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Found 14 results

  1. I have a M4A1 from Cyma, right now I am using the stock inner barrel 390mm 6.08 Wanna add a new 6.03 barrel but I don't know what is the best length that I can use. Just add a suppressor so I have space for a long barret... 500mm MAX. Any advice how can I know what is the best size I can use??
  2. SEE PICS HERE http://imgur.com/a/whuv7 *Asking $280 shipped* -KWA SR7 upgraded with an SR10 rail (was $320) -Systema magnum motor (was $100) -AIM Sports 4x32mm Tri-Illuminated Scope with 3/4 Circle Reticle (was $100) -High Strength Helical gear set -AIM high speed piston -High seal ported piston head -Sniper length inner barrel at 6.01 tolerance -11.1v 2300 mAh lipo and charger (have 3 batts if interested) -Mock silencer for the extended inner barrel -I have tons of brand new KWA mid cap mags and hi cap mags if you're interested. -Also have a real steel Inforce rail mounted high lumen light if interested (was $100) Ask for a video I'll be happy to show you the performance. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Beast of sporting toy, Normal field wear nothing major.*(Also names of product had to be adjusted to keep it on CL) *shoots just right at 400 fps due to the M110 spring ive put in it so it's legal for most outdoor fields. *You get a sling (mounts to sling mount on buffer tube) / And a bottle of 5000 Elite Force Precision 0.20g bbs. *Gun has insane rate of fire due to all the systema internal upgrades/ High speed high seal piston head and piston. *Ball bearing bushings due to the high rate of fire. *11.v 2300 mAh batter that fits the crane stock nicely. (DEANS CONNNECTOR but REGULAR BALANCE CHARGE CONNECTOR) *Also many different types of accessories and gear so ask about that!
  3. I'm having a custom barrel made for my sniper rifle, and I'm lost as to how I might design it in order to correctly orient flash hiders and whatnot. In the end, it isn't a big deal. Right now I'm looking at symmetrical flash hiders, and I plan on using a mock suppressor often as well- so it honestly won't matter that much...but I'd prefer to do things right. Do flash hiders themselves usually have a method of orientation adjustment? I've never bought one. Thanks for any help or insight. EDIT: If anyone could point me toward a source on threading, that would be great. I want to make sure I understand CW/CCW, if they're supposed to be paired, or anti-paired, the standard on most rifles, etc. etc.
  4. Okay, so right now I go to 3 fields that all require a 400 fps limit. None of them have tested my fps but I know that they will sometime, so I don't want my gun crazy over the limit, which is 400. My gun currently is shooting around 390-400 but I really want to install a tightbore barrel. The description and reviews of http://www.evike.com/products/40452/ say that it increases fps by 20-50. A video I saw showed that it increased it by around 35. Is there any way I can install it, and then decrease the fps without opening up my gearbox? I will if I have to, but I rather keep my gun as it is in there. Thanks for the help.
  5. Hello all, I have a SLP HPA setup with cqb russian taps for my KJW m9. What I want to do is put in a 303mm vsr barrel and hard bucking. I'll obviously cover it with a silencer but I want to know will these parts actually fit (I hear they fit in 1911 models not sure about m9's though) and since its running on HPA what results can I expect if I limit the fps to 350? Will the barrel be to long? I'm looking to increase range and be able to adjust my FPS since its on hpa. Thanks for the help
  6. Yes, I know the Miracle Barrel is not a mod itself- it's a barrel for sale which boasts a very simple modification to the standard barrel design- where the BB sits in a consistent position pre-trigger-pull. Is the Miracle Barrel better than other options out there because of this? :censored2: if I know, I just know this is a design any barrel would benefit from, and it isn't complicated, so I want to apply it. I'm wondering if anyone here has attempted to modify their barrel to recreate this design, or seriously considered it? The only thing stopping me from committing 100% to this is...well, life- I'm on break, and last time I left for school, Airsoft got sidetracked a depressing amount Depending on the coming weeks, I may take this project up wholeheartedly, and am seriously interested in it regardless. My first thought was drilling four holes on the underside of the barrel appropriately, to anchor some 'tracks' used for the actual support of the BB. This may be as simple as four holes, and some copper wire strung through like shoelaces, held secure by (and plugging the holes via) Loctite. Any input?
  7. So I just bought a polarstar jack and am looking to run a DMR setup. What barrel should I use with it? I don't care about air efficiency. I want the most range and accuracy I can get. I hear Orgas are the best for HPA but I also hear they have terrible barrel consistency and material. Should I run a Prommy, PDI, Edgi, Orga or maybe something else? I will ER-hop it and shim my G&G hop-up or maybe get a better one if it will make much of a difference.
  8. Hey guys I have a bit of a problem I wanted to upgrade all the above mentioned parts in 2 guns so I went ahead and bought the madbull fishbone nub, the madbull shark bucking, and 2 madbull 6.03 barrels 363mm and 455mm respectively. I also went ahead and got a king arms chamber for both as I've not had problems with it at any poin in the past. I feel like I've wasted my money because I get the range I want out of both guns. However the accuracy is a completely different story. The slightest adjustment to the hop causes severe over hop or under hop depending on the way I adjust it. The shots vary by quite a lot where they hit and fall too short at a distance. Using more hop does not solve this problem as the bb's seem to teleport Star Trek style straight up into the sky with very minuscule adjustments. I was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions on what inner barrel, bucking and nub to get so I might be able to hit my target. The only catch is I do not want to r hop, or flat hop because I simply do not have access to the tools necessary to do so. I have heard good things about Prometheus barrels, however I read a few online reviews saying that the madbull products were just as good. Any and all constructive help is appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  9. Hello all, I know there's existing data on matching optimal inner barrel length to cylinder porting, but is there a known good range of inner barrel lengths in consideration of the G&G M4 AEGs with the pneumatic blowback feature? I ask since they have a setup which is not like your typical gearbox with a ported cylinder, but instead it looks like a full cylinder but there's a hole at the top which lets the air flow through the pneumatic system up top for moving the fake bolt piece. To the point, what would the longest inner barrel length be that I could use effectively in one of these G&G blowback M4 AEGs, before I reach diminishing returns? Thanks.
  10. hello, I am relativly new to airsoft and am seeking clairification and guidance for a few questions that I have. I have the G&G CM16 MOD 0 AEG rifle It is stock and the specs are: full metal type 2 gearbox, High torque long type motor. My current inner barrel is stock and measures 330mm long. I would like to get a tight bore inner barrel (6.03mm) that is 455mm long. I plan on getting a mock suppressor to attach to my gun to cover up the longer barrel. My questions are, firstly, Is this set up possible with the stock motor, gear box, etc.? If it would not work, what upgrade parts would be needed to make it work? How much longer should my suppressor be in relation to the inner barrel? Are there barrel spacers or stabilizers that would go around the inner barrel and fit snug inside the suppressor to help keep the longer barrel in place better, or is this not really an issue? Thank you for taking the time to read this and give feedback. All coments and recomendations are greatly apperciated.
  11. When upgrading an ebb aeg with a 363 mm barrel, what would be the best inner barrel with the highest accuracy then range?
  12. Most Daytona Gun users use a polished, stock ~6.08mm barrel in their builds. This provides them a slight widebore-effect without losing a substantial amount of air which will drop the joule output of the gun. Thanks to the Black Friday TNK sale, I am finally able to begin a DG 14.5" M4 build. However, the exact length needed to extend the inner barrel from the proprietary DG hop-up unit to the very end of the 14.5" outer barrel is 390mm. Only two companies make excellent larger bores that come close to a 390mm length. Prometheus/Laylax recently released a "BC Bright" barrel line that has an inner diameter of 6.05mm, a slightly larger hop-up window, a coated brass construction, and the Prometheus quality that we all adore. Retail is usually around $35-40 for the 380mm. http://www.evike.com/products/49715/ PDI makes 6.08mm barrels made of cold-forged stainless steel, but with a price tag of $100+ for a 390mm barrel. Is the greater long-term durability and larger bore of the PDI worth it compared to the Prometheus barrel?
  13. Hey all, I recently got a KWA LM4. I've taken off the outer barrel extension, making it 10" configuration, and I've taken off the standard front assembly to put on a Madbull Troy TRX Extreme BattleRail 9" version. I've noticed that after installing that handguard and a mock suppressor, I saw that the outer barrel is tilted toward the right, if looking straight. I tried taking off the handguard, using barrel base washers, or even putting on the original delta ring/barrel nut, and the outer barrel is still tilting toward one direction no matter what I try. Is this normal, or could something be warped or damaged? Or am I installing stuff incorrectly? I've checked that I have not cross threaded the TRX barrel nut and I have tightened down the two mounting/tension screws for the handguard. Everything else is stock except for that handguard. OEM hop-up unit, outer barrel, receivers, etc... Here's pictures:
  14. Selling all my extra M4 Parts: Asking $250 OB(Reasonable)Offer. It's a massive collection of parts to tinker with.
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