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Found 25 results

  1. I got a CM.028 AEG AK-47 for Christmas with a MATRIX 1600 mAh 9.6v NiMH Battery I plug it in to a A26 NIMH Battery Charger. Brand new right out of the box after plugging in the wall to charge both lights on the charger where green so I thought okay the battery must have been pre charged. I hook it up to my AK rifle then after I fire select to full auto it fires 3 rounds then the battery evidently dies for it does not fire a single shot after that. Also after unplugging the charger from the wall with the battery still in the wall socket both green lights are lit on the charger. When unplugging the battery from the charger while not plugged in the wall then the lights on the charger are unlit/off. I let it charge over night then today when I put the battery in the gun I took it out to fire again it only fires 3 rounds then the battery seems to die. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have always had problems with fogging before I found out about these tiny micro fans you can attach to your goggles and started using them. They worked so well that I even decided to make some more of them. You can find and buy them safely through my ebay store. Most fans are 20x10mm or 25x10mm and powered by AA, 9V, or 18650 batteries. I’ll be adding more over time: https://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/sch/mattsfans/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Shipping to US takes around 2 weeks(4-8 work days) via priority mail or 2-3 weeks(10-16 work days) via economy mail from Finland Thanks for looking!
  3. Not much to say really other than they've not been used much, I dunno, £10 each mag (I have 3 metal low caps (like 50 rounds) and 3 plastic mid caps (like 110 rounds), £10 per battery, £20 for the pair of mag pouches The mag pouches are also supposedly useful for Sandtrooper cosplay if anyone is into that Cheers, George
  4. Not much to say really other than they've not been used much, I dunno, £10 each mag (I have 3 metal low caps (like 50 rounds) and 3 plastic mid caps (like 110 rounds), £10 per battery, £20 for the pair of mag pouches The mag pouches are also supposedly useful for Sandtrooper cosplay if anyone is into that Cheers, George
  5. Hi. I just downgraded my spring to a SP100 for CQB. I noticed that I am getting overspin with a 9.6 volt battery when I am in semi auto. when I plug in my 8.4 volt battery it works perfectly fine but I would rather use 9.6 volt batteries. Please help.
  6. I am thinking of creating a fallout-based ak47 with a shovel stock and I have a full stock ak with the battery within the stock. Since the battery couldn't fit in the shovel stock, is there any way I could change it so that it fits under the cover? I don't mind getting a new stick-type battery, but I don't think I would want to get a new receiver since the shovel stock needs a full stock receiver.
  7. So my A&K sr25k has been shooting fin up until today. I was shooting it and I all of a sudden it stopped shooting. No sound or any other reaction. I've tried three batteries both with and without my Burst Avocado-II Programmable Fire-Controller. Does anybody have any clues what the problem could be?
  8. Hello, I'm new here and I just recently started getting back into airsoft, I'll spare you the details. As, hinted by the title my main and only AEG is the Lancer Tactical LT-11B and all parts are stock. The issue I've had is it no longer fires. I made sure the 8.4 volt battery was fully charged, disconnected my motor from my gear box, this made the motor spin. When I reconnect my motor to my gear box it runs the motor, I can hear it, but it won't turn the gears. The next thing I did was unlock the gearbox by lifting up on the anti-reversal latch. This released some tension, but when I reconnected the motor still nothing happened. After that, I borrowed a friend's 9.6 volt battery and the gun fired. I only fired a few shots because I didn't want to break anything. I plugged my own 8.4 volt battery back in but it still didn't work. My next thought was to disassemble the Version 3 gear box and clean it. I found a few small pieces of plastic and removed those, although that didn't seem to be a problem before. A couple weeks later I borrowed my friends 9.6 volt battery again and played for a couple hours on it with no hiccups. TL;DR After doing some troubleshooting I have determined that a 9.6 volt battery will run my gun, but an 8.4 volt battery won't. My question: should I buy a 9.6 volt battery for my gun and would it be safe to use it long term.
  9. I tried to charge my Lipo with my Tenergy B450AC which has worked before but all of a sudden I have been getting ERR5 which according to the manual this means that there is an internal error and that I should turn it off and back on does not work than to contact the manufacturer for further trouble shooting. I sent Tenergy customer support an email but I am not expecting to get a reply. It works just fine for charging my NiMH battery but whenever I have the balance charger plugged in I get the ERR5. I also checked to make sure that the battery was not dead and the output voltage was a safe 3.5v. Does anybody have any clue whats going on? Update: I tried again and the LCD display no longer works except to show error messages.
  10. I've just bought my first airsoft gun and it is an AK-47 AEG, and I have two questions about it. 1. How long do I charge the battery for? I have an 8.4v stick battery (Ni-MH 2/3AP 1150mAh). 2. Is it normal for exactly 4 BBs to fall out every single time I take out the magazine? Thank
  11. Hello I'm looking to see if anyone can help me with finding what battery fits into this ACOG lookalike red dot site scope. The link below is the identical scope that I have. http://www.jacksonsoftair.com/epages/35083.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/35083/Products/REDDOT008 This is not advertising I just cannot find anywhere else that I can get a picture from. The site is useless and I have already emailed them a few weeks ago asking the same question I'm asking now and no reply what so ever. Please help. I've tried a lot of button batteries already from AG1 - AG13 an so far no luck.
  12. I have recently bought a tenergy smart charger for my airsoft batteries (tenergy 9.6 nimh) and when I use this charger it causes the batteries to make a feint clicking noise. I have seen a few other posts around but none have solved the issue. Is it safe to continue to use. I have tried my batteries on other charges and no problems.
  13. I were out shooting with my friends, and my M4 worked just fine. When the round was over we took a break, and when we started again my M4 wouldn't shoot, I tried replacing the battery and shooting it again a couple of times and then the battery started smoking. Does anybody know what the problem might be?
  14. Hello! I am new to airsoft (I started about 5-6 months ago) and my second AEG (first one broke) that I got today is a really awesome Valken Battle Machine MOD-M that came with a valken smart charger/9.6v 1600 mAh NimH that I charged for about an hour on my smart charger before the light turned green and I took it off. I couldn't have taken it off more than 5 minutes later when I heard a pretty loud crackling/fizzing noise. I touched the battery and it was hot to the touch. Not warm but HOT. I leaned my ear in and noticed the loud noise was coming from the battery. I didn't want it to catch on fire, (and because I'm kinda a noob) I put it in the old, dry sink that nobody uses. 20 minuets later, it is still pretty hot and the crackling has gotten quiet. Is this fatal to my battery? Is it dangerous in any way? Please let me know because I don't want to break another great gun. Thanks!
  15. Hello! ​I just bought a brand new G&G Combat Machine, and along with it, a new Tenergy 9.6v NimH Stock battery from AirsoftGI. Sadly, the smart charger wasn't able to get to me yet. I have to go to my friend's airsoft event (which is tomorrow) and my battery isn't working. I only have a crappy wall charger that works great for my 8.4v NimH, but when I plug in my 9.6v, it says it is charging and everything, and when it is finished, I take it out and put it in my gun. The first ten shots or so are great, great rof, great power, and it has no sign of low charge. After that I shoot one more shot and it immediately stops. I pull the trigger, but it makes a click-grinding sound. I then have to plug in my 8.4v, and it seems even better than the other. HELP!
  16. I'm new to airsoft and I'm getting this g&g combat machine raider aeg. Its recommended that 9.6v batteries are used with it but later I may wanna get into lipo batteries. So what lipo would be comparable to a 9.6v? (voltage, c rating, ect.)
  17. I have a Classic Army Sportline M15A4 and have already replaced the bushings with metal ones and the gears with more durable ones (after they got stripped). I bought an SHS irregular pitch m130 spring but when I put it in, the gears would lock up, so I decided just to use the stock spring for a while longer. I used it until the battery died, so now I figure I'll get the new motor with the battery. I just have a few questions about the parts I should buy: -What motor should I buy to go with the M130 spring? I'm pretty sure the stock CA Sportline one doesn't work because it locked up. I've been looking at the SHS High Torque. -What battery specs should I look for? My Tenergy 9.6v 10C 1600 mAH was working fine until it died, but I don't know if I should get a stronger one for the spring. -Should I get a sorbo pad/ different piston head to reduce stress on the sportline gearbox (still metal) with the m130? If so which ones do you recommend? -After I messed with the gearbox the first time, the gun started making a kind of annoying screech when I fire it (not too bad, but noticable when firing). I followed a shimming guide so I don't think I shimmed the gears wrong, so I was going to try and re-grease the gears. What grease should I use? I have some all-purpose Lithium grease lying around. I also don't think its an issue with motor height since I haven't changed it.
  18. I was thinking of upgrading my AEG to an 11.1V LiPo, but I don't know how to hook it up. The battery is this: https://www.airrattle.com/11-1v-1000Mah-20C-Lithium-Polymer-Stick-Battery-p/tenergy-31598.htm and I have no experience with LiPo batteries. What all do I need for this and how do I go about hooking it up? The gun is a King Arms AEG SVD.
  19. So I recently upgraded my Classic Army M15A4 spring to a SHS M130 and when I went to test it out, the gearbox would move a little and lock. The gears had already been upgraded, although I don't know what the ratio is (it was a while back and a Airsoft Atlanta fixed my gears after they had worn out), the stock motor is in (this one), and my battery is a Tenergy 9.6v 1600maH 10C. I figure that I either need to upgrade the battery or the motor, and would rather do which ever is cheaper. Does anyone know which I should upgrade? When I changed the spring everything came out and I had to re-shim the gears. I think I did it alright, but maybe doing it better would get it to work? It works with the stock spring shimmed the way it is now.
  20. Sup guys! Another AK question for y'all: I have an 11.1v Lipo I want to use on an AK I'm gonna get (Dboys RK-05). It's got a folding stock, and the battery goes in the top of the receiver. What are some viable options for rewiring an AK so a mosfet will fit? -Put it in the folding stock?(hazard to the wiring?) -Forgrip(can it be wiring to the front for a PEQ Box?) I plan on changing the forgrips to a Rail system. -Leave it alone(is there enough space for a Mosfet already?) Lipo is 6.5in long, but I would prefer to get a peq box version. Mosfet: http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/electrical-parts-c-1_27/apex-python-mosfet-pcb-protected-low-resistance-fet-p-571.html
  21. So I'm planning to buy a new airsoft gun (http://www.airsplat.com/items/ERP-SRC-DS-104T.htm) and it comes with a 8.4V battery from what I know, If I get a battery like this one (http://www.airsplat.com/items/AC-BT-96I1600-S.htm). Will it affect the gun in a bad way? Because I burnt out the gearbox? I need to know this before chirstmas.Thank You
  22. What is up guys. I am working with a member of my airsoft team on a school project and I need your help. There will be a link provided with a quick survey about an idea we have. Can you help us out and submit a completed survey. https://docs.google.com/a/atemshigh.com/forms/d/17Bg2txGZaUAcYdmD9N90ZD7FUNjjMVsD4Ji16Z7EGDI/edit
  23. I have recently rennovated a JG M4A1 I bought used off a friend. I now believe I am experiencing some sort of electrical issue. When he sold it to me it fired very slowly (rof wise) and it seemed as though the motor was struggling to turn over the gearbox. I replaced the fuse with a fresh one although I don't think it needed it, and I also backed off the set screw on the bottom of the hand grip to loosen the motor mesh (thinking it was too tight, causing the motor to work much harder to turn the gearbox.) Those two procedures didnt do anyhting though. After those two failed to increase ROF, I decided it must be the motor itself. So I went on ebay and bought a cheap motor just to see if it was the problem. The motor arrived and I installed it, only to end up with the same result, slow ROF and what sounds like a struggling motor. I tried my buddies 9.6v battery instead of the 8.4 I normally use, and that increased the ROF to an acceptable level, but caused the motor to heat up quickly, and I would not want to use it for more than a couple minutes. So basically it seems like my motor is struggling to move the gearbox, and, in turn, I am getting sub par preformance. I know the gun has not been modified internally, so its all stock gearbox and spring wise. I loosened the motor set screw at the bottom of the handguard, but it didnt seem to do anything, should I try to tighten it instead? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, I am looking to upgrade the battery on my A&K SR-25, I just took it out and ran out of battery after about 300 shots. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am not sure what battery I have now but it is the one that came with the gun. Thanks, Bgordy
  25. I have a dynamite NiCd and NiMH peak charger that charges at 1, 2, or 4 amps. The connector looks the same, and it works with 4-8 cell batteries. Will it work with a small type 1600 mAh battery?
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