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Found 12 results

  1. Pulled out some old projects and realized why some never got finished - I was missing parts. If anyone has parts for a A&K ACR, or an Echo1 ACR, please reach out to me. I would love to get these guns built and used or sold. Something needs to happen so I can start reclaiming space in the garage! Thanks for looking!
  2. I am externally upgrading my Echo 1 Scar-L and I am almost done. The only thing I need to do now is install a black PTS Magpul MOE pistol grip I already bought. The only thing I'm really concerned with is the curve of plastic behind the grip. By looking at pictures of the grip, it looks like it's only going to fit on an M4 or a VFC Scar. I don't think this grip can fit on my Echo-1 unless I chop off or at least trim the plastic curve. What is the best way to trim the plastic curve? Is there a certain tool I should use to help fit the grip? Should I return the grip and find another Magpul "look-alike" grip that could fit the gun better? I would love to hear back!
  3. hey guys so I just build a very nice gb with some spare and new parts. I put everything together with a nano ssr mosfet, dual signal setup with included wires, with 16 awg wire. new trigger contacts shs piston, pistonhead that came with it, double O-ring cylinder head, double O-ring air nozzle, stock cyma cylinder, maple leaf 75 degree bucking, madbull 6.03 407mm tightbore, ics gears, shimmed perfect except for bevel gear which is tight on pinion gear, perfect compression and aoe. sounds great (except for b-p shimming as I stated before). oh and the motor is a cyma high torque modified. I see sparks directly under the plastic bell. is this normal????? I modified the motor as in the male connector broke off so I had to use another bell off of another CYMA motor. could this have caused the sparks?? or do I need a new motor???
  4. ​Have you ever had the problem of a g36 gearbox breaking down, or you wanted to purchase a v3 gearbox shell to put into a g36? Well this guide will teach you how to do exactly that. WARNING: THIS GUIDE IS FOR INTERMEDIATE AND ABOVE TECHS. ​ ​What you will need: G36 safety latch cover , g36 trigger assembly or SPEED trigger assembly , g36 tappet plate, g36 selector plate. g36 wiring harness. (I haven't seen yet a g36 with a wire set up like an ak), a g36 motor cage and a short type motor the wire holder (optional) . ​g36 air nozzle (optionaly you can use the specific g36 cylinder head along with this for maximum performance) The selector switch assembly and the selector latch from a g36. ​First step. Get your g36 gearbox that broke down. Then get your v3 gearbox of your choosing. (this is for most but not all g36's as in a kwa may not work due to some proprietary parts (they have jg parts on evike so it's all good.)) ​Second, unscrew the safety latch cover from the g36 gb. put it on the v3 as shown in the first photo. there may be compatibility issues due to the corner being too tall for the v3 gearbox. ive fixed that by adding a longer screw in the middle.. I will be dremelling it down later Step 3: add the selector plate as shown in photo 3 above. I recommend taking off the COL (cut off lever) beforehand to make it much easier. Step 4: take your gearset. shim it (of course). Step 5: wire the gun to the wiring harness so that there is no confusion in the future. Step 6: Put gun together. There you have it. something I and many other v3 gb techs have been wondering for years how to do until I made a breakthrough today.
  5. ​Hey guys I was just wondering how I could wire my g36 to a nanossr GATE mosfet??? I tried looking EVERYWHERE. nothing comes up except some French guy on youtube. I was thinking of wiring it through the handguard and putting the deans connector outside of the handguard directly on top of where the end of the barrel is and putting a homemade aluminum battery box on the outside. but idk if that'll work. and I prefer the battery staying in the handguard. (It's a jg g36c hybrid btw)
  6. Alrighty... I've decided I have too much so I have to thin out a good chunk. Some simple stuff to remember, - Sales are final. - Paypal only (unless you can meet up). - I try to be accurate but I cannot detail every single little thing. If you have specific questions just ask. - No trades unless you have a Laylax G3 EBR stock or a Nitro VO MC51 rail sleeve. - Almost all of these have been untouched since I switched to HPA several years ago so they will be sold AS IS. Selling my Polarstar Lancer Tactical AK since I already have 3 HPA guns and it's a bit silly to keep a 4th. It works and is ready to be fielded. Externally it has some wear/damage (what good AK doesn't?) and I managed to lose a pin or two which I replaced with nuts and bolts. The RIS creaks a little but the rest of it is still pretty solid. Four of the mags lost their baseplates, and one of the mags lost the 'door' to close up the mag. As I said before this is no beauty queen, but it runs like a champ. Comes with... - Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor (original flash hider included) - Madbull 6.03 barrel (Installed) - Gen. 2 Ver. 3 FE - Gold Nozzle (Installed) - Spare Poppet - Spare FCU - Valken 7.4v 250mah LiPo (fitted for deans) - Replica EoTech - Ninja Tank 90/4500 (Outside sheath cracked, nothing wrong with it otherwise. I believe Ninja does free repairs?) - Redline Firebase regulator - 4 flash-mags - 3 hi-caps - 1 mid-cap $590 shipped http://imgur.com/pf3Ont5 http://imgur.com/18dc9Oy http://imgur.com/qHmgWuG TM VSR-10. Got super bored of sniping real fast and although it shoots, this has sat around for at least three years. This will need a little bit of love and TLC. It is pretty long and hefty so better that a taller person goes for this. Parts list includes, - Laylax Zero Trigger with orange piston - Prometheus(?) bucking - PDI Bull Barrel Base - PDI 6.01 554mm inner barrel - PDI Front Bull Barrel L Flute That is all I can remember for the parts list, there may be more but I really don't feel like tearing it apart to check. What I listed already cost me an arm and a leg so I don't want to reflect on the pain inflicted upon my wallet. It will also come with two magazines, the original/extra(?) outer barrel, a decently crappy scope, bipod, and leftover Madbull .40g bb's. This gun does have some wear, but nothing serious. It does not come with a safety since the installation of the Zero Trigger wont allow for it. Lastly, the hole where you screw the bipod into may need to be retapped as the bipod keeps falling off. $375 shipped http://imgur.com/H7aknHK AEG #1 is a G&G L85, and this is probably one of the most solid/heaviest airsoft gun I have owned. It comes with, - 2 G&G hi-caps - Large 9.6V battery fitted with deans (in handguard) - Susat(?) scope which has eye relief so awful that it might as well be a paperweight. The only problem I am aware of is that it may need new wiring/trigger contacts since it will only fire in full auto and sometimes in semi. Might have a few upgrades in there but I cant remember any specifics aside from a sorbo pad. Aside from those problems and some wear it still works well enough. $200 shipped http://imgur.com/fMpsN2E AEG #2 is a ECHO1 SCAR L, it's really not too shabby for a clone. It will come with, - 3 G&G hi-caps - Small 9.6V fitted with deans (in stock) - Vert grip Has a decent amount of external wear, but it's still spewing BB's so no biggie. If there are any upgrades done to it I cannot remember them. Any problem with it is really just aesthetic, it's missing the left selector and charging handle (right side still has them though). $115 shipped http://imgur.com/oLZIpfd AEG #3 is a Vector Arms / Echo 1 AK, a pretty decent/solid pea shooter. It is a completely stock gun that has never been opened and will come with the brick battery (in stock) and wall charger for now. I do have two hi-caps for it somewhere but I have to find them first. No problems at all and very little wear if any on the gun. $115 shipped http://imgur.com/eGztcsq AEG #4 (whew, last one!) is a ECHO1 P90, great for CQB and tight areas. Package will consist of, - 2 hi caps, 3 mid caps - Broken tracer unit/mock suppressor - Battery fitted for deans (in stock) - Laylax/First Factory(?) swivel sling mount As far as I know, the only problem with this is wiring. It will not shoot in semi (something a lot of P90's have problems with) but fires fine in full auto. It has been upgraded for local CQB purposes, but that was so long ago I do not remember the specifics. $115 shipped SOLD http://imgur.com/1RiNFQJ As I said before, with the exception of the Polarstar the rest of these have been sitting around for a good bit. While they do function they may need some work which is why I will stress that they will be sold AS IS. Want to haggle a little? Shoot me a PM and we can talk. I realize the photos are a little lacking, but if you are a serious probable buyer I will gladly get you some more. Any other questions please ask!
  7. NEW ARRIVALS: Gletcher Russian Replicas and Zev Custom Timberwolf Gas Pistols For the latest airsoft guns and gear, view all NEW ARRIVALS at Airsoft Megastore. Echo1 Zev Custom Timberwolf Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol The Zev Custom Timberwolf GBB Airsoft Pistol by Echo1 boasts a rugged custom slide with Trilobite serrations for a positive grip and easy operation. This pistol comes in Black and Dark Earth. VIEW MORE DETAILS Gletcher Guns APS-A CO2 Blowback Soviet Replica Airsoft Pistol The APS-A CO2 Gas Blowback Pistol is a replica Soviet handgun that is powerful and accurate and also field strips just like the real steel APS-A. VIEW MORE DETAILS Gletcher Guns GRACH-A CO2 Non-GBB Russian Replica Airsoft Pistol The GRACH-A CO2 Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol is a replica Russian handgun that features a highly ergonomic grip and ambidextrous safety. VIEW MORE DETAILS **View All Gas Airsoft Pistols** **View All CO2 Airsoft Pistols** **View All New Arrivals** You Might Also Like WE Tech U.S. Army M92 GBB Airsoft Pistol WE Tech WWII M1911A1 CO2 GBB Airsoft Pistol WellFire G194 M1911 GBB Airsoft Pistol w/ Frame Rail WellFire G291 M1911 CO2 Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol Connect With Us We love reading your comments and feedback! Subscribe to our blog, Airsoft Megastore TV, and connect with us on social media for all the latest updates. You can comment on our videos or post to our profile to let us know your thoughts and suggestions. Airsoft Megastore TV YouTube Facebook Twitter
  8. that's all I want. An M240. Just give me yours. I prefer f2f for trades, But I will ship. That being said, you ship first unless your feedback is ridiculously better (my good feedback is located on airsoft society). I MUST know anything and everything that is wrong with it (if it isn't pristine). I have to trade the following: -we scar-l: Aim sports ACOG style sight, bipod, 300mm angel custom tbb, reaps bucking, foregrip, aluminum nozzle, 6 mags, full set of extra internals. It is black. $850 new. works flawlessly. -G&G GR15: Integrally suppressed as of now, new matrix 3000 high speed motor, infinity high speed gearset, flip up sight set, foregrip, battery, midcaps and hicaps. only issue is the upper cracked and a small piece fell out, as well as the charging handle. $450ish new. No performance issues, solely cosmetic. -Classic Army Sportsline MOE M4 in tan. Unsure what is wrong, but if I figure it out, it's trade value goes up. new was $250. again, don't know what is going on. ONLY IF I HAVE TO, these are on the block: -Astro a50 wireless headset with full tx unit and micro. 350ish new -Logitech g700s mouse. Light use, amazing to use. 100ish new -Fender Squier Jazz bass. Not much to say, tons of fun, comes with amp. Pick and choose what you please from the above, but only to a limit. I don't want to get screwed over in a deal. PM me or post here. Best ways to reach me are these. PLEASE GIVE ME MY DREAM GUN. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Pics will come up soon.
  9. Hey Airsofters!! I have wanted a Bizon for a LONG time. And it seems like lately a FLOOD of bizon smgs have entered the market. They all look the same and not very much info on them. The 3 I can think of is one by LCT, Echo1 and Silverback. As I understand it, the Silverback looks the best but has some flaws (bad selector switch, bad stock and small magazine space), The LCT is very upgradable and the Echo1 is a plastic monstrosity, but thats all I have found :D. So can anyone tell me which I should look into and why? Trust me, if KWA or Tokyo Marui made one I would buy it in a heartbeat. Im looking for realiability, longevity and performance. And also I really want it to be metal! THANK YOU!!
  10. TITLE: Airsoft Megastore: Socom Gear Kel-Tec PMR-30 CO2 Blowback Pistol NEW ARRIVALS: Echo1 Genesis Viktor Airsoft Bison PP-19 AEG NOW IN STOCK Don't forget to shop for new arrivals at Airsoft Megastore for the latest airsoft guns and gear. Echo1 Genesis Viktor Airsoft SMG Bizon-2 (Bison) PP-19 AEG Submachine Gun [ADD TO YOUR ARSENAL] Echo1 1000rd Genesis Viktor "Bizon" High Capacity Airsoft AEG Magazine [ADD TO YOUR ARSENAL] You Might Also Like WELL Full-Auto MAC-11 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun E&L Airsoft A101 AKM Full Metal Airsoft AEG (REAL WOOD) CYMA 120rd AK Bulgarian Midcap AK74 Waffle AEG Magazine CYMA RPK LMG CM052A Full Metal AEG Rifle Connect With Us We’d love for you to subscribe to our channel and, more importantly, connect with us either on Youtube or Facebook. Let us know your thoughts about the all-new Airsoft Megastore TV. We’d love to hear them! Just comment directly on the video or post up your feedback on our Facebook page. [MORE NEW ARRIVALS] Join Us: YouTube: Airsoft Megastore YouTube Channel Blog: Bring Airsoft To The Masses » Airsoft Megastore TV Facebook: Airsoft Megastore | Facebook Twitter: Airsoft Megastore (airsoftms) on Twitter
  11. Hi everyone, Does anyone have a gen3-style (6-position) SCAR-H VFC stock? If not complete, all I really need is the little rail that mounts on the rear portion of the stock and/or the butt-pad. Thanks!
  12. My kwa g36 had its gearbox break and ive been desperately trying to find a replacement for it. I know I can get it from kwa but for 90 bucks its too expensive for me. I wondering if anyone has had any luck either just fitting or modifying any other style gearbox for it or is the anywhere I can find a used gearbox shell for cheap. really anything will help at this point. thanks
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