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  1. I need help figuring out if I can place a real steel G36C Cheek riser stock onto the G39C. Im planning to buy a WE G39C for a cheaper and a fun way to train with my buddies but I also want to use it as closely as possible to my real steel T36. I did research and learned that WE made the G39C basically a complete replica so figured it would work?
  2. This is my baby. I love this gun so much but I unfortunately have had less and less time to play and even less time to keep up with the gun. It comes with 9 magazines, 5 standard green gas mags and 4 CO2 mags. It will need a tad of love to fix up a few of the green gas magazines as they leak, but I am including a few o rings and some extra parts to fix any leaks. I have not tested the CO2 magazines but the last time I used them they worked perfectly. I have upgraded the internals a bit. I put in an NPAS, a new hop up bucking, and a 510 mm 6.01mm tight bore barrel with a mock silencer and a barrel extension covering the extra length. It is incredibly accurate and fun to shoot. Parts List - Retail Price WE Scar L GBB - $350 NPAS - $20 Tight Bore Barrel - $60 Barrel Extension - $30 Hop up Bucking - $3 Magazine - $40 x 9 = $360 Silencer - $50 Foregrip - $20 Total - $898 I am looking for $450 for all of this. PLEASE NO TRADES. I will not part out anything as I need to get all of it sold. Pictures http://imgur.com/a/FUrDg
  3. Hello, I checked the forums but found no solution so starting my own thread:) In the last few weeks my WE Hi capa 5.1 is eating gas like crazy, I can get about half a mag off then its already empty... I already checked the mag, works perfectly fine no leaks (TM magazine) Also checked the entire gun the feeding nozzle and all orings seem perfectly fine... any help would be appreciated
  4. Will a WE Hi Capa mag work for the KJW Capa? I only ask this because the WE mags are cheaper and I'm interested in getting a KJW and using WE mags for it. (kinda want to include this aswell: anyone know if the KJW has the same customization as a WE like parts wise?)
  5. I did not see this question yet. If this question already has been asked, my apologizes. Just a quick question: What would I need, parts and maintenance wise, to make the WE scar gbbr a good gbbr (for cqb)? I'm not talking like 10k rounds... Im wondering about like 5 years long term. I hear some parts are weak and prone to breaking...what would I need to install right away to prevent this and what will need to be replaced over time?? Please provide all details possible. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hello guys here is a review of WE G-Force 18 Black and Gold...I loved that pistol! If you like this video check also my scopecam videos and the other reviews... don't forget to like,comment and sub...:) enjoy..
  7. Selling thses things, we-tech g36 ras aeg bought from Taiwan of $240 and vfc mp7 mag bought from evike of $55. Become busy and have less time to play so if u like these I will sell at $185 for G36 with battery case and extra mag, $45 for mp7 mag totaly new, and all include shipping. If u but them both, the price is 220 includ shipping. Contact me here or my phone: 8138040762 thank you!
  8. Selling thses things, we-tech g36 ras aeg bought from Taiwan of $240 and vfc mp7 mag bought from evike of $55. Become busy and have less time to play so if u like these I will sell at $185 for G36 with battery case and extra mag, $45 for mp7 mag totaly new, and all include shipping. If u but them both, the price is 220 includ shipping. Contact me here or my phone: 8138040762 thank you!
  9. So I bought this WE CQB Master pistol around mid March 2016 with a 52 round mag. I had the release valve on the mag swapped and also had a new fill valve put about 3 months later in because the mag started not filling properly. I lubed up the new fill valve and installed it, but still the mag won't fill. :( I can hear a little trickle of gas seeping into the mag from the propane bottle, but when I go to shoot, I only get 20 normal-powered shots before the pressure drops off. Then I only get 5 really weak bbs shooting out of the barrel. Lubed all the o-rings in the mag and checked to see if anything was chipped or broken inside the gun, but everything looks fine. It is about 75 in the house, and I even tried heating the propane bottle and mag up with a hair dryer; no luck. What do you think could be wrong?
  10. I am looking to buy my first GBB airsoft rifle. I have a mexican standoff between the WE AK74UN http://www.evike.com/products/36517/ the AIM SVD http://www.evike.com/products/42061/ the EMG PDW M2 http://www.evike.com/products/58474/ and lastly the WE L85 http://www.evike.com/products/35126/ I plan to be playing on a large field in dense forest in cold wet weather (Washington) I love the power and accuracy of the SVD but dislike the fact that the bolt does not go all the way back. I like the sound and recoil of the ak75u and l85 but the l85 is ugly and the ak will be less than accurate. I like the pdw m2 because of its full metal build, solid feel and keymod rail but it is very generic and has lower fps than these other guns. Which would be the most effective while keeping the "coolness factor" (coolness factor being recoil, noise and materiel's? I enjoy all types of gameplay although the field I play at is mostly mid range, good for assault and snipers. lots of hiding places.
  11. hey guys just wondering if this we slide: http://www.evike.com/products/34356/ , is compatible on my tokyo marui dual stainless 4.3 hi capa, please let me know as soon as yall can
  12. Hello guys, getting out of the sport once again, so here's the loot for sale. All of these guns are in excellent/new condition unless otherwise noted. The only time they were fired was to test them. They were more of collectors pieces to me than field guns. Rules: Prices include shipping within the United States mainland, however I am willing to meet up local to South Florida for a cheaper price. I am NOT looking for trades, NOT willing to hold, NOT willing to part out any of the packages. Paypal only. -Tokyo Marui AA-12, Semi/Full-Auto AEG tri-barrel (Asking $530 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --4 magazines --Speedloader --Bottle of 5000 0.25 weight BB's --G&P 1600 mAh battery with charger --All original packaging and documentation -WE 1911 MEU NG3 Custom, Semi-Auto GBB (Asking $200 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for testing --WE's NG3 upgrade system which includes a slew of upgraded internal parts for reliability, power, accuracy and longevity. --Madbull Outer and inner barrel extension kit (Inner barrel runs through suppressor) --King Arms A.A.C. Suppressor (includes CW and CCW threading adapters for it) --Original WE barrel and inner barrel with threading adapter included --3 magazines (Extra baseplate included) --Herret's Custom real steel grips (Installed) --Original WE MEU grips --All original packaging and documentation -Tokyo Marui Glock 18C with real trades Semi/Full Autio GBB (Asking $220 shipped) Near mint condition, fired only once for test --2 magazines, normal and one long --Bottle of 2700 0.25 weight BB's --All original packaging and documentation -KWA Mac11 M11A1 NS2 Semi/Full Auto GBB (Asking $ 180 shipped) Used but in excellent condition -2 magazines -Uninstalled G&P steel kit (includes a steel upper receiver, steel stock with Cobray trademark, receiver pin, rubber grip and threaded steel flash hider) -Also including yet another G&P rubber grip and steel flash hider. -KSC Front strap -Marushin 8mm BB's 0.34 weight, 1000 BB's total (Asking $13 shipped) Never opened Thanks for looking, feel free to ask for more information or additional pictures. If you require more feedback from elsewhere or any other verification, don't hesitate to ask! -E
  13. WE Mk18 $600 Base Gun: WE Open bolt M4CQB Internals: RA-Tech NPAS. Everything else is stock Externals: Magpul CTR stock (With crack). Chinese flip-up sights. Phantom Advanced Elcan replica. Mock PEQ. Knights Armament QD Suppressor. DD Mk18 Rails. Random Foregrip. Includes: All attachments. 4x propane tanks w/ adapter. Murder Oil Medium. 4x WE Gas Magazine. Problems: Nozzle return spring broken (I have extra free of charge). Nozzle is cracked ($20 fix). Photo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4f3t98me7gmlslt/20160430_131116.jpg?dl=0
  14. -Rules -Everything is sold as is. Once it leaves my hands I am not responsible! -Everything is used unless noted. -I try to give 100% accurate descriptions(very detailed) -I take Paypal only. -I ship CONUS vis UPS (Large Items or USPS (Small Items). -Insurance is extra (added if requested) -Any questions please ask! -First come first serve, Sorry, I don't hold anything. -Trades: Not interested. 1. Umarex G36CV Body $55.00 Shipped 2. WE 1911 Upper/lower frame, outer barrel, and 2 grips. $25.00 Shipped 3. Tan Magpul PTS RVG $20.00 Shipped 4. Tapco RVG $20.00 Shipped SOCOM Gear Desert Warrior 1911 (has wear on paint/scratchs etc.) Comes with one non-leaky magazine $70.00 Shipped Internal Parts Lot $25.00 Shipped
  15. I need help, I got a WE open bolt M4 gbb about 2 weeks ago I shot it last week and everything was fine now a week later I get new gas but now the mag leaks gas right when I put it in the gun and it shoots by itself too, what is the problem?
  16. Rules: -For purchase, PayPal or FTF only. -Shipping will be USPS unless you request otherwise. -All items described as accurately as possible. -Once items leave my hands they are no longer my responsibility. -When trading, unless you have equal or more feedback, you ship first. If feedback is equal or more, arrangements can be made to ship same day. -Prices are negotiable, but be reasonable. ------------ Trades considered: M4 style GBBR M4 style recoil AEG (KWA ERG, TM recoil shock, etc) Anything else that interested me ------------ Up for sale is my WE G39C. If you are at all privy to the current goings-ons with the HK world, these guns (at least the WE variant) are no longer available new from retailers (thank you Umarex). That being said, what I have is a lightly modified example of WE's best and most notorious GBBR. Internally the gun is now as solid as the externals are. The gun has the following parts installed: Angel custom 6.01mm X 250mm tightbore barrel Upgraded hopup bucking (reaps I believe) Angel custom steel trigger Angel custom steel sear Angel custom steel hammer with roller Brand new OE trigger bar Brand new OE selector cam Brand new OE selector gears In addition to these parts already installed on the gun, I will also include the original selector bar, gears, and a second hopup unit. I also modified the bolt lock to function like the real one, locking the bolt back when you press the catch, as opposed to it being used as a bolt release. With all these awesome things about the gun, there has to be a downside, right? Well the only bad thing I can say about the gun is the paintjob and the "stippling". This was all done by the previous owner and it is actually a layer of black paint overtop a layer of white/tan paint. I attempted to strip everything off back down to the bare polymer, but it just wasnt going to happen without damaging the polymer, so the paint job stays. Anyways, down to business... The gun will come with 4 non-leaky mags. 2 mags maintain full functioning (I.e. with bolt lock function on last round, and all tabs to lock mags together..these are the 2 with the bullet print outs in them) while the other 2 have the bolt lock levers removed (by previous owner...no idea why) and the locking tabs have been broken. The one mag that is wrapped in tape had the broken tabs cut off so it fits in a standard m4 mag pouch, however all mags function flawlessly, and replacement bolt lock parts for the 2 mags are readily available (and cheap). I would put the sale price at around $350 + shipping. What I am looking for in a trade is a working, good condition GBBR M4 style rifle (to include HK 416 and 417 models), with at least 2-3 non-leaky mags. I will also consider a working good condition M4 style recoil AEG (again, 416 and 417 models are welcomed), with mags, or anything else that sounds good to me at the time. As with anything I sell, offers are always welcome and everything is negotiable to a point. If you are interested, feel free to shoot me an offer! I will entertain all offers and the worst I can say is no.
  17. hey guys I have a Vz58 by ARES for sale. I'm selling it for $175 atm. may consider trades. I just really need the money right now. never been fired besides tesing twice. feeds perfectly. no mag wobble, best response ive seen in a while. great ROF. about 18-22 on 9.6v. http://s1318.photobucket.com/user/Beny_Toncz/media/IMG_1158_zpsjsfclewd.jpg.html
  18. looking forward for the lower reciever only since I ordered an ace1arms agency arms slide kit. should be black. if its broken or incomplete it needs to have trigger/ trigger housing and hammer housing at least. offer
  19. Hey guys, recently posted a unanswered topic asking about the TM PX4. Now to think about it, don't know why I even asked. Anyways, I'm a big fan on the "real steel" side and want to get the airsoft version. I've owned many gas guns in my career and I always chose TM over anything. Recently noticed that the WE PX4 is (3PX4) also another option I have. Although not a big fan of WE, I've heard great things about their PX4. Not sure which to choose and price wise, WE is going to allow me to buy the PX4 itself and 2 extra magazines compared to being only able to get the TM PX4 for the same price. What are your thoughts?
  20. Hey guys, I'll be soon getting my hands on a WE SMG8. Knowing WE is the easiest to break, I was wondering what upgrades are good to buy. I'm assuming new valves for the mags and maybe an extra nozzle? Thanks guys.
  21. Hello everyone, I'd like to get some help importing three tan framed WE G17s. I've had no luck with importing Airsoft guns in the past and am looking for a broker or some in depth help on getting the gbb pistols through US Customs. I live in New York State if that effects the conditions or the probability of shipping and Customs. Any past experience stories be it success or failure are welcomed. Thanks ahead of time for any responses.
  22. So I recently upgraded my WE G17 with a 150% angel custom recoil and hammer spring, had to sand out a bit of the blowback housing to get it to work, I sanded to much so im using thin foil above the blowback housing as shims, it works perfectly. Also, I high flow valved 2 of my mags, and just broke in two my outer barrel 1) Which Blowback housing will fit nicely on my WE G17? 2) Which COOL LOOKING (NOT EXPENSIVE) Outer barrel should I get? thats a 3d printed RIS mount for sale at https://www.shapeways.com/product/2TTADX2SH/airsoft-we-g-series-17-ris-mount?li=shop-inventory&optionId=57757515
  23. Hello again ASF, Looking to build a we tech m4 and I have about over 50% of what I need. Here is mostly what I am looking for... Charging Handle Bolt Rear Pin w/ Spring Set Selector Switch Forward Assist w/ Spring I may possibly be interested in just a complete upper receiver and/or a empty lower receiver w/ selector switch included. Also interested in gas only magaines. Offer up! Thank you for your time, Chris
  24. Introduction: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Comrades and Capitalists, today I will be reviewing the WE tech Makarov PMm GBB pistol. The first Green Gas powered blowback Makarov in the whole history of airsoft (suck it, KWA!) Real steel History: The Makarov PM is a Russian designed handgun designed to replace the earlier TT33 handguns as well as the Nagant Revolvers used during WWII. It used a 9x18mm round and had an 8 round single stack magazine. The Makarov PM was initially introduced in the year 1949. Various copies have been made by other com-bloc countries such as China, Bulgaria and East Germany. The PMm variant has been introduced in 1991, which has a double stacked mag containing 12 rounds. More can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makarov_pistol In the box The box that the Makarov came in was pretty standard with a picture of the pistol and the text “马可洛夫” Which is a direct phonetic translation of “Makarov”. Inside the box, you will find a mock suppressor, Inner barrel extension and the Gun itself. No extra pellets. The gun is kept in an egg-carton type of material like how WE stores their Glocks. As far as my concerns go, it’s more eco-friendly than foam. Externals and Initial thoughts The finish on this gun seems to be fairly good with a (most likely) faux semi-glossy black machined finish on the slide, a matte black finish on the frame and slide release, and a matte brown colour on the hammer and safety (appears on actual Makarov PM, not the PMm). Nothing much to be said about the suppressor, which is a plain matte black finish on metal (presumably aluminium alloy since it’s so light). The Gun has a magazine release on the bottom of the gun which I like, since the mag doesn’t always have to drop out every time you holster your gun. The magazine itself also has a glossy exterior finish. I have also noted that the release valve is smaller than normal on this gun (most likely to accommodate the small size of the magazine.) Also, on this gun, the sights are nothing special just your standard everyday pistol sights. Something's telling me that the rear sight is a bit high, but that's also in real steel, so it's fine. Disassembly and Internals To disassemble this gun, what you’d have to do is to pull the trigger guard down, pull slide up and force forward without the loading nozzle getting caught in the barrel. Upon lifting the slide, I noticed the slide to be fairly light, giving me the feeling that the slide is made out of aluminium. Inside the slide, there is there is the blowback housing and loading nozzle. The loading nozzle seems to be made of plastic (also referred to as “polymer” by certain brands) whilst the blowback housing is seated right above the loading nozzle, out of sight. Hopup is adjusted by pushing a knob on the barrel left/right and the hopup bucking should be compatible with VSR type hopup bucking. I’m not sure about if the Chamber is compatible (most likely not). Around the barrel, there is a recoil spring which feels considerably harder to rack than all other GBB pistols I own (a WE Glock and KSC M93r) To reassemble, reverse the process of disassembly. And while we're at it, here's a picture of the pistol disassembled Shooting To fire, what one must do is to load up the magazine with 14 6mm bb pellets and load the magazine into the gun. Trigger pull is very long on double action, but comfortable in single action. The accuracy of this gun is pretty good for stock, being able to hit an aluminium can from 15 meters (I Will do a proper grouping test later). The recoil is also a bit very crisp and hard, making it a joy to shoot. It is also very gas efficient, being able to fire off around 50 shots per magazine, which is roughly 3 full mag refills and a few extra shots. I will try to upload a video soon. Upgrades, Modifications and Accessories At time of writing, there are no mods or upgrades directly for the WE Makarov, but I think that it will accept Bakail 654k grips and grips designed for the real double stack Makarov. Various holsters are also available, ranging from East German leather holsters, to the legendary EFA-2k. Overall Overall, I think that this pistol does its job of being a faithful replica of the Makarov PMm and since it’s the first Makarov styled GBB on the Market, I will also give it extra points for that too. Pros: +Good Kick +Good Gas Efficiency +Accurate +The Fist Makarov styled GBB +Has suppressor for power increase Cons -Power -Total Range (due to power) -Hard to holster with suppressor (so it's either low power, or no holster.)
  25. I have a WE/Socom Gear 1911 MEU and since I'm planning to get extra magazines for it and I was wondering if TM MEU-style magazines will fit and function in it? Since I no longer have the original TM mag for my TM 1911, I tried inserting a KJW into my WE, it almost went in all the way until it stopped and couldn't fully be inserted, however I also know that WE mags can't fit in the TM, since it won't even go in the magwell. However what I'm looking for is it possible for a TM 1911 magazine to work in a WE?
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