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  1. Hello, I am a newer airsoft player, looking for closer fields. Anybody know of any fields (I prefer indoor) within a 45 minute radius of Columbus, Ohio? If so, please list any for me. Also looking at buying my own AEG, so if anybody knows of a decent one for a max of $200 (USD) please let me know.
  2. So.. A little info.. I'm 182 cm tall, and I weigh roughly 200kg....? Despite my weight, I'm quite persistent. I'm not worried about running out of breath or so.. I'm more worried to be called out on my size.. I recently played paintball and it was hella fun and I could keep on going all tough it was physically hard.. But I'm more drawn to airsoft, but I'm worried because I don't know the average player, and the community. Any tips, would help? ?
  3. Hey my name is Duncan I live in georgia. I am new to airsoft and I want to know if there is any good milsim groups around in georgia.
  4. Hello, I recently bought an A&K Magpul Masada from the AirsoftStation retail store (I live in MN). I took the gun out to the field yesterday and, as a stock gun, it is the best I have ever played with. Granted, this has been my most expensive gun, but still. I was blown away at how far I was hitting people. Anyways, I noticed the BB's have a great range, but the hop-up was not incredibly consistent. I'm pretty sure this is due to the gun coming with the plastic stock hop-up unit. The guy at the store I bought it from suggested that I upgrade that right off the bat, which I am looking to do right now. In the future I'll most likely put a new barrel in there, and maybe upgrade various internals, but for now the gun works fine. I currently have found two aluminum hop-up units on Evike. One is "CNC", the other is "Wii Tech CNC". The simply "CNC" one has four reviews saying that it is great. Yet the "Wii Tech" has none. There is a $40 difference between the prices, and I'm not sure if that extra money is actually worth it. Also, I have to replace the stock. On the field we were playing a hostage gamemode, and I had to bandage the hostage. I put my gun down for a few seconds, and in the chaos someone kicked it and broke the stock... So having to buy a $30 stock and a $65 hop-up unit is kinda harsh on me, since I am on a tight budget. In the end, my main question is: Is the extra ~$40 worth it? If it really is, then I can make the budget work. If not, let me know. The guy at the store said I should drop around $60 for the new hop-up, I just want another opinion on it. What also makes this harder is that I am not entirely sure what parts fit my Masada. I would like some tac. rails, but I can't seem to find any Masada-specific handrail kits. I am also not sure what barrels will fit my gun, or if specific ones work better/worse for Masadas. Same goes for suppressors. I'm not confident enough to buy parts based on my own knowledge yet, since the various brands, models and variants make it very hard for me to understand what will work and what will not. It seems like there are hardly any parts for Masadas specifically, but can I use other AR modification kits, such as ones for ACRs? Thanks so much for the help, Caleb
  5. I'm looking for an airsoft gun with a horizontal magazine. Like the P90 or the PDW-57 (yes I know that gun isn't real.;-;) I am also looking for a really good bullpup airsoft rifle that can go full auto or semi, no, the Aug is not applicable. Thank you!
  6. Hello I am new to the airsoft world I have been playing for about 3 months now and hooked I have even started teching on my own weapon that I bought used I live in northern cali where there is only one airsoft field so I play with my brother and my friends house he has about 2 acres that he change into an airsoft field not to big but big enough to enjoy our self's greatly
  7. Hello, I am completely new to the airsoft world, and very much would like to become a part of it. I am currently a college freshman trying to get my associates in science. I have a background in photography, hence the tag, and would like to do 'wartime' photography on the side while I play. To be entirely honest I never have even touched an airsoft gun. I played paintball and gone to a few shooting ranges but never airsoft. And after watching youtube videos on the internet for a while and I like how airsoft is so much more immersive than paintball, with milsim events and the general feel from airsoft. My favorite places to play would be abandoned factories and houses. (which I would like to meet up with other people and compete/takepics at such places) I did that whole personality test thing, and it said I am a Choleric/Sanguine. (My exact score was 8,8,5,3) I would like to get some gear and my very first airsoft gun. I have been looking through the internet and have come to some decisions about a good starter gun and gear. I want to main a pistol so that I can switch between my camera and my gun with ease while I play. I live in Dallas, so the airsoft stores that are available are few. The questions I have are should I buy online and if so, what website? Or should I go to one of these stores in person and view the guns they have in person? As for gear I probably will get that from the store.
  8. My friend wants to purchases a m4 at first I recommended Krytac since I own one but he didn't like the key-mod rails. So I recommended him g&p ive heard they make good internals and he likes their m4s looks. So im basically asking anyone who has owned a g&p brand gun, if its a solid gun externally and internally.
  9. WTS $349.99 REDUCED *Please Read Description* I have used this lightly once or twice at Cedar Creek. It is super fun, but the barrel length just wasn't enough for me. This gun just didn't fit to my play style so I am going to buy a longer barrel rifle after I sell this. I have stripped it down and cleaned it already and it shoots great. I bought all of this originally for $562.13 and that is w/out tax and shipping so I'm willing to go down to $349.99 because it is all basically new and only been used a few times. Thanks for looking. I'll even throw in two 5,000 round bottles of .20 Elite Force BB's in with it and 2 cans of green gas. Gun Info below! (Gun Description from Evike.com./Place of purchase.) Looking to meet up. I really prefer not to ship as I am hoping for cash. Text if you have any questions you can reach me at 980-233-1629. I'm in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area. Name's Nick. :) *Vertical grip and laser not included* H&K Licensed MP7 Navy Airsoft SMG GBB Rifle by VFC Umarex Elite Force Features: Fully licensed by H&K True 1:1 scale replica! Hard kick blowback design Front 20mm accessory rails Top optic rail Front and rear low-pro sights flip up to full sized sights Metal collapsible stock Length: 420mm / 580mm (Collapsed / Extended) Weight: 1860g Inner Barrel: ~200mm Magazine Capacity: 40rds (Not compatible with KWA MP7 magazines) Muzzle Velocity: 390 FPS (Measured with 0.25g BBs and Green Gas) Thread Direction: Gas Type: Green Gas, Propane Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety Package Includes: Gun, 4 Magazines, Manual Hopup: Yes, Adjustable Manufacturer: Umarex / Elite Force
  10. For sale is 4 KWA 20 rd mags that are brand new/never used. 3 are still in the bag 1 is loose but the seal is still intact meaning it hasn't been used. $30 ea or $110 for the lot. - Paypal only. - I can ship within 24 hrs. - Buyer pays shipping of their choice. - I will consider trades. - Thank you for looking and have a great Christmas!
  11. Hello Airsoft Forum! I am a newer player in the airsoft world and I had an interesting and very odd parts suggestion request for my M16 AEG, I wanted to make it effectively a "LMG" with a grenade launcher! I was wondering what mods I would need (the first, and mandatory, upgrade is a gearbox shell. According to two of my close friends I have a "pot metal" one which has a high chance of failing) to make my Frankenstein gun? I will be using this outdoors and indoors (indoor max 351 FPS with .25g) but mostly outdoors (outdoor limit is 400 FPS with .25 and no more than 20 RPS). Here is the gun I have: http://www.evike.com/products/54830/ Here is a gearbox shell I was looking at: http://www.evike.com/products/58282/ Beyond the gearbox shell I have no clue what I am doing so I need some help. I want this as cheap as possible so if I don't need more than a gearbox shell then just tell me! TL;DR: I want to modify my gun so that shoots 400 FPS, <20 RPS, and for low cost while also having the characteristics of an airsoft LMG (sustained fire (bursts that last a few seconds) without damage). Thanks for any part suggestions. I know this is an odd idea but I want to be that "special" guy with an odd gun. Oh and a cool flash mag: http://www.evike.com/products/56161
  12. Brand new, in box Classic Army M15A4 for sale. Only test-fired once. Includes everything shown in photo. $250 OBO.
  13. Warrior Assault Systems DCS-R Plate Carrier Overview - Available from - UKTactical - www.UKTactical.com Warrior’s latest edition is the releasable version of Its legendary DCS Armour Carrier. The New DCS-R has all the standard features of the DCS with the addition of a new internal cable system, featuring an ambidextrous release pull. The release pull is securely located in the shoulder and allows a smooth, rapid separation of the front, back and sides of the carrier into individual components. The DCS-R is fully adjustable for size on the shoulder and girth.
  14. Hello! ​I just bought a brand new G&G Combat Machine, and along with it, a new Tenergy 9.6v NimH Stock battery from AirsoftGI. Sadly, the smart charger wasn't able to get to me yet. I have to go to my friend's airsoft event (which is tomorrow) and my battery isn't working. I only have a crappy wall charger that works great for my 8.4v NimH, but when I plug in my 9.6v, it says it is charging and everything, and when it is finished, I take it out and put it in my gun. The first ten shots or so are great, great rof, great power, and it has no sign of low charge. After that I shoot one more shot and it immediately stops. I pull the trigger, but it makes a click-grinding sound. I then have to plug in my 8.4v, and it seems even better than the other. HELP!
  15. Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a new AEG and I am very interested in the VFC Vr16 series of guns. I'm just wondering where people stand and there thoughts on VFC
  16. So here is the deal: we recently started a new team in Bakersfield, California (you've probably heard of us because of bad air quality). We are doing wonderful, new players, a good practice schedule, etc. But we can always use new players, and have been trying to find as many as possible. We have decided to start expanding to other parts of the state (or country for that matter) to get more and more team mates. If you have a group looking for a team, you can join the team and lead your group in practice. If you would like to join the team, no matter how far away you are, feel free to message me, email me at djpitcher&lt;AT&gt;bak.rr.com, or just reply below. -I know it sounds confusing and a little odd, but please contact me for info.
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