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Found 2 results

  1. Looking to pick up a few more projects, and these I will have to go eventually. A few rules about the sale: The only payment I would take is through PayPal. I will ship items ASAP If you do not agree with the prices, send me an offer for anything. The prices do not include shipping unless it’s stated in the sale of that item A few items that I have an interest in trading for (but not limited to): -Daytona Gun/Escort -Sun Project AR parts -JAC AR Externals -Rare/interesting AEGs Rifles/SMG/Shotguns Youth Engineering MP5A5 $375 OBO A barely used YE MP5 I picked up with 3 proprietary YE mags. It has fantastic felt recoil with a very distinct sound when firing and FPS depends on the input PSI. The frame is constructed out of rolled aluminum with brass internals. The externals and internals have very minimal wear other than the retractable stock and the rear iron sight. This is the precursor to the Escort MP5 that uses AEG magazines and can be turned into one with a little machining work. It will require a complete HPA/CO2 rig in order to run. AEG Triple Upper M4 package $250 OBO Got here a metal bodied AEG (unknown manufacturer but of decent quality) with 3 compatible uppers, 20in. M16A4, 14.5in. M4A1 and a spare blank upper. Uppers have steel CCW birdcage and Knights QD flashhiders. Unfortunately, do not have inner barrels for the 14.5 or 20in setups, but it does include a short 10in. brass barrel with bucking. It does work and feed well but sounds a bit loud and whiny. Will consider part outs if wanted. Internals include: -7mm reinforced gearbox (Possible King Arms) -Marui EG1000 motor -Systema standard straight gears with KA bevel -VFC Piston + Piston head -fluted polymer spring guide -Madbull 3in1 hopup chamber -Prometheus Type 1 cylinder -King Arms Cylinder head -King Arms M4 air nozzle -Rear wired trigger to a set of detachable Deans Pistols Tokyo Marui PX4 $200 OBO Marui PX4 with 3 working magazines (2 TM, 1 WE) and 2 WE parts mags (Both missing feed lips and one missing the mag follower). Has an upgraded PDI 6.01 tightbore barrel and a Detonator CNC aluminum outer barrel. Unfortunately does not have the extra backstraps but I can acquire them if needed. There is a slight crack by the right rear safety switch but it does not hinder function. Tanio Koba USP w/ Zeke metal slide $170 OBO Got a TK USP with a Zeke Metal slide and Sheriff one piece steel outer barrel. Barrel is barely used and still has a bright shine. The inside of the slide does have a bit of wear from the metal outer, but it does not hinder function. Currently has Gen.2 internals with a metal magazine. However, if the buyer wants the Gen.1 internals and mag(s), I can swap them out free of charge. (Willing to part out slide and barrel if interested) Accessories/Externals/Internals -Zeke 1:1 M4/M16A2E receiver $125 OBO Comes with A2 pistol grip, CAR-15 stock (plastic/polymer) with 4 position buffer tube, charging handle, dust cover, and magazine release. Might have the rear pin as well, just need to find it. It has different sized detent pins then a WOC or Prime that I do not have. Also, appears buffer lock is glued into place at an angle and it does not hold the buffer in at all. -Zeke 1:1 GBBR M4A1 upper receiver $50 OBO -PDI 6.01 363mm SS inner barrel (WA/G&P GBBR) $60 OBO -G&P 14.5 steel outer barrel (WA/G&P GBBR) $35 OBO -Steel WOC hammer with roller bearing + sear/disconnector $30 OBO -KM Head JAC MP5SD SCS - $100 Bought for a JAC MP5SD that I had but then sold it before I got to install it. It’s BNIB with instructions. -Tokyo Marui M4 Knight's suppressor $30 OBO -Reinforced 8mm gearbox shell with steel bearings $25 OBO -Prometheus Helical torque gears (Steel) $50 OBO -Systema helical torque gears (Steel) $25 OBO -TM EG700 motor $10 OBO Might be willing to part with one of my PGC/Pro-Win CNC 7mm gearboxes if anyone has an interest in it Let me know any questions and thanks for looking!
  2. Here’s a few rules about the sale: The only payment I would take is through PayPal. I will ship items ASAP If you do not agree with the prices, send me an offer for anything. The prices do not include shipping unless it’s stated in the sale of that item A few items that I have an interest in trading for (but not limited to): -Prime/Viper/Inokatsu/Iron Airsoft/Bomber WA system receiver -Silver or chrome metal slide/frame for TM M9 (Zeke) -TM 1911 slide/frame (Nova, Prime, PGC etc) -TM P226 slide/frame (Prime, PGC, Creation etc) -Tanio Koba USP parts -Classics (Escorts, Sun Project, JAC, Asahi, Sheriff) Now onto the sale! Rifles/Long Arms Testing the waters on the following items: Youth Engineering MP5A2/A3 YOUTH ENGINEERING MP5A2/A3 $450 OBO Here is an old but fantastically crafted classic. Will come with only one mag and I believe it is still in the break-in period. It is barely used with almost no wear on the internals. It is missing a small piece on the top of the MP5. Currently in the process of converting it into an Escort. No physical work done yet and currently modeling the parts for CNC/3D printing. Will come with the A3 retractable stock if I still have it, otherwise will be sold as an A2. Best Gun MRP Complete 14.5 inch tan kit $325 OBO Here is a fairly rare MRP kit made by Best Gun. Features a 10 inch monolithic RIS and a quick change barrel assembly. The gearbox is a SRC 8mm bearing gearbox with silver low resistance wiring, Marui high cycle gears and piston, and a G&P M120 motor. Current FPS is within the range of 300-325 at about 27 RPS. The build quality is nice and the upper has minimal wobble. Will come with a tan metal midcap with the ranger plate. Pistols Testing the waters on the following items: Tanio Koba USP #1, Marui G18C TANIO KOBA USP #1 $350 OBO Here is one TK USP with the rare full auto unit, a metal outer barrel TWO extended 60 round mags. Hasn’t seen too much use and was a spare to my main TK USP if that one ever fails. Full auto works beautifully and both mags do not leak. TANIO KOBA USP #2 $175 OBO All stock TK USP that I intended to keep as a parts USP. My main has not broken down on me at all and thus I have no use for this one at the moment. It will come with two gen.2 standard mags (solid black casings). Tokyo Marui G18C $400 OBO A mildly used GBB G18C with 3 extended 50rd mags and 4 G17 mags.Currently the rotor is chipped and semi works most of the time while full auto will occasionally work. Looking to get a replacement rotor to fix the issue. All mags are genuine TM and have Glock trades. Accessories/externals/internals Testing the waters on the following item(s): N/A SPAS 12 folding stock and hook - SOLD -A genuine TM folding stock and hook in good condition. Unfortunately it does not have the stock button or mounting screws, but I might be able to source the button from a KTW SPAS, have the button made with a 3D printer or send you the files for it to print at a local 3D printer. ACM Aimpoint comp M3 with M4 riser mount N/A -Painted green/black by the original owner. Brightness and dot adjustment works as it should. Tokyo Marui MP5/G3 high rise scope mount $20 OBO UTG Quad Rail, G&P Delta ring and Triangle sight $30 OBO New and unused spare Prime LR300 Upper $100 OBO G&P WOC buffer tube with crane stock $35 OBO Sheriff M4 LRB $50 OBO G&P WOC 14.5 steel outer barrel, steel, flash hider and hop-up base with inner barrel $60 OBO Aluminum 14.5 AEG outer barrel with tri prong flash hider - SOLD Items will be added in later posts! Possible items: Hidakaya SR15 receiver, Tanio Koba 10/22, VFC MP5A3, Marui SPAS 12 with stock+hook and more! Thanks for looking!
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