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  1. Hi! New review of a little treasure 😉 Review of the M712 GBB, manufactured by WE and modified by SWIT AIRSOFT. This version has a very realistic appearence thanks to real MAUSER markings done with CNC tools. The M712 manufactured by WE is an excellent replica. Internals are reliable, inner barrel and hop-up rubber are MARUI standard allowing upgrade and disassembly is easy. This version from SWIT AIRSOFT has the best externals compared to others M712 like HFC, MARUSHIN, TERCEL or KWC. In fact contrary to stock replicas that have no marking or chinese markings, here, there are german realistic markings from MAUSER on it and it’s wonderful. They are deeply engraved by CNC tools and well realized. You’ll find in the box an ABS stock that allows you to transform it in a GBB carbine or simply use it as a holster. Performances are fine, fast firing, full-auto mode, good accuracy and range, simply use heavy bb’s as the hop-up rubber is a bit strong. The replica is delivered with a long 27 bb’s magazine but you can buy spare short 11 bb’s magazines from WE or ARMORER WORKS that are completely compatible. This replica will suit all airsoft players, easy to use and maintenance, particularly WW2/WW1 players or for post-apocalyptic games. Full test in VIDEO! And some HD photos HERE!
  2. Hello! For sale is my Meister g17 fully trademarked Brand new in box. Selling because I really don't like Tan version and my brother bought this one to me. Looking for $140 shipped. Pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/HTLW2
  3. Hey. I'm just building some custom guns for anyone who's interested. Link the the google form, additional information there. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtt8prfAY-CMS1yJbDhM5Gv6tVR-ob4aejWxDnkvC4rGXc6w/viewform
  4. Coming out of my airsoft collector's chest is a rare G&P Magpul Limited Edition lower receiver mated with G&P VLTOR MUR-1 upper receiver, all full metal (aluminum). The G&P lower has the Magpul logo paint filled. The body/receiver is in excellent condition - no marks, scars or scratches. The buffer tube end was sanded down to fit most AEG buffer tube, and the barrel thread was re-threaded to accept all standard AEG barrel nut. This was used in my previous Polarstar set up and works perfectly with any other HPA engine, or your typical AEG gear box. Price is firm at $175 shipped.
  5. hey there, I have 60 ish usd to buy one for a new build throw me an offer in the comments as I need one asap.
  6. hey there, I have 60 ish usd to buy one for a new build throw me an offer in the comments as I need one asap.
  7. I recently purchased a lancer tactical m4 cqbr mk18 and I was wondering how I would go about upgrading/modifying it. I was hoping to trade the external polymer for full metal but I am not sure if I can do that. I also want to keep the fps under 360 so im not sure if I can upgrade the internals. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Sell me your sexy upper Metal M4 receiver. Budget: $45 I'll only go above if its a noveske upper or Vltor type
  9. Hi, I have a DBoys M4 that is not firing. We were using it at a game and it stopped working. It's making this high-pitched metal grinding/squeaking noise when you pull the trigger. I've tried changing the battery but that doesn't seem to help. As can be seen in this picture, the piston thing that comes out of the gearbox is locked forward, so that when the gun is put together its extending past the part of the hopup where the BB's are fed in. Also as can be seen in these pictures, the white piston thing inside the gearbox is also locked backwards. So I'm guessing either something is internally wrong or broken in the gearbox, or it has something to do with the motor or motor height. I'm not really sure which one though, and I don't want to take it apart any further unless I have to. If anyone knows what the problem could be, or what I should do to fix it, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. Hi there I'm new to air soft and I'd love to get an AEG under $150. (trying to keep in mind that I'll probably need to buy a full facemask plus mags so my real budget is $200). Anyways I'd like a non-cqb and have the choice for automatic and semi-auto firing. I'd also need a (mostly) metal weapon due to the fact I will most likely be jumping from cover to cover with it. I don't have a preference for the type, but I definitely do NOT want an AK. I'd go for something more tactical like an M4 maybe but yeah. Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm looking for a gbb airsoft pistol for filming purposes. Here is a list of things I would prefer on the gun: -CO2 powered -Full Metal (realistic look, weight, and sound) -Realistic looking magazine -$100.00 or under -Removable/Not Present orange tip (when not filming, the tip will be on) -Black and/or Silver (no wood, NO clear plastic) -Realistic blowback If you could find one with most or all of these preferences, that would be great. I may be willing to go over the $100.00 budget if the gun has everything else. Thanks, Grey
  12. So I have been looking online for a very long time now and have not been able to find a halfway decent full metal body that is $50 or below. The closest I've come is a Golden Eagle receiver from airsoftmegastore.com but I can't be positive on the quality. If anyone knows of a cheap and good metal body/receiver let me know. Also if possible at this price, I would like colt trademarks because it is a sopmod block II build. Anything helps!!! Thanks.
  13. I am doing some upgrades to my Palco Colt M4. One of the upgrades is a new spring. I am buying a high torque motor, http://www.airsplat.com/echo1-max-torque-airsoft-aeg-motor-long.html, and I need a big spring to go with it. It chronos at about 325-350 fps, and I want to bump it up to about 375-400 without breaking budget. Also I need advice on what other attachments I should get for it. I already have a box mag and a grip. I am purchasing this, http://www.airsplat.com/airsoft-bundle/ac-upi-combo/airsoft-m4-m16-mp5-hi-torque-upgrade-kit.html, upgrade kit. Any suggestions?
  14. Hey guys my slide in my Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 cracked, so everytime I shoot the rear sight falls off; got it on with some tape now XD. So I now need a good metal slide. Here are some that I found http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/shooters-design-sti-executive-ldc-metal-slide-for-marui-hi-capa-5-1-2-tone.html#.VIv0n2duiM8 http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/shooters-design-infinity-expert-6-0-ldc-metal-slide-for-hi-capa-black.html#.VIv1R2duiM8 Do you know of these are good and if shooters design slides are drop in? Or are there other better slides? Thanks.
  15. I bought a new Palco Colt Metal M4 from http://www.airsplat.com/ about five months ago. I wasn't having any problems with it up until about last week. I was at a farmhouse battle and every other BB flew straight with great fps whereas in between those the fps would drop greatly. The straight and good shots from it would reach up to about 200 ft where the others would reach only about 50-100. I have a metal gearbox (I have no idea what type) A stock battery (nunchuck) I am using Airsplat .20 gram BB's I have two 300 round mags I use with it Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong? ***Notice*** I may have posted this in the wrong thread, due to the fact that I am new to this site and could not find a "Help" or "Issues" forum
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