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Found 13 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been playing airsoft for about a good year now, and have owned two guns. A G&G CM16 and a KWA Commando. After my G&G motor wore out, I chose to leap for something more "Lasting" and purchased a KWA Commando. I've had the gun for about 6 months, and the problems only seem to get worse. It began with the battery wiring coming off, then the lower receiver cracking, the HopUp not working, the HopUp getting stuck, my FPS going from 300 to 100, and the gearbox getting worse and worse (Sluggish) every time I play. Although I could fix these problems, I hate the fact that I had to face them to begin with, considering the fact that I am a person who cares about everything and treats everything super gently. Only having one year worth of experience, I feel as if the whole community can help me decide on a new AEG that I can actually "Rely" on and will actually "Last". Keep in mind I would like the guns to be readily upgradable and not proprietary. Thank you guys so much...
  2. I can finally post this now that AirsoftForum is back online. So over my HiCapa years, I've experienced greatness with TM Mags and just overall bad things with WE mags. Those are probably the only two I've actually tried, but after a couple of online posts. I've read that ProWin Mags are also amazing. Could you guys tell me your personal experience with Hi-Capa mags and which you find to be the best. Thanks! Also feel free to include upgrades you've done to the mag as well.
  3. How is everyone doing today? Being a big fan of TM GBB, I was just recently informed that TM "Next-Gen" M4's are full metal. Although I am extremely hyped, I do understand that their SOPMOD is much older than the CQB-R. Which brings me to the question, does the CQB-R have much more upgraded internals? I want a longer barrel, but I would rather have something much more "UpToDate." I also thought that TM updates them every year and retailers sell the updated models. I am in need of answers as I would like to get one very soon :D. Thank you everyone and I hope you all continue to have a great day!
  4. Hey guys, Just two weeks ago, I purchased the TM 5.1 Hi-Capa Gold Match. I had always used 1911s, but a this was my first ever Hi-Capa. Just today, I used it for a couple of games with normal green gas, as my propane was dying. On the third round, my Hi-Capa ran into a malfunction and shot one round and the slide did not go all the way back. Because I was in an engagement, I quickly racked the slide a couple of times and my problem was fixed. Later throughout the day, it happens again and again till the point where its not shooting correctly. I assumed it was lack of silicone oil and used silicone but the problem kept getting worse. I finally brought it to the technician at the park who was able to diagnose that my O-Ring was falling off. He fixed it but the problem happened again and the O-Ring had ripped. I asked the tech there and he had said that I should just replace the Blowback housing. He recommended a UAC Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Blowback housing ( http://www.evike.com/products/51971/ ) this is where I was wondering if you guys could give me suggestions on either other options for the blowback housing or for other upgrades I should do to my Hi-Capa that would make it even better. Thanks!
  5. Hello Everyone, I come today with a question. After being a Marksman on the field for a quite bit, I've noticed that I have do much better in CQB environments. I wanted to get a new CQB M4, but there are so many options and I am having a difficult time in deciding. I currently have either two decisions, to get a standard CQB M4 with decent internals and pimp the externals or to get a G&P Prokit and build on to that. Here is the basic gun I was thinking of building on to,http://www.evike.com/products/54086/I've heard good reviews about 8mm Gearboxes and King Arms so I thought this might be a good base gun, this is the Prokit option (http://www.evike.com/products/41444) I thought this might be good considering the fact that G&P makes excellent Gearboxes. Please tell me your opinions and options below. Also, if you have another recomendation for a Base gun, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, a while back, I bought several hop-up buckings for my AEG to see if they really made a difference. I fell in love with the Promethius Soft type bucking and was wondering if I could use it on my We-Tech 416 AKA: M4-SOL considering the fact that GBBR's have different mags and they feed differently. So here are my questions: What upgrades can be done on GBBRs? Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, I own a Baofeng UV-5R after a friend gifted it to me for my birthday saying it should be our new type of communication on the field. After looking over several videos, I was told that I need a license to legally use this radio. Is this true? I'm also only going to be using this for airsoft and maybe for other occasions only. Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, Nowadays, everyone talks about how the G&G flashhiders are almost impossible to remove. Today, I was thinking about it, how about you just remove the outer barrel assembly and change it? Amirite?
  9. Hello everyone, recently I purchased a KWA M93R which is a gas powered m9. I always used C02 guns and this is my first ever green gas powered pistol. When I got the gun, it had no instructions and I didn't know how long I should hold the gas in for. My friend said about 30 seconds but I didn't know personally how to tell if your magazine is full and he didn't have the gun itself. If there is anyone out there who can answer my question, It would be greatly appreciated. Also if you have the 50rd extended magazine how long do you put gas in for that? Thanks!
  10. Hello Everyone, if you're like me and you like realism within airsoft, then you probably either have or want a GBB rifle or pistol. I own several GBB Pistols and one GBBR. I use green gas most of the time and used Propane once but just couldn't stay with it due to the smell. I guess some people get used to it so I'm thinking of going back, with an idea. Changing the smell of propane. How am I going to do that? By Aroma Oil. See, at first I thought of spraying some Febreeze, but two reasons that wouldn't work. First off, its gas. Second, it won't fit in the adapter. Thats why I'm thinking of using aroma oil to kill the smell. By placing Silicone and Aroma Oil within the adapter, I hope I would be able to act just like green gas, yet it smells good! I haven't tried this theory out yet and I'm planning on doing so soon, but I would like to hear feed back from everyone first. If you do not mind, please give a reason to your answer! Hopefully this helps! Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone, I run a BurstWizard3 in my AEG. Last night, I was looking at the manual when I found out there is a feature called Pre-Cocking. I was wondering what that is and if it can increase my ROF or just increases trigger-response. Thanks!
  12. Hello Everyone. I thought I'de post this because I wanted to see if my thoughts were actually possible and were used by others before. I run a belt through my BDU pants and every time I go to a game, I have to loop my dump pouch, holster, and other pouches before actually wearing my belt. Because I play at many desert type games, I have to wash my pants every time so I spend about an hour or so after a day at the field removing the belt and then washing the pants. Because my belt loop is pretty tight around the belt, I have a hard time having to remove then un-looping the belt and attachments. I thought of something that might solve the problem, but I want to know from you guys to see if it is a good idea or dumb idea and if you've used it before. I was thinking of getting a normal belt around my pants, but getting my combat belt over the belt with my attachments, so that every time I get out of a game, I can just remove the combat belt and easily wash the pants. Hopefully you can provide me with an answer and maybe some pros and cons. Thanks!
  13. Hello everyone, I have a question I hope someone can answer. I have a CM16 Raider-L AEG. It is a pretty common gun and I wanted to make it more unique. I recently found the Magpul MOE Handguard online at Evike and wanted to apply that on to my gun. My barrel is 14.5in long with a 6.5in RIS. I wanted to know if that would be possible. Thanks!
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