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Found 4 results

  1. Selling a G&G f2000 I got in a trade a while ago, and as I have gotten into CQB no longer want it. Features: Tan model Scoped version DMR-length tbb Machined aluminum rail Pardon the Image link, but here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOqHrCnqzKpHJyxHJ4el7mvPOiAbOilV1EIJ86wFfjHu1pel8zSOVyIBSIkGYc_nQ?key=UE05S3ZadHpJbHpjM1RwRDd5TTJWcHgzZnVHekJn
  2. Hello all. I am using a G&G F2000 with G&G's 120rd polymer mid cap magazines. Semi auto shoots fine but full auto consistently dry fires. 5 blanks to 1 bb about. The magazine seem to fit fine and I can't seem to tell a difference between how they and the stock hi cap sit in the magwell. The stock High cap that came with the gun does however work perfectly so I am led to believe it is something about the mid caps. Is it possible full auto cycles too fast for the magazine's spring to keep up? Both the gun and the magazines are brand new. I am hoping to be able to find some fix for these mid caps as it is hard to find mid caps that work with the F2000, that darn gearbox screw. Are there any other things I can do to test what may be the exact problem? Thank you for your time.
  3. So a while back I purchased a G&G F2000 and while I still like the gun I'm starting to have a couple questions I should have asked BEFORE I bought it and I'm wondering if you guys can help me come to a decsion. I like the F2000, I like the bull pup design and just the overall shape of the gun I also like that it has a much longer barrel than other guns of similar length. But I'm one who can't leave well enough alone and I'm always looking to upgrade/modify things. Here's where my questions start. 1. Is the extra barrel length doing anything for the performance of the gun? I understand more length =/= more accuracy but does more length = more range? (Currently the gun is bone stock) 2. Version 6 gearbox, it seems that with this being such an uncommon gearbox that there isn't much in way of upgrades for it, am I wrong? 3. From what I understand the hop-up in this gun is very unique and you can't replace it with any aftermarket hop-up, again am I wrong? So I understand you are not me but humor me if you will, if you were in my position what would you do? 1. Keep the gun and do upgrades to it. (if there are any) Or keep it for some other compelling reason. 2. Sell it and use the money to fund the purchase of a gun with a more "standard design" that has tons of external and internal upgrades. (kinda looking to have one solid, high quality gun that I can upgrade over time) 3. Some other option different than the 2 above. Sorry for the wall of text and any inconsistency or confusion in my post. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. I have a 2 months old G&G F2000 gun. It's been a great gun and haven't got any issues until now. A week ago I was having a lot of feeding issues. At first I thought my mags were not feeding right (elite force plastic mag that comes in a 10 count box), so I started to do some research to get new mags. Today the problem started to get worse to a point were I wasn't not firing any BB. I tried with the hicap that comes with the gun and same results. I cleaned the inner barrel and took the hop up apart but nothing seemed to be bad at all. I did some google searching and found that a guy had the same problem and the Tappet plate was broken. So I took the gearbox apart and the Tappet plate is not broken or cracked but the triangle part that contacts the gear pin to get the nozzle back to feed a bb seems to be worn but I'm not sure on how straight or curved should be. I put everything back together and watching the feeding hole that goes in between the mag and the hop up I realized that the nozzle is not getting back enough to yield the bb in. So I took the gearbox a little bit to the back of the gun, although I was having trouble to get the trigger to get to the contacts, when it did feeding was perfect. So what do you guys thing I should do?. Should I replace the Tapped Plate?. Should I put a delayer ship? Have anyone had this problem before? I'm sorry that explanation is too long but I want to be as much specific on the problem as I can.
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