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  1. Judgement; Day 1 Saturday, July 16-17, 2016 Presented by Extreme Prejudice Airsoft and The Bunker or Mishawaka, Indiana Hole in the Wall Paintball 24262 66th Street Bangor, Michigan 49013 Official Event Thread and Roster: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php?topic=618.0 Useful Links: {Field Waiver}, {To Bring Checklist}, {Driving Directions}, {Weather Conditions} Ages: 14+ Participant Fee: Two Day: $50.00 (Prepay), $60.00 (Walk-On). One Day: $25.00 (Prepay), $30.00 (Walk-On). Prepay (PayPal) Information: armoryairsoft<AT>gmail.com (Due By: 07/01/16). - Signature of parent or guardian required for minor participants. Walk-On Registrations: Post in the official event thread with your name, call-sign, home team, age, and what faction you would like to play on. Payment will be made at field registration, cash only. No credit card sales. Prepay Registrations: Paypal registration amount to armoryairsoft<AT>gmail.com. Please include your name, call sign, home team, age, and which faction you would like to play on. - Please mark all prepays with the subject "Judgement; Day 1 Registration". - Please print your paypal payment conformation and bring it to registration! This is proof you prepaid! Event Times: Pre-Event Camping Open: 5:00 PM, Friday, July 15th. Registration/Chronograph Open: 9:00 AM, Saturday, July 16th. Game Start: 10:30 AM. Event End: 5:00 PM, Sunday, July 17th. Uniform Requirements: United States (CJTF-OIR): Complete Uniforms of any type. Islamic State or Iraq and the Levant: Mixed Uniforms, Partial Uniforms, and Civilian Clothing. - 'Contractor' (Private Military Contractor) is define as khaki colored pants and a black top. No exceptions. - Ghillie Suits are allowed on either faction. - Mismatched uniforms (uniforms of two different color types) are only allowed on one faction. - Gear color (vest, holster, belt, goggles, shemagh, boots, etc) do not apply towards uniform requirements. * We are strongly encouraging the use of faction only "codewords" to aid in player identification. Irregular warfare does not have an established and set uniform. Eye Protection Regulations: - ANSI Z87.1 rated full seal eye protection only, no exceptions. - ANSI rated, full seal goggles or shooting glasses are permitted. - 'Full Seal' is defined as a foam band separating the lens of the goggle from the frame portion and the face of the user. - Mesh goggles, lab safety goggles, safety glasses, etc will not be permitted under any circumstances. - Lower face protection (Mesh Lowers, Mouth Guards, Etc) do not apply to this. Ammunition-Weapon Regulations: This event is low or mid capacity magazines only. Only support weapons will be allowed to use high capacity, box, or drum magazines. Handguns, Shotguns, Submachine Guns, and Assault Rifles: Unlimited. - Low or Mid Capacity Magazines Only. Support Weapons: Unlimited. - All magazine (Low, Mid, High Capacity, Box, or Drum) types allowed. Sniper Rifle and Designated Marksman: Unlimited. - Low or Mid Capacity Magazines Only. Rocket Launchers, Landmines, IED's, Etc: Undetermined (Normally Allowed). - Prior field approval only. Sound Grenades: Allowed. - Kill Radius: 15 feet. Smoke Grenades (Hot and Cold Burn): Allowed. - Allowed with common sense use (if it's starting a fire, put it out). - Don't ruin it for everyone else (lifetime bans will be issued for reckless use). - Additional amounts of ammunition or personal items may be left at prospective team respawn location (at your own risk). - Participants may leave the event at any point to retrieve additional quantities of ammunition, etc stored in other locations (staging area, vehicles, campsites, etc). Engagement Limits: 1 - 350.0 FPS (0.01j - 1.07j) - Arms length engagement. 350.1 - 410.0 FPS (1.08j - 1.49j) - 20 foot engagement limit. 410.1 - 500.0 FPS (1.50j - 2.32j) - 50 foot engagement limit (Permanent Semi-Auto or Bolt Action Only). 550.1 - 549.9 FPS (2.33j - 2.69j) - Bolt action replicas only. 550 FPS+ (2.7j+) - Prohibited under all circumstances. - Velocities will be measured using the weight of BB being used. - All replicas will be issued 'chronograph' tags after being registered and measured. These must remain on the replica for the entire event. Bang Kills: - Players may opt to use a 'Bang Kill' when engaging opponents in tight areas or CQC environments. This is strongly recommending when using a high velocity replica at unacceptably close ranges. The assaulting party must say the word "Bang!" loudly and must correspond to the number of players being attacked. Example: Four Players - "Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!"... Knife/Bayonet/Touch Kills: - Participants may opt to use a simple 'Touch Kill' to quietly disable an opponent. Players must say "Knife Kill" to the opposing party and physically touch the other. - Participants may use a replica knife/bayonet to also conduct a kill using a physical touch. - Do not jab, physically assault, or use undue amounts of force. - Real-Steel knives and bayonets are prohibited under all circumstances. Surrender Rules: - Participants may opt to 'Surrender' to an engaging opponent at any point during the event. Players that choose to do so must return to their respective respawn location. Barrel Bag/Barrel Plug Regulations: - All participants must have a barrel bag or a muzzle plug on or in their replica when out of gameplay. - Barrel bags are available at paintball registration for $7.00 each. Raffle Information: All raffle proceeds will be donated to the Semper Fi Fund to benefit wounded Marines and their families. - Prepaid participants receive two raffle tickets with admission. - Walk-On participants receive one raffle ticket with admission. Additional tickets may be purchased at event registration; $2.00 - 1 Ticket, $5.00 - 3, $10.00 - 10, and $20.00 - 25. Pre-Event Camping: - Pre-event camping is available to all participants attending the event. - Pre-event camping will open at 6:00 PM the evening before the event. - Ages: 16+. No exceptions! - Participants must bring their own tent, sleeping bag, and camping equipment. - Participants may only camp in specific areas of the field grounds. - Staging area campsites are reserved for field staff and/or moderator use only. No exceptions. - Small fires are permitted in specific areas only. - We will not be responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. - Violation of any field regulations may result in immediate and permanent removal from field grounds without refund. Zero Tolerance Policy: The following infractions will result in immediate removal from field property and a permanent ban from field property. Law enforcement may be used if required to remove problematic players. - Theft of field or company property. - Vandalism or destruction of property. - Assault of participants, visitors, or field staff. - Repeated removal of eye protection. - Unsportsmanlike like conduct. General Field Information: - HPA fills are available on site. $5.00 for all day air fills, up to 2,500 PSI. - CO2 fills are available on site. 9 oz - $1.00, 12 oz - $2.00, 20 oz - $3.00 , 24 oz - $4.00. - Power outlets are available on location. - Live firearms (real steel) are not permitted on field property. - Not responsible for items or belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged. What To Bring Checklist: - Full-Seal Eye Protection [Required]. - Barrel Bag or Muzzle Plug [Required]. - Airsoft Replica, Sidearm, and Magazines. [Required]. - Batteries, Charging Unit, and BB's [Required]. - Red 'Kill' Rag [Required]. - Camouflage or Uniform [Required]. - Potable water. [Highly Recommended]. - Season appropriate food, and cooler with ice. [Highly Recommended]. - Green gas, propane, CO2 powerlets, and Silicone Oil. [Highly Recommended]. - Canteen / Hydration Pack [Highly Recommended]. - Radio and Charging Unit [Highly Recommended]. - Flash Light / Tactical Light [Highly Recommended]. - Spare Batteries [Highly Recommended]. - Extra Dry Clothing (Shirt, Pants, Socks) [Highly Recommended]. - Extra Dry Footwear [Highly Recommended]. Official Event Thread and Roster: http://www.miairsoft.org/index.php?topic=618.0 #hitwairsoft #judgementday1 Uniform Requirements:
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