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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new to Gas airsoft rifles and pistols, so bare with me I just bought a WE Tech M1911 green gas pistol from evike.com. It had the option to put a zodiac on it. I asked a friend, he's been doing AS for 9+ years he told me it was a good brand, well made. So I got it, along with silicone spray lubricant, elite force Bbs, green gas (has a lion on the can) Well, I've dry fired it twice, I field stripped it a few times and put it back the right way. As I have done it to my fiends Elite force 1911 tac. I was surprised to find out that the piece at the end of the spring, that goes inside doesn't have an insert on this gun to hold it in place as I reassemble it. I thought that would be a useful piece for finding the cure. Problem: I fill the gas, load the mag, and fire, and the gas comes out the end of the barrel, following the single bb. The slide doesn't fully come back either. Then it's out of green gas. I checked the gas intake, it's not mucky, or grimy as if clogged What happened?! What do I do?! Please help
  2. So I recently got the mosin from evike I loved it, I have only used it a few times. I went to put gas in it today and it just :pain: gas every where and I looked and the little metal peice that connects the green gas isn't there, idk how this happened but is there a way to fix this/ a way I can order a new one. I'm new to airsoft so I apologize for not knowing what I'm talking about.
  3. Hi everyone! I have recently been into GBB pistols, and after using my friend's Hi-Capa (and being terrible at breaching in cqb with a huge gun) I have decided to get a GBB. I want it to be 120$ or below, and run preferably on co2, but I heard it is terrible for your gun, so green gas is fine. I also really like the Hi-Capa and 1911 style. I really don't care what the FPS is, as long as it isn't over 400. Oh yeah, I also don't want it to use tons of gas. I'm new to gas guns, so I would like it to be easy to maintenance. I haven't really found anything helpful via reviews, so I thought you guys could help me. My friend (other friend) has been hounding me ever since he got into airsoft to get a WE Hi-Capa and he has been bugging his parents to let him get one. I looked some up last night and they all have terrible reviews. Can you guys recommend some, and give me some tips? Thanks.
  4. Hello Everyone, if you're like me and you like realism within airsoft, then you probably either have or want a GBB rifle or pistol. I own several GBB Pistols and one GBBR. I use green gas most of the time and used Propane once but just couldn't stay with it due to the smell. I guess some people get used to it so I'm thinking of going back, with an idea. Changing the smell of propane. How am I going to do that? By Aroma Oil. See, at first I thought of spraying some Febreeze, but two reasons that wouldn't work. First off, its gas. Second, it won't fit in the adapter. Thats why I'm thinking of using aroma oil to kill the smell. By placing Silicone and Aroma Oil within the adapter, I hope I would be able to act just like green gas, yet it smells good! I haven't tried this theory out yet and I'm planning on doing so soon, but I would like to hear feed back from everyone first. If you do not mind, please give a reason to your answer! Hopefully this helps! Thanks!
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