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  1. I recently got a CM126 and I'd like to get a nice TBB for it to get better FPS (currently ~200) and consistency, as I'll use it a fair bit alongside my DMR which has a 15m safety distance according to my local airsoft rules. However, I have no idea how to tell if a barrel (or other parts for that matter) is going to be compatible with the pistol before buying it. Is there a general way of figuring these things out? A chart of some sort perhaps? Or maybe you have a personal recommendation? Thank you for helping out a noob 🙂
  2. SOLD!
  3. Hello guys!! This is my review of Cm.121 Desert Eagle AEP.! Watch the video and leave a comment about that pistol, or mention something that I forgot to say...If you like the video hit the like button and sub to my channel to keep update!
  4. OK so im debating on gas vs electric. So far heres what I come up with AEP pros: the fps made for the range your shooting at, why would you need to get a gas pistol if you can just bang bang people at 10 ft and youll probably alert everyone in the enemy team if your that close because nobody uses a gas rifle. They'll think either your the enemy or the enemy is close up so it'll get their attention either way. The aep sounds like a weaker aeg so they'll think its a team mate shooting at the enemy while they're getting shot in the back. With the aep you no longer need to bang bang so you can shoot people at 40 ft or closer if your aeg is running too hot or its out. Gas pistols can sure reach out to 200 ft or higher but the problem with that is the platform itself is not made for aiming at those distances so even if you could reach out there accurately I doubt you can hold your gun steady enough to fire repeatedly unless your super good. That and you can fire a lot more accurately on full with an aep than you can with a gas gun(if their moving your not even gonna hit them with an aeg unless your good either way lol) Full auto, sure your gas pistol can run on full auto or something but doesn't it require modification or you have to buy something that has that capability? Even then wouldn't a cqb gun still be better than that? And even then, there are some aeps that run 15 rps out of the box with the stock battery and everything like the cm.122 and fps doesn't matter much when your shooting in cqb. loudness, I don't have to really elaborate. You need a suppressor and an nbb for a quiet gas gun and aeps are normally a lot quieter so you can be pretty sneaky with them. Now sure you can use heavy bbs to quiet your gun but then you run into the problem you have with aeps and that's fps which is hindered by heavy bbs AND supressors so my shots will be getting on target as fast or faster than yours. And I don't need to carry around a bulky suppressor on my gun so I don't need a funky holster and its easier to draw aswell. Plus you run into the problem of joule creep with it as gas pistols have a serious issue with them heavy bbs and makin kids bleed. reliability, this is a given, as far as I know WE tech is a shîtty brand from what ive heard and so are a lot of other brands that make gas guns(sure there are reliable gas pistols but not a lot of them) and blowbacks are notoriously unreliable. Gas, I don't want to buy gas, lemme plug my thing into the wall and/or bring extra batteries and that would be that. I don't have to worry about nozzles or have my gun smell like áss every time I shoot or have a chance to give me frost bite if I do anything stupid. I also don't have to worry about having to empty the rest of my gas (unless im dumb enough to use a NiCD) as it uses a NIMH so you can keep that shît stored for a bit. (your gun is gonna smell like butts because propane is better than green gas cause green gas is a scam lololol) accuracy, I'd go Tokyo Marui if I wanted that, but this is a cqb/backup gun and it already hits 150 feet all stock. and yes I know that in some aeps(either all or some, im not sure) hopup doesn't work in full auto so I'd use semi at long ranges if I really really had to do that it'd be because my cyma high cap failed me as I run my ak with a single high cap. And I know that that's not gonna happen any time soon so yeah. Their cheaper in price unless you want an nbb which is vastly cheaper(I also saw some super low fps nbbs on amazon and I thought they were really cool, theres a 25$ walter ppq that comes with a suppressor :D) Now if I somehow came across a good cqb field in florida(I don't live by tampa so no I cant go to that cool exclusive field that im not sure of having even a single cqb area in their entire field. Sure gas might be good in that respect because fps with .20s is a cool thing to have. But then you run into the problem of when you make super sneaky attacks everyone is alerted to the gas pistol while with the aep its pure confusion for many reasons. 1. it sounds like an aeg while its a pistol so even with people looking at you it WILL take them a second. 2. its quieter (unless you again, want to run with an nbb with a suppressor which is fine, but I'd rather not have a low gas efficiency and a bulky gun for something that I have to do massive amounts of research on how to get to work because apparently foam isn't enough to suppress a gun like that and I know as I tried making supressors for my guns.) 3. full auto capability out of the box so no trying to wipe 5 man groups and dying instantly because some schmuck decided to turn around after hearing you shoot your super loud(or bulky and kind of quiet) and slow firing semi only shiny metal 1911. So they have no time at all to react, sure im very fast with a pistol but just hearing a gas gun puts everyone on edge, your team or theirs and I'd rather solid snake my way out of situations instead of shock and awe which doesn't work whatsoever on someone whos either been shot already and knows it doesn't hurt at all, a fearless 30rps pstar using speedsofting 12/yo or just some war vet dad(we have a lot of those at my field and nothing scares them.) 4. their generally lighter so your reaction time should be very good and carrying one shouldn't be a problem, so switching targets is super easy, especially when ambushing a group of aeg users while using corners and/or cover to your advantage(it helps being compact aswell so a suppressor doesn't do you any good in that situation) 5. fully functioning magazines that don't drop out if you just TOUCH the mag release(I know its not a huge problem with gbbs but it doesn't happen with aeps as far as I know) And generally more reliable 30 rnd mags(you can use 100 rounders if you want to cqb with it and your a bad shot.) Pros of gas: It can be hpa'd I guess but I don't wanna carry around a tank almost as heavy as my main gun for a sidearm and heavier than the pistol itself that I probably wont use just because of that. easier to find and good nbbs are cheaper than most aeps(KJW MK1 im lookin straight at ya baby) people can do ez tech work on em I think. functioning sights(I could file down the cm.122 sights if I wanted to fix them though, as its abs) blowback is cool I guess but that comes at the price of gas usage for fps and generally less reliability So, distribution aside, could I make a case as for AEPs being better or are there hidden reasons I never heard of for why gas is superior. Now there are some weird things, as aeps function well in cold weather, but its only with LiPos as I've heard because nimhs lose charge in the cold too and I don't wanna hurt my gun with a super powerful LiPo. Gas apparently compresses in cold weather leading to lower fps. So with an aep you can atleast solve the problem I guess. Now because of the scaling with MaHs and discharge rate I think I could get the same power as a NIMH 7.2 as I could with a 7.4 LiPo if I had a lower discharge rate with a low to medium capacity if that makes sense. So guges or airborne, please prove me wrong because I don't wanna blow 80 bucks on something that isn't very good.
  5. 1) Y&P mk23. All I need is the threads but I realize that's a bit much to ask for so I'll buy the whole gun. I'll probably take extra mags if they don't drive the price up too much. 2) lower frame of a cyma glock aep. I need the magazine release tabs. 3) aep upgrades, specifically for the CM030. 4) maybe a derringer. If you have the Poseidon kit with it, that's awesome. May trade an mp5k + possibly other stuff for: ak-104, aks-74u, possibly even an aks-74. VSS and cyma dragunov are also nice. russian camo and russian chest rigs are nice too. Just a warning, I am a cheap person. So don't bother offering me your NPO AS VAL's and pristine Altyn helmets haha. I'm looking to just trade mostly for acquiring new things outside of the 1-4 list and don't really want to add much cash to anything if at all. Also, unless you are willing to wait for a long time, don't offer anything past #4. I am away from my stash and can possibly ship March at the absolute earliest. I don't want to waste your time if you're not willing to wait for some time.
  6. Thought I'd share a rare find of mine with this forum! Stock opening It's a 1999 Marushin Uzi AEG. It has a full metal stamped receiver. I was lucky enough to find it in near perfect condition. ROF is very high even with an 8.4. Magazine is proprietary, sadly. It will not fit with any other UZI magazine. There is more information in my arnies thread: http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/213612-marushin-aep-uzi/&do=findComment&comment=2693883 :) Cheers
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