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Found 4 results

  1. Hey so I just got a used Krytac m4 and I can see that the fps is lower than other newer guns that the rest of my family have that are supposed to be running around 400 fps and I was wondering if I need to just get a new stock spring or if I could upgrade to a guarder sp120. The stock spring should be an m120 I haven't checked for sure yet but it is not upgraded everything stock. I have heard a lot of good things about the guarder springs and I have heard that they tend to be higher than the m ratings so I could also get an sp110 but I read that they don't drop as much dramatic of a difference as other brands such as systema when they settle. The gun is completely stock, so if not a guarder then I want to get just an m125 or 130 spring so I am also looking for a good brand for those if not a guarder spring. Thanks! also here is the link to the spring that is in one of the guns im comparing mine too and the link to the gun itself. Gun: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Lancer-Tactical-LT-12TL-G2-Gen-2-M4-Carbine-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-Tan-33302/ Spring: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Echo-1-Modify-SP120-AEG-Spring-2464/ Edit I did some more research and turns out its a mk1 so that explains the low fps but my question still stands
  2. Hi! My name is Sturm and I recently have registered. I am here because bloody hell I have some things going on with my pistol. Long story short, I ordered a custom TM M1911A1 Government from Hong Kong. I had it fitted by the retailer with a full Guarder metal kit, including the slide and frame, springs, and steel outer barrel. Okay. Everything was fine, lest for one thing. The outer barrel had an out of place 'jumpy' movement to it. It would wiggle around in the slide, and would specifically protrude out of the end of the gun more than normal. It took a tonne of guessing and experimenting, but eventually I believe I discovered what was causing it. For whatever reason, the Guarder chamber piece had a large amount of clearance between the top of it and the ejection port on the slide. The result of this happening was that the entire outer barrel was afforded more space than it needed, and would slide around after cocking, firing, aiming, etc. This is why the outer barrel tended to spring itself a little bit out of the end of the slide. I think part of the problem is the default Marui hop up, which is a bit stiff and obviously made for the likes of plastic outer barrels. Today, I attempted to do some 'fitting' on the hop up unit and a spare Guarder outer barrel I had handy. After I made some modifications, I reassembled the pistol, and to my shock, the pistol was jammed to hell. I could not even take the gun apart even with the slide lock out! I eventually managed to fix the jamming, but I still cannot disassemble the pistol, slide lock or not. I lubed everything, and the slide will still not budge off of the frame. I don't know why this even happened in the first place. The original jam was very strange, so misaligned that the slide stop could not even be placed back on! I fixed that part, but for whatever reason I cannot disassemble the slide from the frame. So, basically, I had a problem, and when trying to fix it, I created another one. Any advice? I would still appreciate any help I could get with the barrel/chamber fiasco as well. I accomplished nothing in my endeavours this afternoon. I just screwed things up more. When I solve this disassembly bit of SNAFU, I might buy an aftermarket hop up, either from Airsoft Surgeon or from Nova. After all of this crap, I hope one of those units will actually fix my OCD-driven nightmare. Well, if anyone got through that text wall, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give in regards to the two of my pistol problems.
  3. The AK is a cyma 42b, direct copy of the Marui AK. The gearbox is a ver. 3 gearbox, but it comes from an mp5. I thought that this was the initial problem, but it doesn't seem to be. The gearbox fits perfectly, the internals are all AK internals. The air seal nozzle is an aluminum one made by hornbill, from rsov.com. I used it extensively, I have it in another AK as well and it has always worked fine, it never had any bbs jam. The hop up chamber is the one the gun came with, the inner barrel is a guarder 6.02 one and the hop up rubber and spacer are standard guarder soft silicone ones. My problem is that the gun shoots perfectly fine until one bb jams in the hop up rubber and doesn't want to budge. I thought it was the hop up rubber, but it never gave me any problems until now. The spring is > 120 m/s and this rubber worked perfectly fine with a spring under 110 m/s, so it's not that the spring is too soft. The bbs are JBU 0.25g. Until now I thought that: -The air seal nozzle wasn't doing its job (still possible) -The gearbox was not aligned with the hop up chamber, but it seems to be -The hop up rubber was too hard, but I used 2 other soft rubbers and got the same result -The bbs are crap and the inner barrel is too tight Finally, I have no idea why it shoots perfectly fine until a bb clogs the barrel. When I look where the jam is, I can still see the bb in the hop up rubber lips. What could be the problem?
  4. Greetings guys! My first post, so here we go :o I'm about to get me a proper throat mic but there are several products on the market and of course different qualities and so on. I would like to know if anyone have tried any of the following products or if there are opinions regarding this kind of microphones. The price range I'm looking at is all between $100-190 and not some cheap Chinese clones. I'm going to be using the mic along with my Puxing-888 radio. These are the items I've been looking at: First of is this one, "made by guarder". Got an airsoft friend who owns this one and they seem to be working just fine. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/guarder-throat-microphone-gen-ii-motorola-2-pin.html Then we have this one, seems to be quite interesting. The reviews I've red is about people trying to pair this mic with iPhone and similar nonsense but that's not what I'm going to be using this mic for... http://www.iasus-concepts.com/product?pn=NT3-Black-OPS-2-Throat-Mic-System No idea how this one performs. http://www.arcmics.com/throat-mics/x24-tactical-throat-microphone.html Peltor throat mic, a little bit over my budget but maybe they could be found somewhere else cheaper. If it's worth the trouble... http://www.opticsplanet.com/peltor-comm-spare-parts-throat-micorphone-mt90.html Stryker mic. No idea how this one performs. http://www.clearercom.com/index.php/home-list/stryker-throat-mic-pro.html So these are the ones so far. Any ideas or recommendations? :)
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