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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I recently bought this sniper replica from a friend (seems like a L96), and I wanted to buy other mags because the one that came with it is broken . Naturally, I bought a VSR-10 magazine, but it didn't fit in, it was too long and slim. So I don't know where to buy them, if there are still in production. Here are the dimensions : - Height : ~33mm or 1.29 inch - Width : ~21mm or 0.82 inch - Length : 95mm or 3.7 inch I also added photos so you guys can see the model. Also I can't play with the magazine in because it has no spring, nor it stays into place because of the lip that is broken. Can you please give me somewhat of a reference as of what to buy ? I can't think of anything right now, other than to buy another replica.
  2. So I know we all love our VSR-10s and I have had mine for a while and frankly I am surprised It took me so long to make this video and figure out this mod. Basically creates a sort of magpul for you VSR-10 mags, let me know if you like the video with a like or some comments. Please subscribe it really helps and I put out some cool content ranging from Mods and Reviews to Gameplay. The reason why I put it in this section is I want for more people to know about this mod because it really made playing with my VSR so much more enjoyable. If you want me to move it into somewhere else let me know and I will (if I can) but I didn't want it to get lost in too many sub-forums and become more difficult to find.
  3. Recently I acquired a VSR-10 from Tokyo Marui and went about my business upgrading it, but I cant get the trigger box to close properly. I am trying to use some PDI reinforced sears and they make it so the trigger will get stuck in the back position just to get the trigger box to close and on top of this, whatever sticks out of the top that I have to slide my cylinder over does not depress so I cant put the cylinder on. I have spent the last five hours trying to get the trigger box to work properly and looking all over the internet, but I just cant find anything. I just recently gave up and put the original parts back in the gun and wanted to know if anyone knows about this. Thanks everyone!
  4. After owning multiple airsoft guns, I have come across the need (several times) for screws for the VSR. Whether it be in the trigger box or one of the main screws for the body, I have dropped or lost a screw and has ruined my rifle. Has anyone experienced this as well? Let me know. Maybe I could help find the screw size or send you the correct one. Cause its not cool if you can't pew pew. =)
  5. Ive literally looked everywhere and its all out of stock. does anyone know where one can find a Tokyo Marui Vsr10 G-spec? Why is it so hard to find is it discontinued? someone send me a link to where I can buy one if at all possible
  6. Alrighty... I've decided I have too much so I have to thin out a good chunk. Some simple stuff to remember, - Sales are final. - Paypal only (unless you can meet up). - I try to be accurate but I cannot detail every single little thing. If you have specific questions just ask. - No trades unless you have a Laylax G3 EBR stock or a Nitro VO MC51 rail sleeve. - Almost all of these have been untouched since I switched to HPA several years ago so they will be sold AS IS. Selling my Polarstar Lancer Tactical AK since I already have 3 HPA guns and it's a bit silly to keep a 4th. It works and is ready to be fielded. Externally it has some wear/damage (what good AK doesn't?) and I managed to lose a pin or two which I replaced with nuts and bolts. The RIS creaks a little but the rest of it is still pretty solid. Four of the mags lost their baseplates, and one of the mags lost the 'door' to close up the mag. As I said before this is no beauty queen, but it runs like a champ. Comes with... - Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor (original flash hider included) - Madbull 6.03 barrel (Installed) - Gen. 2 Ver. 3 FE - Gold Nozzle (Installed) - Spare Poppet - Spare FCU - Valken 7.4v 250mah LiPo (fitted for deans) - Replica EoTech - Ninja Tank 90/4500 (Outside sheath cracked, nothing wrong with it otherwise. I believe Ninja does free repairs?) - Redline Firebase regulator - 4 flash-mags - 3 hi-caps - 1 mid-cap $590 shipped http://imgur.com/pf3Ont5 http://imgur.com/18dc9Oy http://imgur.com/qHmgWuG TM VSR-10. Got super bored of sniping real fast and although it shoots, this has sat around for at least three years. This will need a little bit of love and TLC. It is pretty long and hefty so better that a taller person goes for this. Parts list includes, - Laylax Zero Trigger with orange piston - Prometheus(?) bucking - PDI Bull Barrel Base - PDI 6.01 554mm inner barrel - PDI Front Bull Barrel L Flute That is all I can remember for the parts list, there may be more but I really don't feel like tearing it apart to check. What I listed already cost me an arm and a leg so I don't want to reflect on the pain inflicted upon my wallet. It will also come with two magazines, the original/extra(?) outer barrel, a decently crappy scope, bipod, and leftover Madbull .40g bb's. This gun does have some wear, but nothing serious. It does not come with a safety since the installation of the Zero Trigger wont allow for it. Lastly, the hole where you screw the bipod into may need to be retapped as the bipod keeps falling off. $375 shipped http://imgur.com/H7aknHK AEG #1 is a G&G L85, and this is probably one of the most solid/heaviest airsoft gun I have owned. It comes with, - 2 G&G hi-caps - Large 9.6V battery fitted with deans (in handguard) - Susat(?) scope which has eye relief so awful that it might as well be a paperweight. The only problem I am aware of is that it may need new wiring/trigger contacts since it will only fire in full auto and sometimes in semi. Might have a few upgrades in there but I cant remember any specifics aside from a sorbo pad. Aside from those problems and some wear it still works well enough. $200 shipped http://imgur.com/fMpsN2E AEG #2 is a ECHO1 SCAR L, it's really not too shabby for a clone. It will come with, - 3 G&G hi-caps - Small 9.6V fitted with deans (in stock) - Vert grip Has a decent amount of external wear, but it's still spewing BB's so no biggie. If there are any upgrades done to it I cannot remember them. Any problem with it is really just aesthetic, it's missing the left selector and charging handle (right side still has them though). $115 shipped http://imgur.com/oLZIpfd AEG #3 is a Vector Arms / Echo 1 AK, a pretty decent/solid pea shooter. It is a completely stock gun that has never been opened and will come with the brick battery (in stock) and wall charger for now. I do have two hi-caps for it somewhere but I have to find them first. No problems at all and very little wear if any on the gun. $115 shipped http://imgur.com/eGztcsq AEG #4 (whew, last one!) is a ECHO1 P90, great for CQB and tight areas. Package will consist of, - 2 hi caps, 3 mid caps - Broken tracer unit/mock suppressor - Battery fitted for deans (in stock) - Laylax/First Factory(?) swivel sling mount As far as I know, the only problem with this is wiring. It will not shoot in semi (something a lot of P90's have problems with) but fires fine in full auto. It has been upgraded for local CQB purposes, but that was so long ago I do not remember the specifics. $115 shipped SOLD http://imgur.com/1RiNFQJ As I said before, with the exception of the Polarstar the rest of these have been sitting around for a good bit. While they do function they may need some work which is why I will stress that they will be sold AS IS. Want to haggle a little? Shoot me a PM and we can talk. I realize the photos are a little lacking, but if you are a serious probable buyer I will gladly get you some more. Any other questions please ask!
  7. Getting ready to pick up yet another old project now that I'm going to be playing airsoft again. What is the best hop up chamber for a TM VSR-10? Im still running the stock chamber with a Laylax inner barrel and firefly hop up bucking and Danger Wrex arm but was never able to get a good level shot! So now I'm thinking that a upgraded hop chamber with an AEG barrel and R-Hop would be the way I should go. I'm currently considering one of the 3 following units. Action Army Angel Custom PDI 2nd Version What one would give me the best shot?
  8. Hey Guys, I have been doing a ton of research on the two most popular TM (Tokyo Marui) airsoft snipers - Pro Sniper vs. G-Spec. However, I haven't found enough information about the 45 degree trigger sear vs. the 90 degree trigger sear. I guess my question is is the G-Spec's trigger sear going to strip if I upgrade it to let's say about 450 fps? Also does the G-Spec's silencer effect accuracy, is the pro more accurate, and which will be better for only upgrading to a better spring, piston, spring guide, and maybe a R-hop/W-hold bucking? Thanks
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