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  1. Hello, I recently bought this sniper replica from a friend (seems like a L96), and I wanted to buy other mags because the one that came with it is broken . Naturally, I bought a VSR-10 magazine, but it didn't fit in, it was too long and slim. So I don't know where to buy them, if there are still in production. Here are the dimensions : - Height : ~33mm or 1.29 inch - Width : ~21mm or 0.82 inch - Length : 95mm or 3.7 inch I also added photos so you guys can see the model. Also I can't play with the magazine in because it has no spring, nor it stays into place because of the lip that is broken. Can you please give me somewhat of a reference as of what to buy ? I can't think of anything right now, other than to buy another replica.
  2. why does the amoeba arms pmg-300 airsoft m4 magazine say restricted law enforcement & government use only?
  3. These were a small limited run in 500D Milspec AOR2 & 1000D AOR1 by Esstac. These are not made for retail sale, so this is the only place you're going to find them unless your buying from someone who bought from me and marked them up.These are listed on eBay too, but they are 16%+ more expensive there to cover all eBay's fees. **Naked = no webbing on the front, for a cleaner look Prices include shipping. Buy multiple, I'll cut you a deal. ****AOR2**** 1x Single Pistol Pouch $30 4x Double Pistol Pouch $50 2x Single 5.56 Rifle Short $35 1x Double 5.56 Rifle Tall "Naked" $60 1x Double 5.56 Rifle Tall $65 1x Double 5.56 Rifle Short $60 ****AOR1**** 3x Double Pistol Pouch $50 1x 1+2 (1 rifle, 2 pistol) "Naked" $60 (Pouch can be reversed) 2x 1+2 (1 rifle, 2 pistol) $65 (Pouch can be reversed) 2x Single 5.56 Rifle Tall "Naked" $35 2x Double 5.56 Rifle Tall "Naked" $60 3x Double 5.56 Rifle Tall $65 2x Double 5.56 Rifle Short "Naked" $55 2x Double 5.56 Rifle Short $60 3x Triple 5.56 Rifle Tall $95 1x Triple 5.56 Rifle Short "Naked" $85 High Quality Pictures of each pouch: AOR1 https://www.flickr.com/gp/60835115<AT>N03/7h8LFd AOR2 https://www.flickr.com/gp/60835115<AT>N03/wd6bRY
  4. Hi everyone, does anyone know more about these Adventure line magazines for sale on eBay. They look like premium quality because they also make real rifle magazines, but not much info online about the airsoft line. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/ADVENTURE-LINE-MFG-CO-INC-Airsoft-magazines-for-M4-M16-AirSoft-Rifle-Lot-of-4/202653961443?hash=item2f2f1e0ce3:g:U04AAOSw8yxcs7gS
  5. I have a green gas powered G19 airsoft gun. I am not sure of the actually model number. I believe it is made by WE and it is the gen 2 of the G19 but it doesn't line up with anything I've seen online. I tried to load 6mm into the mag but they did not fit through the feed hole thing. I asked on reddit and they said that it was just supposed to be tight. So I used a vise to force on in, which shaved plastic of the bb, then I have to use a screw driver to get it out. I found replacement magazine lips for the magazine. If I switched that out on my mag, would the gun funtion? Would it also work if I got another magazine that takes 6mm?
  6. My KWC Desert Eagle magazine seems to be leaking out of the top of the mag whenever I put in a new cartridge. I had one in before no issues, even shot it. If anyone has any info that might help it would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a picture of the hole the CO2 is leaking from.
  7. Hello Everyone, First time on this forum site and was wondering if anyone had any spare KWA MP9 mags that I could buy before I try to purchase new ones online. Decided to check here to see if I could save some cash. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Edit: Sorry, I will move this to the buyers page. If anyone could delete this, that would be great. Sorry again.
  8. Recently, I found this cool magazine style power bank on Emersongear. I was told it can take on airplane, and some friends asked me about it. Looks many guys are interested in this. Do you think it is worth buying?
  9. As the title states, I want to buy 2 more MP7 magazines. However, if you only have 1 then offer away! I am prepared to pay with PayPal, but I can also send a money order. I am located in Southeast MI, just west of Detroit if you would like to meet up. I am not sure what the going rate for these are anymore, but I know that I can get a brand new one for $55. External condition does not really matter, and also I would prefer that the mags not leak gas. However, I will still consider leaky mags that are leaking out of the bottom of the magazine. Please let me know if any of the magazines have high flow valves installed. Thanks for looking.
  10. I recently bought the A&K SR25K and three A&K SR25 midcap magazines for it. For some reason the midcaps take a lot of extra wiggling and pushing to get it to lock into the gun. The high cap the the gun came with goes in just fine but the midcaps wont. As far as I can tell the locking mechanism for the midcaps is exactly like the the high cap.
  11. I've just bought my first airsoft gun and it is an AK-47 AEG, and I have two questions about it. 1. How long do I charge the battery for? I have an 8.4v stick battery (Ni-MH 2/3AP 1150mAh). 2. Is it normal for exactly 4 BBs to fall out every single time I take out the magazine? Thank
  12. I have a green-gas powered Uzi but it doesn't work. I think the issue is that the pin on the mag valve does not budge so the gun can't press it in. I can't even press it in manually. I noticed this little metal piece that I think might be keeping that from happening and perhaps is supposed to be removed. Can anyone give me any advice? Thanks!
  13. Hello, I have been trying to find good M4 flash mags for a while. My first one was an old Lancer Tactical mag, which was awesome. Wound well, strong string, held a lot of bbs, etc. I lost that about a month later, so I ordered the same one. It got here and I found out it is terrible. You have to pull the string as much as you have to wind a normal hi-cap. It didn't hold a lot of bbs, and it barely fit in my gun. Once I thought the mag was in when it wasn't and it fell and broke. I have no idea what brand to get, and I have no idea what is a good one for me. Thanks for helping!
  14. Hey everyone, I have a Classic Army RPK-7 and I have been desperately trying to find a drum mag for it. Can't find the regular Classic Army drum mag, it's too expensive for me anyway. I've tried a cyma sound activated one and the cyber gun drum mag and neither worked. Is there one I can get that will work? Any help would be a appreciated. Thanks for the help.
  15. Hello everyone, recently I purchased a KWA M93R which is a gas powered m9. I always used C02 guns and this is my first ever green gas powered pistol. When I got the gun, it had no instructions and I didn't know how long I should hold the gas in for. My friend said about 30 seconds but I didn't know personally how to tell if your magazine is full and he didn't have the gun itself. If there is anyone out there who can answer my question, It would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have the 50rd extended magazine how long do you put gas in for that? Thanks!
  16. Looking to buy a few used MP5k magazines for a Gas Well G-55. New they're around $20-25 so was thinking $10-15 for used. I'll pay shipping obviously. PM me! c:
  17. Location: North San Diego County, CA Rules No Trades Paypal only or Cash FTF in North San Diego County Additional photos available upon request I am inclined to provide discounts for bulk purchases AEG / Thunder B CYMA AKS74U - $100 shipped; $80 FTF Included in the package: Upgraded CYMA AKS74U (full metal, real wood) Soviet AKS74U sling Soviet AKS74U drop case I am the second owner of this AEG – I traded for it in January 2013. The original owner of the AEG rewired it (also added a mosfet) and upgraded the internals to obtain a high RPS (don’t recall the exact number – 20-30rps IIRC). I know that it was also upgraded internally, although I do not recall what they were exactly. However, I know that it fires reliably at about 325 fps with .25s Since I traded for it I’ve only used it in a few games. As a backup though, it has been brought it to many games, chrono’d, and subsequently stuck it back in its case. As far as an estimated round count, I have not put more than 3000 bbs through it. No batteries or magazines are included. However, I can include some MAG AK74 mid-caps with custom “fakelite” finish at additional expense. Magazines – Mid-caps / Standards 8x MAG Metal M14 Short Magazines (70rds) - $55 shipped for all Bought these to simulate real-steel 10rd M1A magazines. I have only used them at one game. They feed great, are metal, and feel amazing. 8x G&P Steel AK47 Mid-Cap Magazines (150rds) - $55 shipped for all Bought these a while ago for my VFC AK. They feel amazing and have a good heft to them. The area around the feed lips looks a bit scuffed because I punched out the pins to disassemble and thoroughly clean each magazine. They feed great in both my VFC AK and the AKS74U for sale here. 7x Dboys Metal M4/M16 Standard Magazines (68 rds) - $45 shipped for all By far my favorite magazines for the M4 platform. As I do not have an M4 AEG (and have not for a while), I have no need for them. They are clones of the Marui 68 round standards and are the smoothest feeding, most reliable magazines I have ever used. They are full metal. Magazines – Hi-Caps Got all of these as part of a purchase or trade. I have not personally used any of them since I don’t use Hi-Caps. Get them for cheap! 4x M14 Hi-Caps - $25 shipped for all 2x M4 / M16 Hi-caps - $15 shipped for both 1x G36 hi-cap - $10 shipped
  18. I have a KJW m9 full-metal pistol that currently uses Co2, but I wanted to switch to green gas magazines. Could I do this or would I have to buy a new gun?
  19. I managed to pick up two brand new, sealed in box TM USP 100 round magazines at a local sale for $10 each...two years ago. I found them again today and would like to know whether or not they are compatible with the CYMA USP AEP. Thanks.
  20. Looking to buy KMP9 magazines. Must be in working condition with no leaks.
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