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Found 9 results

  1. What's up everyone ! I'm Kev new here from NY. Question for all of you here. What If all of your favorite local and online Airsoft stores as well as airsoft enthusiast we're all under one online website where you can buy, sell and trade used airsoft equipment. How good of an idea would that be? Answer this short survey to find out if we have a chance to build something that hasn't been built yet. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfp4jG_gyokflrbU9W3oqgLAH6Icxf4w9wX_t0c4tFm-Qi-Fg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  2. Hello all, sorry if this was posted in the wrong section as I am new to this forum. A KWA Kriss Vector has always been my dream gun, ever since getting into airsoft. Sadly, they don't sell them anyone, and I don't want to get the soon-to-be released ebb one by krytac. Also unfortunately I can't go spend $600-1500 on ebay to acquire one. However, I do have a KWA g36c 2gx that is only months old, and a umarex ump elite which is also only months old. Both guns have a bit of playing time on them, but not that much compared to my pistol, as after buying them I figured out they don't really suit my playstyle, although they are both wonderful guns. Both guns are in very good condition, except for a small dent in the top rail of the g36c, and the charging handle on the ump broke loose of the dust cover, which means you have to adjust the hop-up by pulling back the ...thingy that actions back to release the shell on the real gun (don't know what it is called.). If the potential trader wants, I could try to fix it. The g36c had its rails removed, as I don't use them, and in the process lost one of the original screws that was replaced with another. I can't really think of anything else that would make them different from a new one. So... I wish to trade the guns, a lipo and nimh for the guns respectively, 1 ump elite hicap and 2 g36c hicaps, a foregrip, and a reddot for a vector with minimal wear and in fully working condition with optimally 3 mags but I will accept less. I don't care if it is missing a siderail (I won't use it anyway). I will pay shipping to ship my guns to you, you will pay shipping for your guns to me. Also, if you have any offers for me please post (If no one will trade for a vector I would trade ump for another gbb smg or pistols). Thank you for your consideration. I have attached a picture, if you want me to take any closeups just say so.
  3. I have a TM MP5 body and am looking for a Hi Capa with at least 3 magazines. I can add money to this ordeal. It has a aftermarket Flash hider and RIS rail. Full metal midcap magazine. GRIP NOT INCLUDED I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so if I don't have to ship that would be nice
  4. I have a Real Sword SVD (gen 2) up for sale. Gun is in amazing condition, 715mm 6.02mm ZCI tightbore barrel, Prometheus Purple bucking, and Firefly Namazu flat hop bucking. The gun was a HPA gun, but the unit was just sold. Anyways the original gearbox has been put back in and tested today. It runs great as it should. The Gearbox has been completely rewired by myself, I put in a Nukefet which is located in the hand guards, along with wired to Deans Plugs, also different motor put in, to be honest, no idea what motor it is, its a high torque and it is a neo can so its better than the High Torque Real Sword one which is a Ferrous can, but will be included for the buyer. I have also polished the inside of the gearbox, cleaned the grease out, re-shimmed everything, re-lubed everything, radiused the gearbox, and just general maintenance internally. Chrono read average 435-440 fps with the stock spring. So perfect for those fields that allow 450 DMR class weapons. Anyways gun will still come with one mag, unless I can find an extra. Looking for around $525 OBO. Will accept trades. Looking for Unmolested TM Glock 18, Hicapa, 1911s, USPc, Also LCT VSS Vintorez or AS VAL.
  5. Looking for a Scar-H or a Scar-L, preferably AEG. Will trade or buy. Thank you!
  6. Just looking to get into airsoft. A nice AEG is preferred. I have a black Shocker SFT with an upgraded 14" All American barrel. I could easily sell my shocker for around 200 so I'd like something that is about equal value (in total, not just the gun if you have gear too). Also have a 4500 psi 45 cu carbon fiber tank that needs to be hydro'd, but it may be sold soon so be quick.
  7. I have an almost brand new pair of beats studios comes with everything you would get strait from the store (original box, instructions, carry case, both aux cords). Want to trade for anything airsoft mp7 kmp9 Saw, really anything!
  8. Looking to buy/trade for a G&P woc upper reciever. Looking for full upper reciever (including front end, bolt, nozzle, rails/handguard, etc). I have a brand new TM hi capa to trade, brand new discontinued VFC AEG, Brand New TM VSR G-SPEC, and opened but unused AEG upgrade parts (worth $150) to trade for the WOC upper. Depending on the value, I could add cash, or just buy it.
  9. I have a JG MP5 RAS (Full Metal) that I paid $185 for, I'd like to do a trade for an assault rifle, preferably full metal, BUT I can settle for a Polymer. If interested, please message me or reply here with what you have for trade. Requirements: Must be in working condition. Must be of equal value or less. No lower than 370FPS. No broken parts. Must be located within USA. 1-2 extra mags if available, but not required. AEG or GBB If gun value is lower than mine, please include a battery pack & any accessories you wish to throw in. I am paying to ship to you, so you must pay to ship to me. Not Required: Optics Accessories Specs: Chrono at 370-380 on average Range is further than site claimed Full Metal construction 14mm CCW threading 200rd High Cap Mag What's missing? Fore Grip (Was crappy anyway) No battery or charger, both crapped out A couple things missing here and there, but nothing major. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me here or email me.
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