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  1. So I own a Marushin CO2 Five-Seven and wanted to make it looks like Sam Fishers 5-7, but there is no threaded barrel available for it, so I thought of an adapter. I saw the new samurai edge adapter and was wondering if anyone has a spare one and is willing to sell.
  2. Hello friends, I'm selling my two only guns, the M14 SOCOM has not seen any combat so its basically new. The M14 comes with three hi-caps, and the M4 comes with two. The M4 has a pre-installed MadBull 6.03 Tightbore barrel installed. Feel free to shoot me a text at 404-247-4788. Asking only $200+Shipping. We can negotiate if you want only one gun. Contact me if you want pictures, for some reason its not allowing me to post any.
  3. I was wondering which rifle and which pistol I should buy. The cost of the gun is not a consideration. Here are the criteria: FPS Accuracy (for snipers), ROF for automatics, and weight for pistols Upgradability Durability Capacity Looks RIS rails Comfort Weight Tactical Usefulness
  4. This is a question I want to ask for people who bought from Echigoya and lives in the US: If Echigoya screws on orange tips to your guns, do they ship in the original flash hider too? I heard RedWolf does ship the original flash hider and they are located in the UK. But this is Echigoya from Japan. I ordered a Marui P90 and I was wondering this. I am afraid they will replace the flash hider with some lame M4 orange tip or something else. What's worse is that I can't find a Marui P90 flash hider or another P90 flash hider that would fit. Believe it or not, some P90 flash hiders out there are different compared to the Marui one. I never checked the box since it didn't come yet, so I am really unsure. If anyone ordered something from Echigoya, please tell me about your experiences. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I am completely new to the airsoft world, and very much would like to become a part of it. I am currently a college freshman trying to get my associates in science. I have a background in photography, hence the tag, and would like to do 'wartime' photography on the side while I play. To be entirely honest I never have even touched an airsoft gun. I played paintball and gone to a few shooting ranges but never airsoft. And after watching youtube videos on the internet for a while and I like how airsoft is so much more immersive than paintball, with milsim events and the general feel from airsoft. My favorite places to play would be abandoned factories and houses. (which I would like to meet up with other people and compete/takepics at such places) I did that whole personality test thing, and it said I am a Choleric/Sanguine. (My exact score was 8,8,5,3) I would like to get some gear and my very first airsoft gun. I have been looking through the internet and have come to some decisions about a good starter gun and gear. I want to main a pistol so that I can switch between my camera and my gun with ease while I play. I live in Dallas, so the airsoft stores that are available are few. The questions I have are should I buy online and if so, what website? Or should I go to one of these stores in person and view the guns they have in person? As for gear I probably will get that from the store.
  6. I am torn between which gun to purchase, I like the flashiness of the 118 but also the reliability(?) of the SRXL. Overall my main focus is on performance and usability. Also ive heard mixed reviews on both guns, such as APS' sometimes not-so-good history and the SRXL's bad motor and scratched paint/looseness. Also I was considering the SRXL with a free madbull barrel (up to $46 special along with the gun on evike.com). Overall what gun should I get? I play an assault like role, very rough and I also like to have some flare, but mostly I value reliability and accuracy over all. My budget is $200-$280 which should I get? or what other guns should I consider? Also I prefer M4s
  7. My friend wants to purchases a m4 at first I recommended Krytac since I own one but he didn't like the key-mod rails. So I recommended him g&p ive heard they make good internals and he likes their m4s looks. So im basically asking anyone who has owned a g&p brand gun, if its a solid gun externally and internally.
  8. Hi, so I have 4 working aegs that I was messing around with, and recently I bought a couple new 11.1v 30c lipos to make my guns preform a bit better. I actually don't know what I did to these guns, but one of them was a raptor-katana with a silver cylinder. When I was using this gun I plugged in the lipo (this gun has no fuse) and when I started to go full auto I heard a weird sound and immediately opened up my gun to find my piston has been completely shredded. How did this happen? Then I had a small echo 1 m4 that was pretty cheap I believe, and when I was shooting it with the same lipo (this time I had a wizard king mosfet connected) it made a weird beeping noise and then my trigger became sticky and it wont shoot what does this mean? Finally, I have a gun that I built customly myself, and it has a 30A fuse and I was using a wizard king mosfet again, but the gun just straight up stopped shooting no response at all from the gun. The fuse didn't blow because I tried the gun without it and it was fine. How can I fix this? Also my other gun has a problem with the cords that connect the battery to the gearbox. What does it mean when a motor gets hot?
  9. Custom Built V2 Gear Box - Modify 8mm GB shell....80$ - Kanzen Ceramic Bushings..50$ - Scatterplot 70 Sorbo pad...5$ - SHS 14.5 tooth full metal rack piston ... 9$ - Prometheus NEO POM piston head ... 25$ -Lonex Steel Cylinder... 15$ - Siegetek 20.8 Balanced SSG gear set .... 125$ - Lonex Enhanced V2 spring Guide ... 15$ - Lonex V2Anti Rev lever ...8$ - SHS doubleO ring Cylinder head...8$ - Deans connector... 2$ - Low AMP wires ... 25$ - Lonex V2 trigger contacts ...12$ - Prometheus doubleO ring air nozzle ... 15$ - Shims ... 5$ - Madbull m120 spring ...15$ - Lonex A2 motor ... 50$ - Speed Trigger .... 25$ -Chimera BTC (in need of new trigger board) $115-15 = $100 Total Cost 589$ just for the gearbox The gun has a Prometheus 6.01 ss TBB that is RHopped with Lonex hop up. The outer shell is Noveske ,Magpul and Daniel Defence. I will also include the 4 lipo batteries pictured and shims and lube for maintenance and can include midcap mags. Optics will be included depending on price. The chimera will come uninstalled as one of the contacts on the trigger board broke. It can be repaired or a new trigger board can be bought from BTC for $15. 700 obo Please pm for further details
  10. Hey guy's, I'm selling all my airsoft gear and gun because although I love the sport, lately I haven't have the time for it. Please take your time to read the description of all the gear. Gun: The gun I have WAS originally an M4A4 but ive completely redone it and converted it into a MK18 Mod 1. It costed me around $800 to completely build this gun (including the stock rifle). It has an Insight Elemental light on the right side if the gun (Perfect for seeing where your bullets are going), a PEQ box on the top, and a dual-switch on the left side to control both the box and the light. There all two magpul flip up sights on the top and a stubby grip on the bottom. I did a scratchy tan and black paint job on the gun. $400 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/uQ9PS Plate Carrier/Vest: The vest itself is a tan LBT 6094a. It has 6 mag slots. a blue mountain gear kangaroo insert (for 3 mags) and a blue force gear TEN-SPEED triple mag pouch. I completely removed the original cumberbund and added a PIG elastic cumberbund. On the back I have two small pouches and a eagle lbt minimap (the backpack) $150 Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/iQEDs Helmet: http://imgur.com/a/7H1ZG $50 Belt and Dump Pouch: http://imgur.com/U6VjtC4 Comes with Plate Carrier/Vest CONTACT: If you need to contact me please just reply to this topic. If I don't respond than send me an email at jake.huskey00<AT>gmail.com
  11. I have a APS silver Edge for sale or trade it will come with 2 batteries, 2 midcap mags, a gun bag, red/green dot, and a level 90 spring to lower the fps, which is running at 480 right now has an okay rof nothing to right home about has great range and is full metal so very reliable the only wobble is in the stock, the rifle is also would make a good DMR build. I am asking 275 for everything buyer pays shipping. Trade include: pistols, CQC guns, classic style rifles, or sub-machine guns PM for pics or text 423-650-3654
  12. I have a APS silver Edge for sale or trade it will come with 2 batteries, 2 midcap mags, a gun bag, red/green dot, and a level 90 spring to lower the fps, which is running at 480 right now has an okay rof nothing to right home about has great range and is full metal so very reliable the only wobble is in the stock, the rifle is also would make a good DMR build. I am asking 275 for everything buyer pays shipping. Trade include: pistols, CQC guns, classic style rifles, or sub-machine guns PM for pics or text 423-650-3654
  13. Hello! I am new to airsoft (I started about 5-6 months ago) and my second AEG (first one broke) that I got today is a really awesome Valken Battle Machine MOD-M that came with a valken smart charger/9.6v 1600 mAh NimH that I charged for about an hour on my smart charger before the light turned green and I took it off. I couldn't have taken it off more than 5 minutes later when I heard a pretty loud crackling/fizzing noise. I touched the battery and it was hot to the touch. Not warm but HOT. I leaned my ear in and noticed the loud noise was coming from the battery. I didn't want it to catch on fire, (and because I'm kinda a noob) I put it in the old, dry sink that nobody uses. 20 minuets later, it is still pretty hot and the crackling has gotten quiet. Is this fatal to my battery? Is it dangerous in any way? Please let me know because I don't want to break another great gun. Thanks!
  14. Airsoft Megastore has a lot of options to choose from for players that want to enter the realm of airsoft heavy weapons, so in light of a recent restock we figured we would point out machine guns and automatic rifles (with their real world inspirations) currently available in our inventory! Duly famous for service for the US and its allies from WW1 to Vietnam and beyond, the Browning Automatic Rifle is one of the US’s most famous weapons. Part of a revolutionary wave of inventive new “automatic rifles”, it was meant to fill the role between rifle and machine gun for sustained, and mobile, suppressive fire. Though it wasn’t as initially groundbreaking as the French Chauchat and lacked the extensive mag capacity of the British Lewis gun, the BAR nevertheless would exceed both in fame and combat hours worldwide. Airsoft BARs have limited capacities due to magazine restrictions, but often are hard hitting, accurate automatic rifles that best esteem themselves in re-enactor gameplay environments. This heavy duty Echo 1 Ohio Ordinance Works M1918 SLR Airsoft AEG is one of the bar standards for high-end WW2 replicas in airsoft. Its size isn’t wasted, delivering up to 430 fps through an impressive 509mm inner barrel to take advantage of all that space. On top of heavy-hitting performance and a massive, authentic frame complete with an integrated bipod. The Echo 1 M1918 is also fully licensed by Ohio Ordinance works (who currently hold the exclusive patent for manufacture,) making this gun a perfect choice for players that want something authentic and competitive, even against more “modern” style airsoft guns. It’s 180 round airsoft magazine won’t turn many heads on the capacity front, but in a WW2 reenactor game it’ll be a top rate automatic rifle.
  15. I wanna upgrade my cm16 but I don't wanna pay to much. I wanna try to upgrade range and accuracy. But I don't know what to get? Any help from the techs?
  16. Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a new AEG and I am very interested in the VFC Vr16 series of guns. I'm just wondering where people stand and there thoughts on VFC
  17. Hey guys! I'm looking for a new M4 to be used for all of my games. I currently play at a woodland site (350 fps Full auto, 425 semi only) and a CQB site (full auto, no minimum engagement, no bang rules. 350 fps), Currently I use a Combat Machine CM16 that Ive upgraded a ridiculous amount. The only thing left is the plastic upper and lower cause it fits the color scheme :P This gun shoots great with a nice trigger response and shooting at 40 rps on a big 11.1. While I enjoy how it shoots, It just seems tacky and incomplete. So Ive been looking at getting a WE katana and while I know people have had loads of issues with it I still like the idea of having the hot swap cylinders so I could choose to have a DMR ish gun for a woodland day. I have an Idea of what I need to do to it to get it to work as intended, But these issues have also put me off getting it as I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount on a gun that still might not work correctly. Any recommendations? Budget around $450 - 500 FPS - 350 although there is no issue with downgrading spring. Would prefer an M4 although anything that uses M4 mags will be considered Needs - Something sort of more realistic like working bolt catch. good quality externals
  18. Has anyone used somthing like this before: ex: http://www.gunskins.com/ or similar vinyl/plastic decal set for their gun? its a pre-cut heat transfer camo set for m4, ar15, rifles, shotguns,pistols,etc. please reply with your experiences/opinions
  19. I own a gas blowback airsoft pistol with an orange compensator on the front. I loaned it to a kid while airsofting and it came back broken. The compensator is very loose, and if I shoot, the compensator will move, causing the bullet to ricochet back towards my face sometimes. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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