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  1. WE GBB M14, VFC GEN 1 HK416 AEG -Rules -Everything is sold as is. Once it leaves my hands I am not responsible! -Everything is used unless noted. -I try to give 100% accurate descriptions(very detailed) -I take Paypal only. -I ship CONUS vis UPS (Large Items or USPS (Small Items). -Insurance is extra (added if requested) -Any questions please ask! -First come first serve, Sorry, I don't hold anything. -Trades: Not Interested. WE GBB M14 I am selling my almost new WE M14 GBBR, I only put all 5 mags threw it for testing and that's it. There are some scratch's on the metal parts of the body and on a the mag. Only thing I did was change the hop up rubber to a reaps (did not like how they stock one performed) and put a bi-pod adapter on it. Do not know the fps as I don't have a chrono. Gun comes with 1 non leaky 20 round mag. -Asking $315.00 Shipped GEN 1 VFC HK416 AEG VFC 416, has external wear and tear, scratch's etc. Only thing is dust cover does not want to stay closed and screw that holds in the charging handle spring stripped, nothing else other than that. FPS is unknown, have not used it in over a year and cant remember what is was, under 400 for sure. Just ran a mag threw it and still works great. Has a Madbull 6.03 tightbore and a flat hop. Comes with 1 Metal mid cap,the small barrel extension to make it 10.5inch, a new 7.4v turnigy lipo and a crusader surefire style flash hider. Rear wired to deans. Asking $275.00 Shipped
  2. Hello friends, I'm selling my two only guns, the M14 SOCOM has not seen any combat so its basically new. The M14 comes with three hi-caps, and the M4 comes with two. The M4 has a pre-installed MadBull 6.03 Tightbore barrel installed. Feel free to shoot me a text at 404-247-4788. Asking only $200+Shipping. We can negotiate if you want only one gun. Contact me if you want pictures, for some reason its not allowing me to post any.
  3. WTS: WE M14 EBR Package - $300 shipping not included Selling my M14 EBR package. This package has over $1000 into it, and is perfect for the long range GBBR enthusiast. It includes: WE M14 GBBR (500 FPS nozzle) WE M14 EBR Chassis WE M14 Gas magazines x5 (One has slow leak, one missing feed lip, three are in good shape) RA Tech 6.01mm Tightbore barrel (540mm) Maple leaf hop up bucking 70 degree AIM sports 3-9x40mm scope with a scope mount and custom fitted red dot/rail combo (red dot is kinda messed up but its mostly aesthetic anyway) Unknown brand bipod Matrix mock PEQ box Some nice .32g white BBs from Elite Force :) Has been cleaned and maintained fairly well internally. Gets some serious range, and shoots very hot on the chrono. The nozzle can be swapped, but I do not have a lower FPS nozzle (they are pretty inexpensive). Makes an awesome noise and has some great kick. Issues: The weapon has some "character" on it; aesthetic scratches, nothing some touch ups can't fix if it really bothers you (can be performed by me at buyer request) Some screws among the body are stripped, making them a pain in the to tighten; also, some are not tightened. There is no wobble however. The trigger has a strange issue where the sear/return spring is a bit worn, and therefore the hammer gets stuck when you pull the trigger. I can explain in detail. Among the fixes include filing of the sear, very slightly in order to loosen the hold it has on the hammer before release; purchasing new trigger parts or trigger unit OEM from WE Tech; Purchasing the RA-Tech Steel trigger unit for the weapon. I personally recommend the last, but it all depends on how deep your wallet is. *The selector switch has been removed, and the weapon is on semi-auto only. (*This is not exactly an issue, more of just a nuisance for some people. I will be including all of the parts to put the selector switch back into the weapon.) Want to Sell only. No Trades, No part outs, Price not negotiable. Please feel free to email me at platypus77<AT>cox.net, go to my facebook (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009338981796), or PM me here/comment on the post with any questions, inquiries, or other. Shipping will come at the cost of the buyer, I am located in 92688 CA, United States. I can meet up at fields within Southern California, but if I drive further than 90 minutes or 60 miles, there will be extra charges. Will not ship out of country, my apologies. Again, please ask any questions you may have! (My apologies if the photos are sort of crappy. More can be delivered on request.) Happy sales, thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm kinda new to Airsoft, I've only played Paintball. I own a Spyder MRX and as sidearm a KJW M9 (sounds crazy right? Having as sidearm an airsoft gun while playing paintball) But returning to the topic, I'm here because I'm choosing between a KJW M700 (Gas) and G&G M14 (AEG) I know that both replicas are different (bolt, and semi- full auto) but I will explain that later. I want to start as Sniper-DMR role. In my city, there's just one place to play airsoft, that place have four different fields, Woods, Urban, and two desert-themed. The woods field Is like 220ft long & 50-60ft wide, The urban field is like 180-220ft long and 60-160ft wide. The rest of the fields are pretty small. Note: this measurements aren't precise. Normally I'm shooting the other team members at 80-90 ft Max 150 ft Here is why I'm deciding between the KJW M700 and the G&G M14: I first ordered the kjw m700, but because I live in Mexico I needed to import it with the help of an importer. One day, I received the message that the rifle just arrived, I was so excited, but then the importer told me that he just noticed that he ordered the wrong rifle (G&G M14) and he just re-ordered the correct rifle (that was on feb 17) recently I sent a message to him asking for the KJW, and he told me that it hasn't arrived yet, and because of that, he offered me the G&G M14 (NEW) for the amount I paid for the KJW M700 (that's a good offer because the G&G is actually $80 more) There are few things you need to know: -I'm not planning to HPA the KJW, it's just way too expensive (plus importer fee) -For the KJW I only could buy a tightbore, a new striker spring, apple airsoft CO2 Mag and the essentials (Bipod, scope) -For the G&G I only could buy a m120 spring and the essentials (bipod mount, bipod, scope mount, scope) -I want my rifle to be able to shoot with precision with the upgrades I can afford and to be the best for the kind of fields in my city. -sometimes the fields are empty, so I would like that that rifle can take shots from the pyramid (red circle) to the other team zone in the woods (blue circle) see image It's probably that I'm moving to buffalo, tx in July-August. (Just for one or two years) There I will have the possibility of getting more upgrades, but I will focus more on getting a M200 (6mm pro shop) I will leave a photo of the fields. And the links to the replicas. -KJW http://www.evike.com/products/25036/ -G&G http://www.evike.com/products/28216/ Thanks
  5. Hi, I have been working on my CYMA M14 EBR on and off for a while now and my friends just got into airsoft so I thought I would finish my gun. I am thinking of using an 18.5v LiPo to get some great rate of fire and trigger response. I know it is a lot of voltage and I would like to know some of the problems that can arise and how to solve them. I won't be using full auto often or for very long, mostly semi-auto. Most of my internals are upgraded here is the part list so far: JG Blue motor M150 or M160 (I can't quite remember I got it a long time ago) Prometheus Double Torque gears SHS blue 15 tooth piston Upgraded piston head and cylinder head Prometheus Steel Type A Cylinder I plan to get a Prometheus 500 x 6.03 mm barrel with R hop, and a MOSFET, not to sure which one. Also, I am pretty sure that the JG Blue with double torque gears and an 18.5v LiPo is overkill for an M150, can I pull an MS210 easily as well? I won't be using this gun at official games or anything, just with my friends. There are 20 of us and I want to dominate this summer, thanks! :)
  6. -Rules -Everything is sold as is. Once it leaves my hands I am not responsible! -Everything is used unless noted. -I try to give 100% accurate descriptions(very detailed) -I take Paypal only. -I ship CONUS vis UPS (Large Items or USPS (Small Items). -Insurance is extra (added if requested) -Any questions please ask! -First come first serve, Sorry, I don't hold anything. -Trades: Not interested. Up for sale is a almost new Echo 1 M14. Never fielded it. Has some external scuffs/marks/scratch's. All I did was put in a Lonex Titan A1 Red motor in it. Will include the original Echo 1 motor. Comes with 1 70rd TM metal mid cap, 4 G&P Metal Mid caps, and 2 King Arms Plastic Mid caps. Asking $225.00 Shipped
  7. So first time poster here. So I bought a used stock TM M14 a while back from one of my local shops. It works really well but I want to upgrade it to get the best performance. I've never done any upgrades before but this gun makes me really get started in upgrading(I think the fact that I would own an upgraded m14 would be really cool). I want to use it as a DMR but I can't go over 500 fps(I know fps is not everything when it comes to a gun but I thought I should throw that in) as with most places. So where should I start?
  8. Hi! So my friend owns an m14 AEG electric automatic gun which makes grinding sounds randomly. I pretty much replaced everything in that gearbox and shimmed it which I have done too many times to count. Gears are steel SHS regular ratio gears which make average amount of noise. Everything else is also from SHS and spring is m120 (1.5j). The gearbox had a little flaw which caused piston to get stuck when fully loaded and the sector gear was too fast and engaged the piston too soon before it was fully fired and broke 2 pistons. Problem was those middle rails that were too high, not anymore. This was the reason that I opened the gearbox in the first place. The piston has just enough play to move freely so it can't get of the gears to make that grind sound... So now the problem is that gun makes grinding noise randomly when it's fired with BB and not without. I have tested the gears separately including jamming them from sector gear and of course this causes gears not to move which means that the gears are not flying over each other and there are no grinding sound. I have also checked that motor is engaged correctly (original). 11.1v Li-Po 20C is used. This exactly the same configuration that I use in my m4, same parts from SHS, of course gearbox exclusive parts are different, no problems there. First I suspected that the grinding sound was caused by pistons full width teeth to grind on bevel gear and pretty much machined that piston to be half teeth piston (full metal teeth, first one cut of for AOE correction + sorbothane is used). The sound is still there when shooting with BB and the piston is not hitting any gear but sector as it should be. So now I checked that piston hits the sector gear correctly and there is nothing but normal teeth engagement. The gears are black so if there would be any grinding we would see it on the parts, but of course nothing. Piston moves freely in the cylinder when the gearbox is fully closed with screws and gears too of course. The gearbox is straight and there is nothing that would indicate that gearbox is the problem including no grinding marks... Anti-reversal latch is working correctly and cut of lever isn't the problem. So my next guess is that piston does not make it all the way to the end of the cylinder before bevel gear makes it's next revolutions, but there is nothing to stop that airflow or atleast I don't see it. So it seems like the piston getting somehow stuck is still the problem... Only thing that restricts that airflow is BBs them selves but the gun still shoots normally... So could the hop-up rubber be the problem? The hop-up chamber is quite big and even if the nozzle (metal+o-ring) is tight fit the air should still get out... I don't see nozzle and nozzle latch make any difference in making that grinding sound. There are less parts in version 7 gearbox then 2 or 3 and that makes fewer brake points... So as you can see I pretty much have a gun that is working correctly but makes random grinding sounds that are as loud as motor not hitting spur gear correctly... Nothing is broken nor there is any wear... I have done everything I can, but still the problem occurs and it's somehow related to piston. Please help me figure this out!
  9. I have 15 airsoft guns that are all in great condition except for two: a CYMA M14 EBR and a G&G M4 that is in the makings of a DMR. I'd love to trade or sell only in the North Carolina area. Please reply or text me at 704 nine six zero 86 seven four. Thank you.
  10. I am selling a refurbished G&G M14 Vet with a custom dessert tan paint job. I purchased it last July almost exactly one year ago as a fix it project. I didn't finish it until early December because I was focusing on other projects. I had to replace the majority of the gearbox internals and do some work all around to get everything to work together. When I did get around to finishing it I was quite impressed and regretted waiting so long to get it back up and running. It performs well and weighs very little for its size. The paint is scratched and worn in places, it has that "50 mission" look but I will put a fresh coat of paint on if you would like it to look newer. 360 fps w/0.20g bbs 250-300ft range depending on bb weight Wired to large tam but comes with an adapter to small tam Asking $250 shipped If you have questions please ask!
  11. Hi, I really like the look of this gun and all the reviews I have seen say mostly only positive things about it, but I`m worried about low fps (compared to some cheaper AK74 and MP5 guns). But can the long barrel of the M14 somewhat reduce it`s FPS? Is it possible that 110 FPS gun with the long barrel shoots same far with same accuarcy than the 120 FPS MP5 with very short barrel? I also read that M14 has ver. 7 gearbox, but what does it mean? Does it give more accuarcy compared to ver. 2 gearbox? And CYMA M14 SOCOM comes with a smart charger, am I correct? So should I buy this M14 or should I look for a MP5 airsoft guns that show 400 FPS in chrono tests?
  12. WE EBR Mod0 with Ra-tech full one piece trigger box, scope, 4 mags (1 is set up for hpa), surefire removable mock suppressor, scope mount, magpul afg, bipod and spare parts. 2 spare trigger housings. 800 or best offer cash only no trades. Paypal only
  13. Location: North San Diego County, CA Rules No Trades Paypal only or Cash FTF in North San Diego County Additional photos available upon request I am inclined to provide discounts for bulk purchases AEG / Thunder B CYMA AKS74U - $100 shipped; $80 FTF Included in the package: Upgraded CYMA AKS74U (full metal, real wood) Soviet AKS74U sling Soviet AKS74U drop case I am the second owner of this AEG – I traded for it in January 2013. The original owner of the AEG rewired it (also added a mosfet) and upgraded the internals to obtain a high RPS (don’t recall the exact number – 20-30rps IIRC). I know that it was also upgraded internally, although I do not recall what they were exactly. However, I know that it fires reliably at about 325 fps with .25s Since I traded for it I’ve only used it in a few games. As a backup though, it has been brought it to many games, chrono’d, and subsequently stuck it back in its case. As far as an estimated round count, I have not put more than 3000 bbs through it. No batteries or magazines are included. However, I can include some MAG AK74 mid-caps with custom “fakelite” finish at additional expense. Magazines – Mid-caps / Standards 8x MAG Metal M14 Short Magazines (70rds) - $55 shipped for all Bought these to simulate real-steel 10rd M1A magazines. I have only used them at one game. They feed great, are metal, and feel amazing. 8x G&P Steel AK47 Mid-Cap Magazines (150rds) - $55 shipped for all Bought these a while ago for my VFC AK. They feel amazing and have a good heft to them. The area around the feed lips looks a bit scuffed because I punched out the pins to disassemble and thoroughly clean each magazine. They feed great in both my VFC AK and the AKS74U for sale here. 7x Dboys Metal M4/M16 Standard Magazines (68 rds) - $45 shipped for all By far my favorite magazines for the M4 platform. As I do not have an M4 AEG (and have not for a while), I have no need for them. They are clones of the Marui 68 round standards and are the smoothest feeding, most reliable magazines I have ever used. They are full metal. Magazines – Hi-Caps Got all of these as part of a purchase or trade. I have not personally used any of them since I don’t use Hi-Caps. Get them for cheap! 4x M14 Hi-Caps - $25 shipped for all 2x M4 / M16 Hi-caps - $15 shipped for both 1x G36 hi-cap - $10 shipped
  14. Hello, I am looking for an Echo 1 M14 RIS (M14 EBR) or G&P MK14 Mod 0 or An EBR Kit (Not Cyma, Kart) - Good Price - New or Used Condtion. (Not broken or missing a lot of parts) - Just the base AEG. (No extras) Thanks
  15. Recently had a tm m14 upgraded to 475fps. Was cleaning the barrel with the barrel cleaner and I think I went too far down wth the rod . Next thing I hear is my magazine unloading in the gun from the magazine loading/feeding hole. I'm guessing I some how pushed down on the hop up unit or something unloading the whole magazine. When I went to remove the cleaning rod I felt a spring tension force slightly pulling against me from inside the barrel. I pulled back the charging handle to find the whole chamber filled with bbs. I cleaned them all out but ever since then my bbs have been double or miss feeding and when they do feed the have very very low velocity. The air nozzle moves when I shoot it however it doesn't look like it moves back and forth very far. I don't know if this is normal or not. Does this sound like a broken tappet plate? Is it possible that I somehow broke it when used the cleaning rod or when the magazine unloaded?
  16. Greetings! I'm not sure how this forums work yet, I have just signed up and want some advice. I have a stock CYMA M14 Ebr and was wanting to upgrade it to a DMR/Semi-only build. I have been researching and looking up other topics on upgrading these rifles, and I have put a parts list together. I would appreciate it if someone would look over my list and help me understand if these parts will work in my build. Price Point: $250-$320 (trying to stay low, but reasonable) -Flexible- Usage: The area I plan on playing on is a Mid-Range Field, with the majority of players only exposing part of their bodies. FPS: I was looking for the 480-520 range for this rifle, and I plan on using .28 or .30g high quality BB's with it. I am hoping to be able to out range other AEG's, so I can use it as a DMR, not as a heavy AEG. + What kind of FPS would I have using .28 or .30g BB's? P.S. - I have taken apart the gun a few times and I am comfortable with it, but I have not taken apart the v7 gearbox yet. (I'm sure I can handle it though) Gearbox: I plan on using a Guarder SP120 Full Tune-Up Kit for M14 and changing out the spring to a Systema M150 to increase the fps. If the kit does not come with a metal spring guide, I will buy one and install it in the gearbox. + Will the M150 spring put too much stress on the Gearset or the CYMA v7 Gearbox shell? + Should I go to a M140 instead? + Should I upgrade the piston for the increase of a SP120 to a M140/M150? (recommendations welcome. -little knowledge on pistons-) Accuracy: I was going to use a Prometheus EG Barrel 420mm for Marui M14 (6.03) and pair it with a Prometheus AEG Bucking (Hard Type). + Should I use a Soft Type instead because of the FPS drop from the heavier .28g BB's? + Is it worth upgrading the barrel from the stock tightbore? (for accuracy) Power + Motor: If I plan on pulling a M150, I should upgrade the motor. So I chose the Matrix Magnum Torque High Performance Airsoft AEG Motor (Short Type). To power the motor I was was thinking on upgrading to a Tenergy 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po. - For motors, I do not mind hindering trigger response for gun stability. + Can that 11.1v Tenergy be enough to power the motor? = And if so, how long would it last using the gun relatively sparingly during an airsoft match? + Can this battery fin inside of the stock CYMA crane stock? Parts List Summary - Guarder SP120 Full Tune-Up Kit for M14 - Systema M150 Spring - Prometheus EG Barrel 420mm for Marui M14 (6.03) - Prometheus AEG Bucking (Hard Type) - Matrix Magnum Torque AEG Motor (Short Type) - Tenergy 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po I would love to hear back from some experienced gun modders, and help me put together a rifle that will actually function when I order all the parts I need for the build. Thanks for the read!
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