU grips --All original packaging and documentation -Tokyo Marui Glock 18C with real trades Semi/Full Autio GBB (Asking $220 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for test --2 magazines, normal and one long --Bottle of 2700 0.25 weight BB's --All original packaging and documentation -KWA Mac11 M11A1 NS2 Semi/Full Auto GBB (Asking $ 180 shipped) Used but in excellent condition -2 magazines -Uninstalled G&P steel kit (includes a steel upper receiver, steel stock with Cobray trademark, receiver pin, rubber grip and threaded steel flash hider) -Also including yet another G&P rubber grip and steel flash hider. -KSC Front strap -Marushin 8mm BB's 0.34 weight, 1000 BB's total (Asking $13 shipped) Never opened Thanks for looking, feel free to ask for more information or additional pictures. If you require more feedback from elsewhere or any other verification, don't hesitate to ask! -E
  7. Hey Everyone! Im new to this forum and would like to get some help in choosing my new rifle. I want to get a G&P thats quite clear to me but I am currently deciding between the M7A1 and the Troy M4 Sentry. Both guns cost the same amount in Switzerland Both guns have the same FPS What I need from my gun is that it will last me a long time, I want to be able to upgrade it and install various parts which will improve its performance. Which one would you suggest for me? Which one will I find more spare parts for? (And where?) Kind Regards - Robert
  8. Hi guys, so ive really gotten into airsoft lately, but don't have my own gun. We play mostly in big fields, large wooded areas, gravel pits, no regulations of any sort, but I cant decide which gun to choose, my budget is around 400 Im really looking into the Krytac Trident SPR for $345, but was wondering if I could do anything cheaper and still have the performance, I NEED THE BEST ACCURACY AS POSSIBLE but also need great range, FPS is also a big key, any suggestion will help. THANKS!
  9. - Never been fielded. (Almost Brand New) - NO TRADES PLEASE - Battery and Charger NOT included - Chronoed at 400-420 FPS - Includes 2 Magazine - Wired to the Buffer Tube to DEANS connectors - Orange County and Orange, CA buyers only please - $220 Obo (Retail: $280)
  10. Hello up for sale is a KWA M11A1 airsoft NS2 SMG. This airsoft fires good and true as if new. This package includes the following: -KWA M11A1 NS2 w/ manual -2 Magazines -UTG Drop Leg holster -CNC Polar Star mock suppressor -Installed G&P upper kit -Spare KWA parts The installed G&P kit includes a steel stock with authentic Cobray trademark, steel threaded flash hider, steel upper receiver and rubber grip. The spare KWA parts are pretty much the same but original KWA versions...a metal threaded flash hider, plastic w/ metal lining upper receiver, hard plastic grip and metal stock. The entire package is in very good condition with only minor flaws. Those flaws include a crack around the rear sight, which is common due to the blowback. (pictured) It won't get any bigger and I already cemented it just in case anyhow. There is also a tiny crack by the front pin which I did on accident trying to install that said pin. These flaws do not hurt the functionality nor longevity of this gun at all, it will last for years, this is my third one. I always find myself quitting airsoft then getting back in! If this bothers you, the original KSC frames are available almost anywhere for replacement, just ask me and I'll show you where and how to install it. Anyhow, the kit I installed fixes all of of problems that came default out of the box. Normally the flash hider would wobble with a barrel extension on, now it doesn't due to the tension pin. The stock is much more reliable and sturdy for those full-auto moments. The grip is now actually rubber which feels great in comparison with the default plastic one. And it goes without saying how realistic it feels altogether and you don't even have to do the intense work it takes to install that steel upper receiver. Also, the Polar Star mock suppressor is the best one out there, which is also discontinued, so getting it here with the airsoft is truly a rare moment. This package is lubed and ready to go right out of the box, guaranteed. Anyhow, thanks for reading my novel of a description, but if I don't give proper detail, that would be deceit! Feel free to ask anything you like. Thanks! -E I am asking $250 OBO shipped. As for trades/partial trades I am looking for only GBB/GBBR related guns. To ASF members: This is my first time on here in a very long time, just getting back into airsoft, so please forgive me if I forgot some of the forum rules.
  11. Hey everyone, just a few rules before we start. - Sales are final - No trades - PayPal only (no gifting) - I try to be accurate but I cant detail everything. If you have specific questions just PM me Starting with a polymer Lancer Tactical AK, already have 3 HPA guns so it seemed a bit silly to keep a 4th. Comes with... - Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor (original flash hider included) - Madbull 6.03 barrel (Installed) - Gen. 2 Ver. 3 FE - Gold Nozzle (Installed) - Spare Poppet - Extra FCU - Valken 7.4v 250mah LiPo (fitted for deans) - Replica EoTech - Ninja Tank 4500psi (Outside sheath cracked, nothing wrong with it otherwise. I believe Ninja does free repairs?) - Redline Firebase regulator - 4 Lonex hi-caps - 3 regular hi-caps - 1 mid-cap It works and is ready to be fielded. Externally it is somewhat beat up (what good AK isn't?) and I managed to lose a pin or two which I replaced with nuts and bolts. As it is a polymer body there is some slight wobble (still pretty solid though). 4 of the mags lost their baseplates (covered with e-tape) and one of the mags lost the 'door' to close up the mag. Thinking $650 shipped. http://I.imgur.com/pf3Ont5.jpg http://I.imgur.com/qHmgWuG.jpg http://I.imgur.com/18dc9Oy.jpg Second up is a Gen. 1 Ver. 2 FE. This one is part of the first batch of P*s and it's still going strong. For anyone who wants to drop it into a M4 it's perfect. Anyhow, it comes with... - 9V converter - Some 9V batteries - Blue nozzle (installed) - Green nozzle (extra) - Ninja regulat $350 shipped http://I.imgur.com/mqoCbgf.jpg Lastly, my M203 setup is on the chopping block. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would so better off handing it off to someone who would use it rather than be an expensive weight. It's a G&P Skullfrog short type M203 and it comes with... - Tactical Tailor pouch in CB - 4 working 203 rounds, mix of CA/Madbull/POM (The ones on the pouch were last I used them) - 2 1/2 non working/salvageable? POM 203 rounds - Cheap bbs for 203 use $115 shipped http://I.imgur.com/Sf9LogZ.jp
  12. I wanted to replace my pistol grip on the G&P Defender Full Metal. When I go to replace it, I take out the motor and everything, but then when I get to the last step, instead of there being 2 screws deep into the grip, there are 4. I purchased the Magpul MIAD but that definitely doesn't fit where the original grip is. Is there any category or fix I can do instead?
  13. F2F location is SoCal - specifics will be sent via PM PM mailing address for shipping quote Offers will be considered Magpul PTS MBUS 2 Black purchased in 2012 New never opened (proof of purchase available) 34.17 + ship /// 20 f2f WE Scar Closed Bolt 2 mags, 1 leaks 1 doesn't ACM AAC Suppressor "C Grade" -suppressor doesnt screw all the way on the flash hider (See picture) fully functional - semi and auto, bolt locks after last round, etc (video available) 130 shipped /// 90 f2f KSC G18C Guarder Hammer Spring New Hammer Guarder Steel magazine release 1 Non Leaky Mag with trademarks Trademarked Baseplate auto only - probably needs a new trigger bar (video available) 108.21 shipped /// 85 f2f ACU Elbow pads 11.39 + ship /// free f2f G&P metal one piece Hop Up Unit (Red Wheel Version) 11.39 + ship /// 5 f2f Additional Pictures available upon request.
  14. WTS Dboy AK74U package *gun and battery have deans connectors* Comes with: 1 hicap mag 3 midcap mags 1 Cheek Riser 1 Real ak sling 1 Sound amp 1 9.6v NiCad battery $150 SHIPPED O.B.O G&P M4 DISCONTINUED Skull Frog MBK & M170 Devil Jet motor *has deans connector* Comes with: 1 *repaired*? A&K hicap mag 1 Magpul UBR stock 1 spare upper XTM railcovers $300 SHIPPED O.B.O
  15. We all know that G&P has stopped production of the EBR but why? It's a great seller and meany other great qualities. Anyone have the scoop on why they stopped making this item?
  16. Up for sale is a G&P Evike RPK being sold as an external kit since it does not function properly Details: Evike Custom G&P RPK MAG Steel Drum RPK Hi Cap refinished wood kit (5 layers of gloss clear coat!) Need-to-Know: missing rear sight spring (rear sight is from a real steel counterpart) one of the wires in the drum mag needs to be resoldered gearbox cycles fine, has mixed and matched parts has range issues (floater bbs) Pricing: 230 shipped 150 Picked Up locally (SoCal) will consider Offers feel free to PM me with any additional questions /picture requests.
  17. Purchased this for just over $500 received it in the mail threw a magpul grip on it and hung it on the wall. Never even plugged a battery into it 0 rds on it. Gearbox still has sticker never been broken/gearbox not opened up. Comes with everything that it originally came with including moe grip and original grip. Trade marks and safe/fire have been whited out. And the sticker removed on the side there is some sticker residue there. The moe grip motor height has not even been adjusted because it I have never plugged a battery into it. so it will need adjusted with a flat head or just take it off and throw the stock one back on. $465 Shipped and paypaled Firm. Payed Over $500 and they are out of stock everywhere. Will take $20 off the price if you don't want the moe grip and I will put the original back on and not include in the package for $20 less. No trades unless you have a socom gear barrett then I will add a little cash. Or something else of nice quailty with a decent amount of cash on your end. I have feedback on here as well as on airsoftsociety.com as Airsoftkid01 http://www.evike.com/products/45438/
  18. Looking for a G&P upper, a rail, DD outer barrel (haven't decided on length), & a complete set of VFC M4 externals Looking to get this as cheap as possible, as I'm helping a friend get back into airsoft.
  19. Hello, I am looking for an Echo 1 M14 RIS (M14 EBR) or G&P MK14 Mod 0 or An EBR Kit (Not Cyma, Kart) - Good Price - New or Used Condtion. (Not broken or missing a lot of parts) - Just the base AEG. (No extras) Thanks
  20. Hey guys, got some gear to sell today. I've caught the "real" gear itch, so I am selling this to fund real stuff. I am open to offers, but no lowballs. So with that being said, the only trades I will accept are the following: FSBEII Eagle Industires .45 FB pouchs FSBEII CSM Gear Roll Up Dump Pouch (I require pictures, including a picture of the tag) Prices include shipping with will economical. Usually First Class or Priortiy 2 day. If you need it faster, you will pay more. Furthermore, unless you pay for faster shipping, I will likely only ship on Saturday's. So please be patient. As you can see this stuff is used. There isn't much if any wear, as I am not "rough" on my gear, however there is obvious dirt and water soluble paint from my paintball field (filthy heathens) on them. I have since washed them and they appear much cleaner now. There are still a few spots though. All gear is Coyote Brown 1. Pantac Duty Belt with Security Buckle, Large Sold 2. Pantac High Speed Low Drag X Suspenders Sold 3. 2x Pantac Double Double M16 Pouch $13 (1 left) 4. 2x Pantac Single Double M16 Pouch $8 each 5. Pantac Dump Pouch Sold 6. 2x Pantac Double .45 FB Pouch $13 each 7. Pantac MBITR Radio Pouch Sold 8. Pantac Smoke Grenade Pouch $10 I will sell all remaining gear as a package deal for $55 shipped. (magazines are not included with pouches) 1. Intellect 9.6v 3600mah battery $25.00 2. G&P 552 EoTech SOLD 3. Homemade Kydex Sig P226 Holster $13.00 1. Blackhawk Lvl 2 SERPA and dropleg for 1911. It has a few scratches from use, but overall in very good condition. $75.00
  21. :Located in 85719 :Only trades will be for REAL KAC micro sights or 30rd AR mags (will handle these trades on arf or another site) :F2F in Tucson or shipping is cool :ALL SALES ARE FINAL, it is the responsibility of the buyer to ask questions, test out the guns (if F2F) prior to purchasing :I have some of feedback on here and can provide more from other sites if you like :All gas mags are leak free :First with cash in hand gets the goods :PARTING OUT IS OK :PART OUT PRICES ARE LISTED NEXT TO ITEM :Cross posted on Socal Airsoft KWA MP7 (SOLD) KWA MP9 (SOLD) G&P FrankenGun (Internals SOLD) *Part out prices listed next to item External Lot: -G&P EGA/KAC body - $45 -G&P RAS II, fluted barrel (CW), railed gas block, and KAC style flashhider (CW) - $70 -G&P VLTOR stock - $30 -G&P outer barrel (CW w/CCW adapter) - $5 -Private Parts AAC QD suppressor and flashhider - $50 -Doctor sight w/ clone American Defense QD mount (needs batteries) - $50 -KAC style front sight/ GG&G MAD style sights - $30 -Pistol grip will not come with it Looking for $200 shipped for all externals Internal Lot CQB barrel/hop up unit G&P Stock gearbox, partially assembled, all parts accounted for, wired to deans. Shoots mid to low 300's w/.2's G&P M120 motor w/some wear on pinion gear Looking for $45 shipped for the internals, good for a rental gun or to tinker with (SOLD) Experimental G&P/PTS Magpul M4 This body was part of a kit from PTS way back in the day. This was the first Magpul body I can remember on the market (may be wrong). Had James at AEX SD tune it up and rewire it to the rear about a year ago and it has been running like a top since then. Here is the link to the kit: http://www.evike.com/products/28770/ This kit was purchased and mated with full G&P internals and a KA MRF rail. It is setup for outdoor play and can be converted to a DMR fairly easily. It is currently wired to deans and will come with a battery. The hop up also has a SCS/Polarstar concave nub installed as well. *Part out prices listed after item -Gun - $200 -Elite 2200 mah deans battery (will only part out if gun buyer does not want) - $20 -Illuminated 1x4 scope w/ clone Larue QD SPR mount (glass is clear w/no scratches) - $90 -Knockoff Aimpoint w/2x screw on magnifier - $40 -8-10 midcaps, most are fairly old, should still feed. Come with mag pouches - $40 -Barrel extension - $5 -JBU foamed suppressor (missing rear cap, still works/mounts fine) - $25 -Madbull 363mm tightbore (installed) -Madbull 455mm tightbore for suppressor/dmr setup - (SOLD) -Troy knockoff sights (decent amount of "cool wear") - $40 Looking for $240 shipped for everything We 1911's/SERPA (Will be split into 4 packages, unless you want everything) (ALL 1911 STUFF SOLD) KWA G18 *Non functioning (SOLD) URX Wrench and parts rails (SOLD) Troy/Noveske SBR Setup (SOLD) Thunder B Set (SOLD) Assorted Tac Gear (ALL SOLD)
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