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Found 23 results

  1. So my A&K sr25k has been shooting fin up until today. I was shooting it and I all of a sudden it stopped shooting. No sound or any other reaction. I've tried three batteries both with and without my Burst Avocado-II Programmable Fire-Controller. Does anybody have any clues what the problem could be?
  2. Good evening. After much self deliberation I decided to rewire my AEGs to Deans and install PTC fuses for convenience over traditional glass fuses as well as cost effectiveness over MOSFETS. I've been using 25A fuses and none have tripped for months now over a 9.6v NIMH with Tamiya connectors and I would like to bring the best out of my AEGs electronic components as well as adopting a 7.4v Lipo. So I would like a second opinion over this PTC fuse. (http://www.mouser.com/Search/m_ProductDetail.aspx?R=AGRF1400virtualkey65000000virtualkey650-AGRF1400) Please whoever is experienced take a look and let me know if this fuse is OK to use in an upgraded AEG (neo magnet motor, M120 spring, 9.6v NIMH) and if not what you would recommend. Thank you
  3. Hello im currently look at mosfets and im just curious if anyone have tried the Jag Arms mosfet http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=745_31_168&products_id=29101
  4. Hello people of airsoft forums, I build airsoft mosfets and I am thinking of starting a little business with it. For everyone that doesn't know what a mosfet is, it is basically the component that makes your gun "li-po ready". I will be selling them for $20 each and I would install them for you for $40 if you are not confident enough in your soldering/teching skills. The reason I am posting on here is to see if people would buy them. I can ship them with just the parts, a complete mosfet with all of the connectors, or install it for you. All of which will cost $20,$30, and $40 (I specialize in installing them in m4's so sorry for right now I will not be installing them into AK-47's or other non V2 Gearboxes.) Also I am using screws that are a little bit too big but I will be buying smaller ones if people are interested in these little fets. This link is a demonstration video showing the mosfet in action. (the reason it looks so weird is because I made it detachable for testing.) Let me guys know if any of you are interested in buying my mosfets :) Have a good day. Parts list: International rectifier 3034 mosfet 16 gauge positive and negative wire 22 gauge gate wire Lonex OEM Motor connectors Link to demonstration:
  5. I have done some rewireing and I got my mosfet to shortcut. After that I fixed that (took out extra tina that was causing shortcut). Now when I plug battery in, my mosfet starts instantly heating up and causes smoke in 2sec. So is the problem in something else than mosfet or is the reason for problem in the mosfet.
  6. http://www.aipairsoft.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=138 Any experience with this? Is it Active breaking? Do they worth the price? Thxs for the info
  7. I was thinking of buying the asg u-18000 28tpa motor for better trigger response, a slower rof (not really but if I have to deal with it, I will. lol) running stock gears. was wondering, what do you guys think of it? do you think it's better to buy this one or the U-30000 by asg? I'm also going to be running a GATE NANOHARD AB MOSFET due to overspin I'm getting with 11.1v and 9.6v. more powerful spring is out of the question as I am already getting 410 fps with settled m110 spring. as is short stroking. not paying anyone to do it for me, as I do not have money for it. don't have a dremel so don't be like "why not do it yourself??" need answers by next week if possible
  8. hey so my gun is having feeding issues again. EVEN WITH A SECTOR CHIP. at first it fed fine with the sector chip. now it's not. 11.1v doesn't work. 9.6 and below does. tappet plate is stock. tried putting another stock tappet plate in there. same thing. any ideas? should I get a new tappet that's reinforced? I was looking at shs EDIT: I'm also having overspin even with a new steel COL. only on 11.1. should I get a stronger spring for this?
  9. ​Hey guys I was just wondering how I could wire my g36 to a nanossr GATE mosfet??? I tried looking EVERYWHERE. nothing comes up except some French guy on youtube. I was thinking of wiring it through the handguard and putting the deans connector outside of the handguard directly on top of where the end of the barrel is and putting a homemade aluminum battery box on the outside. but idk if that'll work. and I prefer the battery staying in the handguard. (It's a jg g36c hybrid btw)
  10. Hi I am looking for a new or used BTC spectre fet for a version 2 gearbox. Thanks and have a great day.
  11. Ok, so I just bought the Apex R5 M12 Gen2 and it performs great. However I am a bit confused on the pre-installed MOSFET. I play almost exclusively on semi and I am wondering if it will protect the trigger contacts from burning out. It is in-line, but I don't know if it is soldered to the contacts or what. I have read that the installed MOSFET should protect the trigger contacts, but I am still uncertain. If anyone had any experience with this specific gun (Or did some research) I would be grateful. Thanks
  12. Since I usually have MOSFETs in my guns I've been wanting to try different trigger mechanisms. Having a bunch of tactile switches from an old VCR, and that they fit into the contact housing easily I decided to solder them in and tweak the trigger engagement to get a much shorter trigger pull while minimizing double firing on semi. Here's the album http://imgur.com/a/AIMrZ Basically, the trigger on my Spectre was soggy and would frequently double fire on semi. At first, widening the contacts worked, but the trigger felt worse. I've always wanted to try using a micro-switch or tactile switch in place of springy contact tabs. Since the RDP has a MOSFET it could the current and a light duty switch could be adjusted and used. By using a switch and adjusting contact points you can get a trigger that engages quickly and sharply. A micro switch should have better lifespan, so I'm curious how well this switch will hold up in the long run. The double firing is still there, but much much better. The slop in the gearbox shell and trolley are a bit too much to adjust it out all the way. I have thought about moving wires around and adding a set screw so that the trigger contacts could be adjusted right to the point it stops double firing. Here's a video of the result https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNYvoOLbNfA&feature=youtu.be
  13. Hey, I want an advanced mosfet for my Kwa Rm4 and it seems obvious that the spectre will not fit, not without extensive modification, and the btc chimera looks like just regular sized V2 contacts. Also if it doesn't fit do I need to use the btc chimeras trigger that goes in the gearbox or can I rewire to use my own contacts.
  14. Hello everyone, I run a BurstWizard3 in my AEG. Last night, I was looking at the manual when I found out there is a feature called Pre-Cocking. I was wondering what that is and if it can increase my ROF or just increases trigger-response. Thanks!
  15. Sup guys! Another AK question for y'all: I have an 11.1v Lipo I want to use on an AK I'm gonna get (Dboys RK-05). It's got a folding stock, and the battery goes in the top of the receiver. What are some viable options for rewiring an AK so a mosfet will fit? -Put it in the folding stock?(hazard to the wiring?) -Forgrip(can it be wiring to the front for a PEQ Box?) I plan on changing the forgrips to a Rail system. -Leave it alone(is there enough space for a Mosfet already?) Lipo is 6.5in long, but I would prefer to get a peq box version. Mosfet: http://www.clandestineairsoft.com/electrical-parts-c-1_27/apex-python-mosfet-pcb-protected-low-resistance-fet-p-571.html
  16. Hello everyone, So I just finished an ak build and rewired and put a mosfet. It shoots 100% fine without the pistol grip on but when I put the pistol grip on it will shoot once and not again (like my mosfet is protecting against a short). I have tried dremeling grooves for the wire to run in and putting electric tape everywhere exposed wire could be touching anything metal. I'm about at my wits end with this, open to any ideas/suggestions! Oh yeah, I'm using ETFE 16 gauge wire that has extremely tough insulation. Attaching some photos although I doubt they will help much. Another potentially useful note is that it starts when the pistol grip is about 3/4 of the way on, I've tried running the wire several different ways from the pictures and still no luck.
  17. Hello everyone, I just rebuilt a JG ak w/ a mosfet and rewired to 16 gauge. Whenever I go to put the pistol grip on it grabs the wires and the gun stops shooting. I have tried dremeling channels for the thicker wire and filing out the inside of pistol grip where the wires run. I can get it on further before it stops shooting but still not all the way. And I have the motor epoxied in its cage so I really don't see how its moving, maybe something is shorting out. But my question is do any after-market pistol grips for ak have extra room for wire? If not hopefully someone has some suggestions for me, although I feel like I've tried about everything...
  18. Hello! I purchased a GATE Merf 3.2 Mosfet and installed it in my gun in "enhanced mode" . I programmed it correctly but when I plug in the battery, the motor runs non-stop. I looked up the solution to this problem and all that was said was to make sure the mosfet is programmed for enhanced mode (which it is). I'm using a 9.9V LiFe battery which the mosfet does not seem to have a setting for but it does have a setting for a 9.6V LiFe. Could it be that the gun just does not support the battery that I'm using? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. My buddy recently purchased a Burst Wizard King Kong MOSFET 2 from Airsplat and had it hardwired to his SL9. Now, when we try to fire his gun, it keeps on making one click sound and not firing. We've tried the hardest discharging 7.4 Lipos, some with over 45 amps, and medium performance 11.1's, including the ever reliable Firefox 1100mah. The exact problem sounds like the latter part of this video: where Mr. Ho puts a hinge into his gearbox to prevent the spring from moving. We're pretty sure it's something screwy with the "adaptive poly-fuse," and would great appreciate some expert advice from you guys before we send it back to Airsplat. Thanks, and have some SL9 gun-smut for reading all this big ol' wall of text. http://imgur.com/a/c6X5b
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