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  1. Hello!, I live in the St. Paul area and have been into airsoft for about 8 months. I’m fourteen and don’t currently own a gun, but I just got my vest at Goodwill (You scoff. It was a $70 discontinued Condor plate carrier with 2 double M4 mag pouches, a double pistol mag pouch, and a dump pouch equaling out to about $100-110. I got it with a half off coupon for $12. The goodwill people thought it was a hunting vest.) I just wanted to say hi to y’all and see if anyone has any recommendations for anything. This may sound nooby but I have watched airsoft videos probably averaging 3/day during the last 6months, so I’d like to think I have a clue but I probably don’t. I can put up a picture of the vest but imagine a cross between OD green and Coyote coloring. I also fully intend to rent guns before buying anything expensive. I play conservatively but not unaggressive. I play mostly recon but am not interested much in sniping. Currently I have my eye on a JG SOPMOD and Tactical Force USP. I’ve done me some lawn mowing and can budget about $150 for a primary, $60 for a sidearm, and about $150 for other tac gear. Primary: Need: An AEG, M4, Not CQB, WP rails, telescoping stock, not bad brand, blaze orange tip, TM compatible mags Want: I like JG and TM, Ideally comes with rail covers, metal gearbox, sling mounts Sidearm: Need: Semiauto, gas, blaze orange Want: WP rail(s), medium to large, blowback, Co2, white dot sights if no rails Tac gear: I’d like recommendations on: Helmet, Camo, dropleg holster, full cover paintball mask Thank you all! And to all a good night!
  2. Premier Airsoft battle park Entry: Saturday - $20. Sunday - $20. All entry fee money goes to build new forts, bunkers and to maintain the property. Working towards getting flushing toilets and building a new player club house/check-in building. 12 different and unique courses. 6 of them are with in a 50 to 100 foot walk of staging area. War Torn Town "Mayhem" * 20,000sf CQB. Shipping Containers * 20,000sf CQB. WWI Trenches * 16,000sf CBQ. Course #1 "DDAY" * 8 acres Wooded with a stream and two bridges. Course #2 "The Island" * Can be played small, just the Island 1 acre or use both side of the stream with hill *10 acres. Wooded with stream and two bridges. Course #3 Giant Castle * 6 acres attack and defend. Very new! Castle being build July & August 2014. Amazon "Hamburger Hill" * 8 acres Wooded with steam and one bridge. Front half of the Pine Trees * 8 acres. Back half of Pines * 6 acres. 3 Player Squad Challenge course. Wooded and Very New July 2014. Mission ready testing area * 40 acres * special ops mission play only. Not all listed. Twin Cities Airsoft 2261 130th Ave Baldwin, WI 54013 612-333-1700 http://www.twincitiesairsoft.com AAIRSOFT RENTAL: Gun only: Standard $20. - Tippmann w/HP Tank $30. Goggles only: $5 Goggle - $5 Goggles and Facemask. Package: Gun, Goggles and 2500 bb's $30. HP Tank $10. Vest: $5. Gloves:$5. Thunder V: $8. for core and one shell. $3. for extra shells. AIRSOFT ITEMS FOR SALE: NEW Pricing. Bio BB's: .20/5000 $15. - .20/2500 $10. .25/5000 $20. .28/5000 $25. .30/5000 $30. .32/5000 $35. Thunder V: 1 Shell $3. 12 Shells $25. Packs: 3 Shells w/Core $30. 12 Shells w/Core $45. Gloves $20. HP Air Bottle 48/3000 $45. Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun call for price. SNACKS FOR SALE: Hot Dog $2. Sport Drink $2. Soda $1. Bottled Water $1. Bag of Chips $1. Candy $2. LG Pickle $1. We will have power outlets for players to use their own chargers. Plus we will have a rapid charger for players to use as well. Games will have objectives. We are always changing courses and game scenarios. Feel free to invite your friends! This is going to be a fun time! Facebook event page: Event Page Only 40 minutes from Saint Paul. Take I94 to into WI to Baldwin exit #19. See Directions Here! Limits: 400fps with .20BB's. 375fps with .25BB's. Maximum velocity allowed for Snipers is 500fps with no shots closer than 100 feet to opponent. Any Sniper Weapons MUST NOT have the ability to fire FULL AUTO. If under 18 full paintball facemask is required. All players must sign a waiver. If under 18 a parent must sign it. Read Rules Here! Facebook Page * Twitter Page * YouTube Page * Real pictures from Twin Cities Airsoft.
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