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Found 14 results

  1. Used US ARMY OCP/MULTICAM IOTV BODY ARMOR VEST W/ KEVLAR INSERTS, Medium.. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Any questions, message me. Includes pouches and full IFAK . This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. Level I soft armor. Manufactured by KDH Defense Systems Listed on eBay. $650 obo
  2. So basically there is an event coming up in my area called Dystopian State, and I am attending. It's a post apocalyptic milsim event roughly based on the fallout games. I am currently creating my loadout and have chosen a CYMA Kalashnikov licensed AK-47, along with my costume. I am creating a Fallout NCR Ranger costume to wear to this event cause I thought it would be fun and fits well. My one main problem is where I'm going to store my 5 mid cap magazines for the AK, as there is a chest piece on the front, I can't put them there, so I'm trying to figure out where they can go. I will have a dump pouch on my lower back, but I can't think of where the mags could fit. Picture of costume inspiration: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/fallout/images/9/9f/NCR_Ranger_Veteran_cosplay.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110901020347
  3. If anyone is interested in purchasing a eotech that is in perfect condition contact me
  4. Hi, I was wondering what tactical gear you guys suggest for me, eg. vests, masks, etc., and which brand and model I should get? Here's the vest I was thinking:
  5. I have a cool brand new London Bridge Multicam SCOTT Medical Assault bag. The bag comes made for and by Green Berets and extremely rare and expensive. Take a look at the London Bridge site http://lbtinc.com/bags-backpacks-packs/backpacks/medical-backpacks/s-c-o-t-t-trauma-bag-c.html it goes for about $800. I can sell for about $380 including shipping. The Bag's weight is about 9 pounds. I have pictures but I guess they are too big to be uploaded here, so if you want to see the bag hit me up.
  6. So I recently moved to Idaho from Kentucky. Needless to say, my dark colored woodland Camo does not match any terrain here, so I'd like to buy some new BDUs for the environment, but I have NO clue what Camo to buy. I mainly play in the foothills around Boise, so I was thinking Digital Desert or Tri-Color. Any suggestions?
  7. So I want a helmet, like the AWT G4 helmet. a full head kind of helmet. the problem is im in the uk and cant order from JK army because they are based in hong kong. any suggestions? I would kill for the onyx guard helmet from gears of war.
  8. Sale closed as of July 31st THANK YOU everyone who has purchased some gear and helped promote my sale on social media! It has been a huge help in this time of need and I am happy to see my gear go to good homes. Thanks and God bless!
  9. I'm here to sell some gear and other misc. items I have. All items are OBO, and prices are shipped. Now for the good stuff. Will only accept Paypal goods and services. Thank you and have a nice day. Pictures found here and below. Items listed below. 1. Coyote Brown 100rd SAW pouch ($25) 2. Tan M4 Dual pouch ($10) 3. Kac Style Vertical Grip ($5) 4. Vertcial Grip ($5) 5. Emerson Triple Mag Pouch ($5) 6. Rail Segments for MOE hand guards ($15) 7. 14mm CW to 14mm CCW ($5) 8. 363mm Brass Barrel ($10) 9. 275mm Brass Barrel ($10) 10. Semapo Aor 1 6094 2015 Ver. w/ GMR Kydex Insert ($200 Shipped)
  10. ADMINS!!-I found the page that with the "FS" rule after posting and can't seem to edit title if its a issue just delete and ill redo it, sorry hey ^_^. im selling my old kit. sorry about the pics my phones not very good if you need a better pic of something just let me know and ill try. im selling everything for 200 free shipping if you have a offer ill consider it. THANKS FOR LOOKING AND I HOPE YOU'LL BUY IT! included is; 1-echo 1 seal team six m4 upgraded w/ lypol and standard batteries and chargers also has some really cool decales on it like "honor and duty" on the dust cover and the seal team logo on the mag well also comes with a cqb spring(398 fps) [/size] 1-wg us combat metal co2 pistol new grips (340 fps)[/size] 2-thunder b cores no spoons but steal work great with just the pins[/size] 1-m4 mag shaped speedloader[/size] 4-m4 mags 2 hi 2 mid[/size] 1-red/green dot sight[/size] 1-green lazer sight[/size] 1-adjustable full torso tac vest (od green)[/size] 1-camelpak balder (fits inside of vest)[/size] 1-EMT/Utilty pouch (od green)[/size] 1-radio pouch (od green)[/size] 1-flash bang pouch (od green)[/size] 1-hand cuff case (black)[/size] 1-m4 mag pouch holds 4 mags (od green)[/size] 1-single point sling clips on to vest (od green)[/size] 1-set of steal hinged hand cuffs w/ keys[/size] 1-police duty web belt (od green)[/size] 1-police hard shell retention 1911 holster (black)[/size] 1-half face mesh mask (od green w/ skull print)[/size] 1-marine style goggles (od green)[/size] 1-helmet (od green)[/size] 1-set of marpat bdus small (evike originally messed my order up so I have med and large to just tell me witch one you want)[/size] 1-marpat boonie[/size] 1-medic bag (od green)[/size} 1-black fabric pistol holster[/size] 10-10,000 count packs of white bbs (not sure the brand my home field sells them in bags but there good ive never had a issue with them[/size] 5-assorted police/medic patches including a big "police tactical medic" patch for the back of the vest[/size] assorted tactical odds and ends such as a few flashlights,compases,binoculars [/size]
  11. I got enough money to get the Crye AVS from Op Tactical, but they are sold out. Is the Mayflower APC perfect alternative or not. If the APC is not a perfect alternative then what is?
  12. Rules & Stuff Paypal only, ships from CT, NO TRADES, I cant hold items for more than 3 hours without a deposit, If you have a brand new account you will need some form of account validation such as an eBay account with feedback or reddit account with an account more than a few days old. PM me with any questions. First up is the ICS SIG 551. It includes 3 mags, a 1600 mAh Intellect battery (covered in duct tape though). It is upgraded with a Prometheus 6.03 barrel, Prometheus purple bucking, M110 spring, SHS piston head, SHS cylinder head with sorbo pad, shimmed, and wired to deans. Asking $225 shipped CYMA CM.041k MP5. It includes 3 Hi-Cap mags and one mid cap as well as one 1600 mAh Matrix battery (wired to deans) Asking $100 shipped Random gear. Chest protector, $30 shipped Mesh face mask, $8 Shipped Goggles, $15 Shipped Gloves $10 Shipped. Neoprene face mask, $7 Shipped 3 point sling, $10 shipped 0.25 bbs, unknown brand (bottle), $7 shipped 0.23g bbs, unknown brand (bag), $9 shipped
  13. Hello all, I have two identical HSGI dump pouches for sale separately, or together if you'd like both. They are both Coyote Brown as defined by the manufacturer. Each includes 2 black MALICE clips and are ready to mount. I am selling because after I tried it out for a little bit, I don't prefer this style. (SOLD). Payment with PayPal, shipping to USA only. Picture:
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