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Found 23 results

  1. Ever since I began shopping around for airsoft guns, I couldn't help but notice that certain Tokyo Marui guns are marked as "High Cycle". What does this mean? Does it mean that the gun has a higher rate of fire than a non-High Cycle gun?
  2. For Sale brand new in box Tokyo Marui Glock 22. Fully compatible with TM G17 aftermarket parts. 200 shipped via USPS 3 Day to the 48. *Pm for pictures
  3. Hey everyone, So I run a WWII setup and in so doing use an old school full enclosure holster for my TM 5.1 Hi-Capa. The problem is that the holster is so snug that it bumps the mag release when I run, causing my mag to fall out. Is there a way to reverse the mag release so that it's on the right-hand side of the gun and I'd release the mag with my trigger finger? Essentially making it a lefty setup. Thanks,
  4. Pretty much brand new TM Glock 18c. Played a game with it, worked wonderfully with the exception of sometimes having to the pistol twice before it fired for some reason but aside from that, wonders. so today I go to fire a few shots and gun just wont work. I think its a leaky mag so I try another one and same thing. I fill the mag up, load it in the pistol, c0ck it and a BB literally falls out the barrel and then I fire and all I hear is the hammer clicking and thats it... I take the mag out and now the mag is magically empty (I try pressing the valve) im really confused as this is a new gun and its TM, not supposed to be trashy right.
  5. I have been intereste in a MBK for my TM m9a1 for a while now and having done some research I think my choices are essentially the CNC'd Nova kit and the Cast Guarder kit. The Nova kit is like £290/$375 and the Guarder one is around £80/$105. Obviously the Nova kit is the path of least resistance (my wallet is cowering in the corner as I say this) but I was wondering if anyone here has experience with said Guarder kit, or any other Guarder kit for that matter. All the info I can find on guarder kits is "They are a pain", "You need alot of patience", "get a good set of files + sandpaper" and "with trial and error you'll get it". Even the "instructions" on the guarder website is like 10 images and f all info. So I am wondering, where does a new person to MBK installation get the knowledge on how to fit a MBK without ending up with 80 quid of incorrectly filed/sanded metal kit and potentially a wrecked TM m9?
  6. For sale is the TM G17 3rd Gen GBB I tried to post this to ebay but due to branding I was not able to sell it there. You can my id on ebay it is bk0823 and I have 100% feedback. (http://feedback.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bk0823&ftab=AllFeedback) You can also probably tell the items I currently posted have same background. I have Tokyo Marui G17 that I want to sell. I bought it from a friend who bought it for the look then upgraded to aluminum slide and barrel and muzzle. I am the second owner and I bought it for the looks as well. He and I together probably shot about 500 rounds. I was told that it is Army aluminum slide. It has been eating dust so I decided to sell it. $230 shipped. If you want to contact me via text, please PM me.
  7. Just sharing my upgrades for my hi-capa 5.1. GSB slide look so good and was in perfect finish. Excellent quality. But quite costly. Slightly tight when insert to the frame. But it just getting smoother after a few rack. Other parts were just drop in. I have a few Guarder slides before but the quality is huge different then the GSB. So I was happy what I paid for. This is the first time for trying all UAC upgrades. At first, I was doubt in aluminum nozzle. But they just work amazingly well and smooth. They are just drop in without mod. The bang sound was just loud. FPS is stable. Some of my friends were using it for quite some time and theirs are still alive. For the bucking, it just did what it say. Material is good, quite durable after tried a few hundred rounds. No wear out. One thing I found out that it has a slightly flat bottom of the bucking that was different from others. Seems they are try to fix the jamming problem that usually happens when the nozzle push back forward to the chamber. Or the nozzle stuck by the bucking when cocking and hard to go back. This happens when bucking was not install properly or it was aged, it will cause jamming. Btw, its worth for $$. Found a video about UAC bucking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1eqUoVH88g The hammer power tuner kit was a totally replacement for the 150% hammer spring. A very convenience set up that you can adjust the power of the spring and fine tune. It come with a hard and a soft spring. You can change the spring or just add/remove spacers. A very smart and handy design. Shooterdesign grip was in the market for long time. It was just like the real SV STI grips with checkered texture. The main drawback is you need to mod. A lot of fitting work need to be done. Stock TM grip is always the best grip and you can do custom works on it. Guarder outer barrel finishing is good. Slight fitting needed to make it run smoothly. I may try UAC barrels next time to see if any different. PDI 6.01 barrel is just the king of the barrel. Perfect finish, always the first choice for barrels. Here’s the parts that I used. PDI 6.01 barrel - ehobby GSB 5.1 metal slide -AEX Guarder Outer barrel -AEX UAC bbu -evike UAC aluminum nozzle -evike UAC hop-up bucking-evike UAC hammer power tuner kit -evike Shooterdesign grip -ehobby Hope this help and as a reference for those who want to upgrade on a Hi-capa.
  8. Just found this BBU for TM P226. Anyone tried this? http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Accessories_GBB_Other_WA_M4_Parts_UAC_Aluminum_Blowback_Housing_for_Tokyo_Marui_P226_GBB.htm
  9. Hey Guys, I have a problem with my TM m1911, whenever I load its mag with gas and BBs, it shoots four times until it runs out of gas. I already checked the mag, it is not leaking. Gun: Tokyo Marui M1911 Colt Government (GBB) Gas: Walther Hi-Pressure Airsoft Green-Gas BBs: KSP Corporation perfect BBs 0.25g For this gun I only have one mag, so its hard to check if it is the mags vault or even the gases... I need help since I don't know what I can do... Thanks, Angelo
  10. With the season for outdoor airsoft coming to a close in my area, I'm looking for a gun for CQB use since nothing in my current arsenal is within acceptable FPS limits for the indoor field I plan on playing at. Having thought about it for a bit, I'm looking at either a Tokyo Marui AKS-47 or Tokyo Marui Thompson M1A1. I've read good things about both guns, and having tried out my brother's G3 SG/1, I have not been disappointed. Nevertheless, I'd like to get some fresh perspectives on the matter. Being that I'm going for a TM, budget is no object for me.
  11. hello everybody! New to the forums. I recently got a matrix l96 tm clone. it clocks in at about 340 fps with .25 bbs. I was wondering what parts I can get to raise that. I see kits on evike but I don't really trust them. im looking for about 500 fps give or take. if I got a 170 spring would my internals be able to handle it? would I need a better piston and spring guide? I want my sniper to be very accurate and have a lot of range. im new to all of this. any help will be much appreciated!
  12. hey guys just wondering if this we slide: http://www.evike.com/products/34356/ , is compatible on my tokyo marui dual stainless 4.3 hi capa, please let me know as soon as yall can
  13. hey guys so I short stroked two teeth off sector gear and (by mistake) short stroked 3 teeth off full steel piston rack. now I'm using an m130 and IM STILL GETTING OVERSPIN. any idea of how to fix this? By the way, I'm running an 11.1v. due to m130, the 7.4v wont cut it
  14. So first time poster here. So I bought a used stock TM M14 a while back from one of my local shops. It works really well but I want to upgrade it to get the best performance. I've never done any upgrades before but this gun makes me really get started in upgrading(I think the fact that I would own an upgraded m14 would be really cool). I want to use it as a DMR but I can't go over 500 fps(I know fps is not everything when it comes to a gun but I thought I should throw that in) as with most places. So where should I start?
  15. guys so I was trying to use my tm p226 but.... the friggin fill valve snapped on me. any replacements I can use??
  16. WTS/WTT E&L AK105 PMC-E upgraded with 6.02 zci tightbore barrel,m110 spring and flat hopped professionally. Shoots 380-390. Only issue is only shoots full auto at the moment due to factory defect in trigger/cut off lever. only costs $8 for part so easy repair. gun has never been fielded only about 500 rounds through it. just decided to change over to a nato kit for milsim west. $480 for gun plus 5 MAG brand plum mags plus 2 ak stick type 11.1 lipos batteries and minimalist stock along with front and rear scope mounts. $400 for gun only. bought it for $442 so cut off $40 for trigger issue. buyer pays shipping http://www.wgcshop.com/product_detail1.php?item=EL-AEG-A110E-G2 will trade for relatively new TM 416 or M4 with mags and batteries-aegs converted from TM special plus to tamiya is a plus. transaction will be through ebay for safety
  17. Looking to pick up a few more projects, and these I will have to go eventually. A few rules about the sale: The only payment I would take is through PayPal. I will ship items ASAP If you do not agree with the prices, send me an offer for anything. The prices do not include shipping unless it’s stated in the sale of that item A few items that I have an interest in trading for (but not limited to): -Daytona Gun/Escort -Sun Project AR parts -JAC AR Externals -Rare/interesting AEGs Rifles/SMG/Shotguns Youth Engineering MP5A5 $375 OBO A barely used YE MP5 I picked up with 3 proprietary YE mags. It has fantastic felt recoil with a very distinct sound when firing and FPS depends on the input PSI. The frame is constructed out of rolled aluminum with brass internals. The externals and internals have very minimal wear other than the retractable stock and the rear iron sight. This is the precursor to the Escort MP5 that uses AEG magazines and can be turned into one with a little machining work. It will require a complete HPA/CO2 rig in order to run. AEG Triple Upper M4 package $250 OBO Got here a metal bodied AEG (unknown manufacturer but of decent quality) with 3 compatible uppers, 20in. M16A4, 14.5in. M4A1 and a spare blank upper. Uppers have steel CCW birdcage and Knights QD flashhiders. Unfortunately, do not have inner barrels for the 14.5 or 20in setups, but it does include a short 10in. brass barrel with bucking. It does work and feed well but sounds a bit loud and whiny. Will consider part outs if wanted. Internals include: -7mm reinforced gearbox (Possible King Arms) -Marui EG1000 motor -Systema standard straight gears with KA bevel -VFC Piston + Piston head -fluted polymer spring guide -Madbull 3in1 hopup chamber -Prometheus Type 1 cylinder -King Arms Cylinder head -King Arms M4 air nozzle -Rear wired trigger to a set of detachable Deans Pistols Tokyo Marui PX4 $200 OBO Marui PX4 with 3 working magazines (2 TM, 1 WE) and 2 WE parts mags (Both missing feed lips and one missing the mag follower). Has an upgraded PDI 6.01 tightbore barrel and a Detonator CNC aluminum outer barrel. Unfortunately does not have the extra backstraps but I can acquire them if needed. There is a slight crack by the right rear safety switch but it does not hinder function. Tanio Koba USP w/ Zeke metal slide $170 OBO Got a TK USP with a Zeke Metal slide and Sheriff one piece steel outer barrel. Barrel is barely used and still has a bright shine. The inside of the slide does have a bit of wear from the metal outer, but it does not hinder function. Currently has Gen.2 internals with a metal magazine. However, if the buyer wants the Gen.1 internals and mag(s), I can swap them out free of charge. (Willing to part out slide and barrel if interested) Accessories/Externals/Internals -Zeke 1:1 M4/M16A2E receiver $125 OBO Comes with A2 pistol grip, CAR-15 stock (plastic/polymer) with 4 position buffer tube, charging handle, dust cover, and magazine release. Might have the rear pin as well, just need to find it. It has different sized detent pins then a WOC or Prime that I do not have. Also, appears buffer lock is glued into place at an angle and it does not hold the buffer in at all. -Zeke 1:1 GBBR M4A1 upper receiver $50 OBO -PDI 6.01 363mm SS inner barrel (WA/G&P GBBR) $60 OBO -G&P 14.5 steel outer barrel (WA/G&P GBBR) $35 OBO -Steel WOC hammer with roller bearing + sear/disconnector $30 OBO -KM Head JAC MP5SD SCS - $100 Bought for a JAC MP5SD that I had but then sold it before I got to install it. It’s BNIB with instructions. -Tokyo Marui M4 Knight's suppressor $30 OBO -Reinforced 8mm gearbox shell with steel bearings $25 OBO -Prometheus Helical torque gears (Steel) $50 OBO -Systema helical torque gears (Steel) $25 OBO -TM EG700 motor $10 OBO Might be willing to part with one of my PGC/Pro-Win CNC 7mm gearboxes if anyone has an interest in it Let me know any questions and thanks for looking!
  18. Hey guys, I'll be soon getting my hands on a WE SMG8. Knowing WE is the easiest to break, I was wondering what upgrades are good to buy. I'm assuming new valves for the mags and maybe an extra nozzle? Thanks guys.
  19. How is everyone doing today? Being a big fan of TM GBB, I was just recently informed that TM "Next-Gen" M4's are full metal. Although I am extremely hyped, I do understand that their SOPMOD is much older than the CQB-R. Which brings me to the question, does the CQB-R have much more upgraded internals? I want a longer barrel, but I would rather have something much more "UpToDate." I also thought that TM updates them every year and retailers sell the updated models. I am in need of answers as I would like to get one very soon :D. Thank you everyone and I hope you all continue to have a great day!
  20. Hey guys, Just two weeks ago, I purchased the TM 5.1 Hi-Capa Gold Match. I had always used 1911s, but a this was my first ever Hi-Capa. Just today, I used it for a couple of games with normal green gas, as my propane was dying. On the third round, my Hi-Capa ran into a malfunction and shot one round and the slide did not go all the way back. Because I was in an engagement, I quickly racked the slide a couple of times and my problem was fixed. Later throughout the day, it happens again and again till the point where its not shooting correctly. I assumed it was lack of silicone oil and used silicone but the problem kept getting worse. I finally brought it to the technician at the park who was able to diagnose that my O-Ring was falling off. He fixed it but the problem happened again and the O-Ring had ripped. I asked the tech there and he had said that I should just replace the Blowback housing. He recommended a UAC Ultra Light Weight Aluminum Blowback housing ( http://www.evike.com/products/51971/ ) this is where I was wondering if you guys could give me suggestions on either other options for the blowback housing or for other upgrades I should do to my Hi-Capa that would make it even better. Thanks!
  21. Will ship at buyers expense (flat rate of $10) Hey there everyone! I have a Tokyo Marui SIg 552 for sale. This is the real deal, with trademark all over the gun. It is 100% stock, and ready to be upgraded. It will come with two 8.4v batteries, a total of 4 (four) midcap magazines, and one vertical grip. The 4x ACOG will be an extra $40. I'm asking for a measly $120 Please let me know if you have any questions!
  22. Hey Guys, I have been doing a ton of research on the two most popular TM (Tokyo Marui) airsoft snipers - Pro Sniper vs. G-Spec. However, I haven't found enough information about the 45 degree trigger sear vs. the 90 degree trigger sear. I guess my question is is the G-Spec's trigger sear going to strip if I upgrade it to let's say about 450 fps? Also does the G-Spec's silencer effect accuracy, is the pro more accurate, and which will be better for only upgrading to a better spring, piston, spring guide, and maybe a R-hop/W-hold bucking? Thanks
  23. My kwa g36 had its gearbox break and ive been desperately trying to find a replacement for it. I know I can get it from kwa but for 90 bucks its too expensive for me. I wondering if anyone has had any luck either just fitting or modifying any other style gearbox for it or is the anywhere I can find a used gearbox shell for cheap. really anything will help at this point. thanks
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