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  1. This is my baby. I love this gun so much but I unfortunately have had less and less time to play and even less time to keep up with the gun. It comes with 9 magazines, 5 standard green gas mags and 4 CO2 mags. It will need a tad of love to fix up a few of the green gas magazines as they leak, but I am including a few o rings and some extra parts to fix any leaks. I have not tested the CO2 magazines but the last time I used them they worked perfectly. I have upgraded the internals a bit. I put in an NPAS, a new hop up bucking, and a 510 mm 6.01mm tight bore barrel with a mock silencer and a barrel extension covering the extra length. It is incredibly accurate and fun to shoot. Parts List - Retail Price WE Scar L GBB - $350 NPAS - $20 Tight Bore Barrel - $60 Barrel Extension - $30 Hop up Bucking - $3 Magazine - $40 x 9 = $360 Silencer - $50 Foregrip - $20 Total - $898 I am looking for $450 for all of this. PLEASE NO TRADES. I will not part out anything as I need to get all of it sold. Pictures http://imgur.com/a/FUrDg
  2. For Sale: $1050 OBO, Seriously, I'm trying to get rid of this thing. I don't play anymore and it's sitting in it's case. Just make me an offer. - 2009 Systema M4 PTW Challenge Kit (Assembled by ZShot in Columbus, OH) - 10 Mags - 4 MAG Magazines - 6 Systema Brand Magazines - 2 Airsoft GI 2200mah assembled crane stock batteries (NiMH) - 1 Black Cylinder - 1 Blue Cylinder - ASAP Sling - ASAP Sling Mount (already installed) - Knights Armament Company RAS System Weapon only used for 3 games. I haven't played Airsoft since 2010. So, though old, the weapon and accessories are in like new condition. Magazines are slightly rusted but all work as if new (some Systema mags are missing their followers). Images: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149018676<AT>N06/albums/72157684022516211 Payment: PayPal Shipping: Paid for by buyer Ebay Item Number: 302389732309 I know I do not have feedback so I would be more than happy to either send video of the gun functioning or even show you on Skype. In order for me to do this, I must have verbal agreement that you will purchase the gun if you see that it works. Also for sale: VFC SCAR-L Moderately used. Maybe 8,000 rounds through it $300 OBO - Wired for Dean's Connectors - Selector switch is 100% functional but does not point to the correct labels. - Comes with additional barrell - Comes with owners manual - Come with original case http://s1196.photobucket.com/user/ha...bile%20Uploads
  3. I did not see this question yet. If this question already has been asked, my apologizes. Just a quick question: What would I need, parts and maintenance wise, to make the WE scar gbbr a good gbbr (for cqb)? I'm not talking like 10k rounds... Im wondering about like 5 years long term. I hear some parts are weak and prone to breaking...what would I need to install right away to prevent this and what will need to be replaced over time?? Please provide all details possible. Thanks for the help!
  4. I'm going to get a better AEG for later this spring. I've decided I really (really) want a SCAR because I just love the way they look, and everyone has an M4. I've found two contenders so far. One is the VFC SCAR which is normally about 400 dollars but it's on sale right now on Evike for about 300: http://www.evike.com/products/28439/. The other is the Classic Army MK22: http://www.evike.com/products/60080/ . I know it's a replica of the .22lr version, but I don't care about that. I've seen conflicting reviews about the gun, and conflicting opinions about Classic Army. I know the VFC gun will perform well, but I really don't want to spend that much money if it can be avoided. Do any of you have or know anyone who has the Classic Army MK22? How well does it hold up?
  5. Here are some pictures of both guns- https://imgur.com/gallery/JGiNp Hi, I'm selling my VFC Scar H STD (tan), The gun has only been fielded once and is in amazing condition! It also comes with a metal black scar type flash hider, fore grip, original magazine (no wear), original box. Shoots 360-370 with .2's. 300$ I'm selling my ICS- Uk1. It's been fielded once, it's in perfect condition. It comes with the original box and instructions, the original bag of bbs (never used), keymod rails, fuses, unjamming rod, magazine, and a barrel extension. It's also electric blowback. It's chrono's at 375 with .25g bbs. 250$ Thanks for your interest in my ad! If any questions or if you would like pictures just ask me!
  6. FOR SALE Everything is in good working condition. Gas magazine don’t leak. Batteries hold a charge. Buyer must pay for the shipping cost. Message me for a faster response. I will ship within 2 days of payment being received. I will only ship within the United States. NO TRADES G5 ($180) - Mosin Nagant Gas Sniper Rifle, King Arms, Brand new in box, unused working condition, Green gas / propane, 400~450 FPS G6 ($175) - L96 / G96 Gas Sniper Rifle, G&G, used twice, good working condition, one 15rd mag (no leaks), Green gas / propane, 500+ FPS G7 ($100) - M24 Spring Sniper Rifle, unknown brand, comes with scope, bi-pod, and magazine, 450 FPS G8 SOLD G9 SOLD G10 SOLD G11 ($100) - SCAR L, unknown brand, comes with magazine, 400 FPS, right select switch doesn't work, no battery or charger with it G12 ($100) - m4 CQB variant, ECHO1, 370 FPS, no magazine, battery or charger with it B3 SOLD B9 SOLD CH1 SOLD B5 ($6) - 9.6v / 1200 mAh flat battery (tamiya connector) [used - end of battery taped] SK1 SOLD GL1 ($30) - Oakley SI Assault / Factory Pilot Tactical Gloves mens (M) black (New in package / knock offs) - 3 sets GP1 SOLD GP2 SOLD BR1 ($9) - M9 metal KJW outer barrel [silver] (new) - 4 sets BP1 ($10) - bipod for swivel pin mount CS1 ($10) - black padded pistol case HP1 ($30) - Madbull hop up with tracer unit GP3 ($6) - m4 pistol grip with base plate (new) OP1 ($30) - Lancer Tactical Reflex Sights, Red & Green Dot, 4 Reticles, metal, CA-401B (like new in box with instructions and allen wrench) R1 SOLD G4 ($150) - TM Glock 18c AEP w/trades, 4 mags, lipo battery, with removable rail, only shots full auto Can post more pictures upon request.
  7. VFC mk17 help. So I was wondering if its possible to just easily swap out vfc's gearbox with g&p one or any better gearbox. If this is not possible I guess I will consider the more complicated path and take apart vfc's gearbox and replace its bad parts with good ones. So if I have to upgrade the internal parts which ones should I replace. by the way I wanted to turn this mk17 into a dmr so I need the parts that need to be replaced so they can handle fps around 400-440. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. So I took apart my Scar and added my own upgrades in the gearbox and hop up which went well, but now I'm stuck. I can't seem to get the gearbox back in the lower receiver without moving the fire selector plate on the gearbox or without moving the actual fire selector. They only way I was able to get the gear box out is was to pry it the plastic of the lower receiver away to slide the gearbox out so the fire selector gears disengaged. Basically I need to know if any one has this Scar L or one like it, and how to get the gear box in and out without messing up the fire selector process. Those who have this gun will know what I mean. If you need a reference of what I'm dealing with, go to youtube and search up classic army scar L dissassembly and the guy with the black scar goes through a step by step process of how to take apart the gun, and he goes over the issue with the fire selector switch too. I'd post the link but I am not too sure if its aloud and better safe than sorry! if needed I can take pictures too. Thanks!
  9. Hello. I have been Working on My HPA scar build, and I am having issues. 1st the parts. The HPA system is a Inferno wolverine Spartan edition, with the Scar air nozzle. im using the Classic Army Scar for the Shell. I have a 6.03 Ajax custom barrel with Rhop. Now my issue: I have the Reg set to 110PSI and it is shooting at 340fps with .20bb's. also sometimes it will Double feed. I have tried to adjust the Dwell, the highest Fps was 360fps with the Dwell set to max. Any ideas? any Help would be Awesome Thank you. PS. I don't know if this matters but if the mag is out and I fire I can feel Air coming out of the mag well. Thanks
  10. Hello I'm soon to acquire a Scar-H and I want to have it be used for long range support. Currently I thought of: Vertical bi pod grip 3-9x40 scope Any changes or suggestions? BTW I will be doing internal upgrades later in time. Gun shoots 410 with .2 (346 with .28)
  11. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a real cheap M4 airsoft and from manipulating it, it seems a like a real great training tool. So I mostly train with a SCAR L. Hitting the range all the time is not realistic so I want to purchase a SCAR L airsoft. Searching on the web, there are different brands. I want to get the most realistic SCAR out there. Price isn't a factor. Can anyone provide a recommendation on the best and most realistic SCAR out there? Thanks!
  12. that's all I want. An M240. Just give me yours. I prefer f2f for trades, But I will ship. That being said, you ship first unless your feedback is ridiculously better (my good feedback is located on airsoft society). I MUST know anything and everything that is wrong with it (if it isn't pristine). I have to trade the following: -we scar-l: Aim sports ACOG style sight, bipod, 300mm angel custom tbb, reaps bucking, foregrip, aluminum nozzle, 6 mags, full set of extra internals. It is black. $850 new. works flawlessly. -G&G GR15: Integrally suppressed as of now, new matrix 3000 high speed motor, infinity high speed gearset, flip up sight set, foregrip, battery, midcaps and hicaps. only issue is the upper cracked and a small piece fell out, as well as the charging handle. $450ish new. No performance issues, solely cosmetic. -Classic Army Sportsline MOE M4 in tan. Unsure what is wrong, but if I figure it out, it's trade value goes up. new was $250. again, don't know what is going on. ONLY IF I HAVE TO, these are on the block: -Astro a50 wireless headset with full tx unit and micro. 350ish new -Logitech g700s mouse. Light use, amazing to use. 100ish new -Fender Squier Jazz bass. Not much to say, tons of fun, comes with amp. Pick and choose what you please from the above, but only to a limit. I don't want to get screwed over in a deal. PM me or post here. Best ways to reach me are these. PLEASE GIVE ME MY DREAM GUN. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Pics will come up soon.
  13. Thanks for checking my "I want" thread. I've got a bunch of real steel stuff, which I would like to rotate out of my airsoft play. Here we go: Replica EOTech under $50 T1 around $40 KWA P229 mags - non-leaky SCAR-L MC Chest Rig MC Crye-style Combat Shirts & Pants MC 3x1 open top mag pouch 50oz Hydro M9 (good brand) under $99 WML or scout type light with pressure pad Mosfets for (3) rifles, with wires and trigger contacts to deans I could go on and on, but we'll start there. I ahev a bunch of gear, both airsoft and real steel for trade + $ (of course) Thanks.
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