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  1. Hi everyone, does anyone know more about these Adventure line magazines for sale on eBay. They look like premium quality because they also make real rifle magazines, but not much info online about the airsoft line. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/ADVENTURE-LINE-MFG-CO-INC-Airsoft-magazines-for-M4-M16-AirSoft-Rifle-Lot-of-4/202653961443?hash=item2f2f1e0ce3:g:U04AAOSw8yxcs7gS
  2. OK, I've seen a thread about this problem already, but I decided that due to the nature of the problem that it was worth doing another thread. Now, onto the meat of this thread: Recently, I've been having trouble getting my G&P M16A1 and CYMA AIMS (CM.050) to feed. Both of them will fire correctly for a few shots and then nothing. When I fired the guns upside down, they feed properly, however. For the M16, I'm using G&P 360-round hi-caps, and for the AIMS, Matrix 600-round hi-caps. I don't want to say that the mags are the problem, but on the other hand, the M16 fired correctly with the stock mid-cap mag. Any thoughts on the matter?
  3. Hey guys so I was looking around for a new motor for my g36 as the old one (4 years old about) just died on me as I put my build together :( after weeks of waiting :/ but anyways. I looked on airsoft atlanta for a good motor and came across a motor from the oem of shs. it's called rocket high torque motor. I was wondering if these are nice motors? for $30 by shs, it seems like a steal
  4. Hello Airsoft Forum! I am a newer player in the airsoft world and I had an interesting and very odd parts suggestion request for my M16 AEG, I wanted to make it effectively a "LMG" with a grenade launcher! I was wondering what mods I would need (the first, and mandatory, upgrade is a gearbox shell. According to two of my close friends I have a "pot metal" one which has a high chance of failing) to make my Frankenstein gun? I will be using this outdoors and indoors (indoor max 351 FPS with .25g) but mostly outdoors (outdoor limit is 400 FPS with .25 and no more than 20 RPS). Here is the gun I have: http://www.evike.com/products/54830/ Here is a gearbox shell I was looking at: http://www.evike.com/products/58282/ Beyond the gearbox shell I have no clue what I am doing so I need some help. I want this as cheap as possible so if I don't need more than a gearbox shell then just tell me! TL;DR: I want to modify my gun so that shoots 400 FPS, <20 RPS, and for low cost while also having the characteristics of an airsoft LMG (sustained fire (bursts that last a few seconds) without damage). Thanks for any part suggestions. I know this is an odd idea but I want to be that "special" guy with an odd gun. Oh and a cool flash mag: http://www.evike.com/products/56161
  5. Hey, guys I recently purchased this gun and loved it. G&G M4 Carbine Special Editions M16 Combat Machine Airsoft AEG Rifle http://www.evike.com/products/32676 Its good and all but it doesn't reach my expectations. So, I am looking for some internal upgrades that improve accuracy and range, maybe fire rate too. One of my friends has the same rifle I used before I started getting serious with airsoft. He said he just had some basic internals. So, I am looking for the same thing. I am looking for something cheap and useful. Go ahead and post and internals with any price that is compatible with this gun. NOTE: I'm not really sure this matters but this m4 is compatible with almost any M4 gearbox, like blowback and gas. It's also my first airsoft gun, So I'm willing to go crazy with it.
  6. Hello everyone! I am in a bit of a pickle. I want to mount a bipod onto this gun: http://www.evike.com/products/54830/ I was looking at this barrel mounted bipod (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product//B00M1WSLLK/ref=twister_dp_update?ie=UTF8&psc=1) the 8.7-10.2 inch one. I was wondering if it would fit onto my gun?
  7. I have 15 airsoft guns that are all in great condition except for two: a CYMA M14 EBR and a G&G M4 that is in the makings of a DMR. I'd love to trade or sell only in the North Carolina area. Please reply or text me at 704 nine six zero 86 seven four. Thank you.
  8. Lame rookie tech question impending. I recently pulled apart my JG M16 to replace its cracked gearbox. Owned the gun for several years,used it lots and the gearbox is made of that terrible zinc alloy crap, on the stock m120 spring, so no surprises there. Replaced it with a friends barely used old-ish, (part sourcing/style leads me to believe its from 2008-2010) CA mechbox, originally made for an mp5. In my hurry to get out onto the field again, I pulled apart my old gearbox, swapped over some of the decent JG parts (the gears, lol) to the new one and left in the (relatively, I guess) quality stuff already inside the CA box. I replaced the trigger contacts on the CA for my nicer setup (deans, mosfet, fuse, 16 gauge wire and the like) shimmed it up and greased it. Then, closed up the gearbox, put it in the gun and discovered the gun was only firing in full auto. Upon pulling it apart again, I gave a closer inspection to the contacts and cutoff lever. My cutoff lever had no movement in semi as it normally does (no trigger shuttle contact or movement of the sector gear lip portion) I tried several different trigger contact shuttles, several trigger contacts themselves and the JG cutoff lever I have. No combo seems to move that damn cutoff. Could it be that both cutoffs are worn out? Any ideas? All help is appreciated, even "you retard, why'd you buy a JG?" Also, I'm looking to fix it, not buy a new gun. (Sorry) Thanks! :) If you need more info, just tell me, I can handle technical terms. Apolidgies in advance for potato camera picture.
  9. NEW ARRIVALS: CYMA CM009A4, CM002, CM005, CM018 and More Don't forget to shop for NEW ARRIVALS at Airsoft Megastore for the latest airsoft guns and gear. CYMA CM009A4 Full Metal M16A4 RIS DMR Airsoft AEG Rifle - BLACK [MORE DETAILS] CYMA CM002 Full Metal M4 CQB RIS Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle - BLACK [MORE DETAILS] CYMA AM012 M4 RAS II CQBR Full Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG Rifle - BLACK [MORE DETAILS] CYMA CM018 Full Metal M4 Commando CQB Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle - BLACK [MORE DETAILS] CYMA CM507 Polymer M4A1 RIS Full Metal Gearbox Airsoft AEG Rifle [MORE DETAILS] **Check out more NEW CYMA airsoft guns at Airsoft Megastore! You Might Also Like Golden Eagle Full Metal M240B AEG Light Machine Gun LMG Elite Force Beretta MOD. 92 FS Gas Blowback M92 GBB Pistol BOLT Knights Armament BR47 SR-47 URX3.1 Electric Recoil AEG WE Tech Full Metal M4 CQB RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle Connect With Us Wed love for you to subscribe to our channel and, more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook. Let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV. Wed love to hear them! Just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page. [MORE NEW ARRIVALS] Join Us: YouTube: Airsoft Megastore YouTube Channel Blog: Bring Airsoft To The Masses » Airsoft Megastore TV Facebook: Airsoft Megastore | Facebook Twitter: Airsoft Megastore (airsoftms) on Twitter
  10. Location: North San Diego County, CA Rules No Trades Paypal only or Cash FTF in North San Diego County Additional photos available upon request I am inclined to provide discounts for bulk purchases AEG / Thunder B CYMA AKS74U - $100 shipped; $80 FTF Included in the package: Upgraded CYMA AKS74U (full metal, real wood) Soviet AKS74U sling Soviet AKS74U drop case I am the second owner of this AEG – I traded for it in January 2013. The original owner of the AEG rewired it (also added a mosfet) and upgraded the internals to obtain a high RPS (don’t recall the exact number – 20-30rps IIRC). I know that it was also upgraded internally, although I do not recall what they were exactly. However, I know that it fires reliably at about 325 fps with .25s Since I traded for it I’ve only used it in a few games. As a backup though, it has been brought it to many games, chrono’d, and subsequently stuck it back in its case. As far as an estimated round count, I have not put more than 3000 bbs through it. No batteries or magazines are included. However, I can include some MAG AK74 mid-caps with custom “fakelite” finish at additional expense. Magazines – Mid-caps / Standards 8x MAG Metal M14 Short Magazines (70rds) - $55 shipped for all Bought these to simulate real-steel 10rd M1A magazines. I have only used them at one game. They feed great, are metal, and feel amazing. 8x G&P Steel AK47 Mid-Cap Magazines (150rds) - $55 shipped for all Bought these a while ago for my VFC AK. They feel amazing and have a good heft to them. The area around the feed lips looks a bit scuffed because I punched out the pins to disassemble and thoroughly clean each magazine. They feed great in both my VFC AK and the AKS74U for sale here. 7x Dboys Metal M4/M16 Standard Magazines (68 rds) - $45 shipped for all By far my favorite magazines for the M4 platform. As I do not have an M4 AEG (and have not for a while), I have no need for them. They are clones of the Marui 68 round standards and are the smoothest feeding, most reliable magazines I have ever used. They are full metal. Magazines – Hi-Caps Got all of these as part of a purchase or trade. I have not personally used any of them since I don’t use Hi-Caps. Get them for cheap! 4x M14 Hi-Caps - $25 shipped for all 2x M4 / M16 Hi-caps - $15 shipped for both 1x G36 hi-cap - $10 shipped
  11. OK, I started an account on this forum to ask you guys a question. Basically I am looking for an AEG. And here is why I am asking you guys. Back in christmas 2012, I recieved my first AEG, a JG MP5-A5. It was totally un-usable as the charger that came with it had no electrical output. we contacted airsoftgi and they sent us a new charger.That charger did not fit the battery though so we had to call them again and ask for a new battery. They sent us a new battery but it didnt fit the charger. So we called again and they sent us a wire that converted the new charger to the new battery. Finally, the battery charged but when I put it in the gun (1 month after I had recieved) it turned out that the gun shot a couple of times, misfed then the gearbox just exploded, cracked and died. So there goes my first airsoft aeg, a crappy chiniese aeg that took weeks to actaully get to WORK AT ALL and in the end didnt even work. Anyways, fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I decided to try spring sniper rifles because I knew at least thos would work right? so I ordered an A&K dragunov and when it arrived it was awesome, but I didnt really like playing as a sniper, I was sick of the aeg toting commando gunning me down in the field. So I returned it and now here I am. I have been researching for months and it seems like every time I find a great looking full metal gun, somebody on a forum says that it is crap. So basically what I a trying to say is that I am looking for a reliable ak,m4 or m16 aeg. Noting exotic or hard to find because im sick of my airsoft guns breaking. My price range is around $170 and im looking for full metal and real wood, though I do know that some plastic m4s are pretty good. Also I really like fixed stocks, no folding please. Thanks a bunch, and I will be back to check on the results!
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