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  1. I am selling my APS red dragon on Ebay. It has been used through a few games but it's still in great shape. More Info Here: https://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Used-Airsoft-APS-Red-Dragon-Custom-AEG-Rifle/401959253002?hash=item5d96a3740a:g:Qe0AAOSwFWVdw1fv
  2. got some gears for sell like Backpack, rifle bag, mag pouch , helmet accessories etc. 100% new and original brands like ,Grey Ghost Gear, HSGI, Tactical Tailor etc Please check the products list at below bit.ly/2y6hKn2 / Product page
  3. Iv'e been looking far and wide for a great airsoft Micro Uzi out there. I want to avoid those awful and cheap AEPs with battery magazines and gravity-fed BB reservoirs you can find on Evike unless they are the other way around: an AEP with a BB magazine and a battery reservoir. I have my eyes set for the Maruzen Micro Uzi, but that thing is really hard to find. It's either sold out or discontinued, no surprise since the gun was made in 1990. The only one I know that's on sale is this one deal on Ebay for $355, which is ridiculous. Are there any decent airsoft Micro Uzis or Uzis in general on the market today? Any clones of the Maruzen Micro uzi? Any AEPs or GBBs worth buying? Thanks!
  4. Title says it all! I am in search of a KWA 2GX gearbox shell so I can HPA it, If you know anyone or have a spare one laying around I am having lots of trouble finding one! thanks!
  5. Hey guy's, I'm selling all my airsoft gear and gun because although I love the sport, lately I haven't have the time for it. Please take your time to read the description of all the gear. Gun: The gun I have WAS originally an M4A4 but ive completely redone it and converted it into a MK18 Mod 1. It costed me around $800 to completely build this gun (including the stock rifle). It has an Insight Elemental light on the right side if the gun (Perfect for seeing where your bullets are going), a PEQ box on the top, and a dual-switch on the left side to control both the box and the light. There all two magpul flip up sights on the top and a stubby grip on the bottom. I did a scratchy tan and black paint job on the gun. $400 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/uQ9PS Plate Carrier/Vest: The vest itself is a tan LBT 6094a. It has 6 mag slots. a blue mountain gear kangaroo insert (for 3 mags) and a blue force gear TEN-SPEED triple mag pouch. I completely removed the original cumberbund and added a PIG elastic cumberbund. On the back I have two small pouches and a eagle lbt minimap (the backpack) $150 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/iQEDs Helmet: http://imgur.com/a/7H1ZG $50 Belt and Dump Pouch: http://imgur.com/U6VjtC4 Comes with Plate Carrier/Vest CONTACT: If you need to contact me please just reply to this topic. If I don't respond than send me an email at jake.huskey00<AT>gmail.com
  6. Hey guys look I need this stuff sold. All prices are obo but no stupid offers. I will consider trades but for strictly high quality items as Im trying to raise money for a 2000 dollar new loadout. Email me at sgregorich2<AT>gmail.com if you have a serious offer/inquiry as I wont be checking the forum that often (If you buy a bundle package ill give you a solid deal) PICS - http://imgur.com/gallery/rrJkR/new ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guns - Ares m110 in tan (dosnt include scope or peq) - barely used in fantastic condition - 400 Tanaka aics (dosnt include bipod or scope) - 800 Upgrades: Polarstar hammer spring Tanaka high flow seal on bolt King arms vsr conversion chamber Creation metal hopup housing Full G&G steel parts Nineball bucking 6.01 orga tightbore 2 hpa tapped mags - still have one conversion so you can switch a mag back to gas HELL of alot more upgrades I cant remember atm Kwa g34 - extended mag + 3 regular mags w ranger plates - 130 Stark arms g18c - 80% recoil spring - kwa hammer/set spring - kwa trigger set - 2 mags - 120 Kjw g19 - upgraded steel slide - 80% recoil spring - upgraded metal black outer barrel (kwa) - kjw upgraded steel hammer - 2 mags - 120 - needs new hop up bucking KWC taurus pt99 - 2 mags - tts nozzle - kj works recoil spring - gaurder trigger piece #6 - 85 Ares g36cv (dosnt include scope) - threaded barrel - Metal tango down flashhider - one hicap - 200 Vfc scar ssr - 5 mags with magpul ranger plates and original flashhider - needs to have a rear wire sodered back to the contact - 450 ESS Land ops goggles in tan - clear and smoky lenses - 45 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- gear: Specter gear .762 rapid reload vest - 80 Voodoo tactical double pistol mag pouch - 5 Emerson fast helmet with extra pads and mesh mask attached - 60 Specter gear .762 triple mag pouch - 60 VIVO acu hydration pack with bladder - 20 Condor black tactical belt with crossman holster - 15 Tru spec combat shirt in large long - 30 Phantom gear dump pouch - 10 Phantom gear single m4 mag pouch - 5 Phantom gear large emt pouch - 10 IF YOU WANT TO BUY ALL THE GEAR I COULD DO IT FOR A REALLY LOW PRICE LEAVE A COMMENT
  7. - Never been fielded. (Almost Brand New) - NO TRADES PLEASE - Battery and Charger NOT included - Chronoed at 400-420 FPS - Includes 2 Magazine - Wired to the Buffer Tube to DEANS connectors - Orange County and Orange, CA buyers only please - $220 Obo (Retail: $280)
  8. Thanks for looking, let the AKstravaganza begin!!! WTS NO TRADES PAYPAL or CASH Shipped from 90004 *FPS are rounded to the nearest multiple of 5* JG AK-74 RIS - $150 shipped LIKE NEW! 385 FPS, Shoots great, Steel receiver, No mag. Javelin AK-47U EBB - $140 shipped LIKE NEW! 350 FPS, Built in MOSFET unit, Shoots good but could use a better bucking, Real wood furniture, Weathered metal body, Stock wont stay extended due to broken locking latch, No mag. Echo1 RedStar OMG (RPK) - $180 shipped Practically new! 395 FPS, Shoots great, Wobbly stock due to a cracked hinge (can be JB welded), Drum mag and bakelite mag included DBOYS RK-06 (latest version) - $115 shipped LIKE NEW! Steel receiver, Real wood furniture, 375 FPS, Shoots great, No mag. DBOYS RK-10 (latest version) - $105 shipped LIKE NEW! Steel receiver, Real wood furniture, 375 FPS, Shoots great, No sight post/flash hider, No mag. DBOYS RK-02 (SLR-105) - $75 shipped Good condition. 390 FPS, Has feed issue otherwise gearbox cycles great, Stock will not stay folded due to broken latch, New tappet plate installed. 2 mags included. King Arms Galil SAR - $75 shipped Works good! 260 FPS, Shoots ok, Feed issues, Hop up needs work, Loose gas tube, Mag included UTG Warhawk (SLR-105) - $50 shipped Works good! 330 FPS, Shoots good, Mag included
  9. Up to 90% off EVERYTHING! Get Nut Crackin great deals at Airsplat! http://www.airsplat.com/nsearch/?q=Nutcrackin+Deals#/?keywords=Nutcrackin+Deals&search_return=all&Stockstatus=1 WELL MB4405 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle $50.00 http://www.airsplat.com/well-mb4405-spring-airsoft-sniper-rifle.html 3-9x40 Airsoft Gun Rifle Scope $3.00 http://www.airsplat.com/airsplat-3-9x40-airsoft-gun-rifle-scope.html Green Gas 8oz Can Airsoft Gas $1.00 http://www.airsplat.com/uhc-bestek-lightening-green-gas-8oz-3.html Boyi Dboys AR M4 M16 190 Short Magazine $1.00 http://www.airsplat.com/boyi-dboys-ar-m4-m16-190-short-magazine.html JG M14 Airsoft AEG 70 Mid-Cap Magazine $1.00 http://www.airsplat.com/jg-m14-airsoft-aeg-70-mid-cap-magazine.html Ambidextrous Holster With Mag Pouch $0.50 http://www.airsplat.com/ambidextrous-holster-with-mag-pouch-blk.html AirSplat Warrior Selector Switch T-Shirt $2.00 http://www.airsplat.com/airsplat-warrior-selector-switch-t-shirt-7.html ASG M4 M16 85 Round Mid Cap Magazine $8.00 http://www.airsplat.com/asg-m4-m16-85-round-mid-cap-magazine.html Emerson FAST Ballistic Style MH Helmet $10.00 http://www.airsplat.com/emerson-fast-ballistic-style-mh-helmet-b.html AirSplat 3-9x40 Airsoft Gun Rifle Scope $3.00 http://www.airsplat.com/airsplat-3-9x40-airsoft-gun-rifle-scope.html HSGI, Tactical Tailor, Coyote Tactical, and LBX pouches ALL $15.00 http://www.airsplat.com/apparel/ac-vest-rig-pou/ac-poucheses
  10. Don't miss our Labor Day sale this weekend! Save big on popular brands such as G&G, Condor, ASG, Umarex, H&K, Colt, and many more.
  11. Hey guys Austin with Element Airsoft Team just wanted to give all of you guys and gals a nice deal from our sponsors at Fox Airsoft, All you have to do is quickly fill out a survey https://tr263.isrefer.com/go/Learn/ElementAirsoft/ and you'll get a nice discount towards your next order!
  12. We're celebrating the 3 year anniversary of our retail store this weekend at Airsoft Station! Almost everything is 15% off! Log into the website and use coupon code 3YEARS to save 15% on your order. Sale ends August 31st! If you're in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area stop by to see our store for yourself! Click here for our store hours and directions.
  13. Rules & Stuff Paypal only, ships from CT, NO TRADES, I cant hold items for more than 3 hours without a deposit, If you have a brand new account you will need some form of account validation such as an eBay account with feedback or reddit account with an account more than a few days old. PM me with any questions. First up is the ICS SIG 551. It includes 3 mags, a 1600 mAh Intellect battery (covered in duct tape though). It is upgraded with a Prometheus 6.03 barrel, Prometheus purple bucking, M110 spring, SHS piston head, SHS cylinder head with sorbo pad, shimmed, and wired to deans. Asking $225 shipped CYMA CM.041k MP5. It includes 3 Hi-Cap mags and one mid cap as well as one 1600 mAh Matrix battery (wired to deans) Asking $100 shipped Random gear. Chest protector, $30 shipped Mesh face mask, $8 Shipped Goggles, $15 Shipped Gloves $10 Shipped. Neoprene face mask, $7 Shipped 3 point sling, $10 shipped 0.25 bbs, unknown brand (bottle), $7 shipped 0.23g bbs, unknown brand (bag), $9 shipped
  14. Hey I'm looking for a KAC style rail for my CA m4. I going for like 15 bucks to spend but don't be afraid to offer me something that will cost more.
  16. Alright, I have an AGM MP40 that works perfectly fine but the body just wobbles alot and its on sale for $75 and this guy keeps lowballing me and wants me to sell him the gun for $30. Don't you hate that when people low-ball you to that degree? I'm trying to pay for some tech work from a friend and this guy wont take the hint, I offered him the gun for $50 and he's like no, $30 and we got into a little fight and he gave me my first bad feedback on my ebay account. Pisses me off. excuse my french.
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