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Found 6 results

  1. When I first got my KWA CQBR mod 1, it was shooting around 350 fps. I recently put the following upgrades in my gun trying to get better fps, range and accuracy. A m140 spring, a high torque motor, a new piston and piston head, and an angel custom 6.01 inner barrel. After installation my fps was about 230. So then I installed a type 0 cylinder and just because I was crunched for time I put in the old weaker spring. Now my chrono reads about 18 fps. The bb is literally rolling out of the barrel with a fully charged battery. Before I installed the cylinder I checked the air seal with the piston and it seemed to be fine. I really have no idea what the issue is. Any advise would be very appreciated.
  2. Do I have to Short stroke the piston if I short stroke the sector? What happens if I don't?
  3. Hey guys~ I've had my CA SAR M41 for several years now, and have upgraded it countless times ever since. Recently I decided to go all out, and replace most of its compression rig. New parts are as follows (all parts are for V2): Lonex steel, non-ported cylinder Lonex CNC aluminium cylinder head Lonex G3 air nozzle w/ o-ring Lonex CNC aluminium piston head G&P CNC aluminium piston w/ included steel sector gear GATE nano aab fet' Everything fir together fine until I first test fired the gearbox, at which time the piston would not only get suck almost instantly, but successive pulls of the trigger would cause the piston to inch back little by little until the mechanism finally completed a cycle and decompressed. I knew something was creating an enormous amount of resistance. The fet' had a built-in electronic fuse, and I believe that is the reason why the motor would only pull the piston back ever so slightly before cutting out. An addition indication would be that the battery would become very hot, although the motor would not. I first decided to try swapping out the G&P sector gear for the stock CA sector- I had to drill off the two leading teeth in order for the gear to mesh properly with the piston's shortened tooth rack. Sadly, this did not fix the issue. I can say with 101% certainty that the gears are shimmed perfectly- using the bevel to pinion method of course :P. The piston head is also a nearly perfect match with the cylinder as well. So my next hunch would be the piston rails meshing with the gearbox improperly- has anyone ever head of this happening before? I have yet to compare the original piston with the G&P- I'll get to that soon. Anyway, thank you to those who were attentive enough to read my ramble! xD I'll appreciate any help I can get. TL;DR------------------>> I think my piston is too tight for my stock CA V2 gearbox. Anyone heard of this happening before? Please Help! ~Myriad
  4. Searched extensively on the Tar 21s available, specifically for the Elite Force Elite model version. Saw two breakdown threads for the Elite model on two other sights (Booliganairsoft and Airsoftsociety). On one sight, they showed the stock piston with a full metal rack and the second tooth factory removed with a ported piston head. The other sight shows a stock polymer piston with all the teeth (second tooth present) with polymer teeth. Again, these disassembly photos were specifically for the EF/Umarex Elite model of the Tar 21. Does anyone here know if there were two different models of the Elite model (I'm not referring to the difference between the Elite and Competition models)? If so, how to tell prior to purchase if you are going to get the metal toothed piston rack version or all polymer piston version? If there are two versions of the Elite model, are there any other differences/changes as well.
  5. im wanting to get an upgraded piston (preferably steel reinforced teeth) anyone know the best one for my King Arms RAS2 M4 ? details on the gun here http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=16372
  6. Hello everyone, My buddy has a Lancer Tactical ak74 that during the middle of a match stopped shooting and had a sound "whining sound". When we got back home we decided to pull it apart to make sure the gear box was ok and as soon as we opened the box up the piston slammed forward. We put everything back together and took a few shots. After about the 4th or 5th shot the whining continued and the piston was once again jammed in the far back position. Does anyone have any ideas on whats wrong and or how to fix this?? Thanks in advance.
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