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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering what color plate carrier I should get to match my BDU, just like the title says. I have a real military M81 woodland BDU (A picture of which is at the bottom of this post). I was looking at three options of color-but if you have any others that may look good, its fine. I considered Ranger Green and OD Green. The following products I am linking you to are to represent the color, not the actual product I would purchase. If you have any plate carriers to recommend, I would be pleased to listen. Ranger Green: http://www.evike.com/products/46945/ OD Green: http://www.evike.com/products/43499/ Any help is much appreciated, thanks for reading!
  2. I'm looking to upgrade my worn out kit and was wondering if it was possible to run everything essential for skirmishing/day sims on just a battle belt? Before you call me nuts; hear me out... I enjoy running light, my current kit is as bare bones as it gets, a basic belt rig with accomidations for only the most basic of implements (4x magazines, utility pouches and a dump pouch) It holds all I need, even for day play, with that and a backpack. Secondly, I'm tall. I've given friends PC's test runs in skirmish and they all seem incredibly awkward (as well as small or fat). Grabbing at my nipples to pull velcro straps is counterproductive in the heat of battle. A battle belt seems to sit at that right hight for me to swoop up with my hand and slap that mag in. Thirdly, that price. Even a craptacular condor vest costs easily 100$ and in Canada, that number can easily double. Not even including plate carriers made by reputable service brands (5.11, Emerson, etc) Whilst your cheap old first line can be as low as 20$. All I'm looking to put on it is as follows (Something accomidating 6x AR mags, a large utility pouch, dump pouch, ER pouch and a radio pouch) So what do you think, could this work or am I not "milsim enough, bruh?" Also, new to the forum, so if this deserves a plant in another section, by all rights, tell me. All imput is apreciated!
  3. Attention: I am from Austria (Europe). The below mentioned price includes shipping to the US, which usually takes 10-15 days. You can also pay in USD via Paypal. Hey guys. I am selling my first home sewn plate carrier. It is just a prototype and therefore has some shortcomings. It is however an overall great high quality "made in Austria" plate carrier. Price: 150$ materials used: - Genuine 500 Denier Cordura from Brookwoods, IRR & DWR - Original Multicam Webbing, imported from the US - Alterfil thread - made in Germany thread which melts together after being ironed, which makes it virtually impossible to open It's features: - Takes Small SAPI plates, should also take 10"x12" plates As you can see with the S SAPI there is still some room. I do not have any 10"x12" plates to try with, so I can't guarantee they fit. - zigzag stiches on spots with a lot of tear - X seams on velcro - triple stiched + zigzag'd PALS webbing - adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable elastic cummerbund - slanted velcro with pull tabs for easy opening - Front: detachable padding, back: sewn in (wanted to try both methods :P) - detachable shoulder pads - removable foam in cummerbund - big solid Multicam velcro space for Patches, V-Lite, PTT, etc. - small velcro space on the back Now, here are the shortcomings: - right shoulder strap folded a bit - some unpleasant stiching http://abload.de/img/dsc_1231e9rzj.jpg http://abload.de/img/dsc_1236rzr83.jpg - inverted velcro on one shoulder pad... *facepalm* http://abload.de/img/dsc_12179kswq.jpg Now this is how it looks on me (6', 145lbs) So as you can see it's more for the skinnier/smaller airsofters, the adjustment possibilities are however similar to the LBT 6094a. http://abload.de/img/dsc_002741sbi.jpg http://abload.de/img/dsc_0028cfsrx.jpg http://abload.de/img/dsc_0030vpsfb.jpg
  4. Sale closed as of July 31st THANK YOU everyone who has purchased some gear and helped promote my sale on social media! It has been a huge help in this time of need and I am happy to see my gear go to good homes. Thanks and God bless!
  5. Warrior Assault Systems DCS-R Plate Carrier Overview - Available from - UKTactical - www.UKTactical.com Warrior’s latest edition is the releasable version of Its legendary DCS Armour Carrier. The New DCS-R has all the standard features of the DCS with the addition of a new internal cable system, featuring an ambidextrous release pull. The release pull is securely located in the shoulder and allows a smooth, rapid separation of the front, back and sides of the carrier into individual components. The DCS-R is fully adjustable for size on the shoulder and girth.
  6. Warrior’s Covert Plate Carrier (CPC) is a low profile slick armour carrier designed to hold 10 x 12 plates and US style SAPI Plates. The CPC is fully adjustable on the shoulders for size. The sides are made from double layer high quality elastic, and incorporate 2 internal pouches on each side which can hold mag pouches and/or radio. The sides are fully adjustable for girth by way of Velcro closure. The CPC can be upgraded to create the CPC-MK1 Combo by adding Warrior’s TVMP Triple Velcro Mag Pouch for 5.56mm mags, which attaches to the front of the carrier by means of Velcro and is then secured shut by overlapping the Velcro elements of the side elastic side sections. Made from Genuine U.S. Mil Spec materials.) 500D Cordura Performance Specifications Weight: 7.1 Ounces per Square Yard Tensile Strength: Warp 453 lbs / Fill 348 lbs Tears Strength: Warp 14.1 + lbs / Fill 14.1 + lbs Abrasion: Wear Cycles 1955 Water Repellency: 100% Webbing Genuine US Mil Spec Webbing Standard Colour Option include Genuine Crye Multicam, Coyote, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG Special Projects Colour Options include Black, Ranger Green, Olive Green 25mm (1 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1200 lbs 38mm (1.5 Inch ) Breaking Strain: 1800 lbs 50mm (2 Inch ) ) Breaking Strain: 2200 lbs Threads Thread quality is fundamental to the construction, durability and strength of tactical equipment. Two factors have a negative impact on the life Span of threads 1) Mildew is one of the most common factors in the deterioration of military kit, causing it to rot and ultimately results in unacceptable failure. 2) Sunlight has a harmful effect on the performance of threads, and over time causes their deterioration. Warrior only uses the highest quality US Mil Spec nylon threads imported from the USA which are threated against both UV and Mildew. Infra-Red Properties All our Clips, Fabrics, Plastic Hardware, Threads and MultiCam/Coyote Webbing are treated at source to deliver the lowest I.R. Signature possible. Plastic Hardware Warrior only uses the highest quality ITW Military rated Clips and accessories imported from the USA. Soft Armour This product is capable of holding NEXUS soft armour. Contact us for more details. Hard Armour This product is capable of holding NEXUS hard armour. Contact us for more details.
  7. Hi there guys I'm pretty tall guy, 6'3 and weight around 245lbs And I'm looking for a decent (My first) plate carrier. Now after searching the web for little bit, I came across those 2 plate carries. With one would you recommend and why? 1 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=29970 This one I like because, has 5 m4 pouches, put they can't be taking off or move around. And it has a wast band. so it doens't move around that much when running. 2 http://www.evike.com/products/37354 This one has 3 m4 pouches, and come with a pistol pouch on left side. Same as other one, those pouches are not removable, or taking of. But this one, you can take hole front of, and put then any pouch on that you want, like 6 m4 pouches. Both plate carrier, have a built in hydration carrier for water bladder And both cost the same. Let me know your thoughts on these plate carrier. Or maybe you know better ones in this price range. Oh I'm only looking for OD green ones. Quint
  8. I've decided to sell some stuff to make room for more toys as well as needing the cash for other projects. You guys all know the drill. All items work flawlessly and are in great to excellent condition. I am not interested nor will I entertain trades of any kind, Sorry guys. Cash is King! Well Paypal is King!! Lol. That being said, I will only accept Paypal and I will not hold items longer than 48hrs for a buyer who has committed to purchasing an item. 48hrs is plenty of time to allocate necessary funds. All prices include shipping so please do not ask me to lower the prices. If you want a lower price, you must pay shipping. On to the listing..... ALL PARTS TOGETHER TMC AOR1 JPC w/SAPI Plates and matching Magpul AOR1 MS3 Sling. It has an internal compartment that can hold 3 M4 mags SOLD Condor Gunner Plate Carrier TAN (Hydration Carrier & Bladder Not Included), but all other pouches are $90 Shipped PTS ACC M4 Suppressor (Non-US Version) with T51 Counter Clockwise Flash Hider. Very hard to find. Especially the non-us version. SOLD 4 Flash Mags (Airsoft Extreme Brand) they feed and work flawlessly, 2 Classic Army Hicap Mags also feel flawlessly. All 6 for $50 Shipped WE M&P Full-Auto with extra mag. Guns shoots perfectly in semi and full auto. Mags do NOT leak at all SOLD Genuine Magpul PTS MBUS FDE SOLD APS Rhino Flip Up sights $30 Shipped
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