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  1. Hey so I just got a used Krytac m4 and I can see that the fps is lower than other newer guns that the rest of my family have that are supposed to be running around 400 fps and I was wondering if I need to just get a new stock spring or if I could upgrade to a guarder sp120. The stock spring should be an m120 I haven't checked for sure yet but it is not upgraded everything stock. I have heard a lot of good things about the guarder springs and I have heard that they tend to be higher than the m ratings so I could also get an sp110 but I read that they don't drop as much dramatic of a difference as other brands such as systema when they settle. The gun is completely stock, so if not a guarder then I want to get just an m125 or 130 spring so I am also looking for a good brand for those if not a guarder spring. Thanks! also here is the link to the spring that is in one of the guns im comparing mine too and the link to the gun itself. Gun: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Lancer-Tactical-LT-12TL-G2-Gen-2-M4-Carbine-AEG-Airsoft-Rifle-Tan-33302/ Spring: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Echo-1-Modify-SP120-AEG-Spring-2464/ Edit I did some more research and turns out its a mk1 so that explains the low fps but my question still stands
  2. I've been having a couple issues with my Krytac CRB. When it's on semi, it shoots normally at 390 fps at first but then randomly drops to about 200 and the bb basically falls out of the barrel. On full auto however, the problem disappears. Internally I've shimmed the gears, and installed a maddog Cylinder, cylinder head, and piston, a prowin hopup chamber, and a maddog M130 spring that I've cut down to shoot around 390 fps. I've had the same problem with other springs I've used in the past so the spring can't be the problem. Here's a video of what exactly the problem looks like: Any help is appreciated.
  3. G&G Comes with 2 midcaps, 1 hicap, lipo, krytac sdp converion kit, Valken red dot site Absolute beast for QCB about 300 fps Kwa 2 mags, propane adapter, really nice fitted quick draw holster. Recently completely overhauled at the kwa factory to make it work like new again Hearing offers on both, I'm about to move and quitting airsoft so I'm just trying to get them to a good home😉 Don't be afraid to make me an offer worst I can say is no. Just shoot me a text as I'm not super knowledable about forums 310-eight83-4four15 Not sure how to post pictures here but if you are interested just shoot me a text and I'll send you some photos. Both are really cool looking guns in nice condition.
  4. I have a krytac spr mk 2 and I wanna put in a m120 or m125 spring. What is needed to make sure the gun wont break itself after the upgrade ? the bushings are metal atleast they look like it. So maybe a high torque motor and gears too ? idk it would be my first attempt at upgrading.
  5. Recently, I have started to play a bit more CQB, and I need a good CQB AEG. I have done a bit of research, and found that Krytac, one of my favorite companies, has a PDW. Also, the Ares Amoeba MR/E is looking good, but I can't decide on what gun to get. My price range is within $300.
  6. hey guys so I short stroked two teeth off sector gear and (by mistake) short stroked 3 teeth off full steel piston rack. now I'm using an m130 and IM STILL GETTING OVERSPIN. any idea of how to fix this? By the way, I'm running an 11.1v. due to m130, the 7.4v wont cut it
  7. First off it's a pleasure to be here in this outstanding community! So this will my first major build. Any tips or do and donts are very much welcomed. Evike ID's 51267 Infinity Core Hydra 7" Mock suppressor 44769 Angel Custom Ultimate Upgrade High Performance AEG cylinder set 29962 Prometheus Reinforced Double Torque aeg gear set 63125 Krytac trident spr-wolf grey 61986 Angel Custom 590mm 6.01 tightbore with rhop installed 39849 Matrix spring guide 41035 Matrix silica aeg hopup bucking 37037 G&P M180S Satan High Performance aeg motor 33191 Modify quantum piston with titanium coated metal teeth 30636 Guarder m150 Thanks for looking everyone!! =)
  8. guys I'm on the verge of tears. I have spent well over $300 on my build and just got a new motor by asg not too long ago. I'm going to tennessee tomorrow and I need answers. my motor will stop working randomly and I can't take it apart. Here is a video please answer
  9. okay so im thinking of doing shortstroking due to the amount of overspin im getting. I use an ab mosfet for this but the motor gets hot pretty quick while using the ab option. im already running at about 405 fps with perfect compression on a settled cyma stock spring that ive been running for about a year. I want to getthe same fps and don't want too much as in tennessee, at the airsoft fields I will play at, the fps limit is 370 with .25s but since they know me, they let me go a little over. so how can I achieve that fps with an m130 spring? how many teeth do I need to short stroke? keep in mind I don't own a dremel.
  10. hey guys so I got a bit of a problem. my ak has almost perfect shimming with sound from the bevel and pinion from the gearbox. the bevel and pinion are meshing perfectly. but the problem is the bevel gear is rubbing on the bottom of the gb. it has about 1.5mm of play. should I add about another .1mm of shims on the bottom? because I'm trying to get the least amount of noise out of my gb. the reason I heard this sound is going from an 11.1v to 7.4v. I mean I'm going to use 9.6v nimh most of the time and I don't want the noise I'm hearing right now.
  11. I haven't touched an airsoft gun in over 8-years. I seem to have dropped out just as soon as Echo 1 hit the scene. In fact, if anybody that I know is still playing, I may have somebody recognize me. Suddenly I have a lot of time off of work and idle hands. I've thought about how I would get back into the hobby and just start tuning a real fun plinker. I don't play, I just like target shooting and tuning. I went into a local shop and they immediately recommended this new "Krytac" company. I was super impressed at how quickly things have taken off. MOSFET's, LiPo's, reliable hi-caps, the world done got itself in one big hurry. So tell me if I'm crazy and post disclaimers for what might essentially be a "noob". My plan: Purchase Krytac gearbox and motor (ferite magnets) Upgrade to 120 spring for FPS Upgrade to 6.01mm tightbore 360-ish length (M4-ish size) Drop this into some entry-level AR body, like a JG/Echo 1 (my favorite when they came out) Questions: Does the Krytec have any pre-cocking function? Does it have any motor braking function? Does it have a LiPo monitor? Should I install an inline fuse? There is such thing as having too short or too long a barrel. With a 6.01mm bore and clocking about 380-400fps range, what sort of barrel would I get the best range/grouping with? I liked the Trident MK2 size but didn't like that it was handicapped for CQB. I would aim more for the CRB gearbox configuration, but overall accuracy and range would dictate the length I go for. Which barrel length will do it? If I went with a better rare-earth motor, could I pull off throwing a 12.8v 6000mah LiFe battery into it? Don't think too long about how it would fit, I treat my AEG's like toys, they don't have to look realistic, so I don't fear having the battery exposed or externally mounted. I was thinking of this antigravity, it's smaller than a 3.5" hard drive. Thanks everybody, I'm glad to get back into it and rip. Just help me not look like an old divorced dude going out to the club for the first time in 28-years and wearing his finest polyester leisure suit...
  12. hey guys enjoy some great cqb gameplay by me :)
  13. I was thinking of buying the asg u-18000 28tpa motor for better trigger response, a slower rof (not really but if I have to deal with it, I will. lol) running stock gears. was wondering, what do you guys think of it? do you think it's better to buy this one or the U-30000 by asg? I'm also going to be running a GATE NANOHARD AB MOSFET due to overspin I'm getting with 11.1v and 9.6v. more powerful spring is out of the question as I am already getting 410 fps with settled m110 spring. as is short stroking. not paying anyone to do it for me, as I do not have money for it. don't have a dremel so don't be like "why not do it yourself??" need answers by next week if possible
  14. Hi guys, so ive really gotten into airsoft lately, but don't have my own gun. We play mostly in big fields, large wooded areas, gravel pits, no regulations of any sort, but I cant decide which gun to choose, my budget is around 400 Im really looking into the Krytac Trident SPR for $345, but was wondering if I could do anything cheaper and still have the performance, I NEED THE BEST ACCURACY AS POSSIBLE but also need great range, FPS is also a big key, any suggestion will help. THANKS!
  15. hey so my gun is having feeding issues again. EVEN WITH A SECTOR CHIP. at first it fed fine with the sector chip. now it's not. 11.1v doesn't work. 9.6 and below does. tappet plate is stock. tried putting another stock tappet plate in there. same thing. any ideas? should I get a new tappet that's reinforced? I was looking at shs EDIT: I'm also having overspin even with a new steel COL. only on 11.1. should I get a stronger spring for this?
  16. Hello everyone! I was looking into purchasing a gun (I know my third post into the topic, calm down I have figured out what I want), and I needed a bit of help picking something out. I run a E&C M16A3 with a M203 grenade launcher (http://www.evike.com/products/54830/), and it gets really heavy to hold (weighs 13.5 pounds most of which is in the front), which I have set up in a support gunner style. I was looking into getting a smaller AEG for use at my local CQB field as my M16 is unwieldy for use in small environments. Although I would still like it to be able to perform on an outdoors field if I don't want to lug my heavy M16 around all day. I have a budget of $350 to $400 (I would prefer recommendations on Evike as I have a 22% off coupon, but feel free to recommend the best for my budget regardless of vendor). Some guns I have been looking at are from Krytac, they have been--from what I understand--a pretty good choice for people who want decent guns out of the box. Guns that interest me by manufacturer (incomplete list, I will add to it as time progresses): Krytac: Trident CRB in Wolf Grey (http://www.evike.com/products/56630/) $325 Trident PDW in Wolf Grey (http://www.evike.com/products/56629/) $295 The lack of sights on the PDW concerns me though (it has none out of the box). ICS: "Silver Shadow" M4 SRB (http://www.evike.com/products/54429/) $319 ($260 on sale) CXP 264 (http://www.evike.com/products/48374/) $319 with $63 store credit ($319 with 10 midcaps in a special sale) This is EBB and has a split gearbox which I think would be immensely useful as a newby. G&P M4 Paratrooper (http://www.evike.com/products/41568/) $299.99 (On sale for $240) My hope is to have about $300 in buying power by April 24, 2016, and $450 by May 1, 2016. Important info: I will need a battery for the gun so factor that into the price (11.1v LiPo if possible) I want to get some midcaps (I was thinking about 2 hexmags at ~$17 apiece) Coupon of 22% off only applies to things not on sale (Not required, but appreciated) Compatible with M4/M16 style mags Thanks for the help, and happy hunting!
  17. I saw another question that was answered but I need some more info asap. I have a 7.4v mini lipo. 35c 1500mah. 2s. I need to know when to charge it. I heard when a cell reaches 3.2 is the lowest rating you should charge it at. is this true? if not, when should I charge it????
  18. I am thinking of getting a Krytac spr to upgrade to a dmr. I want to get it because it comes with good internals so I could mostly work on accuracy. The quick change spring also is a plus because I play at different places with different fps limits. I am open to suggestions if someone thinks a different gun would be better but I want it to be an m4 because I have an elite Tavor and I can't take another gun with tones of proprietary parts. If you think the Krytac would be a good base I would really appreciate advice about how I would go about turning it into a dmr. Thanks
  19. Krytac Trident CRB 10.5" Defiance KeyMod System M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle In case you missed it... ASG Ceska Zbrojovka CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 AEG SMG KWA KZ-61 Skorpion Gas Blowback Machine Pistol KWA Full Metal AKG-74SU Gas Blowback GBB Rifle
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