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  1. Hello everyone, I've been out of the airsoft game for a few years now and am cleaning out some things. I've got a JG BAR-10 with the following modifications for sale. Asking price is $350, but OBO. I can do Paypal or local pickup around 27606. Polarstar cylinder head Polarstar 90° piston Polarstar spring guide Noobie M-trigger Laylax M120 spring PDI 6.01mm dia, 303mm length, 10mm "thick" barrel Polarstar barrel spacers Bondo M40 stock Outer barrel tapped for top down hop-up adjustment Outer barrel cut to G-SPEC length NOTE: magazine release is missing. I lost it when it was in storage :( I will also include the following items with the sale. Tasco 3-9x40 scope 4 magazines. 3 are plastic, 1 is metal. Laylax m150 spring Stock JG spring Original length BAR-10 outer barrel with suppressor adapter Pictures below. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are any problems with my ad.
  2. Price: $600, shipping included - Chicago land area, IL Video of it shooting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHmq8IL-m0I Tried and true. This baby refuses to die and has had zero issues since solenoid were replaced in 2014. Everyone that has played with me knows about this baby. Want a force equalizer? Bam, I got you covered. Has traveled the country and worked in every condition you can think of and last game played with it was Red Dawn 2017 so it does indeed work great. I have sat in spawn at PBX and slapped people in their own spawn many times. Has a new hop up, bucking, nub, polished 6.03 inner barrel, two lipos, redline regulator graced by the master Tony Rizzo himself, custom thrown down the gravel road paint job, new grip and grip line installed, 2 tanks (68 and 92ci), extra o rings, thread protectors, and the gemtech suppressor. Price includes shipping, prefer pickup or meeting. PM for more details.
  3. Extremely interested in buying/trading for p* lmgs or bodies. But not your typical 249 or m60. I'm specifically looking for either a Knights Armament Stoner 96, the MK46 or MK23, or I'm especially looking for the 249 with the chain gun body kit. Anything works. Mags are a huge bonus. Even if it doesn't have a p* engine let me know. I have many high end items that I can trade to make it worth your while. Many vouches from Facebook forums, can post screeshots of the 40+ vouches. New to this site so if I messed up somewhere please let me know.
  4. So for a HPA setup, I've always been told heavy bbs are the way to go. So should I continue to use .28s and .30s? or go to .32? Thanks
  5. Hey all, I have a custom KWA M4 DMR to trade for a HPA or AEG M4, SR25, SCAR H, or other Polarstar/AEG gun. This is the pinnacle of my collection. BASE GUN: - KWA KM4-A1 (Old Version, Still has 2GX Gearbox) $325 UPGRADES: - Madbull M130 spring - $13.50 - Tru-Sight airsoft "Tru-Hop" (It's a long, concave flat hop) $15 - Madbull Steel Bull 509 mm inner barrel $45 - Full Type 0 Cylinder $15 - Shimmed to perfection - Valken 11.1 1200 maH Lipo (fits in buffer tube) $25 Externals:: - G&P TMR Rail system 12.5 inches- $84 - Krytac Battery Stock- $45 - 3x K120 Mid Caps (tan) $33 - 1x K120 Mid Cap (Black) $11 - Magpul PTS 20 Round Style Midcap (Tan, 70 rounds) $32.95 - Madbull GemTech Barrel Extension (Suppressor)- $60 - Lancer Tactical 3-9x40 Scope- $30 - $734.45 Trade Value Extras If Needed for Trade to be Accepted: - KAC Modular Style Rail System - Magpul Tan AFG - Madbul M203 Grenade Launcher with Shell A few Notes: - Works best with .32 and above, will overhop anything below a .3 with 0 hop - Tuned to hop .3 with 0 hop adjustment; .33 with minimal hop - Can hop practically any BB weight - Shoots around 410-414 fps with a .25 Offer Up, Worst I can do is say No! *Pictures available upon request
  6. Like and subscribe for more cool footage and it helps me out a lot!
  7. Hello, new guy here.... So I have a KWA M4 and here in the next few months I want to start a upgrade project to convert it to a HPA system. What I would like to know is what would be my best option for the engine? P* Fusion engine, P* JACK, or Wolverine SMP (Inferno)? Any one here have any first hand exp with these items? I am well aware that I will need a tank and air lines. But will there be any other upgrades that I will need to do as well to keep the M4 in good shape? Thanks in advance for any tips, info, or opinions you may have on this subject :)
  8. I'm selling my PR-15 V2 Gen3 fusion engine that is like new. I bought this a few months ago but never got the chance to put it to real use. I've shot through less than 200 rounds in the backyard. It is still the best airsoft hpa engine on the market. I will include the following as extras: - Red+ nozzle. Higher FPS without cranking up the PSI. - Redline Airsoft Grip Connect for PolarStar. Easily and quickly connect/disconnect hpa line to your PR-15. Price (Shipped): $405 FIRM (total retail is $500+ not including tax and shipping) Sorry NO TRADE. The only trade I want is cash.
  9. Okay, so I'm thinking about buying a polarstar jack for my Combat Machine in a few months for my birthday, but I'm really not sure what to get after that. I was thinking about a Valken 62/3000 hpa tank and a Valken build-a-rig 36" line, but those sound like they are for a v12. I really want a tank that holds as much air as possible, but is under 100$ and a good line/regulator combo for under 100$. Do I need anything else? Do I need anything to connect them? Thanks for helping me.
  10. Hello up for sale is a KWA M11A1 airsoft NS2 SMG. This airsoft fires good and true as if new. This package includes the following: -KWA M11A1 NS2 w/ manual -2 Magazines -UTG Drop Leg holster -CNC Polar Star mock suppressor -Installed G&P upper kit -Spare KWA parts The installed G&P kit includes a steel stock with authentic Cobray trademark, steel threaded flash hider, steel upper receiver and rubber grip. The spare KWA parts are pretty much the same but original KWA versions...a metal threaded flash hider, plastic w/ metal lining upper receiver, hard plastic grip and metal stock. The entire package is in very good condition with only minor flaws. Those flaws include a crack around the rear sight, which is common due to the blowback. (pictured) It won't get any bigger and I already cemented it just in case anyhow. There is also a tiny crack by the front pin which I did on accident trying to install that said pin. These flaws do not hurt the functionality nor longevity of this gun at all, it will last for years, this is my third one. I always find myself quitting airsoft then getting back in! If this bothers you, the original KSC frames are available almost anywhere for replacement, just ask me and I'll show you where and how to install it. Anyhow, the kit I installed fixes all of of problems that came default out of the box. Normally the flash hider would wobble with a barrel extension on, now it doesn't due to the tension pin. The stock is much more reliable and sturdy for those full-auto moments. The grip is now actually rubber which feels great in comparison with the default plastic one. And it goes without saying how realistic it feels altogether and you don't even have to do the intense work it takes to install that steel upper receiver. Also, the Polar Star mock suppressor is the best one out there, which is also discontinued, so getting it here with the airsoft is truly a rare moment. This package is lubed and ready to go right out of the box, guaranteed. Anyhow, thanks for reading my novel of a description, but if I don't give proper detail, that would be deceit! Feel free to ask anything you like. Thanks! -E I am asking $250 OBO shipped. As for trades/partial trades I am looking for only GBB/GBBR related guns. To ASF members: This is my first time on here in a very long time, just getting back into airsoft, so please forgive me if I forgot some of the forum rules.
  11. Hello everyone! At operations, I've been finding myself sliding much more often to gain that small advantage. After getting close to my 5.11 TDU's tearing, I began wearing kneepads. As I found the Arc'TeryX replicas to look the nicest, I purchased a pair and tried them out at my indoor field. I completely embarrassed myself when the rubber on the pads caught on the ground and I hit my forehead against a barricade. Now I'm here looking for kneepads that would enhance my sliding experience. Thanks guys!
  12. I’ve accumulated way too many things so it’s time to get rid of them. I can get more photos/details/etc. for those who are seriously interested. I may also throw in extras relevant to the stuff that is bought as I clear out a bunch of things. NO TRADES (unless you have a Laylax G3 EBR stock) NO PARTING OUT Prices are SHIPPED (which means I eat the PayPal fees and shipping costs) First up is a Classic Army M15a4 with a Polarstar Jack installed (no mags). $425 - The bucking was replaced with a Guarder 50 degree bucking. - A QD sling attachment was added which adds a little over an inch to the overall length, but can be removed if you don’t want it. - Upper receiver tabs had some electrical tape applied to them to stop the wobble and is solid now. - A Redline grip connect and straight trigger are also installed. - FCU is wired for JST connectors. Gun has some wear around the main body and the bolt catch is missing. The biggest problem with this is that you will need a new trigger board since I accidentally ripped off the black lever that is tripped by the selector plate. Before that little mishap it worked just fine. Second is a KWA (unsure of exact model) base with a V2 Gen 3 FE installed. $550 - Pretty much comes with what you see (no mags). - FE has a bored out red nozzle + red poppet, and the barrel is an ORGA. - Shimmed the stock with some electrical tape to eliminate some wobble. - Added a G&P QD attachment plate. - FCU is wired for deans. Most of the gun was painted at one point, and has worn in since then. Not the most amazing of paintjobs, but if you’re someone who wants to improve on it then this is something worthwhile. At one point the FCU wires came off and were resoldered back on and taped up. Aside from the ‘meh’ paint job and wear on the gun the only thing that I can say is problematic is that the dust cover latch broke so it is constantly open. Third is a G&G UMG with a V3 Gen 3? FE installed. $600 - Comes as you see it as well as 3 extra G&G hi-cap mags (total of 4). - FE has a red nozzle, Amped grip line, and blade trigger installed. - Has a Madbull barrel that extends into mock suppressor, G&G green bucking, and has been r-hopped complete with m-nub (this thing shoots lasers). - FCU is wired for JST connectors. Most of the body is in pretty good shape except for two areas. The top of the stock hinge and one of the front tabs got chipped off during shipping when I first got it but does not affect function. I had to tape the mag release pin in because it kept slipping out. Aimpoint M2 replica sight also needs new batteries to work. The mags also have two strips of tape on the back to keep them seated properly so they can feed. One small quirk about this is that you cannot flip it to semi and use it right away. You have to flip it to auto and then semi to get it to work which is odd. Fourth is a Snow Wolf Barrett (long version) with a V2 Gen 1 FE installed. $500 - Brand new 650mm Madbull barrel with flat hop mod installed. - Red nozzle installed. - Scope is a 3-9x40mm. - Two 7.4V LiPo batteries wired for deans. - FCU is wired for deans as well. This thing was a bit beat up looking until I gave it a coat of flat black paint. I highly recommend a new bucking as I tore the one installed. I have it patched up with some teflon tape and the FPS is consistent, but it would be best to get a new one to save yourself any possible headaches (maybe a new hop up too as the G&P one is super tight). I did a few mods to stabilize the inner barrel so don’t be scared if you see something that looks weird. Currently won’t feed properly (unless I manually feed) so I will be swapping the o-rings, applying fresh lube, and doing what I can to get it fixed in the meantime. Another G&G UMG for sale, although this one is an AEG. $300 G&G UMG mock suppressor - R-hopped and M-nubbed Prometheus barrel with G&G green bucking (extends into mock suppressor). - Gearbox has been cleaned, reshimmed, and relubed (otherwise stock aside from deans connectors). - Shooting around 370FPS with .28s with a ROF of around 13RPS. Package comes with a total of four G&G hi-caps, foregrip, red/green holographic sight, smart charger with adapters, small stick battery (wired for small tamiyas though), and a Gate AAB mosfet which was for one of my other guns but it didn't work so I'm just throwing it in as a bonus. Doesn't look damaged or anything, but who knows. Haven't actually fielded this one so I can't say anything about the range, but a better motor and a mosfet would probably be the only things you really need in this thing. Gun has light wear and the only issues are that it is missing the right side short rail piece and the mock suppressor puts up a small fight when you're trying to get it off. http://imgur.com/QhVpXNw http://imgur.com/0KJsuHP http://imgur.com/l9f04SK Accessories - Five King Arms midcaps – These will go to the first purchaser of either the Classic Army M15a4 or KWA M4. - Empire 48CI/3000PSI tank (dated 2/13) with regulator – Add for $90 to any purchase or $100 by itself (priority will be given to those buying as package). - Blue M4 nozzle, stock black poppet, and white shim – These will go to the first purchaser of either the KWA M4 or Snow Wolf Barrett. - Two 80CF/2500PSI? SCUBA tanks with a Ninja fill station – These will be sold LOCALLY ONLY and I am willing to drive partway to complete the transaction. Both tanks were hydro’d and VIP’d last September and are still good to go. $225 Again, I can get more photos/details/etc. since I may have missed something as I had a lot to list. Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Thanks!
  13. Need a new slide for my Hi Capa and found a perfect one on Alpha Airsoft. I just want to know how long it takes for it to get to me. Thanks!
  14. The gun was originally a G&G TR16 R5 thats been converted into the ultimate DMR Body: G&G top tech TR16 R5 with a D boy crane stock & buffertube. GearBox: Polarstar V2 Gen 3 fusion engine Nozzle: Red Nozzle Hopup: Prowin CNC M4 hopup Barrel: JBU 6.01 TBB with R-hop This build cost me $1700 But im selling it for $760
  15. As continuation from my old TippMann post about specific lines, I received the TippMann today in a trade! So the trader just gave me the lower along with a Ninja line that he said works specifically for the TippMann. So now that I have the lower itself, I do understand I need to put some money aside for a couple of things. So heres what I got so far, New Upper ($150) Inner Barrel ($50~?) Front Assembly ($100~) Outer Barrel ($50~) For the tank I'll be using my ninja 62/3000 from my HPA build. So for the people who've owned TippMann or still own one could you tell me what else I'd need to get? Thanks :)
  16. Hey guys, I'll be soon getting my hands on a WE SMG8. Knowing WE is the easiest to break, I was wondering what upgrades are good to buy. I'm assuming new valves for the mags and maybe an extra nozzle? Thanks guys.
  17. So in a debate between a friend who knows TippMann really well and a person who owns one, they were arguing on how a TippMann cannot handle normal lines and would require a person to buy a specific line that could handle 800 psi. Friend who owned a tippmann opposed saying a normal line and semi worked normal for him. I'm confused and would like some help. So if I were to buy a TippMann m4, would I need to get a new line or will my Amped SLP do the job?
  18. I'm thinking of buying a Tokyo Marui PX4. Does anyone have insight on the pros and cons? Thanks.
  19. Hey guys! So just recently came across of Bingo Airsoft Designs Polarstar kit for a MP7 and then was flashed backed to the WELL R4 that my friend had bought a long time ago. This brings me to a question, how long does the WELL R4 go back and is it over all a good gun? What history does it have? Thanks guys!
  20. Hey guys, so I was working on upgrading my front assembly of my HPA rifle when I came across this nice looking rail (http://www.evike.com/products/47161/) then I read in the comments that the real steel version is the same price! (http://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/index.php/products/rifle-accessories/ar/handguard/ar-mega-fins-key-mod-handguard-rail-g2-7-9-10-12-13-15-12-5-fsp-c.html#.VpFc-5NViko) So whats the difference? I do understand that it might be Mil-Spec and Commercial spec, but still why is an Airsoft version the same price as the real steel? Should I get this for my G&G instead? Thanks!
  21. Alrighty... I've decided I have too much so I have to thin out a good chunk. Some simple stuff to remember, - Sales are final. - Paypal only (unless you can meet up). - I try to be accurate but I cannot detail every single little thing. If you have specific questions just ask. - No trades unless you have a Laylax G3 EBR stock or a Nitro VO MC51 rail sleeve. - Almost all of these have been untouched since I switched to HPA several years ago so they will be sold AS IS. Selling my Polarstar Lancer Tactical AK since I already have 3 HPA guns and it's a bit silly to keep a 4th. It works and is ready to be fielded. Externally it has some wear/damage (what good AK doesn't?) and I managed to lose a pin or two which I replaced with nuts and bolts. The RIS creaks a little but the rest of it is still pretty solid. Four of the mags lost their baseplates, and one of the mags lost the 'door' to close up the mag. As I said before this is no beauty queen, but it runs like a champ. Comes with... - Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor (original flash hider included) - Madbull 6.03 barrel (Installed) - Gen. 2 Ver. 3 FE - Gold Nozzle (Installed) - Spare Poppet - Spare FCU - Valken 7.4v 250mah LiPo (fitted for deans) - Replica EoTech - Ninja Tank 90/4500 (Outside sheath cracked, nothing wrong with it otherwise. I believe Ninja does free repairs?) - Redline Firebase regulator - 4 flash-mags - 3 hi-caps - 1 mid-cap $590 shipped http://imgur.com/pf3Ont5 http://imgur.com/18dc9Oy http://imgur.com/qHmgWuG TM VSR-10. Got super bored of sniping real fast and although it shoots, this has sat around for at least three years. This will need a little bit of love and TLC. It is pretty long and hefty so better that a taller person goes for this. Parts list includes, - Laylax Zero Trigger with orange piston - Prometheus(?) bucking - PDI Bull Barrel Base - PDI 6.01 554mm inner barrel - PDI Front Bull Barrel L Flute That is all I can remember for the parts list, there may be more but I really don't feel like tearing it apart to check. What I listed already cost me an arm and a leg so I don't want to reflect on the pain inflicted upon my wallet. It will also come with two magazines, the original/extra(?) outer barrel, a decently crappy scope, bipod, and leftover Madbull .40g bb's. This gun does have some wear, but nothing serious. It does not come with a safety since the installation of the Zero Trigger wont allow for it. Lastly, the hole where you screw the bipod into may need to be retapped as the bipod keeps falling off. $375 shipped http://imgur.com/H7aknHK AEG #1 is a G&G L85, and this is probably one of the most solid/heaviest airsoft gun I have owned. It comes with, - 2 G&G hi-caps - Large 9.6V battery fitted with deans (in handguard) - Susat(?) scope which has eye relief so awful that it might as well be a paperweight. The only problem I am aware of is that it may need new wiring/trigger contacts since it will only fire in full auto and sometimes in semi. Might have a few upgrades in there but I cant remember any specifics aside from a sorbo pad. Aside from those problems and some wear it still works well enough. $200 shipped http://imgur.com/fMpsN2E AEG #2 is a ECHO1 SCAR L, it's really not too shabby for a clone. It will come with, - 3 G&G hi-caps - Small 9.6V fitted with deans (in stock) - Vert grip Has a decent amount of external wear, but it's still spewing BB's so no biggie. If there are any upgrades done to it I cannot remember them. Any problem with it is really just aesthetic, it's missing the left selector and charging handle (right side still has them though). $115 shipped http://imgur.com/oLZIpfd AEG #3 is a Vector Arms / Echo 1 AK, a pretty decent/solid pea shooter. It is a completely stock gun that has never been opened and will come with the brick battery (in stock) and wall charger for now. I do have two hi-caps for it somewhere but I have to find them first. No problems at all and very little wear if any on the gun. $115 shipped http://imgur.com/eGztcsq AEG #4 (whew, last one!) is a ECHO1 P90, great for CQB and tight areas. Package will consist of, - 2 hi caps, 3 mid caps - Broken tracer unit/mock suppressor - Battery fitted for deans (in stock) - Laylax/First Factory(?) swivel sling mount As far as I know, the only problem with this is wiring. It will not shoot in semi (something a lot of P90's have problems with) but fires fine in full auto. It has been upgraded for local CQB purposes, but that was so long ago I do not remember the specifics. $115 shipped SOLD http://imgur.com/1RiNFQJ As I said before, with the exception of the Polarstar the rest of these have been sitting around for a good bit. While they do function they may need some work which is why I will stress that they will be sold AS IS. Want to haggle a little? Shoot me a PM and we can talk. I realize the photos are a little lacking, but if you are a serious probable buyer I will gladly get you some more. Any other questions please ask!
  22. So I just bought a polarstar jack and am looking to run a DMR setup. What barrel should I use with it? I don't care about air efficiency. I want the most range and accuracy I can get. I hear Orgas are the best for HPA but I also hear they have terrible barrel consistency and material. Should I run a Prommy, PDI, Edgi, Orga or maybe something else? I will ER-hop it and shim my G&G hop-up or maybe get a better one if it will make much of a difference.
  23. Hey everyone, just a few rules before we start. - Sales are final - No trades - PayPal only (no gifting) - I try to be accurate but I cant detail everything. If you have specific questions just PM me Starting with a polymer Lancer Tactical AK, already have 3 HPA guns so it seemed a bit silly to keep a 4th. Comes with... - Madbull Gemtech mock suppressor (original flash hider included) - Madbull 6.03 barrel (Installed) - Gen. 2 Ver. 3 FE - Gold Nozzle (Installed) - Spare Poppet - Extra FCU - Valken 7.4v 250mah LiPo (fitted for deans) - Replica EoTech - Ninja Tank 4500psi (Outside sheath cracked, nothing wrong with it otherwise. I believe Ninja does free repairs?) - Redline Firebase regulator - 4 Lonex hi-caps - 3 regular hi-caps - 1 mid-cap It works and is ready to be fielded. Externally it is somewhat beat up (what good AK isn't?) and I managed to lose a pin or two which I replaced with nuts and bolts. As it is a polymer body there is some slight wobble (still pretty solid though). 4 of the mags lost their baseplates (covered with e-tape) and one of the mags lost the 'door' to close up the mag. Thinking $650 shipped. http://I.imgur.com/pf3Ont5.jpg http://I.imgur.com/qHmgWuG.jpg http://I.imgur.com/18dc9Oy.jpg Second up is a Gen. 1 Ver. 2 FE. This one is part of the first batch of P*s and it's still going strong. For anyone who wants to drop it into a M4 it's perfect. Anyhow, it comes with... - 9V converter - Some 9V batteries - Blue nozzle (installed) - Green nozzle (extra) - Ninja regulat $350 shipped http://I.imgur.com/mqoCbgf.jpg Lastly, my M203 setup is on the chopping block. I didn't use it as much as I thought I would so better off handing it off to someone who would use it rather than be an expensive weight. It's a G&P Skullfrog short type M203 and it comes with... - Tactical Tailor pouch in CB - 4 working 203 rounds, mix of CA/Madbull/POM (The ones on the pouch were last I used them) - 2 1/2 non working/salvageable? POM 203 rounds - Cheap bbs for 203 use $115 shipped http://I.imgur.com/Sf9LogZ.jp
  24. . No Trades-except cash No Lowballers Price includes shipping, insurance is up to you Paypal only I am selling my V2 Gen 3 Polarstar Fusion Engine with all the trimmings you will need to get going. Here is everything that will come in the package: -Polarstar Fusion Engine with Blue Nozzle Installed -Green Nozzle (Lower FPS Nozzle) -900mah 7.4v Lipo to run the engine -2 Guerrilla 3000psi 62CI Air tanks -Redline Airsoft Regulator -Redline 36in airline -Ninja 3000psi Fill Station Everything is in 100% working order...600.00 shipped
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