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  1. For pictures view this article on my site at http://jonkraatz.com/?p=109 The history of project Blue Ghost This was my very first airsoft gun, it started out as a well loved AK-74M manufactured by a Chinese company called CYMA. Sure it was cheap and poorly made but it was a portal into the wonderful sport of Airsoft. For me this is where it all began. This is where my love for tech and modifications was born. Encased in a cast zinc shell laid a set of greasy gears and dirty plastics, but I didn't care. This was a masterpeice in the making. For the next year and a half I would save up my hard earned money to buy shiny new parts for my rifle. I would make numerous mistakes and errors, but in the end I would learn my trade. The story of project Blue Ghost is the story of my path to becoming a Benchtech. Laying the groundwork When I first received my rifle in its generic cardboard box the first thing I did was tear it apart (much to the dismay of my parents). After closely examining each and every part and seeing how it interacted I had a rough understanding of the workings. I was able to put it back together with the exception of the hopup unit and took it to my local field for the first time. After the whirlwind of action and adrenaline which every airsofter experiences their first time I came to the conclusion that my beloved rifle needed some serious improvment. After much reaserch and learning valuble information on modifications such as shimming and AOE correction, I set to work on what would be soon known as Blue Ghost. Before I could start upgrading I had to improve what already existed. I stripped down the internals and grabbed an old toothbrush and some denatured alcohol. After I had scrubbed every part clean of grim I started the long and frustating process of leaning to shim. It took me half the day but I finally got the gears to satifactory levels. When I had completed every modification recommended on the online forums I religiously studied, I started onto the next step. . . upgrades. The long path of upgrades Finally the time had come, the moment that I had waited months for. Now that I had the groundwork laid and the money saved up I could finally start investing in some upgrades that would lead to real performance. After comparing nearly every brand of motor I settled on a set of SHS 13:1 gears, a Lonex A-1 (Balanced) motor, and a BAAL piston. Combined with a 11.1v Turnigy LiPo I had a seriously capable rifle. . . until it started screaching. Turns out a M90 spring isn't strong enough to propel the piston fast enough to keep it from crashing into the sector gear. Thankfully I didn't see the need to expoxy in the piston rack so it was ripped off and the sector gear was saved. Three pistons, five springs, one motor, and six months later I had a winning combo. With a Lonex HT motor, M110, and a SHS blue piston my build was looking promising. While the HT motor decreased ROF the trigger response and efficiency were very notably increased. I took this setup many times to my local field D14 but I was still not satisfied. Current setup and performance Blue Ghost has come along way, with it's polished gearbox and black oxide treated gears only the stock cylinder head hints of it's origin. The blue glass-fiber nylon piston along with being dead silent gives project Blue Ghost it's name. In the end I decided to keep the Lonex A-2 motor dispite having issues with Lonex motors in the past. To replace the deteriorating stock shell I decided to go with a polished zinc shell by Lonex. Along with the shell came a dark blue nylon fiber tappet plate and 8mm steel bearings. I also kept the SHS 13:1 gears although I plan to replace them with Siegetek 10:1 gears in the future. For the piston I chose the iconic SHS blue which is a favorite among techs. The piston came pre-swiss cheesed from a drillpress. All of the compression parts except the cylinder are stock CYMA, they haven't failed yet. To save the trigger contacts from arcing is a GATE Warfet 1.1 which has proved to be an invaluable upgrade. For range and accuracy at a decent price I chose a 455mm ZCI 6.03mm barrel, coupled with Maple Leaf bucking and H-hop nub. The ZCI barrel can hurl .28g bb's up to 400ft (at 400fps with .20g) but effective range is closer to 300ft. The rate of fire is about 28-30 rounds/sec maximum though I have it dialed down to 20 as I feel anything higher is unnecessary for skirmishes. In all this build cost far more than I care to think about but it was well worth it for the knowledge and experience. The countless hours and frustration put into this build gives this rifle special meaning. It's a well tuned piece of tech that never fails to turn heads, but more importantly it's somthing I can be proud of.
  2. I did not see this question yet. If this question already has been asked, my apologizes. Just a quick question: What would I need, parts and maintenance wise, to make the WE scar gbbr a good gbbr (for cqb)? I'm not talking like 10k rounds... Im wondering about like 5 years long term. I hear some parts are weak and prone to breaking...what would I need to install right away to prevent this and what will need to be replaced over time?? Please provide all details possible. Thanks for the help!
  3. So I recently got a TR4 MOD0 Second hand and being new to airsoft I don't know much about the internals of the guns them selves just that I want the FPS to shoot higher and I want better hop up to make a DMR My field allows 450FPS For DMR's what kind of upgrades should I do to make it a DMR and what will it cost me? Modify low resistance wiring - SHS high torque motor - Mad bull full metal teeth piston - Lonex enhanced helical ultra-torque gearset - 8mm stainless steel bushings - Modify enhanced cylinder head - Modify anti reversal latch - Modify air seal nozzle - Modify metal spring guide - Modify S140 spring - Dytac 6.01 509mm tight bore barrel - CYMA SNS skull suppressor 195mm Those are the current internals Thanks, PhOenix
  4. When I first got my KWA CQBR mod 1, it was shooting around 350 fps. I recently put the following upgrades in my gun trying to get better fps, range and accuracy. A m140 spring, a high torque motor, a new piston and piston head, and an angel custom 6.01 inner barrel. After installation my fps was about 230. So then I installed a type 0 cylinder and just because I was crunched for time I put in the old weaker spring. Now my chrono reads about 18 fps. The bb is literally rolling out of the barrel with a fully charged battery. Before I installed the cylinder I checked the air seal with the piston and it seemed to be fine. I really have no idea what the issue is. Any advise would be very appreciated.
  5. I was wondering what upgrades, both internal and external, I could get for my AEG? Look at it on Amazon for more info.
  6. I'm getting a WE Tech m4a1 carbine, and I don't know which length Angel custom barrel I should get? I was either going to with - #1. Angel custom g2 6.01 tight bore 470mm OR #2. Angel custom g2 6.01 tight bore 636mm ? I don't know if the longer barrel will be better and give me higher fps or will the normal size one be better? Thanks
  7. I was working on an EBB Javelin M4 purchased here, and I found the gearbox shell broken. This is a common problem with this specific gun, so I wasn't surprised at all. I want to go the cheaper route and get a new shell, since I'm on a tight budget, but since the gun is an EBB I'm not sure if I can use an ordinary gearbox for it, and if so, what gearbox would fit in it. I'm prepared to get a complete gearbox for it if I need to, but I don't want to spend over $70 on one. FYI the gun is front wired. Any links/info would be appreciated.
  8. I haven't touched an airsoft gun in over 8-years. I seem to have dropped out just as soon as Echo 1 hit the scene. In fact, if anybody that I know is still playing, I may have somebody recognize me. Suddenly I have a lot of time off of work and idle hands. I've thought about how I would get back into the hobby and just start tuning a real fun plinker. I don't play, I just like target shooting and tuning. I went into a local shop and they immediately recommended this new "Krytac" company. I was super impressed at how quickly things have taken off. MOSFET's, LiPo's, reliable hi-caps, the world done got itself in one big hurry. So tell me if I'm crazy and post disclaimers for what might essentially be a "noob". My plan: Purchase Krytac gearbox and motor (ferite magnets) Upgrade to 120 spring for FPS Upgrade to 6.01mm tightbore 360-ish length (M4-ish size) Drop this into some entry-level AR body, like a JG/Echo 1 (my favorite when they came out) Questions: Does the Krytec have any pre-cocking function? Does it have any motor braking function? Does it have a LiPo monitor? Should I install an inline fuse? There is such thing as having too short or too long a barrel. With a 6.01mm bore and clocking about 380-400fps range, what sort of barrel would I get the best range/grouping with? I liked the Trident MK2 size but didn't like that it was handicapped for CQB. I would aim more for the CRB gearbox configuration, but overall accuracy and range would dictate the length I go for. Which barrel length will do it? If I went with a better rare-earth motor, could I pull off throwing a 12.8v 6000mah LiFe battery into it? Don't think too long about how it would fit, I treat my AEG's like toys, they don't have to look realistic, so I don't fear having the battery exposed or externally mounted. I was thinking of this antigravity, it's smaller than a 3.5" hard drive. Thanks everybody, I'm glad to get back into it and rip. Just help me not look like an old divorced dude going out to the club for the first time in 28-years and wearing his finest polyester leisure suit...
  9. Generaly, when you begin planning ab aeg upgrade path, you do just that. You select a single path. But how about just saying "screw you" to the conventional method. Make a gun that can do both cqc and sniping. High ROF and high Fps. Not all at the same time but have swappable parts for each mission. Swappable barrels, rof switch, possible airflow limiter to change fps. Thoughts?
  10. Dear, Forum Browsers, I have owned by Echo 1 Spectre RDP for a while now are really enjoy it. But this is a small problem with the tiny inner barrel I can only squeeze so much rang out of it. So I have looked into it and I can not find any thing for RDP mods that people recommend. I would love it if I could keep the thread clear for a tracer unit. So what would you recommend a new hop-up and tight-bore barrel, a new gearbox set up(FYI I play both indoor and out door so if there is a good way to keep it under 325-330 that would be great) if you can help feel free to tell me or if there is any one who may know { and if you are a gammer nazi feel free to correct me:D} Thanks, Team Blitz Jäger
  11. Does anyone know if where I could go to start learning upgrades/repairs, because im really interested in learning
  12. Hey guys, This is my first post here and I need some suggestions with upgrades. The following is what I currently have in my KWA. Keep in mind, I am making this a dmr. Current: -G&G Green -363 mm Bravo 6.03 -Shimmed by tech -KWA brand M120 spring (replacement) I didn't want to do too much off the bat, KWA has good internals to start with. Proposed: -R-hop'd G&G green -550 mm Prometheus 6.03 -Lonex A2 High Torque/ Long Type -11.1 15c Lipo -Wire to Deans -Mosfet -Spring: since KWA has a shorter spring, would a normal length m120 have me shooting around 390 w/.25s? Anything else is greatly appreciated I'm looking for better consistency and accuracy past what it currently shoots: Around and above 250 ft effective range.
  13. I currently have a Snow Wolf M99 spring sniper. So far, I have a new APS Angel Custom Piston and piston head along with a full metal spring guide and an sp 170 spring. What would you guys/ girls recommend I add to the build. Eg- gears barrel, hop up ect. Thanks Snow wolf m99 no m88, typo
  14. Hi guys, with my order of the G&G Combat Machine Raider CQB, I wanted to order a few cheap upgrades. I need a great Bucking and Nub that I can put in and expect improvements. I talked with ASGI Tech support and they recommended me the http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=745_31_170&products_id=3051. Doing my research and reading the reviews, I heard that this bucking can ruin the piston and destroy the gun internally. It is also said that BB's drop or fly straight up while using this bucking. My friend recommended me a Maple Leaf 75 Degree bucking but there is no nubs in stock. Can someone shine some light on what I can do. Tightbore might be an option but I wanna know the best I can get for my money, thanks! Sale ends in a few hours so quick responses would be awesome!
  15. Hey guys, I just bought a used WE 416 + 7 mags for $260 (Pretty good deal huh?) It's not here yet, but I want to order some upgrades tonight. 1)Maintenance seems to be minimal, so as soon as I get it and test fire, I want to clean & lube it up. I don't know what silicone oil to get, this is my first GBBR and I'm very inexperienced working with these things. http://www.evike.com/products/39572/ or http://www.evike.com/products/24184/ 2)I also want to get a NPAS to lower the FPS so it can be field-ready. This NPAS is compatible correct? http://www.evike.com/products/34200/ 3)I don't want to spend too much money yet, so what are some cheaper upgrades to get? Should I keep the hop-up stock or get a new one? Thanks yall
  16. Im just curious why its discontinued and what parts I would need to replace to make it functioning to par. I've heard the charging handle and other parts go fast on it. So just curious what I should replace and what breaks on it regularly, as im considering buying it off a craigslister. I know its 520 onsite but theres a reason its discontinued, right? Not to par with newer guns or frequent problems breaks? He wants 350 for it but said negotiable, so im trying to find what parts I have to replace so I could talk him down from the 350 for the upgrades id have to do plus the labor. What would you all pay for it? http://www.evike.com/products/38039/
  17. What is up guys. I am working with a member of my airsoft team on a school project and I need your help. There will be a link provided with a quick survey about an idea we have. Can you help us out and submit a completed survey. https://docs.google.com/a/atemshigh.com/forms/d/17Bg2txGZaUAcYdmD9N90ZD7FUNjjMVsD4Ji16Z7EGDI/edit
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