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  1. I had gotten into airsoft awhile ago and lost interest, I want to get into airsoft again and build the DMR I really want. I need help finding the right platform to have a customizable upper and the ability to change the grip and stock to a thumb hole stock. I’ve been looking and I really could use some help from someone who knows a bit more then me and has done this for awhile. Thank you, I appreciate any help. I’ll put some pictures to give some idea of what I was thinking. Sorry if there not the best quality.
  2. Hey guys, I have been playing airsoft for a few years now and I now want to build a fully custom gun. I am still quite new to building and would like feedback on a parts list. Thanks so much EXTERNALS -Upper reciever EMG Noveske Officially Licensed Gen 4 Aluminum M4 Receiver Set (Color: Black) https://www.evike.com/products/13192/ - Handguard EMG Noveske Gen 4 RIS M-LOK Handguard for M4 Series Airsoft AEGs (Length: 9.75"/ Black) https://www.evike.com/products/13190/ Motor Grip- EMG Ergonomic Combat Motor "Delta" Grip for M4/M16 Airsoft AEGs (Color: Black) https://www.evike.com/products/13768/ Buffer Tube- Laser "Numbered" 6-Position battery stock tube buffer pipe for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG https://www.evike.com/products/46103/ Hand Stop- Magpul M-LOK Hand Stop Kit (Color: Black) https://www.evike.com/products/70844/ Outer barrel- Madbull Airsoft Noveske Licensed Aluminum Outer Barrel for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEGs (Model: 10.5" CQB) https://www.evike.com/products/37452/ Stock- PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock (EPS) for Airsoft Rifles (Color: Black) https://www.evike.com/products/66539/ Suppressor (hide inner barrel)- Matrix Airsoft Mock Suppressor / Barrel Extension - 30 X 180mm (Style: Grim Reaper / Black) https://www.evike.com/products/52631/ Barrel stabilizer- Angel Custom CNC POM Inner Barrel Stabilizer (Model: 30mm / Set of 2) https://www.evike.com/products/10285/ INTERNALS Gearbox Shell- Lonex 8mm Airsoft AEG Version 2 Gearbox Shell https://www.evike.com/products/43105/ Gears- Siegetek Concepts Generation 2 Cyclone Precision Airsoft AEG Gear Set (Type: V2/V3 / 10.78:1) https://www.evike.com/products/84643/ Piston- I don't have a piston ready yet a recommendation would be great Cylinder (I know it's lazy but I think it's all that I needed anyways)- Lonex Complete Internal Upgrade Series Enhanced Cylinder Set for M4, SR-16, M733 Airsoft AEG Rifles - POM Ventilation Type https://www.evike.com/products/54592/ Mosfet- Gate TITAN V2 Airsoft Drop-In Programmable MOSFET Module with USB-Link (Model: Rear Wired / With Programming Card) https://www.evike.com/products/64303/ Motor- Tienly Infinity GT High Performance Long Type Motor (Type: 4th Gen. 25,000 RPM) https://www.evike.com/products/17943/ Battery (TITAN says on website should fit this exact model crane stock) Titan Power 11.1v 6000mAh 16C Nunchuck Type Li-Ion Battery (Connector: Standard Deans) https://www.evike.com/products/17771/ Barrel w/hopup and bucking- Umbrella Prometheus 6.03 EG inner barrel with R-hop https://umbrellaarmory.com/collections/inner-barrel-assembly/products/prometheus-inner-barrel-r-hop?variant=20680265957489 Spring guide- Lonex Ultimate Upgrade Steel Spring Guide with Ball Bearing (Type: Version 2) https://www.evike.com/products/35848/ Tappet & selector plate- JG Selector & Tappet Plate Set for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEGs and Version 2 Gearboxes https://www.evike.com/products/37221/ Spring- Guarder Airsoft AEG Upgrade Spring - SP150 https://www.evike.com/products/30636/ Bearings- Modify 8mm Ceramic Bearing Set https://www.evike.com/products/40061/ Shim set- Matrix Ultra Precision Gun Smith Airsoft AEG Gearbox Shim Set (Size: .1mm and .2mm) https://www.evike.com/products/31362/ Reversal Latch- ASG Ultimate Upgrade Airsoft AEG Anti-Reversal Latch - Ver. 2 & Ver. 3 https://www.evike.com/products/35887/ This is meant to be a high RPS mid range gun for my local field. Any input on part, things I missed or other recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks again
  3. Hello. I'm fairly new to airsoft and I'm still trying to get some starter gear. I'm also new to something else. Robocraft. There's one weapon in particular from the game that I think would look awesome in real life. The rail sniper looks, with some modification to the handle, like it would make either a cool shotgun or anot assault rifle. Or perhaps it would be well suited as a sniper. Heres an image of hiw it looks in game. If the image doesn'the show then just search Robocraft rail cannon. http://I.imgur.com/zrd1Q5h.jpg I'd love any feedback on the idea. As far as propulsion I don't have a set idea in mind.
  4. Hey guys trying to sell my ICS M4, will trade for a Magpul PTS Masada, asking $450 obo. eBay Item ID: 292098131013 Full metal body, I used an old ICS CAR-97 as the base gun and purchased an additional metal upper for the DMR kit. It has been upgraded as listed below. As with all ICS M4s it has a split gearbox design for easy repair work and upgrades. Not gonna lie... be warned; The buffer tube is not attached with a standard screw and plate set because there isn't room for one but it doesn’t wobble or come off during play. The angle custom stock is a tight fit preventing wobble but can be difficult to move. The wiring set was designed to be used with a mosfet system so there is no built in fuse. The magpul handguard was custom fit so keep the barrel nut tightened. ~$700 build: $300 base gun, $200 CQB upper, ~$200 in upgrades What's included: ICS M4 CQB Alternate DMR Upper Extra ICS M4 upper gearbox Tenergy smart charger Tenergy 1600mah 9.6v NiMh battery 2x Tan Magpul PTS hi-cap P-Mags, 2x metal hi-cap mags Features ~200' accurate range (depending on weight and quality of bbs) Properly Shimmed ICS Turbo 3000 Motor - $30 Stock ICS gears Angel Custom Stock - $35 Deans Connector - $5 Magpul Handguard - $30 Mock Suppressor - $25 Angel Custom Stock - $35 DMR Kit perfect air seal in the cylinder, Guarder Stainless Steel Ver.2 Cylinder Head - $25 Prometheus 469mm Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tightbore Inner Barrel with RHOP Installed by Umbrella Armory - $105 Matrix CNC High Performance Aluminum Air Seal Nozzle - $10 Matrix Ver II CNC Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide - $12 Guarder Super Lucid Chromium Plating Cylinder - $16 Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hop Bucking (Soft) - $15 M110 Spring - $10 Guarder Reinforced High Speed Ball Bearing Aluminum Piston Head - $16 (not installed) Secondary upper gearbox Solid cylinder (for 400-500mm inner barrels) stock internals M120 spring CQB Kit Ported cylinder, (for short 200-300mm barrels) ported POM piston sorbo pad M110 spring If you have any questions please don't hesitate to PM me!
  5. Here are some pictures of both guns- https://imgur.com/gallery/JGiNp Hi, I'm selling my VFC Scar H STD (tan), The gun has only been fielded once and is in amazing condition! It also comes with a metal black scar type flash hider, fore grip, original magazine (no wear), original box. Shoots 360-370 with .2's. 300$ I'm selling my ICS- Uk1. It's been fielded once, it's in perfect condition. It comes with the original box and instructions, the original bag of bbs (never used), keymod rails, fuses, unjamming rod, magazine, and a barrel extension. It's also electric blowback. It's chrono's at 375 with .25g bbs. 250$ Thanks for your interest in my ad! If any questions or if you would like pictures just ask me!
  6. Hey. I'm just building some custom guns for anyone who's interested. Link the the google form, additional information there. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtt8prfAY-CMS1yJbDhM5Gv6tVR-ob4aejWxDnkvC4rGXc6w/viewform
  7. Hello all. I want to build from the ground up a custom M249 (preferably Mk48 body style) SAW. I had an A&K Mk48 which I had an upgraded motor, the CNCed Bullgear hopup chamber (Not sure if airsoft gi is still selling it but that's where I got it from), and tight bore 6.03, some wiring which was built for the M249 but had to jerry rig it together as part of it came from one place and another section came from another place. Anyways It got stolen :( . So now I am thinking I should just build it from a frame that I can have milled down so its lighter IE remove the bipod shave off a large chunk of the available rail space get it custom rear wired with the crane stock from an M4 so I can put the battery in the back and drill in the front rail segment that could detach from bottom so it doesnt do in game. So I need need suggestions on who is known for building high speed electric builds (I would go HPA but that's too much of a pain in the :censored2: to fly with as I try to fly to events because I work for the airlines so it can cut down on my cost if I fly if the game is out of Washington State where I live) Any and all help would be appreciated so I can try and get a quote and start really saving the money I need for this build
  8. Hi! My name is Sturm and I recently have registered. I am here because bloody hell I have some things going on with my pistol. Long story short, I ordered a custom TM M1911A1 Government from Hong Kong. I had it fitted by the retailer with a full Guarder metal kit, including the slide and frame, springs, and steel outer barrel. Okay. Everything was fine, lest for one thing. The outer barrel had an out of place 'jumpy' movement to it. It would wiggle around in the slide, and would specifically protrude out of the end of the gun more than normal. It took a tonne of guessing and experimenting, but eventually I believe I discovered what was causing it. For whatever reason, the Guarder chamber piece had a large amount of clearance between the top of it and the ejection port on the slide. The result of this happening was that the entire outer barrel was afforded more space than it needed, and would slide around after cocking, firing, aiming, etc. This is why the outer barrel tended to spring itself a little bit out of the end of the slide. I think part of the problem is the default Marui hop up, which is a bit stiff and obviously made for the likes of plastic outer barrels. Today, I attempted to do some 'fitting' on the hop up unit and a spare Guarder outer barrel I had handy. After I made some modifications, I reassembled the pistol, and to my shock, the pistol was jammed to hell. I could not even take the gun apart even with the slide lock out! I eventually managed to fix the jamming, but I still cannot disassemble the pistol, slide lock or not. I lubed everything, and the slide will still not budge off of the frame. I don't know why this even happened in the first place. The original jam was very strange, so misaligned that the slide stop could not even be placed back on! I fixed that part, but for whatever reason I cannot disassemble the slide from the frame. So, basically, I had a problem, and when trying to fix it, I created another one. Any advice? I would still appreciate any help I could get with the barrel/chamber fiasco as well. I accomplished nothing in my endeavours this afternoon. I just screwed things up more. When I solve this disassembly bit of SNAFU, I might buy an aftermarket hop up, either from Airsoft Surgeon or from Nova. After all of this crap, I hope one of those units will actually fix my OCD-driven nightmare. Well, if anyone got through that text wall, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give in regards to the two of my pistol problems.
  9. Custom Built V2 Gear Box - Modify 8mm GB shell....80$ - Kanzen Ceramic Bushings..50$ - Scatterplot 70 Sorbo pad...5$ - SHS 14.5 tooth full metal rack piston ... 9$ - Prometheus NEO POM piston head ... 25$ -Lonex Steel Cylinder... 15$ - Siegetek 20.8 Balanced SSG gear set .... 125$ - Lonex Enhanced V2 spring Guide ... 15$ - Lonex V2Anti Rev lever ...8$ - SHS doubleO ring Cylinder head...8$ - Deans connector... 2$ - Low AMP wires ... 25$ - Lonex V2 trigger contacts ...12$ - Prometheus doubleO ring air nozzle ... 15$ - Shims ... 5$ - Madbull m120 spring ...15$ - Lonex A2 motor ... 50$ - Speed Trigger .... 25$ -Chimera BTC (in need of new trigger board) $115-15 = $100 Total Cost 589$ just for the gearbox The gun has a Prometheus 6.01 ss TBB that is RHopped with Lonex hop up. The outer shell is Noveske ,Magpul and Daniel Defence. I will also include the 4 lipo batteries pictured and shims and lube for maintenance and can include midcap mags. Optics will be included depending on price. The chimera will come uninstalled as one of the contacts on the trigger board broke. It can be repaired or a new trigger board can be bought from BTC for $15. 700 obo Please pm for further details
  10. My systema max m4 ptw is up for sale. I recently just bought it and decided that I didn't need it (lol). It has not been shot once so it is in mint condition. I have don't some upgrades to it already. Including: -11' Viking tactical rail (madbull) -magpul 3 prong flash hider with QD mock suppressor -G&P stubby grip -G&P t1 micro replica -tactical flashlight -mock peq box -mission first battlelink utility stock Asking a minimum price of $2000
  11. Hello. My question is about the JG m4 s system 2010's rail/ris system. I was wondering if it was possible to remove the stock ris system, replace it with a 10" free float rail, and use a peq box to store the battery. If anyone has any information or recommended products/ris systems then let me know.Thank you!
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to build a god tier AK. Unfortunately I suck at tech work, don't have many tools at my disposal and anything I ever try indepth on airsoft gearboxes is always an expensive disaster. Anyways I want to build the ultimate AK for field play and hopefully future ops. Here is my current build list, all from Airsoft GI: E&L AK-105 (my ideal AK, have owned 74Ms and a 74u, want something in between, already have multiple AK scope mounts, mags ect) $320 Madbull Ver. 2 Precision AEG Inner Barrel for M4 (363mm) $30 Airsoft GI Field Durability Upgrade Package $160 R-Hop Installation Service $60 Lonex A1 Infinite Torque-Up & High Speed Motor (Short) $55 Please critique, recommend and suggest edits to this setup!
  13. It's a functionnal bolt pistol with lowcap mag and a mp7 gearbox. I had to build everything including the hopup block (because I couldnt find spare ones), the only parts I bought are the canon and the gearbox. Hoenir ballistic knife (with a flexible blade of course) Lil Fella, the pocket grenade launcher with a rail attachement on top. Skapt a gun that launches 5 madbull shotgun shells (one at a time or all at once) Ugga the micro mine using madbull shotgun shells I made a bigger version for 40 mm grenade too, Atgeirr : Ermr my arm mounted shotgun shell launcher. Pocket claymores (yes they actually fit in your pocket and are powerfull) My airsoft blunderbuss, a 40mm grenade launcher. The humiliator, small but packs a punch.
  14. I have been thinking about starting an airsoft paint job service. I have done plenty of paint jobs before, but only for myself. I was thinking about doing many designs and many colors. Snake skin camo, tiger stripe camo, regular camo, maybe even digital. I was wondering if any of you guys thought this would be a good idea and/or if you are interested. I would probably have them ship their guns to me, I'll paint it (to their specifications), then I'll send it back. In the case that the gun returns damaged or doesn't return at all, I will have a liability waiver stating that any package lost in the mail is not my fault, blah blah blah, but if there is damage clearly caused by me I will attempt to reimburse them. The pricing would probably be around $50-$100 per gun depending on the complexity, number of colors, and pattern wanted. Sound like a good idea? Tell me in the comments if you see something wrong or something that would clearly not work. Thanks! P.S. I'm new here, so if this isn't in the right category, go ahead and move it.
  15. Some people on here wanted to see more examples of my work, so I pulled out a cheap springer I had, disassembled it, and popped some paint on the slide and trigger guard area. The crappy quality of the gun in general really detracts from the quality of the paint job, but I guess it turned out decently. I did end up doing the paint quite strongly for the stripes, but this is only because it was a small area to paint on (the slide was about 6 inches long). Anyways, attached are pictures of when I put masking tape on it, and the final product. Leave your reactions and honest criticisms below. Thanks! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hxva4f41n7q1ltx/Photo%20Feb%2011%2C%207%2050%2048%20PM.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8591lnv6t1cn7n/Photo%20Feb%2012%2C%207%2040%2018%20AM.jpg?dl=0 (tell me if the links aren't working, the pictures were too large to upload)
  16. Just ran out of both of my camo paint types, Rustoleum and Krylon. Going out to get more tomorrow, but only getting one type. Came here to get your guys' opinions. I, honestly, have noticed no difference in Krylon and Rustoleum, but I would like to know your opinions on this matter. Thank you.
  17. Hello, All! First off, thank you for taking the time to view this thread, and even more so if you decide to respond with any sort of advice. Now, I have fallen out of airsoft this year, due to getting engaged and trying to get set up for college and what not. BUT I'M MAKING A COME BACK! (; I have sold or given away %99 of my gear so I'm having to start from scratch. (which I'm actually okay with!) I have this oppurtunity to start a completely custom build based around a G&G Combat Machine Mod1. I am going with the blk/dust version. The reason why I have chosen this gun, is that I have owned a CM before and for being mainly polymer, they are surprisingly durable. And, all of the internals are going to end up being replaced anyways, so the stock parts are not important to me. At this point, you may be asking yourself, "Why doesn't he just buy a gun that is suiting aesthetically and already comes with decent internals?". This is a very good question, and I am glad that I decided to make you ask :D. Mainly, I want to have a %100 custom gun, completely put together by me. I feel that buying a gun right out, you don't get the emotional connection with your gun so you are more prone to get a year down the road and just sell it or trade it for something that you're going to end up doing the exact same thing with later down the road. Secondly, I have done a lot of research before making this decision, and finding a gun that I seem to come up with (IE the VFC Mod1, that only shoots like 320+/-, even though it is a $430 gun.) Yes, I do realize that fps isn't the biggest thing to look for in a gun, but I don't want to watch a person run away from my bb's before they even reach them. I also want to be able to both A. work well in cqb situations and B. also not compromise being able to reach out and tag someone from 200 ft. And finally, into the main point of this thread. Below, I am going to list all of the internal parts, along with a few external parts that I am planning on purchasing to make this gun worthy of my time. Please, feel free to put forth any opinions of advice (also offer a logical explanation of why you believe there should be a change) and I would love to go back and forth with some of you guys (and girls) on potential upgrades and such. So here goes: Internals: HOP UP UNIT: PROWIN M4 CNC HOPUP CHAMBER BUCKING: SYSTEMA HOPUP BUCKING MOTOR: GUARDER INFINITE TORQUE UP MOTOR (LONG) INNER BARREL: MADBULL BLACK PYTHON 6.03 TBB SPRING: JBU STEEL M120 HEAT TREATED SPRING GUIDE: SHS SUPER SHOOTER V3 PISTON: SHS SUPER SHOOTER 15 TOOTH PISTON HEAD: LONEX ALUMINUM VENTILATED NOZZLE: SHS AIR SEAL NOZZLE M4 ALUMINUM GEARS: SHS 32:1 SUPER SHOOTER ULTRA HIGH TORQUE Externals: STOCK: MAGPUL PTS CTR SIGHT: EOTECH REPLICA GRIP: MAGPUL PTS MOE FOREGRIP: MAGPUL AFG SILENCER: ALIEN AIRSOFT KAC QD SUPPRESSOR MAGPUL B.A.D. LEVER (FOR AESTHETIC PURPOSES ONLY) PEQ15 REPLICA
  18. Ok...where to start? First, I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. This is going to be a difficult build, as I have a very specific taste. I am looking to build an awesome Hi Capa GBB pistol. I have no set budget. However, I would prefer to spend less than $200 for the base gun. Preferably under $800 total. Ideally, I want it to have a green slide (not OD green, straight up green). I don't even know if it possible to get a green slide. I have been looking for days and haven't come across one. I am going to add a few pictures of designs and colors I love. I want the gun to end up looking like them in some way. Priorities: -Tokyo Marui brand -ACCURATE -Excellent range -Unique design Ok, again thank you. I need to know which base gun I should start with. I also need a recommendation on parts to add to it in order to make it accurate and effective at range. In a perfect world, if the purple gun in the picture I attached was green.....I would be one happy man. I am also interested in knowing how to go about painting a pistol. What if I got the stainless steel gun I attached and painted the slide? I need some help lol
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