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  1. For Sale: $1050 OBO, Seriously, I'm trying to get rid of this thing. I don't play anymore and it's sitting in it's case. Just make me an offer. - 2009 Systema M4 PTW Challenge Kit (Assembled by ZShot in Columbus, OH) - 10 Mags - 4 MAG Magazines - 6 Systema Brand Magazines - 2 Airsoft GI 2200mah assembled crane stock batteries (NiMH) - 1 Black Cylinder - 1 Blue Cylinder - ASAP Sling - ASAP Sling Mount (already installed) - Knights Armament Company RAS System Weapon only used for 3 games. I haven't played Airsoft since 2010. So, though old, the weapon and accessories are in like new condition. Magazines are slightly rusted but all work as if new (some Systema mags are missing their followers). Images: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149018676<AT>N06/albums/72157684022516211 Payment: PayPal Shipping: Paid for by buyer Ebay Item Number: 302389732309 I know I do not have feedback so I would be more than happy to either send video of the gun functioning or even show you on Skype. In order for me to do this, I must have verbal agreement that you will purchase the gun if you see that it works. Also for sale: VFC SCAR-L Moderately used. Maybe 8,000 rounds through it $300 OBO - Wired for Dean's Connectors - Selector switch is 100% functional but does not point to the correct labels. - Comes with additional barrell - Comes with owners manual - Come with original case http://s1196.photobucket.com/user/ha...bile%20Uploads
  2. WE GBB M14, VFC GEN 1 HK416 AEG -Rules -Everything is sold as is. Once it leaves my hands I am not responsible! -Everything is used unless noted. -I try to give 100% accurate descriptions(very detailed) -I take Paypal only. -I ship CONUS vis UPS (Large Items or USPS (Small Items). -Insurance is extra (added if requested) -Any questions please ask! -First come first serve, Sorry, I don't hold anything. -Trades: Not Interested. WE GBB M14 I am selling my almost new WE M14 GBBR, I only put all 5 mags threw it for testing and that's it. There are some scratch's on the metal parts of the body and on a the mag. Only thing I did was change the hop up rubber to a reaps (did not like how they stock one performed) and put a bi-pod adapter on it. Do not know the fps as I don't have a chrono. Gun comes with 1 non leaky 20 round mag. -Asking $315.00 Shipped GEN 1 VFC HK416 AEG VFC 416, has external wear and tear, scratch's etc. Only thing is dust cover does not want to stay closed and screw that holds in the charging handle spring stripped, nothing else other than that. FPS is unknown, have not used it in over a year and cant remember what is was, under 400 for sure. Just ran a mag threw it and still works great. Has a Madbull 6.03 tightbore and a flat hop. Comes with 1 Metal mid cap,the small barrel extension to make it 10.5inch, a new 7.4v turnigy lipo and a crusader surefire style flash hider. Rear wired to deans. Asking $275.00 Shipped
  3. One of my friends has a Umarex/VFC M27, and he's really happy with the gun, but he feels it's a bit on the heavy side and is looking for a good alternative. Price is no object for him, but he's looking for something with a firepower rating of less than 350 FPS for indoor fields.
  4. I'm going to get a better AEG for later this spring. I've decided I really (really) want a SCAR because I just love the way they look, and everyone has an M4. I've found two contenders so far. One is the VFC SCAR which is normally about 400 dollars but it's on sale right now on Evike for about 300: http://www.evike.com/products/28439/. The other is the Classic Army MK22: http://www.evike.com/products/60080/ . I know it's a replica of the .22lr version, but I don't care about that. I've seen conflicting reviews about the gun, and conflicting opinions about Classic Army. I know the VFC gun will perform well, but I really don't want to spend that much money if it can be avoided. Do any of you have or know anyone who has the Classic Army MK22? How well does it hold up?
  5. Hey guys! I'm looking for a 416 upper receiver for a 14" barrel build, if you guys have one, offer up! Looking for 50$ Shipped OBO.
  6. VFC Elite Force M4 4CRS Gen3 http://www.evike.com/products/57786/ VFC VR16 Saber Gen2 http://www.evike.com/products/50044/ VFC Avalon Calibur CQC http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_VFC_VFC_Avalon_Calibur_CQC_DX_Black.htm I'm having a hard time nailing this down. When it comes to performance I love how the 4CRS (high rof and reliability), however for the other 2 guns (especially the Calibur) I have not seen many reviews. Aesthetically the Calibur looks by far the best IMO. The performance of the gun will trump the looks. However if if the performance difference is slight, ill take the loss for the Calibur. Ultimately I'm look for the gun that is the top tier of these 3. basically I'm looking for the G&G Top Tech of the 3, not the G&G CM. Thoughts?
  7. Here are some pictures of both guns- https://imgur.com/gallery/JGiNp Hi, I'm selling my VFC Scar H STD (tan), The gun has only been fielded once and is in amazing condition! It also comes with a metal black scar type flash hider, fore grip, original magazine (no wear), original box. Shoots 360-370 with .2's. 300$ I'm selling my ICS- Uk1. It's been fielded once, it's in perfect condition. It comes with the original box and instructions, the original bag of bbs (never used), keymod rails, fuses, unjamming rod, magazine, and a barrel extension. It's also electric blowback. It's chrono's at 375 with .25g bbs. 250$ Thanks for your interest in my ad! If any questions or if you would like pictures just ask me!
  8. Selling thses things, we-tech g36 ras aeg bought from Taiwan of $240 and vfc mp7 mag bought from evike of $55. Become busy and have less time to play so if u like these I will sell at $185 for G36 with battery case and extra mag, $45 for mp7 mag totaly new, and all include shipping. If u but them both, the price is 220 includ shipping. Contact me here or my phone: 8138040762 thank you!
  9. Selling thses things, we-tech g36 ras aeg bought from Taiwan of $240 and vfc mp7 mag bought from evike of $55. Become busy and have less time to play so if u like these I will sell at $185 for G36 with battery case and extra mag, $45 for mp7 mag totaly new, and all include shipping. If u but them both, the price is 220 includ shipping. Contact me here or my phone: 8138040762 thank you!
  10. WTS $349.99 REDUCED *Please Read Description* I have used this lightly once or twice at Cedar Creek. It is super fun, but the barrel length just wasn't enough for me. This gun just didn't fit to my play style so I am going to buy a longer barrel rifle after I sell this. I have stripped it down and cleaned it already and it shoots great. I bought all of this originally for $562.13 and that is w/out tax and shipping so I'm willing to go down to $349.99 because it is all basically new and only been used a few times. Thanks for looking. I'll even throw in two 5,000 round bottles of .20 Elite Force BB's in with it and 2 cans of green gas. Gun Info below! (Gun Description from Evike.com./Place of purchase.) Looking to meet up. I really prefer not to ship as I am hoping for cash. Text if you have any questions you can reach me at 980-233-1629. I'm in the Charlotte/Mecklenburg area. Name's Nick. :) *Vertical grip and laser not included* H&K Licensed MP7 Navy Airsoft SMG GBB Rifle by VFC Umarex Elite Force Features: Fully licensed by H&K True 1:1 scale replica! Hard kick blowback design Front 20mm accessory rails Top optic rail Front and rear low-pro sights flip up to full sized sights Metal collapsible stock Length: 420mm / 580mm (Collapsed / Extended) Weight: 1860g Inner Barrel: ~200mm Magazine Capacity: 40rds (Not compatible with KWA MP7 magazines) Muzzle Velocity: 390 FPS (Measured with 0.25g BBs and Green Gas) Thread Direction: Gas Type: Green Gas, Propane Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety Package Includes: Gun, 4 Magazines, Manual Hopup: Yes, Adjustable Manufacturer: Umarex / Elite Force
  11. For sale is a VFC M&P 9c gas blowback pistol in very good condition. I bought this new at a National game in Colorado in 2013, and never really used it. It is in used very good condition, and test fired well on green gas. This GBB pistol is both semi and fully automatic, selectable on a toggle on the blowback chamber. No box or additional grips, sorry. Test fired this evening and ran through a magazine of BBs without issue. There are very light wear marks on the corners of the slide from the drawer it was sitting in. This was one of the nicer shooting GBBs I have had, owing to VFC build quality. I am a long time collector and was a professional gun tech in the Denver area. I am going to be listing several old, rare, collectible and interesting Airsoft guns in the coming days. Everything is cleaned, lubed and test fired. Asking $95, buyer pays shipping.
  12. Looking for either. PM me if you got the goods
  13. Clearing out some great weapons that I never get to use.. May consider trades but prefer cash. Trades that would catch my attention would be an hpa tapped and extremely upgraded sniper rifle, beta project ak, or vfc pdw but offer away. More pics on request. VFC 416 P* Gen 2 V2 Fusion Engine Prommy NEO chamber Firefly Bucking Vanaras 6.03 tbb PTS CTR Stock Magpul RVG Fake, non functioning PEQ Comes with original vfc gearbox of unknown status of functionality Does not come with spectredr, a tank, line or regulator, battery, inforce wml, rail covers, or any magazines unless you want to pay extra. FCU Screen is cracked and only displays the last 2 digits, not a big deal if you know the sequence of settings which I would be happy to provide if necessary. I ran it on stock settings and was more than happy with the performance. $750+shipping KWA Kriss Vector Stock internals Comes with thread adapter, G&P/Matrix m3 flashlight, eotech replica, magpul rvg, and 1 non leaky mag. Does not come with sound amplifier in picture Shoots great with zero issues $300+shipping KWA M9 Professional Training Pistol with one non leaky mag, works great with zero issues. $85+shipping 2 Timed Tornado grenades in great working condition, pins included even though they arent pictured. $100 shipped for both
  14. New From Spartan Imports - The SRX 300 Blackout Series - OEM by VFC SRX 303 CQB Rifle SRX 303 AEG SRX 309 DMR AEG Now available at Airsoft Station.
  15. Here’s a few rules about the sale: The only payment I would take is through PayPal. I will ship items ASAP If you do not agree with the prices, send me an offer for anything. The prices do not include shipping unless it’s stated in the sale of that item A few items that I have an interest in trading for (but not limited to): -Daytona Gun/Escort, Sun Project AR platforms Now onto the sale! Rifles/Long Arms Testing the waters on the following items: VFC MP5A3 VFC MP5A2/A3 GBB SMG $450 OBO This is a highly upgraded VFC MP5A2/A3 intended for CQB. Comes with the following items/upgrades: -Azimuth bolt guides -Azimuth bolt locks x4 -Azimuth high flow valves (2.3) x2 -Azimuth high flow valves (2.6) x2 -Azimuth nozzle -Azimuth reduction bulb -Ready Fighter reduction bulb set -VFC MP5 full stock -VFC MP5 mag loaders -VFC MP5 retractable stock It will come with 4 30rd mags total; two 2.6 valves, one 2.3 valve, and one stock valve. Each mag can get through all 30 rounds easily without too much cool down. JAC MP5SD Frontline $350 OBO Here is a Frontline upgraded JAC MP5SD. It has the upgraded brass main chamber, extended inner barrel, and upgraded recoil spring. The lower has been swapped with a Youth Engineering MP5 lower. The suppressor also has a set of internal baffles. It will come with 7 plastic mags . The internal grip chamber has a 6mm push connector. Pistols Marui/Guarder M9 parts gun $150 OBO An almost complete upgraded TM/Guarder M9. It has a Guarder lower, metal Madbull outer barrel and King Arms 150% springs. The upper slide cracked near the front and is inoperable. It will come with 2 KJW mags, and 1 TM mag. Internals/externals/accessories New and unused spare Prime LR300 Upper $75 OBO Marui high rise scope mount $20 OBO Sheriff M4 LRB $50 OBO Systema high speed gears $35 OBO RA-Tech NPAS NIB/Unused $12 OBO ACM (4 reticle) low profile red dot $25 OBO ACM Aimpoint clone with riser mount $35 OBO UTG Quad Rail $20 OBO SRC Ultra high torque motor $25 OBO Classic Army motor $10 OBO MORE ITEMS ADDED IN LATER POSTS! List of possible sale items: Asahi M249 Minimi Tanio Koba 10/22 Youth Engineering MP5A3 Hidakaya SR-15 AEG reciever Thanks for looking!
  16. scroll to bottom please! FIRST RIFLE TO SELL GETS A FREE AIMPOINT! Classic Army LWRC (limited edition EBBR) (discontinued) Madbull DD, Magpul miad grip, G&P M140 Motor, Madbull tbb, acm modstock wired to back with Deans connector $300 shipped O.B.O VFC 416 (old version) (discontinued) with CHEETAH PROGRAMABLE MOSFET, Magpul miad grip, g&p M140 motor, SCAR (discontinued) suppressor wired to rear with Deans connector $400 shipped O.B.O Thanks for looking! -mac Take an additional $20 off marked prices today through next Sunday!!!
  17. Here are some pics of my VFC UMP .45 GBB. I think this is what it will stay as for a while at least.
  18. Clearing out more stuff that I do not use. Want to sell all of it, will only consider trades if they are highly in my favor. PM me for quickest response as I hardly check my threads except to bump. If you feel a price is unfair, send me an offer in a PM and we can talk. Otherwise I feel like these are fair prices. Items will be shipped via USPS in rather a medium or large flat rate box so shipping will not be expensive. Insurance is not included unless the buyer wants to pay extra. ICS g33 Stock, wired to deans, gun is in excellent condition. comes as pictured I.e. no mag or battery $150+shipping ICS CXP Parts list provided by previous owner. SHS 13:1 gears, SHS full rack piston, MOSFET, SHS high speed motor, aluminum piston head, madbull tbb, lonex cylinder, tapped ball bearing spring guide, m120 spring, aoe and shimmed, wired to deans. Comes with magwell grip, eotech replica, suppressor, and flashlight with pressure switch. Does not come with a mag or battery. $300+shipping KWA atp Comes with 5 magazines, parts lower and upper with a bag of misc. springs. Not sure if the bag of springs if all that is necessary to make the parts lower complete but it is close. I haven't had enough time to look and it and build it. But essentially you are getting two complete atps, one just needs the lower assembled. Will come with a serpa holster if I receive it by the time of sale. $125+shipping Thunder b package, comes with 3 complete cores and spare parts. I received everything in a deal, have only tested one of the cores. Visual inspection of the other cores tells me they will work just fine. Comes with 2 pins, 6 shells, and all the other stuff thunder b related in pic. $35+shipping for everything thunder b related in pic. Daniel Defense 9.0 lite rails Great condition, very little scratches. All mounting hardware and screws included even though they are not pictured. $70+shipping Daniel Defense mk18 rails Great condition, very little scratches. All mounting hardware and screws included even though they are not pictured. $80+shipping Noveske 14.5inch outer barrel in great condition, very little scratches. $35+shipping Colt traded metal body with externals. Comes with everything pictured except the gearbox. 2 foam filled suppressors, cbs stock, pts handguard, g&p hop up with stock barrel, body pins. Does not come with a buffer tube, motor grip, or gearbox. Received this in a trade so I cannot confirm the brand but research tells me it is a vfc or g&p body as well as other peoples opinions with their experiences with these particular bodies. The receiver is in very good condition. Perfect for a p* drop in. $150+shipping. Would actually prefer to trade these externals for a really nice complete dmr upper, or anything else really.
  19. NEW ARRIVALS: VFC QRS Quick Response System Crane Stock Don't forget to shop for NEW ARRIVALS at Airsoft Megastore for the latest airsoft guns and gear. VFC M4 Retractable QRS Quick Response System Airsoft Crane Stock [MORE DETAILS] **Check out more NEW Vega Force Company (VFC) guns and geat at Airsoft Megastore! You Might Also Like Golden Eagle Full Metal M240B AEG Light Machine Gun LMG Elite Force Beretta MOD. 92 FS Gas Blowback M92 GBB Pistol BOLT Knights Armament BR47 SR-47 URX3.1 Electric Recoil AEG WE Tech Full Metal M4 CQB RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle Connect With Us Wed love for you to subscribe to our channel and, more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook. Let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV. Wed love to hear them! Just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page. [MORE NEW ARRIVALS] Join Us: YouTube: Airsoft Megastore YouTube Channel Blog: Bring Airsoft To The Masses » Airsoft Megastore TV Facebook: Airsoft Megastore | Facebook Twitter: Airsoft Megastore (airsoftms) on Twitter
  20. Hello all, up for sale is my like-new VFC Hk416c AEG. I got it brand new a few weeks ago and I just used it for about 5 short rounds of CQB. After trying it out, it's not my perfect match so I would like to put the money toward something else. Internally it is stock except for an SHS M90 spring. The original spring will be included on the side. Right now it is shooting about 280-290 FPS with 0.25g BBs (about 310 FPS with 0.20g BBs). The spring that assists the bolt catch is gone but the bolt catch still works and engages fully. The connector has been changed to a Deans plug. This includes the original box, paperwork, plastic bags, Hk416 hi-cap, and PEQ-15 battery box which I never even used (I used my own separate one). I tried removing the orange paint from the flash hider, it's still there. The glue has been removed so you can put on your own choice of accessories on the barrel. SOLD - shipped! I would be willing to hear trade offers too. - Payment with PayPal - Shipping to CONUS buyers & locations only!
  21. *Will now sell all available for $150 SHIPPED* Hey everyone, I have some externals and internals to sell that came out of my VFC M4ES Lancer. I'm a chairsofter as they call it since there aren't many places to play around me, so I didn't field these parts much, maybe 2-3 times. Excuse my poor photography. If you want more pics just ask! Rules: PayPal only Items sold as is. Shipping is included in the price of the items Will either ship UPS Ground or most likely USPS out of 55906 Please allow me at most 4 business days after payment is received to ship your items. I NEVER ship first CONUS only please If you need to contact me and the forum isn't working email me at >lin.calbert&lt;AT&gt;gmail.com< No trades accepted Onto the sale! 1. VFC EG-1300 High Performance Torque Motor- as the name implies, the stock VFC motor from their E-series. Decent, torquey motor. Again seen about 1000 rnds, replaced with a Tienly. $25 $20 shipped 2. VFC 16:1 Self-shimming Gears- stock gear set, 16:1 ratio is the stock ratio for VFC. Like the motor seen about 3000rnds replaced with SHS 13:1. Still has all the springs and the sector chip. SOLD 3. VFC 20in Outer Barrel- As stated 20in barrel for AEG. I had to dremel off the barrel nut and the outer barrel got a little cut in the processes. However it still mounts fine. There aren't any major marks visible once a rail is installed. It also has the grub screw system so you can put on your existing VFC 2-piece outer barrels if you can't get the barrel nut off. Has cuts for gas blocks at rifle length. $25 $20 shipped 4. VFC 6.05mm Brass Barrel and Bucking (flat-hopped)- 509mm 6.05mm brass barrel. Comes with the stock bucking that I flat hopped. I was getting about 3.5in groups with .20s at 100ft with this setup, up to your interpretation on how good that is. $25 $20 shipped 5. VFC Full Stock- For AEG, comes with all the mounting hardware and the endplate. No blemishes, can hold a huge battery. $30 $25 shipped 6. VFC KAC Style Flip-up Front Sight- As the name implies. You will need cuts on the outer barrel to make it fit with the punch pins, but there is also a grub screw on the bottom. Marked up where the punch pins got the best of me. $25 $20 $15 shipped 7. VFC Crane Stock- This didn't come off my gun, I bought it in Taiwan. The right side tab broke off, but no other blemishes. Doesn't come with a buffer tube. SOLD 8. VFC KAC 12.7in URX Rail- Best for last. This is the rail system off the gun. Comes with all the mounting hardware (brand new barrel nut straight from VFC) and the three KAC style rail covers. There are only tiny paint chips where there was a bipod mounted and a scratch on the back (see pics), otherwise the rail is in great condition. (rest of the stuff in the pic is dust and glare) $85 $80 shipped Also, I have a VFC metal body (upper and lower) that I am willing to sell ONLY if you are willing to pay top dollar ($120+) for it, since it is ridiculously hard to find anywhere that has them in stock. PM for more info. Here's a pic of everything put together for reference Again if you have any questions or want to see more pictures, please feel free to PM or email me!
  22. Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a new AEG and I am very interested in the VFC Vr16 series of guns. I'm just wondering where people stand and there thoughts on VFC
  23. As usual I'm unloading some of my hard to find parts in order to buy more toys. Also considering leaving the sport. Again!! Lol! All prices are firm and will include shipping and I am not interested in trades of anykind. If you wish to offer me a lower price shipping will not be included. That being said, I will consider "fair" offers for multiple items (multiple meaning more than 3). Low baller offers will be ignored. Sorry fellas, I am well aware that some of these prices might be a bit high for some. But you are more than welcome to start a search for them overseas and wait the 3 weeks to 2 months for them to arrive at your door. Or...you can buy them from me and have them within 7-days (CA to NY shipping time is about 7-days ON TO THE LISTING!!! Everything together including card with date and Username Classic Army LWRC PSD with 2 CA Hicaps. First Generation #000084!! I've owned 5 LWRC's from various generations and the first gens were the best formers. Fully functioning blowback, stock gearbox internals, stock motor, new APS Bolt Catch (much stronger) and APS Oversized Charging Handle. Gun chrono's at 360 fps. $250 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7291/16392423805_32c0462a07_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7403/16392424695_19b3ef3069_b.jpg Ace 1 Arms OSP BLK 8inch "Osprey" Power Up/Range Up Suppressor with interchangeable threading/piston kit so you can mount it right away. The interchangeable kit come with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW threading. Looks great on an AEG, but functions best with a GBBr or Pistol where you will see a 20-40fps increase. Search youtube for Ace1Arms OSP videos. This was never field! Just test fitted on the LWRC. $120 Shipped SOLD to Steeljaw36 https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8622/15769973244_3594a0df53_b.jpg Ace 1 Arms OSP FDE 7inch "Osprey" Power Up/Range Up Suppressor with interchangeable threading/piston kit so you can mount it right away. The interchangeable kit come with 14mm CCW and 16mm CW threading. Looks great on an AEG, but functions best with a GBBr or Pistol where you will see a 20-45fps increase. Search youtube for Ace1Arms OSP videos. This was never field! Just test fitted on the VFC M&P. $120 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7440/16206203979_df8c5b109c_b.jpg Stock Photo's with suppressors mounted. These are not mine, just illustrating the what the will look like mounted... VFC M&P VTAC Edition Pistol with Angry Gun Aluminum Threaded Outer Barrel and extra FDE mag. So 2 mags Like other VFC M&P's, this has the selectable "full-auto" function that is accessed by flipping a little switch located underneath the slide at the back. It also has the cool replica VTAC Trijicon sights. This pistol also fits perfectly in all M&P real steel holsters. I confirmed this by test fitting it on my G-Code. $200 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7323/15772403013_5e68edb9bd_b.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7445/15772403403_5b879e231d_b.jpg PTS AAC 51T Flash Hider "Counter Clockwise" $25 SOLD to a Local Buyer https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7429/16206203989_8b0b7573d9_b.jpg Airsoft Extreme "High Torque" Motor $25 Shipped
  24. All items sold as-is. No return or refund. I will describe each item as best as possible. Please ask any question first before commit to buying. Paypal only. All prices include Paypal fee and shipping. All prices are firm. First to post payment gets it. No trades of any kind, at this time. I just want cash. Since this is my first post in the ASF Buy Sell forum, I don't have any feedbacks as a seller. But you can check my ebay feedbacks under 'mjasbong'. On to the sell....... I have some brand new Stark Arms / VFC G19 and G17 Gen 4 pistols, all with FULL TRADES. These are some of the best replicas I've seen, and hard to distinguish from the real deal. And I'm sure most of you have already seen or heard of these Stark Arms pistols. Warning: Lots of pics! Here are the items: [1] SOLD G17 Gen 4 (Immaculate). Inlcude G17 Gen 4 with metal slide and metal outer barrel, 1 x green gas mag, 1 x med backstrap, 1 x large backstrap, a mag follower that allows dry fire without having to hold down the slide release, and a manual/parts diagram. All will be inside it's orginal box. The G17 Gen 4 does not have full auto mode - semi auto only. [2] SOLD G17 Gen 4 w/Orange Tip. This is the exact same as item [1] but with the orange tip glued on to the front of the metal outer barrel. The orange tip can be easily removed (snap off). There is a chance some paint will rub off from the tip of the barrel by removing the orange tip. [3] SOLD G19 (Immaculate). The G19 comes with metal slide, metal outer barrel, a plastic outer barrel, a dry fire mag follower, and manual and a green gas mag. The G19 can do semi or full auto firing mode via a hidden selector or switch underneath the slide. [4] SOLD G19 (Imperfection). Same as item [3] but the metal outer barrel has some tiny paint rubbed off at the front tip. [5] SOLD KWA M1911 1911 MKIV in OD Green. It is used but in excellent working condition. Comes with 3 non-leaky magazines. It is missing the front sight but can easily replaced via KWA Proshop for a few bucks. Also has the following upgrade: Precision 6.01 Tightbore Barrel Metal Outer Barrel New KWA Hop Up Bucking
  25. Prices include shipping no trades. Paypal only. Price is a little negotiable on the daytona, spas, and vfc PM for fastest response. Marui spas 12 with folding stock. Works flawlessly. Come with strap and all the shells I can find, about 10 so far. $450 Latest Gen daytona m4. Magpul WOC body, sanded magwell fits marui mid caps best. Comes with everything you see attached, and installed precision barrel. Never used it much, hop up still needs to be broken in. no rig, tank, or mag included. $750 VFC HK416C Precision inner barrel, Teienly 40k motor, marui PEQ box, comes with hi cap. Runs like a dream, beastly in CQB fights. missing front sight. $400 Tokyo Marui MP5k works great. Has classic army scope claw mount, and suppressor. simple, comes with mid cap and high cap, no battery. $120 Echo1 MP5 pretty much a work horse. hi cap and mid cap included, no battery. $80
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