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Found 3 results

  1. Due to Facebooks crusade against freedom speech, I don't mind coming back to good old discussion boards. Meet the "Oppressor" - a modern version of the "Winchester Liberator" - 4 barrels of happiness in semi-auto. - Pulling rear-sight back breaks open the action. - Mandetory tacticool rail for mounting something useless. - Each trigger-pull fires the next barrel in sequence. - AEG M4 compatible pistol-grip - Rail for mounting a forwards grip (grip will also be supplied) - Working extractor - 3D printed Can use APS and PPS gas shells. This allowed me to focus on mechanical parts instead of building a firing-system as the shells are self-contained. PPS shells could use an inner-barrel setup and one is being designed. Personally I would suggest using APS shells as they are low maintenance. PPS shells also "backfire" so using them with Co2 is a no-no. APS shells on Co2 are fine. The grey areas in the pic are 3D printed parts. The grip used in the very first was an AEG M4 grip. All guns will have a 3D printed one. Front grip will also be supplied. Pulling the forward-grip back will move the ejector and expose the shells. Removing a small limiter will fully eject the shells. This gun is the first serial-produced airsoft gun made in Finland. 3D modeled and printed by yours truly. This project has been in the making for the past year or so. First batch will about dozen guns and at the time of writing this six have been assembled and tested. Each gun is assembled by hand and tested. Due to limitations of 3D printing material thickness is quite high. Most walls are 3mm or thicker. Material is "PETG" as in similar to what soda-bottles use. Its impact-resistant and flexes before it cracks. Bodies of the first batch has been painted in matte-black. Un-painted has nasty shine on it, plan is to paint the rest if schedule allows. These are indeed 3D printed and I have no intention of hiding it. The printing "layers" are very visible. Printing time for the entire unit is roughly 35 hours. Each component under stress is reinforced with steel screws or extra material-thickness. For example the hinge is both very thick and has a steel screw acting as a stopper. The mechanism locking the action is also reinforced with a steel screws. 2 screws align next to each other when the action is closed. Zero wobble and the rear sight slides over the second screw locking the action in place. Its contact-surface is reinforced with screw also, just in case. By adjusting these screws you can define how stiff the locking action is. The outer barrels are industrial alu-tubes in 22mm and cut into lenght. They are held in by screws that attach the hinge. And yes, they will be left matte-silver as they look cool. The first ones are ready for a new home at 200€ + shipping. Full support and spares aviable if needed. Some custom components have been planned such as a AEG buffer compatible rear-end. I've done as much testing as I can, now its up the next owners to take this to the next level. I'l keep this as an R&D topic. Any questions, suggestions, or comments are welcome.
  2. Hey guys, I am having a sale of some of my Airsoft guns and gear. I take good care of my airsoft gear and most of it is in new-good condition unless otherwise noted. Anything that has been duracoated was done so by myself and has held up extremely well. I really need this stuff gone! Rules/info; - I only ship within the USA. - I only accept Paypal. - I ship USPS generally, but sometimes UPS for large items (from CO). - I generally ship the next business day. - All sales are final, no returns. - I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. - Serious buyers only please. - I can take more pictures per request. Just ask! - Please, no purchases under $5 (unless otherwise specified). - Feel free to PM me or ask me questions, I’m willing to work with you on pricing! - Following trades accepted; lightly used Carbon fiber HPA/SLP tanks, Madbull Noveske RIS, and Taco mag pouches (rifle/pistol). KWA M11A1 painted Multicam. Great condition, no problems. Works great: Sold with drop leg holster that has an attachment for a belt to reduce sag. I also have four non-leaking M11A1 magazines. Comes with a front mini sling clip for added stability and to clip on to any compatible female ends (I used to run it on my back). Looking to sell it as a package for $150 shipped. PM me if you want to part it out (the PACKAGE, not the M11). Next are my Madbull launchers (long/short) as well as the shells. Would love to do a package deal with these- Madbull Duracoated Multicam Long GL- $80 shipped Madbull Short GL (new condition) - $70 shipped Madbull Grenades x2 (gold) 120 rounds (need manual reset after each fire)- $35 each shipped Madbull 1x 48 Round grenade - $35 shipped Madbull M381 18 rounder - $30 shipped HSGI double 40mm grenade pouch used, in perfect working order (wear on 'HSGI' logo) - $20 shipped Willing to do package deals. PM me. Next are some Multicam pouches and gear- Eagle Industries MC MOLLE belt (Large) Brand new, never used - $45 shipped Condor double M16 mag pouch (used) - $12 shipped Condor double frag grenade pouch (new) - $10 shipped Tiberius Arms HPA tank pouch (was very hard to find, brand new) - $25 shipped Large MC boonie hat (slightly used) - $10 shipped Triple HSGI pistol mag pouch (lightly used) - $20 shipped Blackhawk right handed glock serpa (used) - $35 shipped OD green recon wrap (used) - $10 shipped Will bundle items as well. NC star red dot sight (new) - $20 shipped Classic army cranestock coated in multicam (new besides paint) - $40 shipped WE 1911 extended CO2 magazine (brand new) - $20 shipped Front vertical grip - add on with something else for free Amped motor (lightly used) - $35 shipped ICS T3K and CA motor are graveyard motors, I believe the ICS works. Will add them for free with something. Madbull ultimate hop up unit (used lightly) - $30 shipped Internal M4 AEG parts - will sell the entire lot for $50 shipped. Some of the items above - Guarder full tooth piston, new GB spring sets, tons of springs, G&G tappet plate (x2), new M16 nozzles, Guarder spring guide, Prometheus battery terminals, used ca gearset,and other stuff. PM me if you have any questions. Classic army RIS with a bunch of rings including a new King arms one as well as rail guards (used) - $30 shipped Feel free to PM me with offers or questions. ~Stealthlead
  3. See something you like? PM me with an offer. Paypal only. No trades except for the Madbull AGX.
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