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  1. Hey guys! Title says everything, I really want to upgrade my newly purchased TM Type 89 AEG to HPA. It's probably my absolutely favorite Gun and I really wanna use it for all that it's worth but the electric version just doesn't cut it performance wise, so I wanna upgrade it to HPA. I've already consulted a good number of people on this, yet most couldn't give me too much of help as this is an already very rare gun. I've asked Wolverine, and was told that their Inferno V2 should potentially fit, together with a G36 Nozzle. Polarstar hasn't answered me so far, but I hope that I'll get some help there too, as I'll be needing all the help I can get. I'm also very uncertain about the whole electric setup with the HPA systems, what could potentially work, etc. So, if anyone can give me any insight and is willing to help me with this project, I'd really appreciate it!
  2. KWA Kriss Vector Infinity Build - infinite firepower for your GBB Vector for whom you can't find good mags anymore! This works for all KWA GBB mags btw. Supplies needed: -CQB Russian HPA adapter valve for KWA fill valves -Any Electric autowinding box mag (I used A&K M249 mag) -CA Glue and Zip Kicker (optional) -JB weld epoxy (the tubes, and faster cure time is better) can be found at walmart -Ideally 1*7.5*1000mm steel extension spring (I've only found .5*8*1000 and that worked for me https://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32812313986.html?spm=a2g0n.search-cache.0.0.70bc08b9FMNRwW#autostay) You might want to double check the minimum diameter of the bottom of your mag's bb reservoir using a micrometer/calipers because all mags are different. Also spend time trying to find a spring with a thicker wire diameter than the 0.5mm that I used, because it's pretty slinky. It's tough tho. If you do, *please* link me it. 1. Install the HPA Valve and take out the spring and guide assembly out of your mag. 2. Insert the extension spring into the bottom of your mag until it stops. Make sure you take out the reservoir parts before permanently fixing this spring in. 3. Use CA glue+zip kicker, or JB weld along the contact line of the bb reservoir and spring to affix it into the reservoir 4. Take a >1in piece of rigid tube that's wide enough to slide over the spring. I find larger plastic pen barrels work, but you can use anything you want. Slide it up the spring up to the bottom of the mag, and apply generous amounts of JB weld to the magbase-tube connection. 5. Optional, but use some kind of flexible rubber tube to slide halfway over the tube you just glued to provide some play in case the bottom of the mag is pushed against something. You don't want your spring to get bent out of shape. I used the rubber grip off the pen I used for the previous section. Tape of any kind should be okay. 5. Take an electric box mag and JB weld the feed spring on it in a similar fashion. You may need to remove the release lever on the mag's feed lip that keeps BBs in, or remove the feed lip totally. On my A&K M249 mag, upon removing the mag's top part that clips into the gun, there was already a metal spring with a widened portion that I could stick my spring into and glue it. 6. Splice and solder adequately long (3 or wires onto the pressure switch for your mag, or if the mag doesn't have that, disassemble it and splice/solder the switch wire onto the segment of positive wire coming after the switch and battery. 7. Tape the switch onto your gun wherever you like. 8. Use 3+ ft of 3/4 in or wider plastic wire conduit (flex tubing) to wrap around your hpa/bb/switch lines. It's the stuff you see wrapped around the wires in your car's engine bay, you can get it at NAPA auto parts and sometimes Lowes or Home Depot. You can also use other stuff like mesh tubing as long as it protects your lines from snagging. And BLAMO, now you have INFINITE firepower from your Vector without paying $100s for new mags!
  3. My local field has closed down, making my only option CQB fields. This is my prized possession but there's not much use I can get from it anymore, so I've decided to sell it. I've had it for less than two months. SVD Includes (with retail price) CYMA SVD w/ wood ($200) Prometheus 6.03 Barrel w/ Rhop ($80) Prometheus Purple bucking ($15) Prometheus Flathop nub ($20) Matrix PSO-1 4x24 Scope ($125) Wolverine Hydra ($300) Real Sword Hydra Nozzle ($65) Real Sword SVD Gearbox shell ($90) 4x Cyma Midcaps ($50) Valken 48/300 Tank ($50) Amped regulator ($85) Retail: 1075 Asking 700 OBO. Negotiations welcome -------------------------------------------------- 1911: Includes two factory new magazines. Everything else is stock Asking: 90 shipped OBO. Pics: http://imgur.com/a/O0rtT
  4. Hi Everyone I am searching for as many information, ideas , tips as possible for my upcoming project. I have an A&K SR-25 and I am waiting for the release of the Wolverine Reaper coming around april. at the moment I am choosing between * Prometheus R-hop barrel 509MM / MODIFY Precision Inner barrel. * Mad bull Red bucking ( any other ideas?) * SR-25 Nozzle * Hop-Up unit??? This is where my question comes. anyone has expierence with different hop-ups for the sr-25? do hop-ups like Prowin etc fit in the SR-25? Other then this I am still looking / reading around. So if any of you guys have some ideas or tips I would love to hear it Update: Read that the Lonex hop-up does the job well for the SR-25. any expierence with this?
  5. Hey all, my name is Mike. I haven't been on the forums in a long time, but have bought and sold here before. I also have some Heatware rating which has the link below. I am looking to sell my beloved KingArms OA-15 m7 M4, with a Wolverine HPA engine and control box. I built this gun and used it once in play. The body and rails were used for about a year, with my AEG setup, or so but are in great shape. The gun has been flat-hopped, and the setup comes with two front rails! You will get the viking tactical and the forward RIS and attachment nut that came with the gun out of the box. The gun in the pictures will not come with the EOTECH. That was sold separately. Don't mind the date, I have been trying to sell since march and keep recycling the picture. I can provide a more up to date timestamp if you would like http://s238.photobucket.com/user/Espo1986-12/media/Arisoft%20Sale%20March%202016/DSCN0740.jpg.html Looking for $450+Shipping, or $450 local pick up within 30 miles of 19090. Tank: Empire Paintball Carbon tank. It has also been only used once. It is so new it still has the price tag on it... http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff64/Espo1986-12/Arisoft%20Sale%20March%202016/DSCN0727.jpg http://i238.photobucket.com/albums/ff64/Espo1986-12/Arisoft%20Sale%20March%202016/DSCN0728.jpg Looking for $95+Shipping, or $95 local pick up within 30 miles of 19090. More info is always available! Thank you for looking! -Mike "Espo" PROOF OF HEAT: https://www.heatware.com/u/91108
  6. Hello, I am looking for am SMP V3 trigger board. If you have an AK nozzle as well even better. Please reply with asking price.
  7. Hello, new guy here.... So I have a KWA M4 and here in the next few months I want to start a upgrade project to convert it to a HPA system. What I would like to know is what would be my best option for the engine? P* Fusion engine, P* JACK, or Wolverine SMP (Inferno)? Any one here have any first hand exp with these items? I am well aware that I will need a tank and air lines. But will there be any other upgrades that I will need to do as well to keep the M4 in good shape? Thanks in advance for any tips, info, or opinions you may have on this subject :)
  8. I'm currently doing research to finalize my long-overdue plans of converting my Tanaka rifle to use HPA. There's plenty of information out there for me to chug along alright, but I always make a point of coming here to other airsoft snipers to gather sage opinions in hopes of making the optimal choices with zero regret or second-guessing. I have a lot of options in front of me it seems, and I'd like to get much better acquainted with them in every respect. Some questions in my mind include: Should I simply buy the necessary individual parts and build the rig, or purchase something more pre-built? What is necessary, and what is optional? How can I build the absolute smallest rig possible? What key aspects of HPA rigging should I focus on- what is a gimmick and what is performance-related? At this stage, I'm somewhere between capable of converting to HPA successfully, and fully understanding the matter at hand and all the nuances. I would like to become more educated. I apologize if this post seems a bit vague, and that I could educate myself further with Google-ing alone, but it's hard to ignore the reality that the most ideal resource available to me on this subject is other airsoft snipers who've gone through the exact situation I am currently in. I tend to stay on the vague side in hopes of eliciting the most information plausibly reasonable. Some very specific questions I have: About how many shots can I get out of a 13 cubic inch tank? (I understand this may vary drastically) Are there tanks smaller than 13 cubic inch- about how many shots would they provide? Around what PSIs would I be using to fire between 400 and 600-800 FPS [assuming .2g BB]? (I'm only curious about extremely high power output for testing range limits on targets- I also understand my bucking would be in danger by pushing the limits of power) Am I correct in thinking the gauge on an HPA tank is part of a regulator? Am I correct in thinking that this gauge depicts the PSI pressure inside the tank and that when it falls below the final output of your regulator, you will not fire? Am I correct in thinking some (or all?) airsoft HPA builds require two regulators- one on the tank, with another super low pressure (SLP?) regulator for reasonable power output? Where are trusty outlets for buying the necessary parts? What pre-builds are worth purchase? Are there any other valuable resources such as the following which I should read? http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/127562-constructing-an-air-rig-56k-death/ http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/44-others/10925-ultimate-kjw-m700-upgrade-guide.html http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/32-general-sniper-talk/9841-airsoft-gases-external-gas-rigs.html Again, apologies if these seem like silly questions; feel free to hit me with a rolled up newspaper by simply posting a link to more information for me to read over :) Thanks for any help!
  9. Hey guys, so after getting my first HPA tank, I've always been wondering what these "26/3000" and "60/3000" meant. I obviously knew the tank had a capacity of 3000 psi, but I don't really understand the Cubic Inches part. I couldn't find an answer online and I'm quite sure I'm blind to something really obvious. So could someone explain this for me? Thanks.
  10. Okay, so I'm thinking about buying a polarstar jack for my Combat Machine in a few months for my birthday, but I'm really not sure what to get after that. I was thinking about a Valken 62/3000 hpa tank and a Valken build-a-rig 36" line, but those sound like they are for a v12. I really want a tank that holds as much air as possible, but is under 100$ and a good line/regulator combo for under 100$. Do I need anything else? Do I need anything to connect them? Thanks for helping me.
  11. Hey guys, So my friend has a G&G RK103 (A AK47 basically) with a Pneumatic BlowBack system. I did research and found this video. https://youtu.be/yyeGfob0ZUI thats how it looks and works. I think it would work but I wouldn't want him spending 300 and getting excited only to find out it won't.
  12. Hello. I have been Working on My HPA scar build, and I am having issues. 1st the parts. The HPA system is a Inferno wolverine Spartan edition, with the Scar air nozzle. im using the Classic Army Scar for the Shell. I have a 6.03 Ajax custom barrel with Rhop. Now my issue: I have the Reg set to 110PSI and it is shooting at 340fps with .20bb's. also sometimes it will Double feed. I have tried to adjust the Dwell, the highest Fps was 360fps with the Dwell set to max. Any ideas? any Help would be Awesome Thank you. PS. I don't know if this matters but if the mag is out and I fire I can feel Air coming out of the mag well. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone! At operations, I've been finding myself sliding much more often to gain that small advantage. After getting close to my 5.11 TDU's tearing, I began wearing kneepads. As I found the Arc'TeryX replicas to look the nicest, I purchased a pair and tried them out at my indoor field. I completely embarrassed myself when the rubber on the pads caught on the ground and I hit my forehead against a barricade. Now I'm here looking for kneepads that would enhance my sliding experience. Thanks guys!
  14. Need a new slide for my Hi Capa and found a perfect one on Alpha Airsoft. I just want to know how long it takes for it to get to me. Thanks!
  15. Hello all, I have a SLP HPA setup with cqb russian taps for my KJW m9. What I want to do is put in a 303mm vsr barrel and hard bucking. I'll obviously cover it with a silencer but I want to know will these parts actually fit (I hear they fit in 1911 models not sure about m9's though) and since its running on HPA what results can I expect if I limit the fps to 350? Will the barrel be to long? I'm looking to increase range and be able to adjust my FPS since its on hpa. Thanks for the help
  16. As continuation from my old TippMann post about specific lines, I received the TippMann today in a trade! So the trader just gave me the lower along with a Ninja line that he said works specifically for the TippMann. So now that I have the lower itself, I do understand I need to put some money aside for a couple of things. So heres what I got so far, New Upper ($150) Inner Barrel ($50~?) Front Assembly ($100~) Outer Barrel ($50~) For the tank I'll be using my ninja 62/3000 from my HPA build. So for the people who've owned TippMann or still own one could you tell me what else I'd need to get? Thanks :)
  17. Hey guys, I'll be soon getting my hands on a WE SMG8. Knowing WE is the easiest to break, I was wondering what upgrades are good to buy. I'm assuming new valves for the mags and maybe an extra nozzle? Thanks guys.
  18. Hey guys! So just recently came across of Bingo Airsoft Designs Polarstar kit for a MP7 and then was flashed backed to the WELL R4 that my friend had bought a long time ago. This brings me to a question, how long does the WELL R4 go back and is it over all a good gun? What history does it have? Thanks guys!
  19. So, I'm planning a G&P M4 aeg scratch build to house the new Protech mk2 hpa engine. I just have a couple of questions about things that I'm unsure on. I'm a lefty so I'd like ambi safety/selector switches, is there an aftermarket option for this? and how do ambi selectors work in m4's? do they have gears like g36's? Also, Instead of buying a whole gearbox, and taking out the parts I don't need, I was going to just buy the parts I need. So what parts of a gearbox do I need for a drop in HPA system? Cheers, Supergunner
  20. I have a basically brand new kriss vector gbb with a hpa drum mag super custom blah blah blah... Heres the parts list: Vector Long mag x 3 Drum (new) Tank, Reg & Line HPA Valves x 3 (new) Suppressor Thread adapter (new) Moe grip Toothbrush (cleaning/lubing) White lithium grease Guntech Sav lube UTG laser light (have original packaging) Paracorded (can add more) Original fore-grip EVO II hop-up and 6.01 barrel installed AST recoil buffer Echo 1 Gun bag Triple magazine pouch T1 sight Original flip-up sights Condor 1 point sling (new) FANTASTIC CONDITION!!! shooting video: https://youtu.be/N-YL80iAzio Message me here and we can go to FB to send pics. Will ship anywhere in the world as long as you pay the shipping. Will also ship next day, want a car before winter. Thanks -Travis
  21. So I just bought a polarstar jack and am looking to run a DMR setup. What barrel should I use with it? I don't care about air efficiency. I want the most range and accuracy I can get. I hear Orgas are the best for HPA but I also hear they have terrible barrel consistency and material. Should I run a Prommy, PDI, Edgi, Orga or maybe something else? I will ER-hop it and shim my G&G hop-up or maybe get a better one if it will make much of a difference.
  22. I'm looking for the following items: 1.) A 7", 2-piece RIS that replaces a STANDARD M4 handgaurd 2.) Some sort of Thunder B package 3.) An HPA tank, perferably carbon fiber, 4500psi with decent capacity. MUST BE IN HYDRO DATES. Do not get mad when I want to see detailed pictures of the tank. 4.) A vertical grip, preferably a Tango Down style grip PM me with an offer!
  23. I have a KJW KC-02 and I'd like to have it set up to use HPA, but I know almost nothing about HPA setups. I've searched through many forums and videos and so far found nothing that really helps. I need to know what the essentials are in a setup, I did a quick search on Evike and found these: http://www.evike.com/products/45733/ http://www.evike.com/products/49287/ http://www.evike.com/products/36570/ Is this all I really need, and are these good products? How can I tell what's good and what's not? Also If I already own and air compressor, could I just fill the tank up myself? And how long does a tank last, would it last me two or three days of constant airsofting? Basically, I need to know everything there is about having an HPA setup before I invest my money into it.
  24. . No Trades-except cash No Lowballers Price includes shipping, insurance is up to you Paypal only I am selling my V2 Gen 3 Polarstar Fusion Engine with all the trimmings you will need to get going. Here is everything that will come in the package: -Polarstar Fusion Engine with Blue Nozzle Installed -Green Nozzle (Lower FPS Nozzle) -900mah 7.4v Lipo to run the engine -2 Guerrilla 3000psi 62CI Air tanks -Redline Airsoft Regulator -Redline 36in airline -Ninja 3000psi Fill Station Everything is in 100% working order...600.00 shipped
  25. I am creating a variable power airsoft system for my final year project and would like to know what the favourite HPA tank set up would be for playing. Please can everyone leave a vote as this will help me figure out the best set up. Many thanks!
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