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  1. Hello!, I live in the St. Paul area and have been into airsoft for about 8 months. I’m fourteen and don’t currently own a gun, but I just got my vest at Goodwill (You scoff. It was a $70 discontinued Condor plate carrier with 2 double M4 mag pouches, a double pistol mag pouch, and a dump pouch equaling out to about $100-110. I got it with a half off coupon for $12. The goodwill people thought it was a hunting vest.) I just wanted to say hi to y’all and see if anyone has any recommendations for anything. This may sound nooby but I have watched airsoft videos probably averaging 3/day during the last 6months, so I’d like to think I have a clue but I probably don’t. I can put up a picture of the vest but imagine a cross between OD green and Coyote coloring. I also fully intend to rent guns before buying anything expensive. I play conservatively but not unaggressive. I play mostly recon but am not interested much in sniping. Currently I have my eye on a JG SOPMOD and Tactical Force USP. I’ve done me some lawn mowing and can budget about $150 for a primary, $60 for a sidearm, and about $150 for other tac gear. Primary: Need: An AEG, M4, Not CQB, WP rails, telescoping stock, not bad brand, blaze orange tip, TM compatible mags Want: I like JG and TM, Ideally comes with rail covers, metal gearbox, sling mounts Sidearm: Need: Semiauto, gas, blaze orange Want: WP rail(s), medium to large, blowback, Co2, white dot sights if no rails Tac gear: I’d like recommendations on: Helmet, Camo, dropleg holster, full cover paintball mask Thank you all! And to all a good night!
  2. Hey guys, I'm Jay from New York and I'm a new member here. I'm also new into the airsoft world, I'm 20 now, so I spent the better part of my childhood playing with spring powered handguns and basic plastic rifles thinking they were the best thing in the world haha. I remember getting my first AEG AK-47 at 10 years old and being so ecstatic that I didn't have to :censored2: it each time, thing probably shot 200 fps at 8 rounds a second but to a 10 year old that was amazing. So 10 years later I'm learning about all the different types of guns and I've spent a good time doing research so I think I have pretty good understanding of most things. I have an AMG L96 I recently got on ebay for cheap that I wouldn't even consider my first major gun, and a spring powered 360fps M1911 I dug out of the attic. I want to be versatile between scouting with the L96 and actually being in the direct action. Definitely have been looking more towards GBB rifles than AEG's for now, just because of the uncertainty and quirks and necessities AEG's seem to have, as well as I like heavy, metal guns with blowback and at least SOME recoil. I'm trying to spend like $200 or less on a GBB, so any suggestions would be great. I know that doesn't leave many options so maybe even suggestions for a really good, versatile medium-short range AEG. Would probably spend about $150-$200 if I had to on a good AEG. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello, I'm Jay from New York, I recently started getting into airsoft and I definitely want to get into the competition side of this rather than just recreationally. The only equipment I have is an AMG L96 I won on an Ebay bid for $40 and hopes and dreams haha. I have been researching a lot and hope to get a nice GBB rifle rather than an AEG and start playing in some matches. Its nice to meet you guys and be a part of this community!
  4. Hello, ASF! I'm ObeliskTD, but you can call me Obelisk for short. I'm an amateur Airsoft player hailing from the east end of Massachusetts who's trying to get into the hobby more seriously. I'm also profoundly deaf! I wear hearing aids to help me hear everything around me, and I feel like the digital microphones help me a bit with pinpointing sound. Anyways, I'm not here to babble about myself. I'd love to meet other Airsoft players on and off the field and make a few friends on ASF! So I have a bit of a big collection of Airsoft gear but some are "offline" - that is, I can't use them for one reason or another. I'll mark them as necessary. Here's what I have right now: (Pictures later) Offline guns: ASM MP-001 (Fake Wood) KS E90 w/built-in red dot (Full Metal) + 2x ECHO mid-cap ASG Steyr AUG A1 w/Swarvoski Scope + 3x Matrix mid-cap Online guns: Umarex MP5A4 ZCI piston head (M-71) SHS O-Ring nozzle SHS Piston with 14.5 teeth ZI V2/V3 Integration cylinder head x3 Umarex MP5 Mid-cap Tenergy 7.4 1200maH 20C Game Face GF76 (Crosman Pulse R76 - nice try there )Tenergy 7.4 1200maH 20C x2 clear plastic hi-caps Game Face GF529NC STAR 1x25 Compact Red Dot SightBlack Ops Wolverine (CO2 Pistol - non-blowback) Elite Force Race Gun (Ironsights, not rail) Umarex Walther P99 DAO Classic Army M249 SAW Madbull TBB 6.03 Maple Leaf bucking nknown spring, but shoots around 360-370 SHS 14.5 Piston SHS POM Piston head Matrix Magnum gold torque motor Unknown hardened Gears O-ring Nozzle Unknown brand cylinder. Fuze cut out and wired to Deans I hope I'll get to meet some of you guys in Airsoft games soon!
  5. Hello folks! I am returning to the sport after a ~3.5 year hiatus and am looking for a little advice. Apologies for the long post. Before I left, I had upgraded my own BAR10 rifle and unfortunately... hardly used it. Coming back, I would absolutely love to use this rifle as I invested such a large amount of money into it originally. I do, however, have several questions. I'll provide a list of upgrade parts (to the best of my memory, and looking up a few previous orders on websites): -Laylax Zero Trigger (with included piston) -Laylax Spring Guide (7mm?) -Firefly or Nineball bucking -EdGI tightbore barrel -Angel Custom SP150 spring (HORRIBLE spring) The main problem I had with the rifle was that the spring was rated as 420-520 fps. This was way too broad of a range, as when I last had the rifle chronoed it was shooting .20's at 400 fps. This was hugely discouraging to me and I (at the time) had given up on the project. My question now is: would using this same gun, and replacing just the spring be a wise thing to do? That Zero trigger should be fine right? What about the other components? I mean the thing has sat untouched in a case for four years. I've been looking at different websites for a nice spring replacement and honestly the only thing I can think of is the Laylax SP150 due to it being a nice ~510 fps and also being compatible with my 7mm Laylax spring guide. The problem is that they're out of stock everywhere. Anyone out there, if you were in my position what would you do? I'm trying to keep this whole revival project as cheap as possible. A new bucking/spring/spring guide are things I'm totally open to. A new $200 Z trigger, however, nooo thank you. My goal is to shoot ~500 fps to be able to accurately lob some .36's down range. The rifle in it's current state shoots no further, and only slightly more accurately, than an AEG. A huge thank you in advance to everyone!
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