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Found 13 results

  1. will a S&T 870 mag fit into a classic army 870 shotgun
  2. Hey all, glad this forum is back up! So my favorite springer that's not a sniper is a G&P M870 and I have it loaded up with a scope, laser, and have 12 mags for it and it's brutally accurate at 60-80 yards (pic #1). I regularly lubricate it with silicon spray and use good ammo. Last time I attempted to use it, I put in the mag and cocked it, but it felt funny. It wouldn't shoot and the cocking didn't change and didn't full engage. Also, the mag will snap out and in regardless the pump position (the mag should only come out when the pump is pulled in). Also, when I pump it without a mag in, the mechanism (black plastic) that I assume pushes a pellet in shooting position from the mag, doesn't move (pic #2). I'm thinking this shows the issue. Any ideas on what is jammed? Anyone had this issue? Anyone ever taken one of these apart? Thanks in advice mates!!
  3. Due to Facebooks crusade against freedom speech, I don't mind coming back to good old discussion boards. Meet the "Oppressor" - a modern version of the "Winchester Liberator" - 4 barrels of happiness in semi-auto. - Pulling rear-sight back breaks open the action. - Mandetory tacticool rail for mounting something useless. - Each trigger-pull fires the next barrel in sequence. - AEG M4 compatible pistol-grip - Rail for mounting a forwards grip (grip will also be supplied) - Working extractor - 3D printed Can use APS and PPS gas shells. This allowed me to focus on mechanical parts instead of building a firing-system as the shells are self-contained. PPS shells could use an inner-barrel setup and one is being designed. Personally I would suggest using APS shells as they are low maintenance. PPS shells also "backfire" so using them with Co2 is a no-no. APS shells on Co2 are fine. The grey areas in the pic are 3D printed parts. The grip used in the very first was an AEG M4 grip. All guns will have a 3D printed one. Front grip will also be supplied. Pulling the forward-grip back will move the ejector and expose the shells. Removing a small limiter will fully eject the shells. This gun is the first serial-produced airsoft gun made in Finland. 3D modeled and printed by yours truly. This project has been in the making for the past year or so. First batch will about dozen guns and at the time of writing this six have been assembled and tested. Each gun is assembled by hand and tested. Due to limitations of 3D printing material thickness is quite high. Most walls are 3mm or thicker. Material is "PETG" as in similar to what soda-bottles use. Its impact-resistant and flexes before it cracks. Bodies of the first batch has been painted in matte-black. Un-painted has nasty shine on it, plan is to paint the rest if schedule allows. These are indeed 3D printed and I have no intention of hiding it. The printing "layers" are very visible. Printing time for the entire unit is roughly 35 hours. Each component under stress is reinforced with steel screws or extra material-thickness. For example the hinge is both very thick and has a steel screw acting as a stopper. The mechanism locking the action is also reinforced with a steel screws. 2 screws align next to each other when the action is closed. Zero wobble and the rear sight slides over the second screw locking the action in place. Its contact-surface is reinforced with screw also, just in case. By adjusting these screws you can define how stiff the locking action is. The outer barrels are industrial alu-tubes in 22mm and cut into lenght. They are held in by screws that attach the hinge. And yes, they will be left matte-silver as they look cool. The first ones are ready for a new home at 200€ + shipping. Full support and spares aviable if needed. Some custom components have been planned such as a AEG buffer compatible rear-end. I've done as much testing as I can, now its up the next owners to take this to the next level. I'l keep this as an R&D topic. Any questions, suggestions, or comments are welcome.
  4. Hello. I'm fairly new to airsoft and I'm still trying to get some starter gear. I'm also new to something else. Robocraft. There's one weapon in particular from the game that I think would look awesome in real life. The rail sniper looks, with some modification to the handle, like it would make either a cool shotgun or anot assault rifle. Or perhaps it would be well suited as a sniper. Heres an image of hiw it looks in game. If the image doesn'the show then just search Robocraft rail cannon. http://I.imgur.com/zrd1Q5h.jpg I'd love any feedback on the idea. As far as propulsion I don't have a set idea in mind.
  5. I want the tokyo marui breacher but I heard it cannot handle green gas. Is this true ? if so is there a fix to it ? like maybe I can buy a part ?
  6. I am fairly new to airsoft, and am purchasing my first primary weapon. I have a budget of 50-60 dollars. I plan to be doing a mix of backyard airsoft with the occasional cqb battle. I want to know whether I should purchase this sniper : https://www.amazon.com/GameFace-GF529-Sniper-Carbine-Airsoft/dp/B00IVKAY84/ref=sr_1_1?s=sports-and-fitness&ie=UTF8&qid=1477948069&sr=1-1&keywords=gameface+gf529+sniper+carbine+airsoft+r ifle this AEG : http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/15280-cyma-airsoft-ma1-aeg-plastic-gearbox-polymer-body-adjustable-stock.aspx or this shotgun : http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/12678-cyma-long-barreled-tri-burst-pump-action-spring-shotgun-cm350l.aspx
  7. I planned to buy two guns for my birthday: a Marui P90, and either a Marui SPAS-12 or a Marui Silver Desert Eagle GBB. Just a note, these guns are not going to be linked together like "Primary or Secondary" weapons. So far, I got the Marui P90 and it was successfully shipped to my California house, I am so happy it got there safely through the California customs. Although it came with a strange orange tip, it's something I can manage. I got it from Echigoya Japan, so there is a slight chance they put in the original flash hider in the box somewhere. But I don't really know. Now it all comes down to either the Desert Eagle or the SPAS-12 since I can only get one gun to go with the P90. I can't get both. Cost doesn't matter between the two guns since they are roughly the same price not considering shipping and handling. Here is a list of pros and cons with each gun. These are points I have come up myself through observations of images, product descriptions, videos, and reviews. Desert Eagle: Pros: -Fake chrome finish looks absolutely beautiful -Hard kick recoil -Gas blowback for realism -Rubber grip -More than 10 rounds capacity -Powerful -Accurate -Trademarks -Uses a magazine -Magazine looks awesome -Great Detail -Most interesting pistol in my pistol collection -Rare gun -Coolest pistol in my opinion -Weighs a lot Cons: -Orange tip is ugly on this gun -Could possibly be uninteresting to shoot -Might be hard to get it to California and might pay a lot in shipping -I might have enough gas pistols already SPAS-12 Pros: -Shell it comes with looks awesome -Shoots three bullets, will be the only gun to do that in my collection -Great detail -It's a long gun -Trademarks -Good for tearing paper -Good shotgun to replace my older single-shot Mossberg 500 -Favorite gun when I was little -Orange tip won't look too bad on this -Easy to buy on Evike, no hassle no expensive shipping costs -Third party accessories compatible (shell holders or slings) -Looks intimidating design wise Cons: -Only allows ten shots -The shell magazine might be tedious to load -Magazine trapdoor could easily break -Possibly weak -No folding stock -Very easy to buy anywhere and it's not worth it to buy now. -Ugly colors -Very light and unrealistic -Inaccurate This was my Pros and Cons list for each of the guns. I would really appreciate it if someone who owns one of the guns or just anybody in general can give me their personal experiences or opinions on all or one of the two choices so it can help me make my decision. Which one is worth the price? Which one is more fun to shoot? Which one would most likely be discontinued very soon? Which one is more realistic? I can't wait to hear what you all have to say!
  8. I have been wanting an airsift shotgun for awhile and I thought I would ask for some of your opinions before I buy one. My birthday is coming up and I want to ask for a airsoft shotgun preferably with.. It NEEDS to be trishot Decent range pump or electric or gas ( idc) I live in MA and play on an outdoor field in the woods. Also fool around with m friends in the woods A budget would be around $ 100-150 Materials don't matter to me as long as its not crap so polymer and metal Thanks so much hope this is enogh info
  9. Yes, I didn't state anything incorrectly. I've found a series of CYMA trishots that are Full metal, in the shape of the Remington 870. What do you guys think? http://www.airsoft-entrepot.fr/catalogsearch/result/?q=CM35
  10. Hey everybody, Is it possible to replace the spring on a shotgun? If so where can I find replacement springs? I am wanting to put a slightly stronger spring in an AGM M500 full stock shotgun (http://www.evike.com/products/28036/). Also will the UTG M87 Hi-Cap mag (http://www.evike.com/products/25476/) fit into the AGM M500? The top part where the bbs feed into the gun looks the same, but I am not sure. Thanks! Christopher
  11. Here's a summary of the events. I'll include a bunch of pictures and our original conversation and the original sales thread at the end. On December 12th 2014, I contacted Muffinman20051 about purchasing a 100% functional Marushin 8mm trishot gas shotgun. Sunday December 14th 2014, I paid Muffinman20051 (Joshua Campbell) $255.50 for a Marushin gas trishot shotgun. December 19th 2014, he shipped the shotgun. (Only took 5 weekdays days to ship, whoohoo! Pay attention to the dates. This is part of a trend) December 21st 2014, I received the item and immediately noticed something was off. I spent the rest of the day checking it out and researching. December 22nd 2014, I contacted the seller to let him know my concerns that something was wrong, that it was probably the wrong kind of item & it leaked. December 22nd 2014, he responds, telling me he bought it used from some guy who says it's a real one and various other hearsay and conjecture. December 24th 2014, I respond after looking over everything he asked me to. I try to be polite and assume the best; that he's not trying to scam me. December 27th 2014, After not hearing back yet, I send him another message, explaining that after doing some REAL research, I had come to the definitive conclusion that it was indeed a Chinese clone and that I would want to either: -I could return it -we could exchange them (unless you sold the other one too) -partial-refund for the price difference between clone and genuine January 4th 2015, I message him again, starting to wonder what's going on with him. January 6th 2015, He messages me back, telling me he refuses to do anything about it and that the other shotgun has now been sold. This whole time until now the other, possibly genuine, marushin was listed for sale on his sales thread. January 6th 2015, I message him back, telling him some of the many things that show it is a Chinese clone and try to explain why this is not acceptable. January 6th 2015, He messages back telling me I'm just having buyers remorse and that because some guy said it was real and because he was able to screw in a fill valve, it's definitely real and I'm wrong. He Implies he doesn't really know what the shotgun he sold me actually looks like. ***side note: I drilled a hole in a busted up DBOYS m4 receiver I had and was able to easily screw that fill valve into the un-threaded hole. January 6th 2015, I start a paypal dispute and ask to return it for a refund. Consequently, by this time, Josh has removed most evidence that he was ever selling shotguns from his sales thread and deleted the pictures from his photobucket account. We go back and forth for a while until I finally get fed up with his B.S. and escalate it to a paypal claim. The first and only time I've ever had to use the paypal resolution center for ANYTHING EVER and Ive bought and sold/donated THOUSANDS of items with paypal. January 21st 2015, I EASILY win the paypal case and the refund begins processing. January 27th 2015, The refund goes through and I receive a message from josh saying he's still expecting me to ship the shotgun back, eventhough paypal gave him no indication that this would be happening, due to it's findings that he is a scammer, that tried to scam me and if he got it back, would just try to scam someone else. NEVER once did he ever offer to even partially pay for return shipping. So, here we are now. I've been trying to ignore him, like he ignored me and just try to get past all the aggravation he's caused me, but here he is, messaging me basically every day, slandering me, trying to pretend he's not a jerk and a scammer, so I have no choice yet again. I have to respond, so here it is. The current, edited sales ad: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/291380-fs-we-tech-m14-w-ra-tech-parts-marushin-8mm-m500-and-others-price-lowered/?hl=%2Bm500+%2Bm14&do=findComment&comment=18789849 The links I sent him: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/ReviewDetail?reviewID=207 Our original conversation. I've put it all together to try to make it easy to read, with the dates. Some of the original screen shots I took say "today" unfortunately, so I put in new ones with the dates. Also, edited out personal information. Enjoy! http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a598/squirrelofhate/M500/JoshuaCampbellMuffinman20051sbcglobalnetnopersonalinfo_zps99b3ff2d.png~original Relevant Information from the original sales ad: Side by side comparison: So tell me, what do you guys think? Did he purposefully try to screw me over or is he just a stubborn jerk? What would you do in this situation? Have I tried to do the right thing all along or am I being a jerk too? Should he get it back so he can go to some other forum and sell somebody else a "marushin" shotgun for $255? Let me know what you think and as always, have a nice day!
  12. Hi again!, I´m modifyng the AGM shotgun to fit my needs and make it suitable to be used in CQB battles. I´ve found that this shotgun fires at more than 370 fps!!!, so it´s use is absolutely forbidden in those kind of matches (at least here in Spain). I have dissasembled it to see what I can do to make it lower its power, and I´ve seen that the spring it´s quite similar to the ones mounted on AEGs, so, before I start cutting the original spring I want to know, wouldn´t it be better to use an SP85 instead?. What are your experience with this shotgun?.
  13. So I've occasionally seen this neat little device on the internet for shotguns. It is inserted where the shell would normally go, and allows you to use m4 mags with it rather than using 30 round shells. It can be seen in this video: Unfortunately, I can't find this anywhere. So my question is, has anyone attempted to 3D print it? And if you have (or are willing to try), would you be willing to sell one to me?
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